CISPA May Be Shelved, Possible Blowback from Syria, Record Numbers on Food Stamps: P.M. Links


  • Ew, we didn't know you were into that particular fetish
    Credit: paulswansen / / CC BY-ND

    The Senate seems likely to shelve the controversial Cyber Information and Sharing Protection Act (CISPA), despite recent passage by the House. The White House threatened a veto of the act, but then President Barack Obama's administration recently took steps to essentially put some of its policies into place via executive action anyway, so who even knows anymore?

  • A senior Syrian official is warning that the United States could face additional terrorist attacks for supporting rebels in his country. This isn't a threat that Syria's government would attack the U.S., but rather Islamic fundamentalists who are participating in the rebellion eventually would.
  • George W. Bush's Presidential Library and Museum opened today in Texas and President Obama, along with former presidents Jimmy Carter and Bill Clinton, stopped by to praise his work in Africa as president.
  • A record number of families – one in five – are on food stamps.
  • The State of Michigan is considering a registry for people convicted of animal abuse.
  • Two representatives have introduced legislation to allow judges to get around mandatory minimums for nonviolent crimes.

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  1. …despite recent passage by the House.

    Senate won’t touch anything from the House, and the House won’t touch anything from the Senate. I like it.

    1. They’re too busy touching themselves in grief.

      1. I mean, really, there’s only one way to memorialize her.

        1. Why are you people turning a comment about gridlock into something vulgar?

  2. A record number of families ? one in five ? are on food stamps.

    This is just the beginning! It won’t be a success until all families are! Government cheese for everyone!

    1. It is selfish to not help your fellow man. Self-sacrifice is the only moral code one should live by.

      1. Which is one reason such aid should not be compelled via taxation – it ceases to be self-sacrifice or a moral act and becomes simply compliance.

      2. Interesting that the “1 in 5” number is also the number we hear about how many people will go to bed hungry in the USA this year. Can they be on food stamps and go to bed hungry? Maybe they should use the stamps for a late-night snack so they go to bed full.

        On some show the other day Ann Coulter claimed that 50% of illegal aliens in the USA receive food stamps. Anyone know if that’s true? If so, that’s really nice of us to give them the free food, so they can send that much more of their income back to their families in Mexico.

        1. Illegal immigrants aren’t eligible for food stamps, and (with few exceptions) legal immigrants have to have been here at least five years. Now I’m sure there’s some fraud, but I seriously doubt 50% of illegals are gaming the system. I think that families where the parents are illegal but the kids were born here are eligible, but in that case they wouldn’t be sending income back to their home countries. I also am skeptical that this accounts for 50% of all illegal immigrants.

    2. So I guess the Obama admin is good at marketing some things at least…

      1. Oh, they are amazing at marketing free shit. Well, they don’t really market it since free shit markets itself. So, another thing they suck at!

        1. The free market at work

        2. Except that they did actively market this. Because they’re that stupid.

    3. Holy shit. One in five? Fuck, food lines? I can’t do food lines.

      1. No lines. They’ve got debit cards now.

        1. No, I’ve seen this film before. It’s got lines later on.

      2. Makes me feel like a sucker for paying in cash. Oh well, at least my tax compliance would be the envy of all of you if I was stupid enough to brag about it in more than vague terms.

        1. I remember it used to be a negative stigma to take government handouts.


          Shame we’ll never get that attitude back.

          1. Come on Tulpa!

            In another thread, you were representing it was OK to do whatever it took to get ahead!

            Why the hell do you care about social stigmas if that’s the case?

            1. I am not Tulpa and I want my tax bill to go down!

              1. Here’s something you said in another thread:

                I’d have to stoop to their standards of living to compete.

                If they have these skills, they can start businesses back home providing services to their countrymen. [sarc]Why do you want to impede overseas development?[/sarc]

                What I don’t want is to reward people who lie and claim no ciztens have what they’re looking for simply because it’s in their economic best interests to undermine my economic best interest.

                If the government is keeping out people who would lower your wages, then aren’t you getting a government handout? After all, they’re essentially taking money from your employer and the consumer and giving it to you.

                1. Those people don’t have the skillset I do and are thus not competing.

                  1. How do you know? They could very well have the skill set you have and simply aren’t allowed into the country by our current immigration regime. Then there’s this:

                    While I don’t have a right to anything, it is my obligation to do what I can to improve my circumstances by whatever means are available. This is why I state outright I am not a liberatrian, I will only agree with your philosophy when it is in my best interests to do so.

                    My main character flaw is honesty, I admit I’m an evil-self centered person, but that’s what has led to me clawing out of that sludge pile called the lower class.

                    Which is exactly what low income people think they’re doing. They might be wrong, since they end up in a cycle of dependency, but clearly low income people believe that their lives are bettered by getting free shit from the government.

                    Which means you’re behaving just like they are, while simultaneously criticizing them for that behavior. Your main character flaw isn’t honesty. It’s hypocrisy.

                    1. That’s my secondary character flaw. Yes, I’m a hypocrite, but encouraging others to take up my strategm doesn’t really help me does it?

                      The cycle of poverty is entirely psychological, I dragged myself out of it, burning a lot of bridges with people who wanted to leech off my success. Initially it was to void the stigma of transfer payments.

                    2. And the people who aren’t competing with me are those in the US now on assistance.

                      Sorry if I was unclear in my remark.

                  2. If there not competing with you, then why are you justifying keeping them out based on self-interest?

                    1. No, he was talking about keeping out higher educated immigrants because they might compete with him.

                      Basically, he wants to bitch when poor people get free shit from government, but he wants government to artificially inflate his wages by keeping out people who might compete for his job.

                      He’s a selfish hypocrite, but at least he admits it.

                    2. He’s a selfish hypocrite, but at least he admits it.

                      He’s all for Socialism, as long as it’s “National”.

            2. I’m all for stigma. Moral and ethical judgments are a good thing. It’s one thing to accept help in a desperate situation. It’s another to fucking live on help, whether it’s your family or your government.

      3. You drive through economically disadvantaged neighborhoods and see every establishment advertise that they now accept EBT.

        1. Friends who take jobs at grocery stores or convenience marts get pissed when a nice car pulls up and the driver hands them an EBT card. I know it’s anecdotal, but I’ve seen a lot of people who were previous supporters of the system who work jobs like this and change their tune.

          1. but I’ve seen a lot of people who were previous supporters of the system who work jobs like this and change their tune.

            Want to know what should make people change their tune? The fact that the number of of disability applicants has increased by 25% since the recession.

            Now, unless the recession magically took the use of people’s legs, this tells me that many people on disability don’t actually have to be on disability.

            1. It should, but the horrifying stats don’t stick to the average voter’s mind. Unfortunately, the corruption and ineptitude has to touch their lives in a vigorously painful way before they begin to doubt the benevolence of Daddy G.

            2. Devil’s advocate, it could mean that some or all of those constituting the increase had disabilities, but decided to tough it out until they lost their jobs.

              1. If you could work with the “disability” in the first place then you were not disabled – certainly not enough to get free shit.

                1. Yes, I was more thinking along the lines of downright fraud

          2. My wife runs into this all the time with other homeschool moms. Who have all the electronics, nice cars, and, of course, aren’t working and talk about their government “benefits.”

        2. I live in what passes for “middle class” Brooklyn and exactly this has happened recently. Weird.

          1. Yeah, I was thinking, hey, my neighborhood isn’t economically disadvantaged, and this shit is in every store window.

            1. does the place get a big kickback/payout for using EBT or something? I guess what benefit is it to the place to get as many EBT people as possible to go there?

          2. Yeah, the signs seem to be creeping ever outward. I guess it makes sense to advertise, but I always thought the credit card swipe things could take EBT regardless, you’d think people would know you could use it wherever.

