Boston Marathon Bombing

The (Alleged) Terrorist Next Door


The brothers Tsarnaev

BuzzFeed and Mother Jones have gathered shocked comments from former classmates of Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, the Boston Marathon bombing suspect who is still out there while Boston is in a state of lockdown.

The "He seemed like such a nice guy" angle is obviously not new, but the comments go a lot deeper. Many of these guys obviously saw Tsarnaev as a friend. One posted (on Facebook it looks like), "He was always so funny and friendly and I always enjoyed talking to him! I still can't believe it!! I still hope he had nothing to do with this!!"

At Buzzfeed, Rosie Gray reports that while Tsarnaev was a quiet guy, he was not "a loner":

"I think he seemed to keep to himself in that he was kind of reserved, but his demeanor was always friendly and he would show up at the big social gatherings," [former classmate Rebecca] Mazur said. "He was a familiar part of the community, he didn't isolate himself."

"I went on Facebook and so far have been reading Facebook status after Facebook status of people who are feeling shocked and betrayed," Mazur said.

"I didn't know Jahar extremely well but he was literally among the sweetest, most laid back guys I've ever known," said another student at Harvard who went to Cambridge Rindge and Latin and spoke on the condition of anonymity. "Always friendly and welcoming, I always felt comfortable hanging out with him."

While the Tsarnaev brothers are Chechens living legally in America and Muslims, it's still a bit of a mystery why or how they might have become radicalized, or even if there's a direct relationship. The Wall Street Journal looks at the family background for the history Dohokhar's classmates didn't see:

A profile on the Russian social-networking site Vkontakte under the name of Djohar Tsarnaev lists the profilee as a 2011 graduate of Cambridge Rindge and Latin School and a resident of Boston. It also says that from 1999 to 2001 he attended School No. 1 in Makhachkala, the capital of Dagestan, a mountainous republic along the Caspian Sea in Russia's restive south that's not far from Chechnya.

On the Vkontakte profile—the authenticity of which couldn't be independently verified—Mr. Tsarnayev is listed as a Muslim, his birthday as July 22 and his "most important element of life" as "career and money."

A number of the elements featured on the Vkontakte profile page relate to Islam. Under "interesting pages," the profile has selected "Salamworld: My Religion—Islam" as well as another Islam-related page. One video on the profile appears to be a propaganda clip rallying jihadists to go to Syria to fight alongside rebels there. Another is an interview that Kuwaiti Sheikh Fahad Al Kandari conducted with a blind boy who grew up memorizing the Quran. Separately, the profile shows a video of a man parodying various different accents from the Caucasus region. According to the profile, Mr. Tsarnayev belongs to three groups on the site—two related to Chechnya and another related to music and movies.

As I write this,  the men's uncle is holding a press conference denouncing them and demanding Dzhokhar turn himself in. He said their behavior has nothing to do with Islam.

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  1. Who would have guessed Chechnya? Not me.

    1. Never entered my mind.

      1. I knew it from the beginning. The moment I saw the smoke billowing onto the street, I said to myself, “Chechens…, I just know it.”

      2. The “Coexist” sticker on the back of the Mercedes SUV is what threw me off.

    2. Surprised they weren’t spotted as potential terrorists prior to this.

      Well, at least we can’t blame this on an administration or Federal Law enforcement being distracted trying to overturn the 2nd amendment

    3. First thing my wife said was “Chechens!”
      But then again, she’s Russian.

      1. That’s like an Irishman blaming protestants

        1. Sure it is:


      2. This is what I don’t get. Chechens don’t really have a beef with the US. Sure, they have a lot of muslim insurgent groups, many with ties to Al Qaeda, but you’d think they’d be busy trying to kill Russians rather than target a nation that has largely stayed the hell away from the region, except to protect its neighbor (and fellow Russian-persecuted, ally perhaps?), Georgia.

        This makes very little sense. Am I missing something?

        1. It may not be a “Chechen” thing..

          1. Of course it’s a Chechen thing. What other element is there? It’s not like these guys are Muslims or anything.

        2. That the Tsarnaevs are nuts? They might have thought they were acting in solidarity with their homeland, but the attacks don’t seem to have been coordinated in any way with the broader Chechen terrorist movement – it’s a sophisticated organization that’s been able to fight a bloody stalemate with Putin’s Russia, I don’t think they’re going to tell their newest footsoldiers to strike close to home, hang around at the scene of the crime for four days, and then knock over a 7-11.

          1. The fact that they stuck around agrees with the lone wolf theory. A terror cell would’ve at least been sophisticated enough to get them the hell out of Boston, possibly overseas before they were identified 4 days after the bombing.

            1. This whole thing seems like the plot of a Tom Clancy novel.

              The more I think about it, the more I believe I’ve already read this one.

              I’ll put my conspiracy theorist hat on for a second.

