Fertilizer Plant Explosion Rescues Continue, Washington Marijuana Sales Delayed, Rhino Horns Stolen: P.M. Links


  • Anticipation …
    Credit: Tha Goodiez / Foter.com / CC BY-NC-ND

    Rescuers are going door to door in West, Texas, looking for victims or survivors of last night's fertilizer plant explosion.  The death count is still unknown, but is still estimated at five to 15. Officials had previously declared the plant to be low risk.

  • Delays in Washington State's marijuana licensing program mean legal sales won't be able to take place until next spring.
  • Paul Kevin Curtis, 45, of Mississippi, faces up to 15 years over charges he is responsible for mailing letters tainted with suspected ricin to President Barack Obama, Sen. Roger Wicker, and a Mississippi judge. He's already being painted as "anti-government" in news reports.
  • A gang stole a valuable collection of rhino horns from storage at Ireland's National Museum. Those are going to be hard to pawn.
  • The backlash of the release of a secret recording from Kentucky Sen. Mitch McConnell's office continues, as it's used in an advertisement to support the senator and attack Obama's allies.
  • Migrant farmers in Greece complaining about not being paid received their wages in hot lead.

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  1. Delays in Washington State’s marijuana licensing program mean legal sales won’t be able to take place until next spring.

    Nothing involving marijuana happens on time.

    1. Are you saying the Obamacare exchanges will cover medical marijuana?

      1. I’m sure they will cover EVERYTHING, including boob jobs for illegal aliens and anything else you can think of.

    2. That is really weird, Man.

      1. The regs aren’t here, man.

        1. Me too, man.

    3. It does when I’m involved. WA should have put me in charge of that.

  2. Is that guac?

  3. A gang stole a valuable collection of rhino horns from storage at Ireland’s National Museum. Those are going to be hard to pawn.

    Talk about the horns of a dilemma!

    1. They’re considered an aphrodisiac and someone needed to get – wait for it – horny.

    2. Easy to pawn. Just grind them up and sell them to stupid sex deprived Chinese people.

      1. Yeah, that hard to pawn thing was super dumb.

      2. After seeing Wild China, I’m convinced that there is no animal or part of an animal that the Chinese will not ingest.

        1. And think it will help them get their dicks hard. They must be the most sexually frustrated people in human history.

          1. There’s over a billion Chinese. Quite a few must not be that sexually frustrated to run up those kinds of numbers.

          2. Viagra has been a great boon to endangered animal conservation.

        2. After seeing Wild China, I’m convinced that there is no animal or part of an animal that the Chinese will not ingest.

          “If it has four legs and it’s not a chair, if it’s got two wings and it flies but is not an aeroplane and if it swims and it’s not a submarine, the Cantonese will eat it.”

          1. Cajuns say hey.

    3. They’re in a pretty hairy situation now.

    1. I mentioned it the AM links.

      And about 50 times over the last few months.

      1. I don’t recognize the AM links

      2. I mentioned it the AM links.

        Don’t let generic Brand see this, or he might have a conniption fit. ๐Ÿ™‚

    2. I’m a huge Rush fan, but all I have to say is “meh.” The HoF means nothing to me, but I’m glad to have the opportunity to see them perform live at the ceremony. They do perform live, right?

      1. Yes. Im hoping they perform 2112 in its entirety to piss off Jann Wenner.

        1. That would be cool. “Anthem” would kick ass too.

    3. Meh. Rush is awful.

      Call me when they let Dick Dale or Kraftwerk in.

        1. ^seconded

          1. *slides on brass knuckles*

      1. You are worse than that guy who is worse than Hitler.

        1. And Rush is still worse than me!

      2. Kraftwerk YES! Have them on Tape, CD, and MP3. Growing up in the 80’s was awesome. I wish I knew it at the time though…

      3. The R&R HoF is meaningless until The Troggs are inducted.Too bad it didn’t happen while Reg Presley was still alive.


        1. Totally agree. One of the most underrated bands of the 1960s.

          1. The Troggs ae only underrated by the R&R HoF.

      4. You’re worse than Hitler.

      5. Dick Fuckin Dale is way too good for the HoF

      6. Ya, i knew in your heart you were an evil mother fucker. You probably think U2 doesn’t suck.

    1. Wouldn’t you know who your second cousins (at least) are?

      1. “Bump the app before you bump in bed,” says the catchy slogan.