            1. I don’t know if I just don’t see it or if the fact that I shop in Metropolitan and Whole Foods makes a difference, but I haven’t seen any of this shit anywhere. Of course, I’m pretty sure you’re all poor and go to tractor pulls and that I make more money than you all, so that might be it.

              1. I don’t see it at grocery stores, but at C-stores.

                1. I buy my smokes at a convenience store, I’ll have to look next time. Of course, it’s a convenience store in Queen Anne, so I don’t think there is a lot of welfare going on.

                  1. Yet

        3. Feth – I was in Circle K the other day buying some crap and in front of me was a young man (probably somewhere between 14-16, I can’t tell anymore) buying junk food with an EBT card.

          I don’t care about the junk food – ya got yer charity fucking blow it any way you want but . . . he had a Galaxy S II smartphone – that’s like $200 when they were new.

      4. July 22, 2004 – USDA begins advertising to Mexicans

        “USDA’s Food and Nutrition Service administers 15 different domestic nutrition assistance programs to help the most vulnerable populations meet their food needs. In fact, one out of five Americans participates in at least one of these programs every day. In addition, this administration supported and fully implemented the restoration of Food Stamp benefits to legal immigrants who have been in the United States for five years. This program was resumed last year.

        “But many Mexican Americans and Mexican nationals working within the United States have limited awareness of eligibility for Food Stamps and other nutrition programs such as Women, Infants and Children program and school meals.

        “Additional barriers such as the language heightens the need for specialized outreach. The objectives under this agreement include new partnerships, communications outreach in both English and Spanish, and other activities to educate eligible populations.…..table=true

        1. Oh, I get it. You’re insinuating that it’s Bush’s fault. How subtle.

          And how utterly irrelevant given that Bush is not a hero or even warmly looked upon around here.

          1. Nah, it’s not an attack on Bush; Tulpa just is on his usual anti-furriner jeremiad.

            1. Since when is Shrike Tulpa?

              1. Wow!

                That’s an impressive fail on my part! I actually parsed Shrike’s handle as Tulpa’s new one! No idea how I did it either!

                1. The circle is complete.

                2. Why do you think uncivilservant is Tulpa?

                  I mean, it could be. Has he given it away yet?

                  1. Start reading here:…..nt_3706993.

                    It becomes increasingly obvious as you go deeper into the thread.

                    There is a non-zero chance that a guy with Tulpa’s cognitive issues showed up here just as Tulpa left, but I think it’s so low as to be safely discounted.

                  2. Tulpa said this weekend he was going to go away until May. I do not offer this information as evidence for anything Tulpa actually will or may have planned to do.

                    1. That was all bullshit. Tulpa’s compulsions don’t permit him to stay away.

                    2. You know there’s know way he could stay away. Please. tarran is right.

                    3. I can’t tell if he’ll be back (I’ll leave that part to your judgement) but I am not him.

                      Whatever you may think of me, don’t tar me with his stupidity.

                    4. Okay, it’s not Tulpa. Tulpa would never call himself stupid, even to hide his identity. It would be too painful.

                    5. Here’s the test: Say you’re okay with Romney not being in office right now.

                    6. ???

                      I didn’t vote for either of the losers who ran.

                    7. *Even though one of the losers won technically

                    8. ???

                      I didn’t vote for either of the losers who ran.

                      You didn’t give a straight answer, so I’m reserving judgement.

                    9. I find the “either” a bit suspicious. Denying the existence of Gary Johnson has a tulpicious feel to it.

                    10. I have here in my hand a list of 205 . . . a list of names that were made known to the Secretary of State as being members of the Communist Party Tulpa and who nevertheless are still working and shaping policy commenting in the State Department commentariat.

                    11. Okay, I’ll be more specific. I didn’t see any advantage to having any given candidate, have never voted libertarian aside from the state comptroller, and didn’t feel particularly bad when the hurricane left me stuck outside the country on election day (I didn’t file for absentee because I was supposed to be back beforehand). I voted against Romney in the Republican primary even though the candidate I voted for had already dropped out of the race by the time New York’s turn came around (there should be only one primary day, not this staggered crap) And so don’t think there would have been that much of an improvement had the outcome been flipped.

                      To be honest, I hadn’t heard of Mister Johnson until after said election, and never looked at his stance on anything. I only got here after King Cuomo’s assault on my gun cabinet and needed to hear someone who didn’t agree with the gubenatorial menace.

                    12. Ok, he can’t be Tulpa. Tulpa is not a firearms owner, as far as I know, and his hard-on for gun safes would mean he wouldn’t have a gun cabinet either.

                    13. Tulpa is not a firearms owner, as far as I know,

                      Huh? Tulpa talked about his guns and his posts on the PAShooters Forum all the time.

                    14. Huh…I figured with his bullshit “Tulpa safe storage law” he couldn’t be one. I guess he’s just a fucking Fudd, then.

                    15. hmm can we still tar you? Its great for the skin!!

      5. Wait until socialized housing hits the big time – Britain has something like 20% of its housing owned by the state.

    4. On my ride home from work there is a huge sign on a building that says “COMING SOON! MINNEAPOLIS SNAP!!!

      And there are ads for SNAP on most of the busses. This is so fucked-up.

      1. Bureaucratic empire building. You know, because they’re helping people. The country obviously needs more.

    5. Cloward-Piven makes progress!

    6. What depression?

  3. A record number of families ? one in five ? are on food stamps.

    Gingrich got one thing right when he called Obama the “Food Stamp President”.

    1. Gingrich gets many things right when he’s insulting Democrats.

      He just tends to be wrong when he’s saying good things about Republicans.

      1. Or insulting Republicans who don’t pass his impurity test.

      2. I’m stealing this, by the way. And not just for Gingrich.

  4. So, past Army peeps: anyone been to Fort Leonard Wood in The Middle of Nowhere, MO? I just got a new assignment there. Since I don’t hunt, fish, or chase tatooed Ozark fatties I’m not seeing the bright side yet.

    1. How about chasing tattooed Ozark skinny skanks? That sounds pretty fun. Use your imagination, dude.

      1. You’re right, there’s probably plenty of meth labs to control the fatty population.

        1. See? You’ve got to think skank, it’s the best way to think.

          1. It is if you’re in most Army towns. But Leonard Wood doesn’t really even have a town.

            Oh, shit. I just realized how much my STEVE SMITH risk is going up.

          2. If you let Epi lead you down the path of skank, you’ll eventually end up like him, which is to say trapped in a cage and raped at Warty’s discretion.

    2. My roommate did his basic there, and had such a great time he quit the Army immediately. YMMV.

      1. Basic isn’t fun anywhere. And it’s not normally like you get to go anywhere during it, although I actually went to a minor league hockey game week 3 at Benning.

    3. I wish I could give you a bright side. The climate is better than Fort Polk. You are only two hours away from St. Louis? It sucks. I hope you are married and have small children. Then you probably won’t notice it.

      There is a college nearby in Rolla. So that is not bad, except that it is a really good engineering school and thus the social scene is like The Big Bang Theory without the smoking hot blonds.

      1. I’m 37 and single. I’m pretty much fucked. But my branch manager only offered this, 11th CR at Irwin, or 4/10 Mountain at Polk and my efforts to get one of the recruiting commands went no where, so I guess he at least used a bit of lube on me.

        1. It is better than Irwin probably, unless you are looking at deploying, in which case go to Irwin and know at least you won’t have to deploy.

          1. I’d rather deploy than do 10 NTC rotations a year. “But you’re two hours from Las Vegas!” What, for my one weekend a month?

            1. I have known a couple of people who were at NTC in the 1990s and they actually enjoyed it. When those guys go to the field, since they do it all of the time, they do it quite well. But that was in the 1990s now. I am sure the Army has managed to make it miserable since then.