              Maybe the Russians bankrolled this in order to try to drag the US into the Chechen issue as an expanded part of the War on Terror. The US expands dronemageddon to another front (with the Russians’ blessings), retaliating for the attack, and the Russians get those “dirty Chechens” taken care of without the PR hit.

              1. stupid squirrels ate my conspiracy theory tags around the last paragraph… they’re making me look like a lunatic

      3. Your wife must be super pleased with herself right now. I wouldn’t be able to let that go for a while:

        “Everyone thought it was brown people or tea partiers, but I KNEW it was CHECHENS!”

  2. The suspects’ uncle is on TV…he really doesn’t like them kids at all. He called them “losers”.

    1. I really like the Uncle. Poor guy.

      1. He and his wife still use AOL! I love this guy

    2. If a couple of my nephews just bombed a crowd, I doubt I’d be calling them heroes.

      1. This. Losers would probably be about the nicest thing I’d have to say if I were in his shoes.

    3. Well, that perspective could easily be skewed by the media attention and circumstances. It wouldn’t surprise me if, last week, he would have said “haven’t seen them in a while, but AFAIK they are great kids”.

    4. The uncle is giving one of the greatest press conferences in the history of press conferences.

      1. I know. He really is. CNN needs to put up a caption “Great American” right now. I love this guy.

        1. I loved how angry he got when he said that they brought shame on their family and the Chechen people

          1. The president of Chechnya brings a lot of derp to the people of Chechnya.

            Chechen President Says American Upbringing to Blame

            Yup, and I blame the Moscow theater incident on America as well. Keep in mind that the older (and likely the one who radicalized the other) brother wasn’t raised here.

            1. Wow, and he accuses the police of over-aggressive force in a situation when not even the HnR comments section does so.

              Sorry Pres, throwing bombs and shooting at a lot of cops is not usually going to result in the cops standing aside so they can be sure and hear your side of the story.

              1. “Wow, and he accuses the police of over-aggressive force in a situation when not even the HnR comments section does so.”

                The brothers have killed at least three innocent bystanders, maimed dozens, clearly deranged and one is still armed and dangerous. He’s not some nonviolent offender who just enjoys some pot and his gun collection.

                This is one of the few instances where an overwhelming show of deadly force is not only justified, but warranted. If I were a resident in one of these neighborhoods where an armed (and wired) psychotic terrorist was recently sighted, I’d find comfort seeing an APC right now. Of course, I’d be armed, doors locked and guns pointed at all points of entry too.

                I’m just happy knowing that it’s not the LAPD chasing after him.

                1. Of course, I’d be armed, doors locked and guns pointed at all points of entry too.

                  And in Boston, it’s likely that, during their house to house searching, you’d be arrested for the unlawful possession of weapons.

      2. That bit about Chechens being a peaceful people struck me as being farcical.

        The part where he told the nephew that he should beg forgiveness of all the people that had been harmed by the nephews was amazingly powerful.

        1. In fairness, most of them probably are. And Stalin forcibly exiled the entire population to Siberia. They were later allowed to return. And gee, surprisingly as soon as the old USSR collapsed, they rebelled and tried to get their country back. Who would have thought that?

          Since then the place has turned into a horror show of stupidity and evil with the Russians carpet bombing entire towns and the Saudis sending radicals into radicalize what was once a very moderate Muslim population.

          1. Last night I was chatting up a woman I met online. She is, as best I can tell, Crimean. Her family story was horrific: her grandfather was sent into the Gulag during the Stalin era and her entire family was deported in internal exile to Uzbekistan. Her father was a Russian living in Shanghai who lost everything when he fled to Russia during the cultural revolution.

            Her story of her grandmother spending 2 decades searching for her grandfather was so sad.

            1. As Americans, we really have no idea what national tragedy really is. I read somewhere that 80% of the males born in Russia between 1918 and 1925 were dead by 1945 thanks to the Great Terror and the Second World War. 80%. Imagine if when you were 26, 80% of the boys in your high school class were dead. Just unbelievable.

              1. Mixed feelings:

                1. I recoil in horror at this kind of atrocity.
                2. 80% of the Russians I meet are such repulsive pigs that I am appreciative there aren’t more of them.

                1. Maybe Stalin killed or drove off all the good ones?

                  Also, decades of communism probably coarsened the culture

                  1. It was the Saudis. They sent people in there in the late 80s and early 90s that radicalized a fair number of them.

                    1. I really dislike those Wahabbist bastards.

                      I really hate my tax dollars going to prop them up in power.

                  2. “Also, decades of communism probably coarsened the culture”

                    That’s actually my working hypothesis.

                    1. Mine as well; it’s mainly as a result of making good friends with an older Armenian physician in Aleppo. He would tell me how communism turned a vibrant culture full of hard working people into a bunch of lazy, lying bastards. What a shame.

                      Since then I’ve often wondered to myself how many hundreds of millions of lives have been ruined the same exact way….of course, this is in addition to the tens of millions of lives that were literally ended by the same ideology.