        Bump the app before bumping uglies, is a better slogan.

      2. My grandfather was one of 13 kids. My father vaguely knows who all his first cousins are.

        Second cousins? Yeah, I know like 2 of them.

        On my mother’s side, I have 2 second cousins total. My Mother has only 1 first cousin.

        1. I know some of my second cousins, but that’s only because they’re all in the old country, and it was a big deal to get back their to see the family that didn’t emigrate.

          1. Replace “their” with “there”.


            Grampa was the only one of something like 11 children to emigrate, so I think I’m related to half of Bavaria.

        2. I don’t have any first cousins, but my fourth cousins once removed are Facebook friends of mine (though I never met em). Unfortunately all of us are chicks, so the family name dies here.

      3. I don’t even know all my first cousins I have so many. (Blame the Pope.)

        1. I’ve got 29 first cousins, so I guess it would be really hard for my one day kids to know all of their second cousins personally, but at least the family names. Or is Iceland like Korea where they have like 3 last names?

          1. I’m from a Mormon family in Utah… Over 80 first cousins.

            1. I didn’t realize the Twins were in Utah.

              1. I wish I got this, but I don’t.

          2. Last names are not family names in Iceland. They use matronyms/patronyms, so names are really no help in determining who is family or not (except parents, but if you don’t know that, you are in trouble).

      4. I thought, genetically speaking, 2nd cousins were good to go.

        1. Genetically you’re okay, but many modern people would still find it gross. But if you know who all your second cousins are, then anyone you don’t know has to be at least 3rd cousin. I think by the time it gets to 3rd cousin there aren’t a lot of people who care.

        2. Genetically speaking, 1st cousins are good to go, but that is icky.

          1. You can’t tell me you’ve never fantasized about your first cousins. It can’t just be me. Wait… maybe this is one of those things my counselor said I should keep to myself.

            1. With 80 first cousins, I guess there’s good odds that one is hot.

              1. I can think of 5 or 6 right off the top of my head… don’t get me started on 2nd cousins!

          2. This came up in the thread on crooked cops this morning

            In 2002 a study showed that there’s a very minor increase in passing on a recessive genetic trait in cousins (7-8% compared to 5% in the general population). First cousins are fine, just don’t make a habit of it generation after generation. Or just do anal if you’re really that worried.

        3. 2nd cousins are kissing cousins. Or so my Great Aunts say anyways.

          1. My family tree is filled with 2nd cousins marrying.

            It explains a lot.

        4. 1st cousins are genetically OK. Particularly if you want to hang on to wealth and power for generations.

      5. There were 9 kids in my fathers family and 11 in my mothers, out of the 20 of them there are at least 50 kids with the oldest being more than 35 years older than the youngest. Of my cousins some I have not seen in more than 30 years and I wouldn’t have the slightest clue what they look like. I haven’t ever met more than 3 or 4 of my 2ND cousins but I am sure there are well over 100 of them

    2. “The Icelandic nation is not inbred,” he said.

      “Without using this app for 1100 years, however, it’s reached a kind of steady state.”

      1. It doesn’t help that everyone’s last name is their father’s first name with -son or -dottir.

      1. it’s likely that 80 percent of all marriages in history have been between second cousins or closer.

        1) Again with the redefining of “marriage”.

        2) Actually, that explains a *lot*.

  4. The backlash of the release of a secret recording from Kentucky Sen. Mitch McConnell’s office continues…


  5. 1913: When Hitler, Trotsky, Tito, Freud and Stalin all lived in the same place

    1. Wow. Vienna was a very interesting place.

    2. I smell a sitcom! Think a historical version of ‘Friends’.

      1. Goddamnit!

      2. ‘Friends’.