      2. There is a college nearby in Rolla. So that is not bad, except that it is a really good engineering school and thus the social scene is like The Big Bang Theory without the smoking hot blonds.

        …22% female. Hopefully I’m deploying soon.

        1. You won’t be able to recognize most of those as “female”. So it’s not even as good as it sounds. And that’s WAY up from about 10 years ago. It used to be less than 10%.

    4. I always heard it referred to as Fort Lost-in-the-Woods in the state of Misery, so that may be a hint. I only have personal knowledge of Bragg, Benning, Bliss, and Knox. Of those four, pick Bragg.

      1. I spent my first assignent at Carson, so I’m pretty spoiled, although after being stuck here at Sill for eight months anything is starting to look good.

    5. “not seeing the bright side yet.”

      It’s not Ft. Wainwright?

      Sorry, that’s all I’ve got.

      1. My buddy who deployed 1.5 years out of four at Wainwright banked $200k as a single lieutenant from all the COLA, deployed housing allowance, and state oil money. Ridiculous.

        1. Wainwright is actually beloved by some people.

    6. Jump on the 44, head up to Rolla, bang some college chicks.

      Head further up on 44, go to STL.

      1. Does Springfield have anything to recommend it? 1 hour vs. 2 to St. Louis.

        1. No, unless you want to go Wal-Mart or read about the time the townsfolk of Springfield came together, broke into the jail and lynched three black men from a replica of the Statue of Liberty.

    7. Somebody that went to basic there told me that after the first snow, the Drill Sergeant said that somebody needed to clear the drilling area and asked if anyone had a driver’s license. The guy raised his hand and the Drill Sergeant went in his office and came out with a snow shovel.

      1. Wow, that was stupid. You NEVER raise your hand for anything at basic training.

        When I went through, our TI asked if any of us had a good memory. I had my master’s by that time, but I knew better than to make myself conspicuous. After asking, “None of you nuts have a good memory? That’s a shame.” this gangly nerd raised his hand and got volunteered for chow runner duty, which no one in their right mind wants.

    8. A friend just finished his training there. Sounds like not much to do.


    Obama is going to end the war on drugs!! Sure he is honey.

    1. At this point, anyone who thinks policy aimed at “rehabilitation” instead of incarceration is “ending the drug war” deserves…well, let’s just say to be rehabilitated.

      1. If the rename the prison “rehab” it will be all better Nikki.

        1. They already did – they started calling them ‘Penitentiaries’

          1. took the words out of my mouth

    2. I love the use of “evolving”. It’s so deliciously evasive, weaselly, and meaningless.

        1. Hence the eccentricity.

        2. Revolving or revolting? I’m trying to decide if you typo’d.

          1. Revolving. They revolve around my re-electability. Oh, wait, that’s not me.

    3. Evolving on drugs? You mean like that movie, Altered States?

    4. Why are all the pretty ones so painfully sincere? Its as if she is lacking certain embittering life experiences to know any better.

  6. stopped by to praise his work in Africa as president.

    Wow. I didn’t know he was president of Africa too.

  7. A record number of families ? one in five ? are on food stamps.

    Another 20% are in prisons, so only sixty percent of us are paying for our own meals?

    1. Abominable.

    2. It frightens me somewhat.

    3. It could be more. Families can be comprised of several people and the families that get welfare, tend to have more kids.

    4. Where do you get 20% in prisons? 6 million people are currently in jail. That’s not nearly 20%.

      1. I got it right out of my brain, the most reliable source of information I know. Who are you,

        1. Who let in the fucking Irish?

          1. We snuck in before the Civil War. Then bastardized with the English already here.


              /Amish farmer

        2. You’re an embarrassment to libertarians everywhere FOE, what with how fast and loose you play with the facts.

          You should be thankful I was here to fix your little fuck up and restore balance.

        3. I read on the Internet that 20 percent of Americans are in jail. Oh wait, that was Fist’s comment earlier on this thread.

      2. That 6 million number is the number of people under correctional supervision, so it includes people on parole or probation. The number in jail or prison is about 2.2 million.


          1. I wasn’t fact checking the fact checkers; I just don’t believe anything I hear from a drunk.

    5. You forgot the 20% on Social Security and government pensions. Only 40% of us are paying our own way.

    1. I need to vacation there for a few weeks. It would be nice to be around Jews who hate Obama as much as I do for a change.


    Bloomberg says interpretation of Constitution must ‘change’–Boston is on it

    “Seeing the Boston Marathon bombing and subsequent panic as another opportunity to justify the violation of Constitutionally guaranteed, fundamental human rights, New York City Mayor and authoritarian megalomaniac Michael Bloomberg stated Monday that we simply can no longer afford the risk of allowing the citizenry to enjoy the liberties protected by the Bill of Rights. From Politicker:” …


    Come and take them, Mick.

    1. +300

      1. New Yawkahs kept voting for the shitweasal neo-Puritan. They deserve everything they’re getting.

    2. The Constitution is not a suicide pact.

  9. Beating a black burglary suspect in Houston, Texas will get you convicted of misdemeanor oppression.

    But don’t worry, if they serve their probation well, the convictions will be thrown out altogether.

    Ah, justice.

    1. There’s no double standards. Implying otherwise is racist and homophobic, not to mention anarchist and homo-racist.

      1. Armed agents of the state can do what they want without fear of consequence. And when there are consequences, they disappear if the cop doesn’t commit another crime for 2 years.

        Fucking disgusting.

        1. Armed agents of the state can do what they want without fear of consequence

          I have it on the highest authority from one of our fellow commenters that cops are held to extremely high standards and these abuses we hear about every single fucking day are the rare exception.

    2. While the plea deal will result in a 10-year suspension of their peace officer licenses from the state,

      So, they won’t be beating people under the color of law for at least 10 years.

      1. So, they won’t be beating people under the color of law for at least 10 years.

        There’s always 49 states and the District Of Columbia. These guys won’t go without a job for very long.

        1. I’m sure Vidor, TX (wikipedia if you don’t know) will take them on as volunteer constables.

          1. Stopping for gas in Vidor when I was high school felt like being on another planet.

  10. Apologies if this was posted already, it is a couple of days old, but this commentary by a “politically far left of center” liberal on the Democrats’ gun control stupidity was, I thought, good reading and potentially a good reply to the varied cries of my liberal friends.

    1. I live in the state of Virginia, a place where it’s not easy to be a leftist.

      Warner, Kaine, Webb, Robb…. Dipshit probably lives in the DC Metro as well.

      1. just move to Alexandria and he’ll fit right in.

        1. Charlottesville is liberal central.

          1. Richmond is full of liberals too.

            Seriously, fuck that preening. My state is at best a swing state, and I fear it has done the same thing Colorado did.

            They just have to feel smug and self righteous and victimized about every little fucking thing.

    2. Yeah, good piece.


    22 year old teacher has consensual sex with 17 year old student. It is rape!! The only rape going on here is the rape of the meaning of the term.

    1. Using the word “rape” metaphorically is proof of Rape Culture.

      1. Heh didn’t rape used to mean something more like theft?

      2. Can I still use the word “rape” ironically?

    2. Women are always victims. It’s the oppressive patriarchal rape culture that forces them to act in certain ways. I learned it from you dad. I learned it from you.

      1. It was a lesbian affair.

        1. So I guess it’s a wash then?

        2. Twenty two year old and a seventeen year? Just how much detail are we talking about in this article?

          1. Sadly not enough.

        3. It was a lesbian affair.

          So? It is STILL a part of the oppressive patriarchal rape culture. This teacher HAD to have sex with the student, because men do it and still make $1.00 for every $.75 a woman makes. This woman was only trying to succeed at her job.

    3. There can’t be a rape if there’s no penis involved.

      1. +1 truth point, but…

        …-1 penis

        I guess A Serious Man was right, its a wash.

