Obamacare Seen as Major Threat by McDonald's Franchisees

Huge costs seen hurting bottom line


Here's one thing you likely won't find a McDonald's franchise owner happy to ask his employees anytime soon: "Would you like a side of health care with that shake?"

That's because some of the fast food chain's franchisees say that the costs associated with President Obama's health care reform law will cut deep into profits, according to a recent survey of 25 McDonald's owners conducted by Janney Capital Markets obtained by The Huffington Post.

One franchisee even went so far as to say, "Obamacare will negatively hit us like nothing else," according to the survey.

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  1. The average McDonald’s franchise does not make huge profits like you think they do. The best franchise owners have a profit of $230,000 / year. Let’s call that the franchise owners salary. (Because most small business owners don’t take a salary.)

    How about we take a look at some salaries in NYC. A mid career doctor makes about $300,000 / year salary. A mid career IT professional makes $150,000. A mid-career lawyer makes around $130,000. A teacher, late in their career makes $85,000.

    Remember, that McDonald’s franchise owner probably works upwards of 60 hours / week. So tell me again, why doesn’t he deserve to earn $230,000 / year? I don’t think he’s getting rich, especially if he has to pay his mortgage, car payment, family’s medical bills, etc. out of his salary.

    Costs under Obamacare will skyrocket, maybe even to the point that a franchise owner decides it’s not worth doing business anymore and then all his employees lose their jobs.

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