      3. No. What a stupid show. It deserves no derivations.

        I suggest, as always, Sanford and Son as the base. Or maybe Good Times.

        1. Damn, Damn, DAMN DAMN DAMN DAMN!!!!

          And Sanford and Son was high art.

          1. Hitler: Who you calling ugly, Arschgesicht?

            Tito: I’m calling you ugly. I could push your face in some dough and make gorilla cookies.

        2. Better idea is the ‘Young Ones.’

          1. The Brady Bunch? I don’t care how it’s done, except that Hitler is Alice.

            1. This is the story
              of a bunch of crazies
              Who are bent on seizing control of the world

              They were five loons living all together
              can’t leave the world alone

    3. So, hypothetically, setting off a nuclear bomb in Vienna in 1913 could have spared us most of the misery of the 20th Century? It might have distracted the Americans long enough to prevent the 16th Amendment’s passage, too.

      1. Nuke? Fuckit. A “serial killer” with 4 bullets.

        1. Which one of the five guys are you going to let live?

          1. Shit. Its not my day.

            1. I’d probably risk keeping Bronstein around. Crazy he might have been but at least he knew how to write.

          2. Freud. Without him cigars would be less interesting.

          3. As with Jackson 5, Tito must go on.

          4. I don’t really see what killing Freud would help with. Would you rather everyone quotes Reich for wrong psychological theorizing?

            1. Would you rather everyone quotes Reich for wrong psychological theorizing?

              Yes, absolutely. ๐Ÿ˜€
              (not sure if I’m going to think the same when I’m sober though)

              1. Seconded, and I’m sober as a judge.

                1. OK. What about Jung?

                  1. I’m afraid the whole pseudoscience of ‘psychology’ would develop anyway, so why couldn’t it be more funny (and less puritanic)? ‘Orgone energy’ is so much cooler than ‘sublimation’.

      2. They’d have tied it in to absinthe or something somehow, especially since they had no real idea about nuclear energy.

        1. Would have been blamed on a comet or large meteor like the Tunguska event.

          1. True. Might have sparked an anti-big-rocks-from-space race decades earlier.

        2. Time travel. Also, I concur with John about how you could modify this into a book.

          1. It’s got Harry Turteldove’s paw prints all over it.

            1. Or Tim Powers.

              1. Powers would do a way better job than Turtledove.

            2. He would turn it into 2 series of 4 novels.

              Yes, Im still pissed about the WorldWar series.

              1. I’ve simply decided not to touch the Civil War stuff. And the Colonization Trilogy is out.

              2. Most. Shameless. Padding. Evar.

              3. Why? I thought they were fun.

      3. There’s no going back in time to assassinate Hitler.

        1. Of course not. You just go so far forward in time that the universe loops around. Then you shoot him out of the window of your time machine with a laser gun as you go by.

              1. I meant to quote that: “Wha-?”

        2. Everyone knows that if you try to go back in time and kill Hitler, you just end up helping Hitler do the things he did.

          1. That was actually pretty funny.

      4. It would also kill Mises, Hayek, Schumpeter, I want to say Wittgenstein. There were a lot of cool cats in Vienna, then most of them moved to London.

        A good assault weapon of mass destruction, with a 100 round magazine clip, would be the best option.

    4. I smell a sit-com! C’mon, History Channel, you’ve got Ancient Aliens, why pass on this?

  6. Officials had previously declared the plant to be low risk.

    And quite possibly they were right!

    Problem with “risk” estimates is that even low-risk isn’t no-risk. (Nothing in the real world is no-risk.)

    1. At least they won’t be calling for regulation.

      1. You can’t underestimate HuffPo:


        Every time something bad happens we are not taxing and spending enough.

    2. Even a 2-outer hits 5% of the time.

    3. The Black Swan rears its ugly, and all too predictable head, yet again.

    4. It was unexpectedly higher risk.

  7. You don’t pawn rhino horns. You grind them up to make your weiner fit Whoopi Goldberg.

    1. Why in god’s name would you ever want to do that?

      1. Because on the Briggs test Bobarian is an F.

    2. My better half says the proper mode d’emploi for rhino horns is (just like ginseng root) not grinding it but just tying it hard to the device in question.

