Video Games

Gov. Christie's Efforts to Regulate Violent Video Games Likely Doomed

The Supreme Court decision wasn't all that long ago, guys!


An American soldier leans against the bar. Suddenly he plunges a knife through the hand of a Cuban soldier and smashes him in the face with a beer bottle.

In an instant, the bartender tosses you a rifle, and you and a crew shoot your way out of the bar and through the streets of Havana on a mission to kill Fidel Castro.

It's a scene gamers may be familiar with from "Call of Duty: Black Ops" — part of a series of video games Gov. Chris Christie says he won't let his children play.

Last Friday, Christie outlined a plan to ban retailers from selling the video game — or others like it rated "mature" or "adults only" — to minors without a parent's permission. The proposal is part of the governor's plan to curb gun violence that also includes a ban on the .50 caliber Barrett rifle and increased penalties for gun trafficking.