              2. The French took a hit kinda like that, though not as bad, in WWI.

            2. tarran, the grandmother and grandfather. Did they ever find each other again?

          2. Also, not to be forgotten, Russian intelligence really did get caught planting explosive devices in a Russian high rise for purposes of a false flag operation.

            1. I rather suspect the Russians wouldn’t try that with us, not wanting another cold war or war.

              1. Not suggesting that, but to underscore that Chechen reputation for violence is at least in part based on manipulation by the Russian government.

                1. That’s a fair point. The Chechens may or may not be over the top, but there’s no question they have some legitimate beefs and that the Russians still play tyrant games.

            2. “Russian intelligence really did get caught planting explosive devices in a Russian high rise for purposes of a false flag operation”

              Really? Who caught them? Inspector Clouseau?

              1. If you don’t know the case I’m refferring to, you’ll have to do a little digging. Around 2003, I recall coverage by the National Review.

              2. Former FSB agents came forward and confessed to taking part in the operation. Some were imprisoned, while others left the country. Alexander Litvinenko, famous for being poisoned with polonium-210, was one of those who defected to the UK after refusing to assassinate some of these FSB traitors.

                Putin was instrumental in covering up this conspiracy, which is one of the reasons why he rose to the top so quickly (he is believed to have dirt on everyone in the FSB).

        2. But tarran – WE’RE THE RELIGION PEOPLE OF PEACE!

  3. I would like to know how these clowns got radicalized. They seem like they should be success stories. The one brother was good in school. Their family, judging from their uncle seems pretty normal. They were LPRs, so they could work and go to school. Very few if any American Muslims ever radicalize because unlike Europe America treats Muslims pretty well. In the past, radicals have generally been either been foreigners here on student VISAs or American born fuck up converts. Hasan at Fort Hood is the only other non convert Muslim with real ties to this country who has gone radical.

    1. And Hasan was a therapist, and therapists going off the deep end themselves is not exactly unheard of.

      “Muslim shrink working with people who tell him about their nightmares over killing people in war zone” is a slightly more understandable guy to be radicalized than “UMass Dartmouth student with lots of friends and admirers”.

      1. Yeah. And Hasan didn’t just snap. He had been going off the deep end for a long time and the Army was too big of PC weenies to do anything about it. So even Hasan doesn’t fully count as a home grown Islamic radical. Muslims with significant ties to this country rarely if ever go radical.

      2. Hasan was in a neuroscience related field so his killing spree was not terribly surprising. Kind of like “disgruntled postal worker” back in the day.

        1. Hasan was in a neuroscience related field so his killing spree was not terribly surprising. Kind of like “disgruntled postal worker” back in the day.

          Seriously, did a neuroscientist knock up your mom or something?

          Or was that a cosmotarian?

          OR BOTH?!?!

    2. “I would like to know how these clowns got radicalized.”

      Maybe they’ve been reading the NY Times.

    3. I don’t know that they got “radicalized”. It could be as their Uncle said – they’re just a couple of losers who found they couldn’t or wouldn’t “make it” in this country.

      1. Bull. I present once again his YouTube channel.

        1. Serious question after a quick look. Is there something obviously problematic on there? It’s all in arabic and I have no idea what’s going on in the first 3 vids I started.

      2. Well they need to do the proper thing, accept their positions as failures, and work a dead end job until they blow their brains out. Like Me.

    4. The emphasis on alienation in the older bros alleged quotes makes me think they were radicalized by academia more that actual familial and cultural based grudge.

  4. I really hope this guy gets brought in, because if he ends up getting killed–very likely, since “one of our boys in blue” (I had to choke back some bile on that one) has been killed–we won’t hear anything about his motivations. Then this will just turn into the Newtown thing where those in power can speculate about his reasons and create whatever bullshit liberty-infringing laws they want.

    1. Not sure why you are choking on bile. Why don’t you tell us all.

      1. Not sure if serious, but “our boys in blue” is one of the most disgusting phrases of groupthink that I hear.

        1. Boys will be boys.

        2. I saw this tweet reposted in another forum:

          #MediaAlert: WARNING: Do Not Compromise Officer Safety by Broadcasting Tactical Positions of Homes Being Searched.

          What about the safety of the innocent non-cops in the area? They might like to know if the cops are about to break into their home to search it.

    2. They are now “our boys in camo” and “our boys in black with their faces covered”, too.

      1. “Our boys in ski masks and gang colors”?

      2. Soon to be “our boys in locked conexes driving flying deathbots with x-box controllers”.

    3. if he ends up getting killed–very likely, since “one of our boys in blue” (I had to choke back some bile on that one) has been killed–we won’t hear anything about his motivations

      Unfortunately I think this is very highly likely. Of course, for some this will be a feature, not a bug. If they find just one NRA pamphlet in his apartment, OMG, I KNEW IT, TEABAGGER GUN NUT!!!11!!! Ditto for any jihanist websites in his google search history. OGM, MOOOOOSLIM EXTREMEIST!111!!!!!!