  8. New Japanese beer? No Than Q.

    Recently Japanese brewery Sankt Gallen introduced Un, Kono Kuro, a brew made from coffee beans that have passed through an elephant (there is no actual poop in the beer)–a technique that breaks down proteins in the coffee bean, giving the beer a smooth, earthy flavor.

    1. Time for another anal thread.

      1. “Thread”? Make it a string of beads!

        1. +2 Ben-Wa Balls

    2. I thought Sankt Gallen was Swiss. Japan is making phony Swiss beer now?

    3. There has got to be a non-disgusting way to “break down proteins” in this day and age.

    4. You know what? If something that has passed through some animals digestive system tastes good and won’t hurt me, I’ll take it. People are so weird about things. You don’t eat shit because it tastes bad and will make you sick. If I discovered some form of shit that tastes like cheese and makes me feel good, damn right I’ll eat it.

  9. Mansplanation!

    Warning: semi-comprehensible piece by somebody who thinks having a keyboard thinks they can write.

    1. Seriously, that was not even mansplanation by their definitions, that was literally just a guy telling her something she didn’t necessarily want to listen to him about.

      1. Does anybody else hate the word “mansplanation”, or all those other “man-” neologisms?

        (The ones where “man-” means man, not hand.)

        1. Oh I thought that went without saying.

        2. I dunno. It’s annoying but at least they can’t fool people with psuedo-intellectualism that way. “Misogyny” is a fancy SAT word whereas “mansplanation” is prima facie ridiculous.

        3. Usually, I don’t hate neologisms for the simple reason (drink!) of being too lazy to find out what they mean.

        4. Check your privilege.

          1. Shut your mouth, cishet.

  10. Work Drama Venting – Read at your own risk

    I have two co-workers (both women) that do the same thing as me, scheduling/coordinating hearings for a foreclosure defense firm. One of the women (A) just moved to this position a month or so ago, but has worked in the firm for a year. I started to train her for the first week or so, but we just weren’t clicking personality-wise, so I basically stopped after two weeks unless she has direct questions. It basically came down to me having to repeat the same instructions that had already been convered in the first few days… she just didn’t seem to be getting it and was set in her old way of doing things even though she has new job responsibilities now.

    The other woman (B) has worked in this role for about 3 or 4 years, but she is very uncomfortable with change. She was working pretty much on the same county and then the occasional emergency task that would pop up. I was content letting that be for awhile when I first started in January, because 1) I didn’t know anything about the job; and 2) I thought that the county she had was a majority or good size plurality (40+%) of all of our firm’s cases.

    1. Turns out that county is only about 15-16% of all cases, so we recently split the workload up by counties and distributed it equitably by number of counties and total number of tasks. I have the most counties now, but we were only off by 5-10 each on uncompleted tasks. There was a little bit of complaining about how much work that was, but now we are all settled in a bit more.

      The last piece of the puzzle is that we have a general email inbox that all incoming hearing requests, notices, etc. get sent to, and in order for that to not pile up we decided to assign one of us each day to watching that box. I went first, and basically spent about half the day saving what I could on my own, and forwarding only the emails that they needed to respond to directly to them.

      But the next two days when it was their turn to watch that inbox, they forwarded anything that was one of my counties, even if it was just saving a document or email to a file. I brought this up when it was my turn to go again, saying I think it is less efficient for the person assigned to the inbox to forward everything with no discernment, because instead of taking one person away from their main responsibilities (setting hearings from our task list) for part of the day, it takes all three of us away from that.

      1. They don’t seem to see it that way, and continued for the last two or three weeks that we’ve had this division of counties to just forward basically everything. B complains that monitoring the inbox is too demanding and keeps her from doing the job, which it can be some days, but fails to see that all she is doing is distributing these emails that then pull all three of us away from doing our regular job. I have also seen a lot of problems from A that basically come down to not paying enough attention to what she is doing, and it sometimes comes to affect me.

