Boston Marathon Bombing

FBI Had Interviewed Tamerlan Tsarnaev in 2011

Foreign government raised concerns


A "foreign government" asked the FBI to look into one of the Boston Marathon bombing suspect's "possibly extremist ties" to a terrorist organization in 2011, an FBI official confirmed Friday. The bureau complied and interviewed Tamerlan Tsarnaev, 26, to investigate any possible ties to extremism.

The FBI determined Tsarnaev represented no threat and found "no derogatory information," the Washington Post reports.

"The interview was conducted by the FBI in Boston, said the official," the report adds. "[T]he case was closed, according to the official, who refused to identify the country or the terrorist organization."

Tamerlan, believed to be 26 when he was killed overnight in a shootout, dropped out after studying accounting at Bunker Hill Community College for just three semesters. He was an amateur boxer who had hoped to fight on the U.S. Olympic team, a man who said he had no American friends.

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  1. Oh well, I’d guess the FBI missed this one. We’ll have to give them still more money in the next budget, and create an entirely new oversight agency to verify their work. Right?

    1. Obviously the only solution to a state failure is to state even harder.

    2. Can’t blame the sequester though!

    3. Why do you think the FBI “missed it”? Hell, they might have been running the whole plot only Tamerlan didn’t trust their bombs so he made his own like he learned at camp.

    4. If only we had spent real money instead of a paltry eleven trillion dollars on national defense and homeland security since 9/11, this would have never happened.

  2. Whether and under what circumstances Tamerlan may have traveled post-FBI interview is unknown. Was he recruited by the FBI for Russian intelligence?

  3. Isn’t the problem though that there is SO much info about terrorism flooding these agencies that it is impossible to sort the shit out? or prioritize it? like looking for a needle in a pile of needles? That seems more likely, too much white noise to do anything.

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