      Uhmm, maybe they were just a couple high functioning nutjobs who were really good at hiding their craziness?

  5. We should make being a quiet guy illegal.

    1. Anyone who lives quietly and minds their own business is obviously a serial killer.

      1. *looks up at John…quietly goes back to what I was doing…while planning to kill everyone at HyR*

    2. But he wasn’t quiet oooohhhh I get it.

      Well since our politicians are really into creating laws that wouldn’t have stopped the most recent tragedy, yeah that does make sense.

    3. You joke, but this is just going to further ratchet up the war on antisocial people that has been going on in this country for years.

  6. I listened to a guy who was a former classmate and friend on NPR this morning. He gave his name and stated that he is an intern at the Boston Globe, so it seemed legit. He was gushing about how nice the guy was and sounded truly in shock.

    One thought I’ve had (my wife’s a shrink for the really sick types) is that he’s the right age for a first psychotic break. I’ll be curious to hear if people who knew him currently describe any recent bizarre behavioral changes.

    1. Maybe he’s just one of those guys who looks up to his older brother and does whatever he says.

      Me, I wouldn’t follow my older brother into a strip club if he was covered in $100 bills. But some people are really attached to their siblings.

      1. “Maybe he’s just one of those guys who looks up to his older brother and does whatever he says.”

        I think this is probably most likely

        1. Yeah, it is, I certainly wasn’t saying psychotic break was even a likely scenario, just that in this case it is slightly more likely than usual due to the suspect’s age.

          1. Yes, it is the right age for a psychotic break — although the amount of planning and building he did, and the way he was able to carry on for awhile as if nothing had happened (eg his twitter account) would be difficult with a psychotic break. There is typically a lot of disorganization with an initial psychotic break, and it would be unusual to see him be able to focus on the bombings yet chat amicably about Finding Nemo with a friend on twitter at the same time. Certainly not impossible but unlikely.

            1. Yeah, this morning all I knew was 19-yo who seems to have done something horrific that is completely out of character to people who knew him well as recently as a year ago.

              There is still the possibility that the dead one did all the planning and drug the crazy one along when he really wanted to stay home and tweet about Nemo. But that is looking less likely as more info comes out.

  7. Go to Drudge and read what the Dad says (From Russia).

    I will explain why this kids are fucked up.

    I’m curious about something. After the massive shootout, how did one of the guys get in the Black SUV and just get away? Nobody followed him? No helicopter surveillance?

    1. sorry
      “It will explain..”

      1. Too late. You promised an explanation so let’s have it.

        1. Col. Mustard, in the library with a lead pipe.

          1. Miss Scarlet, in the boudoir, with a silk stocking.

            1. *visits SIV’s site*

              1. Isn’t SIV the one who linked and broke Irish a little bit?

                (Site deffo NSFW)

                1. I just know about SIV’s underwear site. It’s worth a visit now and again to see what the Underwear Gnomes have posted.

                2. Jesse, there are some things we just don’t talk about when there are straight people around.

                  1. They’ll have to learn sometime Tonio. Now that the sodomy laws are off the books in Montana Gomorrah, USA is right around the corner.

            2. Speaking of which – I was always in love with Leslie Ann Warren, and was she EVER hotter than when she played Miss Scarlett in the sexy green dress in “Clue”?

              No – she was not…

              1. There was a Leslie Ann movie where she falls for a young stripper (the guy who was in Blue Lagoon).

                In that movie, she was at max hot.

        2. Not to mention
          “this kids”

          I think I’ll just slink away now.

          1. Dude, you’re fittin’ RIGHT in here. Sit back down and chillax.

            *hands Copernicus a home-brewed beer and egg salad made with artisanal mayonnaise*

          2. This things, I believe.

            1. This things I do for this kids, sigh.

              1. I’m going to read your posts in a Russian accent from now on, just so you know. “I explain why this kids so fucked up.”

                1. Cheebuger, cheebuger, cheebuger
                  No fries, Cheeps
                  No Pessi, Coke!

            2. This things, I believe.

              Can we accept that? Cha-ching, we have a winner!


    2. Also,
      I’m curious about something. After the massive shootout, how did one of the guys get in the Black SUV and just get away? Nobody followed him? No helicopter surveillance?

      I was listening to the scanner live at that time. They were throwing explosives and opening fire at the police so they were all told to hang back. One of the brothers went down and so did a police officer and then the 2nd brother took off.

    3. No kidding. How did they get away?

      1. Like Billy Joe and Bobbie Sue – they took the money and ran…AH OOOOO LORD! Come on – they took the money and ran…

        /Steve Miller

        1. clapa clapa clap.