      2. Dildoes don’t count?

        1. Not only can dildos count, the smarter one can do differential calculus!

        2. I suppose, but why would a man be wielding a dildo?

          1. This reminds of the time this guywrote into Dear Prudence.

      3. Do “simulated” penises count? I mean, it’s not really a rape when a NYPD officer sodomizes someone with a broomhandle. Instead, it’s a “violation of civil rights”.

        1. Don’t bring police into this. That’s a whole other set of things that do or don’t count.

        2. I think if you name the sodomization with a specific object after an asshole, its not rape anymore.

  12. …stopped by to praise his work in Africa as president.

    Bush was president of Africa? We get an African-born president, and they get an American-born president. I feel like I’m taking crazy pills!

    1. Just don’t come to New York then, they’ll take your guns for that!


    The Brilliant Gun Confiscation Trap

    … “Now for the bait and switch. Who decides who is mentally ill? … Once there is a legal path to any type of confiscation, such as outlined above, the flood gates will open. While it likely starts with those taking prescription medications with known psychotic side effects, it will then expand to almost all that are on medications for psychological reasons, including depression (even seasonal SAD). A small segment of the gun owning population will lose their firearms as they are demonized by the media …”

    “Why would it stop there? It will then be time to consider all who see a psychologist as unfit for owning firearms. Once again it is another relatively small population segment that will not be able to fight back …” …

    1. And medical profession has been totally brain washed by the gun control movement. Doctors would think nothing of categorizing their patients as unfit and turning them in for their own good.

      1. Well, I try to take everyone I know out to the range at least once. Many of them catch the fever. Maybe we should consider inviting our family physicians once in a while.

        1. Better yet, stop getting sick so you can avoid contact with someone who has been incentivised to fuck you over. American medical profession, come for the treatment! Stay because you are not being given a choice.

        2. My family physician has a ranch up in Brenham. He bought it, in part, so he’d have a place to shoot his .50 cal.

          I’m not worried about him turning me in.

      2. Pretty soon wanting to own a gun will in of itself bre labelled a mental illness and grounds for denying ownership.

        1. For the record, I’m not officially depressed about that, so the State Troopers need not stop by…

    2. First they came for the crazies guns and I did not speak out.

    3. My not-very-bright FIL was talking to his doctor about being depressed the year before last and stupidly made an off-hand comment about sometimes feeling like putting a gun to his head. Next thing he knows, he’s in the hospital for observation, and the local cops are at his house to collect his guns (he’s a hunter).

      1. And the doc kind of had to do that to cover his ass against liability should he have failed to DO SOMETHING.

  14. Remember when Orange County cops shot that unarmed Marine to death in a school parking lot while his two daughters sat in his SUV? Well, Orange County is getting ready to make their taxpayers pay for the misdeed.

    The officer has already been cleared by his co-workers and is back on the job. No word on how the dead Marine’s daughters are coping with the loss.

    1. I would love to see one of these taxpayer payouts get put towards a campaign that does nothing else but push for more police oversight. Like a $20 million dollar payout (maybe a few people) who create a foundation that does nothing but work to disgrace the police officers who get away with murder. It’s not libel if it’s true.

      1. The two women shot up by the LAPD for driving a pickup with the lights off while delivering papers at 5 AM are getting 120 million.

        1. 120 million what, pesos? They agreed to the settlement on Tuesday for less than $5M.

    2. If they acted reasonably why then are they offering a settlement? Fuck you. If you want to settle or you lose in court, then you have to revisit the finding they acted reasonably.

      1. Tulpa said they offer settlements on cases like these for the goodwill and to make the family feel good. He said that’s why Seattle offered a settlement when their deputies rightfully ran a guy’s head into the base of a wall paralyzing him.

        1. Dunphy agreed with this sentiment, by the way.

        2. So they are telling me that these cities are giving away tax money to the families of criminals to make them feel good? Wouldn’t that be a breach of public trust and fraud? Okay, then throw the city council/manager and or attorney in jail for fraud.

          1. Well, Tulpa maintained his story even when he was disproven and ridiculed by every lawyer on here.

  15. Paging Dr. Tulpa…

    But how to know if you’re a jerk? It’s not obvious. Some jerks seem aware of their jerkitude, but most seem to lack self-knowledge. So can you rule out the possibility that you’re one of those self-ignorant jerks? Maybe a general theory of jerks will help!

    I’m inclined to think of the jerk as someone who fails to appropriately respect the individual perspectives of the people around him, treating them as tools or objects to be manipulated, or idiots to be dealt with, rather than as moral and epistemic peers with a variety of potentially valuable perspectives. The characteristic phenomenology of the jerk is “I’m important, and I’m surrounded by idiots!”

    1. I’m inclined to think of the jerk as someone who fails to appropriately respect the individual perspectives of the people around him, treating them as tools or objects to be manipulated, or idiots to be dealt with

      So progressives are jerks then? I like this definition.

      1. Well, they fit the profile.

    2. Thank god I’m just an asshole.

      1. Yeah but you are an epic asshole. So there is that.

        1. Hey John, I always say, go big or go home.

      2. More to the point, you know you’re an asshole.

        Hell, you revel in it.

      3. I knew it: I’m surrounded by assholes!

        1. Are you in Jesse’s dream?

          1. No. But it wasn’t a dream. It was a place. And you – and you – and you – and you were there.

            1. No. But it wasn’t a dream. It was a place. And you – and you – and you – and you were there.

              “Please don’t be referring to me. Please don’t be referring to me. Please don’t be referring to me.”


            2. The Wizard of Arse

              1. Oh Shit! I don’t think that’s a movie yet. Google doesn’t really come up with any good results. You sir are a genius.

                1. How is this possible? That’s such a gimme. I need to get a job as a porn namer.

                    1. I can’t tell if that’s really clips from a porn or parody of a porn. Bad period porn is officially beyond parody!

            3. shot shot shot
              beer beer beer
              and a couple of mazel tovs
              thats how we drink the day away
              in the merry old land of oz

  16. Russian vigilante anti-drug gang wages war on drug dealers.

    1. Which is why we can’t have anarchy, they say.

  17. Just like any democracy would:

    The razor-close vote to replace late Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez has sparked what opposition leaders and human rights groups say is a government crackdown on public employees who either didn’t back Chavez’s hand-picked successor or failed to show sufficient support for the ruling party.

    1. Venezuela’s on my no-travel list. Fuck those commie bastards and their newest shithole.

    2. Hey! He’s got a mandate!

      1. Of course, if it were a wide margin, he’d merely be the president-elect.

        1. He’d occupy ‘The Office of the President Elect’!

          1. I stand corrected.

    3. Isn’t that just like the old Spoils System before the Civil Service Act?

      1. Political appointees under the spoils system generally weren’t threatened with violence, nor was the spoils system generally applied to the military.

  18. Funny note from someone who stole and returned a bike, except for the part about being “straight white girl wasted.” Come on, honey, show us you hate yourself a little more.

    1. Well to be fair, nobody likes wasted straight white girls.

      1. Nobody?!

        I thought you said you went to Whittier ?_?

        1. He’s just really into conservation. He wants to see straight white girls used responsibly and then recycled.

          1. So do I, but I wouldn’t call it “conservation”.

            1. You like skanks. Skanks are to straight white girls as Old Navy Performance Fleece is to plastic Coke bottles. You’re just the end of the recycling chain, and therefor are engaging in conservation.

          2. “Its a damn shame when people be throwing away a perfectly good white [girl].”

            1. Gee, I’m really sorry your mom blew up, Brett, guess she won’t be able to eat any spicy foods for a while.

      2. Speak for yourself, Hugh.

      3. While I don’t think they should be given their own CBS comedy show, a la Ray Romano, I also don’t think you can say “nobody” likes wasted straight white girls, either.