        At the workplace I’m basically non-confrontational, so I don’t want to bring it up too many more times, but I don’t know if it’s something I should bring up to our manager, as they both seem adamantly against it. I’m also not a ratfink or a snitch, so going to the boss just strikes me as the wrong approach, even if it is to try to implement a more efficient system.

        Basically, should I just drop this and keep my head down as much as possible since I’m leaving in 3 months, or do I bring it up to the boss since trying to speak to them directly has resulted in nothing?

        1. Go to your boss; this seems stupid.

          1. As I typed it all out and have been thinking about it the last week or so I agree that it’s very stupid, but this company has a way of treating seniority much more highly than innovation.

            1. this company has a way of treating seniority much more highly than innovation.

              So which aerospace compamy do you work for? Lockheed Martin? Boeing? Raytheon? Northrop Gumman?

              They all pretty much do that. It’s really no mystery to me why aerospace is a dieing industry.

              1. Damn it, I just applied for a job with an aerospace company.

              2. This could also be pretty much any large telecom company.

        2. “I’m leaving in 3 months”
          Save it for the exit interview, it will become constructive criticism.

        3. Basically, should I just drop this and keep my head down as much as possible since I’m leaving in 3 months

          Yes. Let them deal with the eventual shit storm once your gone.

        4. You’re leaving in three months and care?

          Fuck it man, call in sick every other day and never read an email. Then have a big emotional breakdown when you leave ’cause you’re gonna miss your new friends sooooo much.

          1. You’re probably right. I should start taking a sick day once a week. I think I’m up to 15 days off now that I just hit my anniversary a couple weeks back.

            Stupid dedication to perfection keeps me from being a complete slacker though. But the frustrations when everyone else I have to work with doesn’t have that same dedication to efficiency and perfection just aren’t worth the headache.

            1. Valuable people that never slack off and demand perfection never move up. You mean too much for whomever works directly above you.

              Slackers and ass-kissers move up, this ain’t atlas shrugged.

              1. Slackers and ass-kissers move up

                Wow, so you work in the aerospace industry too?

                1. Actually the GF does and is getting out as soon as possible.

                  It’s a goddamn joke, if they didn’t have the government contracts and regulatory capture they’d be dead(er) in the water.

        5. Have you considered workplace violence? It can change people’s minds.

          1. I have not considered it, but then, I don’t own one of those black shooty things that would fill me with such thoughts.

            1. *** rising intonation ***

              What about a pressure cooker?

              1. Rich, huh? That must be an alias for your real name: FBI Agent! You won’t entrap me!

            2. What’s a black sooty thing?

              1. Soot?

                (follow-up: what’s brown and sticky?)

                1. My coc….never mind.

    2. Fix the posting limits Reason! (although, if I wasn’t at work I could have just posted this to my blog and linked to it…)

      1. Posting limits? I think that’s all Herc’s fault.

        1. And soon to be mine as well. Apologies!

        2. I would blame Beige Native, but he was usually short on his posts.

        3. And yet they let us [keep] our brackets.

    1. No, don’t, please. We can’t trust straight guys to tell us how we look to our faces, and some of us don’t have chick friends.

      1. We can’t trust straight guys to tell us how we look to our faces

        That explains why I get splashed in the face with a girly drink so often.

      2. But wouldn’t you want a straight guy’s opinion, if that’s who you’re trying to attract? I would think the gay guy would lead you down the wrong path.

        1. I’m saying I don’t trust them. Because they think you’re going to get mad if they say you look bad.

          1. I wonder why anybody would think that…

            1. I wonder why anybody would think that…

              I actually do wonder. I have literally never had a straight guy tell me something made me look fat or bad in some other way, so I have never even had a chance to get mad about it. I’m not saying I’ve never looked fat or bad in anything either.

              1. Hard to judge with no pics.

              2. Yeah I used to lie when answering those questions too. Now I just tell the truth. I mean, you can softball it, but you can also tell the truth. Sandwich method works well for me. For example:

                “Love the hair, but I don’t think the dress is working… *leans in* but damn you smell great.”

