White House Wants to Meet Man Whose Village Was Droned

He told a Senate subcommittee strikes in Yemen were bolstering al Qaeda


Powerful Americans are beginning to listen to Farea al-Muslimi, a 23-year-old, California-educated Yemeni who wants to stop the drone strikes in his country. Including some in the White House.

Danger Room has confirmed that before he leaves Washington D.C. on Friday, al-Muslimi will meet with White House officials to tell them what he told a Senate subcommittee yesterday: CIA and military drone strikes are strengthening al-Qaida's Yemeni affiliate and making average Yemenis hate America.

"He will meet with a working-level expert on Yemen policy," a White House official confirms, declining to provide the name of the official or the time of the meeting. In other words, he shouldn't count on an Oval Office sit-down with the President — or even a quick meet with Obama's chief counterterrorism adviser Lisa Monaco.