          1. Two youg Chechens with nothing better to do

            1. Then sit around the house, get high, watch YouTube


    1. I left that thread after his first post.

      1. Wise decision.

  9. At least they can be called Chechen brothers in media reports, as opposed to Muslim brothers. I imagine that’s a relief.

    1. Yes, they won’t have to come up with a term like “white Hispanic.”

  10. As I noted elsewhere, I was not aware that the Rat Bagging Tea Fuckers had a Chechen chapter. Good to know…

    1. David Sirota will be crushed.

      1. That would be GREAT!

        Oh, you meant that a different way. Never mind.

      2. Is it bad that part of me hopes he becomes despondant and suicidal?

        1. Not at all, because you’re just hoping for something that is a natural result of the system of “white privilege” that he condemns. He would be the first to admit that he deserves it.

  11. So I better cancel my tickets for the Olympic Games next year?

    1. Too lazy to look – where is it…are they?

      1. And, while we’re at it – summer or winter?

        /not an Olympic carer

        1. Spoiler: The US wins a shitload of medals, and they won’t even include the sport we are most dominant in.

          1. We need to start winning some beermaking medals – brewers need to improve our normal shit economy beers. Is there ANYTHING worse than Budweiser? Well, OK, Coors…but…you see my point.


            USA! USA! USA! USA! USA! USA!

            1. If you think we aren’t making good beer, you should buy a monocle and maybe you can sneak into one of the joints that doesn’t only sell that macrobrew to the commonfolk.

          2. Drone Warfare is in the Olympics now?!?!

            1. damn it! NOT IN the Olympics…

              That hanging change-up was right there, and I still whiffed BAAAAD.

            2. click



              1. Drones are a summer AND a winter sport, yes?

      2. Sochi, on the Black Sea. Which, unlike Kyrgyzstan, actually is near Chechnya. Sort of.

  12. One “friend” interviewed on CNN actually said that the guy said he was talking to terrorists online.

    Secondly, that their “friends” didn’t know this guy just goes to show how naive Americans are about the world they live in and the people in it.

    1. How many times did you jack off to the guy spurting blood from his shredded legs? Or was it that aerial shot of the pools of blood that really got you off?

      1. I haven’t really been counting, but it’s been alot. I was up all night at it last night. 🙂

    2. That is funny. Hey you know those nice Muslim brothers next door who are always raving about the infidel? Well they were telling me that they are online with these really cool dudes from Yemen and were wondering where they could buy pressure cookers and gun powder in bulk. Thin we have anything to worry about?

      1. What’s really cool is that Lyle told me his mom is make $5238 a month working with terrorists…check it out

        1. Episiarch’s mom makes $6000 a month working with men, so of whom might be terrorists. So there is that.

        2. I’m stealin that

    3. So, Lyle, is it time for Obozo declare war on Chechnya?

      1. No. Why would he attack Russia?

  13. This just in : Dzhokhar Tsarnaev promises to turn himself in if his latest Facebook post gets 1,000,000 likes.

    1. *facepalm*

      *holds up lit lighter*

  14. Any truth to the report both brothers were registered to vote?

    1. In local elections maybe. But IPRs can’t vote in federal elections.

      1. Can’t or “technically aren’t supposed to, not being citizens and all”

      2. How do you distinguish between the 2 at the polls?

        1. When you register to vote, you have to provide proof of citizenship. So they are not supposed to be registered. If they are allowed to vote in local elections, that is noted on the record.

          Yeah, I don’t believe this shit is enforced either.

          1. “If they are allowed to vote in local elections, that is noted on the record.”

            What record? I have never heard of this shit before. There is a list of registered voters and another list of unregistered local election voters?

            1. Then they keep two lists. I don’t know. But I do know it is okay for LPRs to vote in some local elections but never okay for them to vote in federal ones.

  15. There is one thing, adults who make the decision to immigrate usually at the same time reject their old country, culture, religion to some extent and identify with their new country sometimes to a great extent

    However some children who are brought to a new country did not have that break, that rejection of the old country since they did not make the decision, their parents did and sometimes if they find they don’t fit into the new country they can fall back and identify with the old country.

  16. In days ahead look for : “We can’t judge all Muslims by the actions of a few…”

    We just want some common sense regulations. It’s time for an adult conversation.

    1. The only reason that reasonable conversations don’t occur is when Team Red plays politics, Tim. So – you’re right.

    2. I’m sure a poll can be found in which a vast majority supports background checks for Muslims, and for all immigrants. If it saves just one child’s life….

      1. …and the challenger catches the champ with a vicious rabbit punch…

  17. So where is the pack of retards who regularly spout off about how Muslims never denounce the violence of their fellows?

    1. *points at Lyle, American, others whom you know*

    2. If they denounced them enough, we wouldn’t have terrorism.

      1. I’m Almanian, and I approve this message.

    3. Well, anyone who says “never” is wrong, of course. The worrisome aspect is that there always seem to be not-insignificant percentages of Muslims who publicly support violence. In contrast, after OKC or some abortion clinic bombing, how many right-wingers or Christians say “Good!” or express support in polls?