      4. You don’t know any frat dudes?

  19. A senior Syrian official is warning that the United States could face additional terrorist attacks for supporting rebels in his country. This isn’t a threat that Syria’s government would attack the U.S., but rather Islamic fundamentalists who are participating in the rebellion eventually would.

    Haha nice try asshole. We all know that terrists only attack because of their violent radicalized strain of Islam, not in response to other countries occupying their countries and blowing up their people.

    1. Except that the US supporting rebels in Syria =/= occupying Syria and blowing up people

  20. Has anyone seen the preview for the new movie The Purge?

    Maybe I’m just being puritanical, but I think it is one of the most vile ideas for a movie that I’ve ever heard of or seen. I could see myself having less problems with it if it took place in some dystopian future, but by everything that I’ve seen it’s relatively present day America. I mean even the Saw series was just a few deranged killers, but this is an actual policy endorsed by the entire public.

    The summary:

    If on one night every year, you could commit any crime without facing consequences, what would you do? Over the course of a single night, a family will be tested to see how far they will go to protect themselves when the vicious outside world breaks into their home.

    1. That is just propaganda. I am about as anti anarchist as anyone. But even I can see that for the “if you didn’t have big brother this is what would happen” porn.

      1. Is it really though?

        In an America wracked by crime and overcrowded prisons, the government has sanctioned an annual 12-hour period in which any and all criminal activity-including murder-becomes legal.

        This isn’t anarchy, it’s a situation in which the government has fucked up so horribly that America is a total dystopia. The government then tries to solve its own fuck up by suspending the rule of law.

        It sounds dumb as hell, but that’s because the people who wrote it are probably dumb as hell. I hardly think it’s propaganda.

        1. It is just propaganda written by stupid people. If the government won’t enforce laws it is like there is no government. What would you do then?

          1. So it’s a 12 hour anarchy out of 8760 hours in a year? The government is condoning said actions, so I don’t think that is the same as them saying they won’t enforce the laws.

            It’s like suspension of habeas corpus, except for all laws. Most people don’t claim that Lincoln was constructing an anarchy because of that.

            1. I am not saying it is anarchy. I am saying the point of the movie is to imply the horrible effects of anarchy. People watch the movie and go, thank God we have a government that enforces the laws.

              1. I realize this conversation is stupid as fuck because it’s about the views of anarchy within a dumb horror movie that none of us has seen, but I disagree. The point is that America is horribly wracked with crime and overcrowded prisons even when the government is fully in control.

                That hardly paints a pro-government picture.

                1. Better just wait for Suderman, Welch, Loder, Gillespie, Shackford, Tuccille, and Mangu-Ward to review it, then we can discuss and debate it (counting names… one, two, three…) 7 times.

                2. You’re not giving hollywood much credit there. They will find a way.

    2. Sounds stupid

    3. That sounds almost as stupid as the “Darwinian capitalism” in that Timberlake move ‘In Time’.

      1. Nothing is as stupid as In Time.

        1. Yeah. I thought In Time was stupid. My wife liked it. She wasn’t really catching on to the propaganda though. Hollywood lecturing us all about greed. Classic. I’ve seen worse movies though. Leaving Las Vegas for one.

          1. What? How could a movie with Nicolas Cage and a naked Elisabeth Shue by bad?

            1. Elizabeth Shue is nice but I could not wait for that movie to end.

          2. I finally saw Prometheus. Pretty, pretty film. I love Ridley Scott movies to look at, but goddamn that was dumb.

      2. I feel like In Time made slightly more sense, although how they just converted everyone’s lifeblood to seconds was never explained. Time was just the unit of currency, and if you didn’t have any time then you couldn’t afford to live.

        Maybe more about this movie needs to be hashed out, and I am probably overreacting, but part of me starts to fear that a decent portion of the population will see this and think “That’s not a bad idea.” I really hope I’m wrong about that.

        1. It was directed by Andrew Niccol who had previously done some great movies like ‘Gattaca’ and ‘The Truman Show’, but I felt he missed the mark in this one.

          1. Gattaca is our future. Glad I won’t be around to see it.

          2. Gattaca is our future. Glad I won’t be around to see it.

      3. I liked Daybreakers (I think that was the name) because even though I suspect it was intended as an allegory about oil or capitalist greed or some shit, it worked a lot better as an allegory for the collapse of a welfare state.

    4. I would force sarcasmic to have a threesome with Adele and Wynonna Judd.


      Do you want the Purge? Cuz sequestration is how you get the purge!

      1. You’re probably right. I was over thinking this in that it wasn’t propaganda to show how great government is.

      2. That’s what would happen if they shut the government down for a day to cut spending 3 percent.

    6. In an America wracked by crime and overcrowded prisons, the government has sanctioned an annual 12-hour period in which any and all criminal activity-including murder-becomes legal. The police can’t be called. Hospitals suspend help. It’s one night when the citizenry regulates itself without thought of punishment.

      So if I back my truck up the police station and start loading up on all of the weapons and ammunition I can lay my hands, it’s cool?

      If I bust out the bank windows and blow the safety deposit boxes, it’s cool?

      Given the premise of the movie, what is my payoff for going after a white-bread suburban family, unless rape, torture and murder are my thing (i.e. a night at Warty’s house)?

      1. I’m pretty sure that in that situation everyone would try to rape me.

        1. In that situation, I’m looking to take everything from every government and government-backed institution I can lay my hands on, preferably weapons, body armor, records, nonperishables, electronic equipment, fuel, and assets that can be easily liquidated.

          Rape and murder are for petty criminals. I would like to aim for the biggest rewards in 12 hours.

      2. Given the premise of the movie, what is my payoff for going after a white-bread suburban family,

        Less competition.

    7. Obnoxious. The only thing holding us all back from evil mayhem is TEH LAW!!!1one!!eleven!

    8. Wasn’t this a Star Trek episode?

      1. now that you mention it, that does sound familiar.

          1. Yep. Star Trek was great.

        1. Wouldn’t this just be the extreme form of Bacchanalia or even Carnival?

          1. Not really, because those are just fun reversals. This is about crime.

          2. I’ve been to Carnival in Port-of-Spain. It’s pretty close, but with debauchery as opposed to crime.

            Example: I woke up in a ditch one morning with my wallet and anus both still intact.

            1. Clearly, you weren’t doing it right.

    9. Festival! Festival!

      And then someone logic bombs the Supreme Leader.

  21. The Craig Ford Bestiality Act — greatest troll ever?

    The No Child Left Behind Act. The Patriot Act. The DREAM Act. The Civil Rights Act. Just the mention of those names evokes a strong reaction from people across the political spectrum.

    Well, ladies and gentlemen, another bill is now ready to take its rightful place in the pantheon of the best-named pieces of legislation in history.

    Thanks to Rep. Ford’s commitment to not showing up for work, and with a little help from Senator Cam Ward, we now how have?

    “The Craig Ford Bestiality Act.”

    That’s right. Senator Ward amended Ford’s bill to attach his name to it. It’s not often that a legislator’s name is attached to a piece of legislation. This is a special honor.

    No word on whether the Joe Pile Sheep Fucking Initiative has gotten out of committee yet.

    1. The bill would impose harsher penalties for the crime of bestiality in Alabama. It’s one of Ford’s “pet issues,” if you will.


      Libertarianism pop quiz:
      1. Can non-human animals consent to sex?
      2. Do they need to?

      Discuss. I will be assigning grades.

      1. 1. I don’t think so, although my friend’s wife’s sister says that they can be tricked into it by spreading something sweet “down there”.

        2. See the second part of answer to number 1.

        1. my friend’s wife’s sister says that they can be tricked into it by spreading something sweet “down there”

          Your friend’s wife’s sister is creepy.

