Second Amendment

Legal Challenges Planned Against State Gun Restrictions

The NRA focuses on states where governors have presidential aspirations


National Rifle Association President David Keene said Wednesday the organization will pursue lawsuits in two states where Democratic governors are believed to have presidential aspirations, but it might not challenge new state gun laws elsewhere.

"We're already in court in New York, and we will be in court in Maryland," Keene said in an interview. "Our feeling is that you've got a case in two states in particular that are one-party states. They both have governors who, when they close their eyes, see themselves in the White House."

Keene said the gun rights organization currently does not have plans to challenge new gun laws in Connecticut, which Keene called an "outlier" for its already strict gun laws, or in Colorado, where efforts are underway to recall two lawmakers who voted for that state's new laws.