      1. I believe this is a fair point, well made.

      2. Exactly. Handing candy out and dancing after an attack is not exactly denouncing it. I think most people realize that Muslims in America are not going to approve of the attacks, otherwise why else would they live here?

        Also, I think it’s fair to point out that there seem to be more people in America that disapprove of drones than there are Muslims in the countries where drones are used that disapprove of terror attacks here. So frankly, it’s really ignorant and shitty of the Muslims overseas to celebrate the deaths of Americans who probably wouldn’t endorse the use of drones.

      3. The Westboro Baptists…

        1. But every Christian I know hates the WBC’s guts.

          1. I was joking. I know they are completely outside the norm for US Christians.

            1. I know they are completely outside the norm for US Christians.

              I would certainly hope so…

            2. Yes, they are. But there is still an uncomfortable number of individuals who support them and share their feelings.

      4. Well, MangoLA, that’s a good question. But don’t rule out the possible answer that the RWC are simply smart enough to STFU after something like that.

    4. Maybe they’re in the same place as the pack of retards who bought into all the “Arab Spring” bullshit.

  18. Tangentially related, TX prosecutor shot by former JP over being prosecuted for theft, not executed by gunrunners.

    Its a bad day for the bloody shirt wavers.

  19. Based on the uncle, if we need confession out of this kid, we just threaten to stick him in a room with a few Chechen immigrants unsupervised for 15 minutes

    1. Well, the Chechens get a lot of shit for the things the radicals have done in Russia. They murdered an entire grade school once and killed everyone in a crowded theater. I am thinking the average Chechen living in America doesn’t want other Americans thinking he is a terrorist. So, yes, I am quite sure the other Chechens would happy to alleviate us of our little problem.

      1. Am I wrong in remembering that the Russians actually killed everyone at one of these by gassing the whole place with supposedly non-lethal chemicals in such high concentration that people suffocated?

        1. I think that was the theater. The grade school, the terrorists just murdered everyone and then killed themselves. Either way, they were the ones who took the hostages and bear the responsibility for the deaths.

        2. Brett, you aren’t wrong, but that’s not complete.

          What happened was that the Chechen terrorists took hostages and essentially wired the place to blow, both with fixed bombs, and by interspersing their own people wearing suicide bomb vests with the hostages.

          The Russians gassed the theater in an attempt to knock everyone out before the terrorists could detonate the bombs.

          The deaths were as a result of some people being realy susceptible to the gas, and by authorities’ refusal to tell doctors what gas they used, so there was a huge delay in effective treatment.

          1. Supposedly the Russians used a very powerful, artificial, experimental opioid agonist to drug them, and it was so powerful it ended up giving many respiratory arrest, analogous to a heroine overdose. So yeah I think a lot of the responsibility lies with the Russians on that one.


  20. The tears no doubt being shed over at the Southern Poverty Law Center (over the fact that these guys weren’t right-wing, anti-government gun owners) are yummy and sweet.

  21. They’re replaying the Uncle on CNN now, and if I’m reading between the lines correctly, it may be the mother’s side of the family that was a problem. On the one hand, he says how hard his brother (the father) works, and that the father had no control over the boys. Then on the other hand, he says “we don’t have anything to do with that family at all” and that he intentionally broke with the boys and “that side of teh family”. Interesting.

    1. Well, Dad had this to say (after begging his son to surrender):

      The father warned, however, “If they killed him, then all hell would break loose.”

      “If they kill my second child, I will know that it is an inside job, a hit job. The police are to blame,” the father told ABC News. “Someone, some organization is out to get them.”…..XFpeKKR_X4

      Not that that indicates radicalism at all, but it sounds like Dad may have some conspiracy theories about the US and/or its government.

      Hmmm, not unlike some people here. *eyes you all suspiciously*

      1. What Russian doesn’t?

        1. True that. My dental hygienist is from Moscow and when I told her I worked in State Affairs, her immediate response was, “I don’t like the sound of that.”

          1. You should have said something like “Your country didn’t try communism enough”. You know, like Paul Krugman would say.

      2. By the way, dad by his own admission knew about the attacks; he talked with his son on the phone about them, and never said anything to anyone.

        So go fuck yourself in your earhole Mr. terrorist father. And if your comment is meant to be some kind of threat, come here to America and try something, and we’ll put you out of your misery too.

        1. That’s not exactly what the dad said, at least not in the quote I read. He said they talked about the bombings and the kids being okay–as in, hey, I heard the city you live in was just bombed, you two are alive, right?

          I mean it was ambiguous but he didn’t say, “My kids told me they did the bombing.”

  22. “we don’t have anything to do with that family at all” and that he intentionally broke with the boys and “that side of teh family.”

    Translation: Please don’t throw Molotov cocktails through my window.