        2. C-

          Also, I should have been clearer; with two I meant “does an animal need to ‘consent’ to sex for it to be OK (but still gross) to do”

      2. Dan Savage says no, so I wrote to him asking how a dog with a boner humping your leg isn’t consent. He didn’t write back.

      3. 1. What the fuck?
        2. What the fuck?

        How did I do?

      4. Weeeellll, disgusting as it is – you don’t need consent to kill and eat an animal, skin it and make stuff out of its bones.

        I don’t see why consent for sex would be needed.

        1. Dolphins don’t ask for consent.

          So, ummm it’s natural or something.

    2. greatest troll ever?

      Quite possibly.

    3. Joe Pile Sheep Fucking Initiative

      Wasn’t that a ballot initiative in Cleveland?

  22. “Nice hat Working America chick but damn you are a radical bitch”

    Local GOP official suspended for Twitter remarks about teenage labor activist.

    1. I saw nothing wrong with what he said.

    2. These idiots learned nothing from Anthony Weiner.

      Don’t press “send.”

  23. What’s the best way for a police chief to keep a witness quiet? Well, it’s obviously to kill them, but if they’re a good-looking chick you could always start fucking them and tell them to keep quiet about it or end up in serious trouble.

    1. Also, they said, the chief provided the woman with confidential information about the probe and told her she was “his favorite victim.”

    2. Wait, Justified told me it was perfectly okay to fuck the witness in your shooting inquiries.

      1. That last episode was great

    3. Yet another example of how the love of money is NOT the root of all evil.

    4. Paid administrative leave?

  24. http://www.thetruthaboutguns.c…..amaritans/

    A Tale of Two Good Samaritans

    … “But imagine the story with one slight difference. A guy’s teenage son (OMG a white teenage male?that’s the spree killer demographic!) alerts him to a woman screaming for help. He quickly grabs the gun he keeps by his bed for home defense (You have a gun in your home with a child? Why do you need a gun? Don’t you keep it locked up? Are you paranoid or just irrationally afraid?)”

    “The gun owner goes outside (What were you doing? Are you the town watch captain? Why didn’t you call the police and wait? Were you looking for a fight? You’ve just been waiting for a chance to shoot someone, haven’t you?). …” …

  25. Walter Russell Mead’s take on Dowd’s gun control column

    If only Lyndon Johnson had understood the art of political pressure as well as Maureen Dowd. “You work with us, we’ll work with you.” It’s? brilliant! Reminding her about her six year term? if that doesn’t swing her around, nothing will. “You’re a mother?” This is a set of brass knuckles no one could resist. The NRA must be thanking its lucky stars that a bumbling amateur like Barack Obama is in the White House instead of the arch-politician Maureen Dowd; Heidi Heitkamp would have been putty in her elegantly manicured hands.

    1. God Damn that man’s versatile. Is there any role, truly, that Shatner could not do?

      1. Is there any role, truly, that Shatner could not do?

        Could he have played Sandra Bullock’s role in Speed?

        1. There has got to be a TJ Hookerepisode where he does pretty much that.

          1. That’s every T J Hooker episode.

  26. And the “Piece Of Shit Of The Day” goes to the police chief who pressured prosecutors to pursue false rape charges against an 11-year old girl to help a politically-connected friend.

    FTA: The complaint says the girl is seeking damages because investigators violated illegal search and seizure laws, performed a malicious prosecution, abused their power, falsely imprisoned the girl, inflicted emotion distress and failed to provide police officers the necessary training to conduct juvenile sexual assault investigations.

    The complaint says Donald Slater, who the lawsuit describes as a “well-connected political player” who was a former campaign manager and bailiff to a sitting judge told former Canfield Police Chief David Blystone his daughter was raped by the girl.

    Blystone, the suit alleges, told Slater he would “motivate the Canfield police to take immediate and swift action on his behalf.” Blystone then called Colucci and explained he was personal friends with Slater and wanted action taken, the suit alleges.

    No criminal charges, by the way.

    1. How exactly does one benefit from falsely accusing an 11 year old girl of rape?

      1. Apparently the accusers were also 11-year-old girls.

      2. Politics can be a very tangled web sometimes

      3. How exactly does one benefit from falsely accusing an 11 year old girl of rape?

        I don’t know. What kind of fallout is there when you pressure your kid into saying it so a political opponent is forced to either withdraw from a race, change their position or face a great deal of shame.

        1. But wouldn’t you want the kid to accuse the opponent? What good does it do to throw the 11 year old girl in jail?

          1. Look John, if you can’t understand the value in imprisoning an 11 year old girl on false rape charges, then I’m not going to be able to explain it to you.

    2. This doesn’t shock me.

      The guy my ex falsely accused of trying to sexually assault her faced two hearings in front of magistrates despite the lead detective questioning whether the assault had ever happened before charges were finally dismissed.

      My ex never faced any blowback from trying to destroy that guy’s life.

      1. I am friends with a private investigator. He tells me that his stalking cases nearly always involve women stalkers. He has had like one male stalker case in 30+ years of doing it. But if you just watched TV you would think every stalker was an evil man going after his ex gf.

    3. This story has it all. Why isn’t this national news?

      1. We don’t cover local crime stories.

      2. This story has it all. Why isn’t this national news?

        I dunno. No one-armed lesbians accusing police officers of excessive force.

  27. Dutch research suggests that porn has an effect on teens’ sexual behavior.

    They needed a study to confirm this?

    1. I wouldn’t think porn would have any effect. It is not like teenagers are not horny to begin with.

      1. I think it might change what they try, not the intent to try. So yes, an impact on behaviour.

      2. I think it makes them expect more. When I was a teen, back when phones had dials, just a quick glimpse of a bare boob in a movie was special.

    2. Eh, it was self-selected online survey. It’s basically worthless.

    3. They needed a study to confirm this?

      You joke, but one of my friends posted an NPR article titled What Does Modern Prejudice Look Like, and the conclusion was basically “People like to associate with those they share commonalities.”

      When I pointed out the absurdity of studying something that is already known to a majority of people, and that NPR is a little late to the party, my friend said I was confusing “something that is known” with “something science has shown to be true”, whatever the fuck that means.

      1. There is value in confirming (or disproving) things everyone ‘knows’ to be true. Mostly disproving, admittedly, but confimation is always nice, too.

        1. I was actually going to write a rant about this — i.e., about the fact that we do need to research “obvious” things — but I lost interest.

          Anyway, by way of example I would just say that it’s probably “obvious” to a lot of people that if a guy tells you to shock someone to death*, you won’t do it just because he tells you it’s for science. But that famously turned out not to be the case.

          *Yes, I am aware that they were actors

  28. http://www.thetruthaboutguns.c…..21-people/

    Chinese Gun Battle [Not Shown] Kills 21 People

    “In December 2012, five months after James Holmes opened fire on theater-goers in Aurora Colorado, a knife-wielding Chinese madman attacked a primary school. Twenty-two children were wounded. Wounded, not killed. Gun control advocates seized on the story as proof that a gun-free society is safer than one like, say, the United States, whose citizens have a Constitutionally protected right to keep and bear arms. Ignoring the human rights abuses inflicted on China’s citizenry by its own government. Truth be told, there is no such thing as a gun-free society. The Chinese government has guns. And they’re not afraid to use them . . .” …

    ” Chinese officials say 21 people were killed after a fight broke out during a police investigation of suspected criminals in the latest act of violence in the restive northwest province of Xinjiang.

    The clashes began Tuesday, when social workers came across what state media referred to as “suspicious individuals and knives” in a house in western Kashgar prefecture.”

    1. “Restive.” I wonder if that’s how the Brits described American colonists back in the day. Voice of America says the social workers met an untimely end.

      “While [the social workers] were in the process of reporting this to their superiors they were apprehended by bandits who were hiding in the home. Afterwards policemen and community cadres at the local police station went to handle the matter, and the bandits killed the police and community workers who were inside the home,” said the official.

