Boston Marathon Bombing

Law Enforcement Officials Say the Two Boston Marathon Bombing Suspects are Brothers

One dead, other still at large. Remaining suspect named as Dzhokhar Tsarnaev by the Associated Press


Authorities shot and killed one suspect in Monday's Boston Marathon bombings and police were searching for a second suspect who was on the loose in Watertown, Mass., early Friday following a chaotic night that left one police officer dead and another critically wounded in the Boston suburbs.

The two men are brothers, ages 20 and 19, law enforcement officials said Friday morning. Their alleged motive in the bombings remains unknown.


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  1. Maybe if this guy lives, Dalmia can hire him to mow her lawn. After all, he is just a hard working immigrant blowing up Americans like Americans won’t.

    1. Don’t you have some molesting to do?

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        1. Little goats are pretty cute.

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  2. Somewhere David Sirota is quietly weeping……..not the narrative I wanted, not the narrative I wanted.

    1. “Somewhere David Sirota is quietly weeping……..not the narrative I wanted, not the narrative I wanted.”

      Yeah, but Chris Mallory is more than happy that they were born someplace else.

      1. I am happy they were born someplace else. Did you want to deal with the “homegrown, Tea Party, anti-government terrorists” meme for the next year?

      2. Diversity kills and culture matters.

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  3. Obama is in his office thinking and reflecting….long and hard

    what rights he can take from us this time, in the name of security

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  4. Obama’s going to be on the rag today. First the congress disregarding his royal decree. And now it’s sounding less and less like the bombers possibly may not be tea Bagging Timothy McVeigh types.

    1. I heard they were Chechnyan teabaggers.

      1. People on the Washington Post forums are saying, in all seriousness, that these two were conservative, angry white men who were radicalized by anti-government, pro-gun Americans. No joke. You can fit any facts into the narrative as long as you have a big enough mental crowbar, I guess.

        1. …”these two were conservative, angry white men who were radicalized by anti-government, pro-gun Americans.”

          You bet!:
          “I don’t have a single American friend, I don’t understand them,” the older brother, Tamerlan Tsarnaev, who was killed in a shootout with police hours after the pair was identified as suspects, told a photographer in 2009.”

          Read more:…..z2Qv8oV5Gg

          1. “I don’t have a single American friend, I don’t understand them,”

            You know who else wanted to kill people he didn’t understand?

            1. That tar monster from Star Trek TNG?

              1. Let’s be fair to the wacko Muslim bomber, they didn’t kill Tasha Yar. By any reasonable standard the Tar Monster was far more evil.

  5. At what point did people in the Northeast become such sackless fucking cowards?

    Rebecca, Susan and her husband, David Krieger, spent the next two hours hunkering down in bed checking news sites, Twitter and Facebook. By morning, Musinsky still had not slept much.

    “I’ve been sitting in my bed looking out the window. I have the shades nearly drawn and there’s just an eight-inch sliver I can see though,” says Musinsky, 53. “We’ve heard helicopters, then there’s the National Guard have come through, and the guys in the SWAT uniforms keep coming down our street.”

    “I’m afraid to let the dog out,” she says. “When they say there’s a guy on the loose you have no idea what direction he’s headed. You have no idea if he’s hiding in someone’s backyard. You just don’t know.”

  6. I live near Watertown. My friends have been posting on FB reports of armed military-style SWAT teams marching up and down the street. Where I live, very quiet. People are seriously freaked, and some of them not thinking too clearly as a result.

    I’m interested in reading Reason’s analysis of the manhunt and the resulting chaos, after more of the narrative becomes clear.

  7. Another angry loner lashing out because no one liked him. Maybe he tried obtain a gun, gave up because of the waiting process, and used a bomb instead.

    Sometimes, I wonder if the country is too big for its own good. Way too easy for people to become detached and disconnected in big cities with zip sense of community. Going from where I live in So Cal to Boston is an equivalent of flying from Korea to somewhere in China.

    A tragedy that strikes Tokyo is going to intimately affect Japan everywhere. Some lunatic kills people in the East Coast will impact the West Coast as much as some random bombing in the middle east.

    1. Unfortunately technology is advancing and making such destruction easier. I fear that we’ll all end up in a police state to ‘protect’ us from the 1 in a million nut cases.

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