    1. Well his house in the background looked nice. So I think he is the American Dream type of immigrant, and those people hate having to deal with the shit that made them leave the old country in the first place

      1. Well his house in the background looked nice. So I think he is the American Dream type of immigrant, and those people hate having to deal with the shit that made them leave the old country in the first place.

        Probably so. I don’t blame him in the least for trying to distance himself from these guys, I’d be doing the same thing. Sad as it is to say, I wouldn’t be surprised if he experiences some backlash from all this.

  23. Listening to more Boston radio. One of the bombers worked out at college gym day after bombing. Confirmed by his ID swipe to get in. Sound like a psychotic break if he could return to normal activity the day after blowing some kids up.

    1. Just the opposite. A psychotic break doesn’t come and go with you changing into gym clothes. It tends to get worse until treated.

      1. I meant that he was nuts by showing up at the gym the next day like nothing happened.

        1. That sociopathy, not psychosis. A sociopath doesn’t think in terms of “right and wrong”, so he can be completely unmoved and acting like his usual self right after blowing people up.

          1. Sadly we don’t have Szasz around to give us the correct answer.

  24. The Cuomo idiot son may just have set the standard for idiocy in this entire matter. At least with regard to the Boston bombing, ladies and gentleman, we have reached peak retard.

    Mr. Cuomo directly addressed the high-profile situation in the Bay State by employing a phrase he previously used to describe climate change in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy: “the new normal.”

    “It’s a terrible situation in Boston. And, unfortunately, ? one gets the sense that this is more reflective of the ‘new normal,’ if you will,” he explained. “So much of society is changing so rapidly. We talk about a ‘new normal’ when it comes t0 climate change and adjusting to a change in the weather patterns. ‘New normal’ when it comes to public security in a post-9/11 world. Where these random acts of violence, which at one time were implausible, now seem all-too-frequent.”…..ew-normal/

    Because everything always comes back to global warming.

    1. And because any event, such as terrorism, that isn’t the very first of its kind, indicates that thing has become all-too-frequent. And you can shove your un-American “statistics” right up your ass.

      1. It is the new “normal”. Just don’t pay attention to the fact that lone nuts have been occasionally setting off bombs in public places since the anarchist movements of the late 19th century. Over a hundred and thirty years of history doesn’t mean this isn’t “new”.

    2. Life imitates The Onion.

      This What World Like Now

      BOSTON?After Monday’s horrific terror attack at the Boston Marathon that killed three and left hundreds injured, officials confirmed Tuesday that the bombings and senseless violence that followed occurred primarily because this is the kind of world we live in now.

      According to reports, this is an age when, in an instant, two explosions can go off in rapid succession in a major urban center, disrupt the lives of thousands, and terrify hundreds of millions. In addition, those familiar with the situation went on to note that going through one’s day-to-day life with the uneasy feeling that a devastating act of violence could happen with little rhyme or reason is “just how it is now.”

      1. Life is The Onion.

    3. So much is changing so rapidly? New normal? Climate change?

      Uh, Mr. Cuomo, please don’t offer us your freestyle, poetry slam material during the aftermath of a violent attack.

    1. According to PJMedia the account is fake.

  25. This story really does have a little something for everyone to grab onto… Immigration! Guns! Muslims! Homegrown radicals, even! Violent young men! Local police get to bust out their armored personnel carriers!

    And what were the circumstances of the older brother getting killed? My local radio station on the way to work sketched some sort of crazy scenario where he was undressed on all fours by the cops, shot, and run over by his own brother. It’s likely that media outlets have it entirely wrong at this point, but perhaps we can add police brutality and fratricide to the list?

    1. but perhaps we can add police brutality and fratricide to the list?

      Of course you can. Just be thankful they seem to have killed a guilty party. If this had happened in LA, they would have done that some poor bastard going out to 7-11 for a late night beer run.

      1. True. I don’t see why the LAPD can’t just spray some gunfire around the neighborhood. Just in case.

      2. Let this be a lesson to would-be terrorists: travel with a dog so the cops will empty their guns into that before they point them at you.


      1. The brothers were gay lovers pissed off that they couldn’t get married.

    3. You left out Charter Schools!

  26. I think we all know FPSRussia is somehow behind this.

  27. Now they’re saying on the news that the younger brother is a US citizen, and was naturalized on 9/11/2012. Crazy shit.

  28. Cuomo blames the Boston Marathon bombing on global warming:…..ew-normal/

    1. Interesting, considering Boston had a high of like 43 degrees on Monday.

      All kidding aside, what a total asshat.

  29. Don’t believe any of this. We’ll all soon learn that one or both these men walked across the Concord Bridge, sat on Lexington Green, strolled by the site of the Boston Tea Party, and even put a pebble on Samuel Adams’ grave. And I’m sure its likely that one of them, at some time, even uttered the words “Sarah Palin.” All this is enough to pin the crime on teabagging racist gunlovin’ hicks.