      The Xinjiang official, who did not wish to be named, said the suspects set fire to the house during the clashes. Fifteen social workers and police were killed, while six “gang members” were shot dead. Another eight were captured.”

      Even if you take this report at face value?a pretty silly thing to do?it’s clear that a gun-free society is not a violence-free society. How could it be?”

      1. Isn’t “Bandits” a catch-all term oppressive governments use to describe opponents?

        1. Yes, but also to describe bandits.

  29. So, that 90% number the gun grabbers were throwing around is bullshit… who coulda guessed?…..s/?hpid=z2

    1. 90% were aware of the issue = 90% are freaking out about guns.

    2. The WaPo hacks still try to claim it was a messaging problem on the part of Herr Obama.

  30. Study shows that humpback whales have a culture, communicate via social learning.

    Star Trek IV was prophetic.

    1. Was that the one with Diora Baird?



    Boston bomb suspect was on two watch lists. I had this conversation several times a few years ago. Okay, you want to create this huge database with lots of names in it. Great, we can do that. But understand that you better be prepared to then act on those names because if someone in that database does something, you are going to look awfully stupid. So better make sure you get the right people and that you actually can act on the information.

    No one knew what what I was talking about.

    1. “No one knew what what I was talking about.”

      We seldom do.

      1. It is curse of genius. But in all seriousness. The government loves to collect information and make watch lists because it is easy. Now doing something with those watch lists is really hard. So they are not as interested in that. So whenever some nut blows something up is nearly always on some list somewhere and the guy in charge of that list is caught with is dick in his hand. Perhaps they might want to consider more carefully who goes on those lists and try to make being on one meaningful. But that would be hard.

        1. Yep, I’ve had several arguments along these lines here at work… “What actions are we trying to choose between? What information will help us make the decision?”

          Luckily my current job is at a very functional (vice dysfunctional) place, so it’s been effective at focusing people rather than riling them up.

    2. Though I sort of agree with you, what exactly were they suppose to do? Surveillance 24/7? Keep in mind that he didn’t commit a crime yet (I think) and was a citizen. What exactly can you do?

      Maybe re-investigate after he goes back to Russia or wherever he visited, but if you still find nothing solid? Deport him just because he’s a Muslim?

      1. Exactly. And the lists are so large you couldn’t put all of those people under surveillance anyway.

    3. I think (hope) the point John is making is that the watch lists are useless and pointless, since they’re not actually helping.

    4. I heard a talking head say earlier today that the problem was that they didn’t let local cops know.

      I, for one, don’t think I trust local LEOs with that kind of information.

  32. A record number of families ? one in five ? are on food stamps.

    Mission Accomplished?

    1. In a way – those who are reliant on your mangnanomity will continue to support you. It was the entire basis of the Roman Patron-Client relationship which formed much of their political structure. This is an attempt to emulate that and the free grain handoutes on our scale.

      1. I’ve thought that the old Roman model was where the Democrats have been aiming for a while. Of course, the scarier part is when the patron stops being the government as a whole and starts being a guy.

  33. Fucking Beyond Incompetent. New ricin suspect slips surveillance. Which means he probably walked to his vehicle and drove away.

    1. Ever since this morning that’s been like my favorite thing ever.

    1. Laura Bush shares a smile with the former president after adding the sentence “Go fuck yourself Dallas” to President Obama’s teleprompter.

      1. George Bush: “I taught him everything he knows.”

    2. Aww honey, he’s actually making you look good!

    3. “Remember when you used to have trouble speaking in front of the Presidential podium?”

    4. Laura: “Check out that ass!”
      George: “Yes, he does have quite the fine buttocks.”

      1. “He must workout.”

    5. “I just pooped”

  34. Unemployment reaches record highs in France and Spain; free-spending socialists blame austerity

    Spain now has 6.2 million unemployed after a 23-month run of falling employment figures, with the young and those living in the south of the country particularly hard hit as the economy continues to shrink.

    Almost six out of every 10 people under the age of 25 who are not studying are now jobless, with the rate at 57%.

    In France, the number of people out of work reached a record 3.2 million in March in a blow to socialist president Fran?ois Hollande, who has struggled to stabilise the economy in the face of declining exports and a fall in domestic demand.

    The figures triggered a heated debate about Europe’s austerity drive with leading IMF and European Central Bank officials sharply at odds.

    Some eurozone officials believe now is the time to ease back on debt-cutting drives because calmer financial markets are less easily panicked.

    The IMF is also calling for a relaxation in austerity drives ? for both the eurozone and Britain ? but Germany and the ECB are opposed.

    1. I blame the risk of taking on a worthless employee during bad economic times without being able to get rid of them should they prove less than useful. Both Spain and France have this problem.

      1. So making it difficult and expensive to hire and fire people increases unemployment? What a revelation! Has anyone told Krugman?

        1. Better question – would he listen?

  35. Since nobody noticed this in the a.m. links,

    NASA rover rapes Mars with giant space penis.

    1. The agency’s boffins lost contact with the Spirit rover in 2010 after it got stuck in the sands, but Opportunity is still going strong, wandering around a crater named Endeavour and heading towards an area dubbed Botany Bay – near a spot called Nobbys Head.

      Botany Bay? Oh no!

    2. I bet that will do a lot for the Muslim outreach!

  36. Anonymous takes down NAMBLA’s homepage to protest pedophilia pride day

    Wait… there’s a pride day for them? WTF? SMH… celebrating child rape should warrant eating hot coals.

    1. If you want to see their mentality in action, watch this documentary (if you can get your hands on it). It is crazy. And creepy as hell.

    2. There was a guy here a few months ago telling us about some group for reformed pedophiles or something, that they’re not all bad people, etc.

      1. HAHAHA. I remember that. Wasn’t his name apedo?

        1. Yeah, it was.

          I am willing to entertain the notion that, not being a pedophile myself, it’s possible that someone could have a consistent abnormal physical attraction to prepubescent children and at the same time know that it would be morally wrong to act on it.

          However, besides “apedo” I’m not aware of this ever actually occurring (and I don’t believe him), and I don’t think it’s likely. It seems to me the kind of attraction that is partly or completely driven by the factors that make it immoral (e.g., the exploitativeness of it).

          1. I am willing to entertain the notion that, not being a pedophile myself, it’s possible that someone could have a consistent abnormal physical attraction to prepubescent children and at the same time know that it would be morally wrong to act on it.

            Why not? Aren’t there people who you want to physically harm that you don’t because it would be immoral? I’d like to punch Giffords in the face, but I wouldn’t, because she acts that way because of brain damage, and it would be wrong.

            Chuckie Manboobs, however, would be another story.

            1. I said I “am” willing

              1. Yes, I quoted the wrong part of your comment. What I don’t understand is why you’d feel it unlikely, despite the fact that you, me and just about everyone else does this all the time with emotions that aren’t “lust”.

                It almost seems like this:

                It seems to me the kind of attraction that is partly or completely driven by the factors that make it immoral (e.g., the exploitativeness of it).

                is a rationalization. Unless you personally know some child molesters who’ve stated their attraction in those terms. I’ve definitely read of them stating that “innocence” is an attracting factor, but I’ve never heard the “corruption” one.

        2. Yeah, here it is:…..nt_3568527

          He said we were discriminating against his “sexual orientation”

      2. Yeah, whatever happened to Whiterun Guard?

        1. He’s Counterfly now.

          1. So you could’ve kept your old name!

            1. I think Whiterun Guard might have been first.

              In any case, I changed my handle in protest of Bethesda’s decision to stop making Skyrim DLCs.

              Maybe someday I’ll compromise and become “Thane of #HOLO”

  37. George W. Bush’s Presidential Library and Museum opened today in Texas and President Obama, along with former presidents Jimmy Carter and Bill Clinton, stopped by to praise his work in Africa as president.

