Judge Slams Cops For Breaking Law To Make Case

Bet there's a ticket on his windshield


America needs more judges like James Fensom. Yesterday, the Panama City (Florida) adjudicator threw out felony drug charges against alleged pot dealer Jeffery Gage after depositions revealed that the police officers who arrested Gage had broken the law in order to make their case.

In his ruling, Fensom called the actions of the Bay County Sheriffs Office "outrageous…shocking, [and] disturbing," and declared that they "simply cannot stand."

So what did the Bay County Sheriff's Office do to earn the rebuke? On July 15, 2011, while Jeffery Gage was appearing before Fensom for a different case, BCSO Sergeant Chad King snuck out to the courthouse parking lot and attached a GPS device to Gage's vehicle without a warrant or a court order.