  30. “Do you have any idea fucking busy I am? I cannot berieve that I actuarry have a Chechen standing here terring me when he’s going to take a derivery! Harroo!

    Now, take your weapons of mass destruction and get the fuck out of here!

    1. So it WAS the North Koreans who were behind it all along!

      “Congraturations, Team America, you’ve stopped nothing!”

  31. These Chechen brothers sure are two wild and crazy guys.

  32. Was listening to NPR this morning and turns out that the host of “Here and Now”, Robin Young, knows the kid with the white hat. He went to school with her nephew at the Cambridge Rindge and Latin School which sounds like a progressives wet dream as far as high schools go. I could only imagine the outrage if the kid was home schooled.

  33. MSNBC’s website is currently running this headline:

    Bombing suspect on the run became US citizen last year on Sept. 11
    One became an American citizen last year on Sept. 11. The other was a boxer who once said: “I like the USA.”

    Read the whole article. You can glean from the text the visual image of the reporters’ impotent tears of frustration as they scream “He was naturalized! See? It’s domestic! It’s domestic! It has nothing to do with a violent ideology that is currently fashionable amongst the radical chic Left! They’re from the Caucasus, that makes them Caucasian! See? It’s domestic, goddamn you! Boo-hoo-hoo!”

    Not that I take any particular joy in the tragic events, or the ethnicity/ideology of the murderers, but after the hatchet job the media did in their attempt to smear their preferred boogeymen (i.e. anyone who doesn’t think Obama is God’s gift to mankind), it’s pleasing, in a karmic justice kind of way, to see egg all over their face.

    I also like this bit:

    The father, Anzor Tsarnaev, said that he had seen on television that his son was killed.
    “They were set up!” he exclaimed, according to the AP.

    Set up by whom, Mr. Tsarnaev? Let me guess, The Jooz?

    1. I think the proper phrasing is, “The bitch set me up!”

      1. Everyone know neither Russians nor Marion Barry uses definite articles.

      2. Indeed. And it must be intoned to Garage Funk.

    2. I am not sure you could get a more “liberal” education than growing up in Cambridge and going to Boston Latin high school. Whoever these guys were and whatever their reasons for doing what they did, it is almost certainly as far removed from American right wing politics as you can possibly get.

      1. Don’t confuse Cambridge Rindge and Latin with Boston Latin. Two different places.

        1. WTF is (a) “Rindge”? The only refs I can find through a quick Google is to the school itself and various small villages in NE. If Rindge is a place-name it seems the school would be named Cambridge and Rindge Latin School.

          FWIW, CRLS seems to be a public school, although a highly competitive one.

          1. Right, and Boston Latin is a magnet school for Classics and Liberal Arts.

  34. Good, though longish, article explaining the connection between Chechen separatists, Mujahideen and Al Quaeda operatives, and Wahabbist money if anyone cares to understand this a bit better.…..for-terror

    1. Get outta here with silly shit like “context”!

      It is clear that this was an isolated case of domestic workplace violence by two (and only two!) “losers”.

      1. Bastard! You were supposed to say something about being “reasonable”. I needed an excuse for a mid-day drink.

    2. And read that Middle East Forum article knowing that MEF has a strong pro-Israel bias.

      1. And read that Middle East Forum article knowing that MEF has a strong pro-Israel bias.

        So? Last I checked, Chechnya wasn’t in Palestine.

      2. I vetted the article before I put it up. It’s pretty rhetoric free, and just sticks to the facts, ma’am.

  35. This is what UMass Dartmouth looks like right now. They evacuated since they found out that Tsarnaev may have been there this week.

    1. Oh for the love of God. Why don’t we just evacuate all of Boston. I am sure he must have visited most of the city at some point.

  36. The Canadian Aunt (shown on CNN) is berating the reporters for not listening. Love it! But she doesn’t think they did it. She sounds like the father and his conspiracy theories.

    1. My understanding is that conspiracy theorism is more mainstream in the FSU, and understandably so.

  37. I’m looking at right now, and it seems they didn’t put Logan or Manchester or Portland. What are the chances kid is smart enough to get himself on a plane?

    It’s only about 4 hours to Canada, too…

    1. Oops

      “they didn’t put Logan or Manchester or Portland on a ground stop” is what it should say.

    2. Seeing as they were dumb enough to rob a 7/11 while a regional manhunt was on for them, the chances aren’t good, IMO.

      1. I caught the edge of something on the news saying they weren’t doing the robbing, just happened to be there. Which, if true, would be an insane twist.

        1. “If you say our names we’ll have to kill these people, Dzhokar!”

      2. The “robbery” at the 7-11 turned out to be the car-jacking of the Mercedes SUV. I imagine they were looking for a “beard” to get them out of town undetected after they found out they were made.

        1. Ah, that makes more sense. Seems they could have hotwired a van more easily. I guess they were looking for, as you say, a beard to alter their profile.

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