    I can see Air Force 1 from the top floor! A coworker drove by Love field for lunch not realizing what was going on. She said it was like a Beatles concert with how people were clogging up businesses parking lots across the street and jamming up Mockingbird Ln with their cars to get a glimpse of the Preezy of the United Steezy’s ride.

    1. Obama uses Speech to Push Immigration Reform…..19124.html

      1. I listened to that live. His cadence sped up pretty considerably for that portion of his speech. Its like he knew it would be awkward and wanted to hurry through it.

    2. I can see Air Force 1 from the top floor!

      If only you were in a book depository.

      No, wait…

      1. No, just a health center cafeteria. It would make a fine museum one day though.

        takes out headphones to listen for drones

    3. Hard to believe they let AF1 land at Love Field. If I were in charge of security I’d make them go to DFW.

  38. SEQUESTER JESTER: Feds to shut flood gauges used for ‘crucial’ disaster warnings

    More than 100 crucial gauges that warn of imminent flooding or lack of needed water will soon be shut down, as part of the federal government’s automatic budget cuts.

    U.S. Geological Survey officials tell The Associated Press that stream gauges will be shut down across the nation starting next month. Some are in the nine states threatened with sudden Spring flooding.

    In rivers where flooding is imminent _ such as near Fargo, N.D. _ officials are scrambling to keep needed monitors working and make the cuts elsewhere.

    The agency’s chief scientist for water is Jerad Bales. Bales says details are still being worked out, but at least 120 gauges _ and as many as 375 _ will be shut down because of the cuts. He calls it a safety issue.

    1. Good lord. Its one thing to create inconveniences in air travel and end novelty tours, but now they’re seriously putting lives in the balance. The stakes are getting higher.

    2. I daresay the government is going to learn the error in its ways if one of these farcical cuts in sequester theater results in some deaths.

      1. Are you fucking kidding? They’ll climb that pile of bodies faster than Newtown. They probably want it to happen.

        1. I bet they do, but I think this is one of those buttons they can’t get away with pushing just yet. There is such a thing as going too far.

          Of course, I’ve thought that before, but I think I’m right about this one.

          1. Of course, I’ve thought that before, but I think I’m right about this one.

            Only if this has nothing to do with deep dish.

            1. No, no pizza. Not this time.

              1. I didn’t say anything about pizza.

          2. I think I’m right about this one

            You’ve thought that before too, ProL. And you were wrong.

            1. That’s true. But this really isn’t about me.

      2. Are you out of your mind? They’re counting on it happening so they can blame those evil Teapiblicans. Shit, the press releases have likely already been written and they’re just waiting to hit “send”.

        1. No, no, I think they think that. I just think they’re really fucking wrong to do so. There’s been some cracks in that game lately, and if there are dead bodies. . . .

    3. How much can it cost to operate gauges? Lets Kickstarter this motherfucker.

    4. Privatize it.

    5. I can speak to this since I use the data generated by those gauges. My understanding is that it’s a mostly automated process so shutting this down is BS; furlough administrators, secretaries and other deadwood.

      1. Given the type of equipment we’re talking about, it probably costs more to have someone shut them down than to just leave them running.

      2. Ah, so it’s another fake crisis.

        1. Potemkin sequester.

          1. They can’t even fucking lie honestly.

  39. Sorry, off topic but I can’t help myself:…..otostream/

    1. Sorry, off topic

      1. oops

        that was supposed to be

        Sorry, off topic

        How quaint

    2. It’s cute that you think anything is off topic during P.M. links.

      1. Even I was fairly sure that the links articles became a free-for all babble of unrelated commentary.

        1. Even I was fairly sure that the links articles became a free-for all babble of unrelated commentary.

          1. Thank you, that is more accurate.

  40. You have got to see the comments on this article. Some of the funniest shit from feminists I’ve seen in awhile.

  41. Is there a Seattle equivalent of the word “masshole”?

    1. Yes, two of them. “Oregonian” and “British Columbian”.

      1. Or Eastern Washingtonian.

        1. Or “Peninsula Dweller”.

          1. You mean the Olympic Peninsula? Do actual people live there? It’s a rain forest, you know.

    2. This is really too simple: Episiarch.

      1. I can’t argue with this. I really can’t.

        1. I can’t call somebody a word I don’t know how to pronounce.

          Epi-shark? Epi-sea-arc?

          1. Ep-is-e-arc

            I believe.

            1. It’s Eh-peas-ee-arc.

              1. Spoken in the voice of Jim Backus playing Thurston Howell III, right?

                1. That is correct, Gilligan. Now go get me another martini in a coconut shell.

                  1. Okay, serious question. You think Gilligan ever went there? Lovey, I mean.

                    1. Gilligan didn’t know the business end of a coconut. I doubt he “went” anywhere.

                    2. There’s every possibility that he banged Ginger and Mary Ann. Possibly the Skipper.

                      Of course, if you want to know who got the most tail on the island, I’ll tell you: The Professor.

                    3. I don’t know, which one was Gilligan in the J.J Abrahams reboot, confusingly titled Lost?

            2. Eh-pee-zee-ark is how I’ve been pronouncing it in my head.

              1. Eh-pee-zee-ark is how I’ve been pronouncing it in my head.

                Funny, I’ve been going with “In-bred-yo-kel-ta-rian”.

                1. I’ve been saying it ‘stupidbitchitarian.’

                  Admittedly, it doesn’t make much sense phonetically, but I feel like it’s effectively descriptive.

                2. That does sound more correct sloop. Thanks for the correction.

                  1. Fuck, do I have to correct you guys about everything? It’s pronounced ph’nglui mglw’nafh Cthulhu R’lyeh wgah’nagl fhtagn. Make sure you say it out loud a few times. Just to practice.

                    1. That was so funny I forgot to laugh!

                    2. Eh-pee-see-awt-o-mee….

          2. “Epic shark”

            I like it!

            1. I thought it was “?p?e” (French for sword) + “Fuckface” (French for fuckface).

              1. I thought it was someone says “he pees his arse” in a bad French accent.

            2. I pronounce it “episiotomy”.

  42. I learnt today that not donating your organs is selfish.
    If it’s so selfish, why are we waiting until someone dies.
    Does anyone really need two kidneys?

    1. People with a family history of diabetes need to retain as many kidneys as they can in case of potential organ failure – and keep an eye on their diet and blood sugar.

    2. In the US sometimes healthy people donate a kidney so that someone they know can get a kidney quicker. These donors are then at the head of the transplant line should they end up needing a kidney.

      In other countries it’s more a cash transaction.

    3. Yeah, people need two kidneys like they need a magazine that chambers more than 10 rounds. That other kidney is just a redundancy, everybody belongs to everybody else, we’re all in this together, blah, blah, collectivist blather.

      I still have yet to hear a satisfactory answer as to why it is illegal to voluntarily sell your kidneys to a willing buyer.

    1. Am I alone in finding twerking slightly amusing but not at all sexy?

      1. I dunno.

        1. Since you posted this so late I may never know.

        2. I can’t, in good conscience, support the Jello butt. Once the downward slide of age sets in, that ass will be down past her knees. I like asses that are like ripe tomatoes. Round, firm, plump…and I’m gonna stop now.

            1. Twerk videos have one saving grace. Comments like this:

              1andonlybabyt 2 months ago
              like seriously who are u..she’s a stank ho who need better weave?

              1. Youtube commenters might even be dumber than Gawker, but I suspect they share a lot of crossover.

      2. No, but I don’t think I’m the core demographic for that question.

        1. You know who else didn’t care about people outside his core demographic?

          1. Hmm, not really my type, but I’ll concede I was distracted by it.

    1. Yes, your other twerking videos already proved that.

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