                Last night I was at pub trivia, sat on the corner of a large table. Girl next to me was pretty cute, and actually was helping her team out, which most chicks cannot do. So I’m giving her shit, making her laugh. Playing it pretty loose, stepped over some lines. Particularly I did a little backhanded compliment on her outfit. She gets up to use the bathroom, the dude on my left is like “Dude you’re kind of being a dick to her, chill out”. But I’ve seen her laugh and she’s giving signals, so I got her to put her number in my phone when she gets back.

                1. Dude. I was still with you at the “gibbs slap” moment. But now you are all PUA bullshit all the time. If you are such a fucking alpha male, pretend like you have some actual confidence and keep some of that shit to yourself like a real man would.

          2. Well, that’s the thing. You need to be clear that you really really won’t be mad and really need good advice and by the way you’re not going sleep with us so there’s nothing to be gained by lying. And actually we probably still won’t believe you on the not being mad part, but you have to admit your gender has a history here.

        1. The truly honest answer to that question would have been “No, that dress doesn’t make your backside look big. Your backside IS big.”

    2. The dumbest thing of the many dumb things within that article is that the writer thinks that gay dudes know what looks good on a woman. Uh, gay dudes aren’t attracted to women. How can they possibly know? They don’t.

      1. Not to mention they’d probably deliberately give out false advice in order to sabotage the women’s chances and claim the straight guys for themselves as part of the Global Plot to Destroy Traditional Marriage or something like that. Or so I’m told.

        1. Fucking homo conspiracies everywhere, I tell you! They’re trying to take our women! Wait…

          1. DEY TOOK UR JER… er, WOMENZ!

      2. Don’t be stupid, gay men and women both know the only thing that matters is being thin and stylish.

        1. Gay men know that. But not many of the gay women I have known do.

        2. You’re right, all women should look like twinks.

          Dennis Reynolds: He’s a bear. You see, some gay guys are twinks and other are bears. This gay guy’s a bear. By the way, we are totally cool with that. To each his own.

          Frank Reynolds: Wait, I’m a little confused here. What’s a twink?

          Dennis Reynolds: A twink is small and slender, like Mac.

          Mac: Oh, no, I’m too muscular. I would be a bear.

          Dennis Reynolds: Uh, don’t think so, bro. Not hairy enough.

      3. Cut your hair short, the men will love it!

        1. NOOOOOO!!!!!! Boy hair on girls is worse than rape!!!

          1. I assumed that was the point of the joke.

            1. Assume nothing. You are only to trust my mansplanations, not your feeble fem-mind.

              …I keep seeing words like “mansplanation” with red underlines and going back to check that I didn’t misspell them. Ugh.

          2. We’re obviously rapey sexists who think we’re entitled to women’s bodies because we have the audacity to suggest that women who explicitly state they are trying to attract men take the simple, effective, and inexpensive measure of not cutting off all their hair.

            1. It’s hardly less expensive to have long hair than short hair. Now that I have mine long again, I have to go less often to have it cut, but every time is a real cut, not a half-price cleanup job.

      4. They can know because they are often, like women, more into style and color and design and such. However, as Camille Paglia pointed out, this can have a distorting effect on the fashion industry: i.e. fashion models looking like skinny teen boys.

      5. Personally, I think she made the whole thing up. I don’t know a single gay man who walks around randomly groping women or telling them how to look better.

    3. I got a bit handsy with my roommate on my birthday, but for the most part I keep my hands to myself. Then again I was much more handsy with my roommate’s male coworker. I need to wear a sign that says “Under no circumstances give this man rum” whenever I’m out drinking. ๐Ÿ™

      I’m pretty schleppy so the only people who really ask me about what they’re wearing are those who cannot get over their mental image of gay guys having fashion super powers.

  11. It’s like no-one’s ever heard of chicken little. This is our future, folks.

    *My first attempt at a hyperlink so if it’s SF’d, I have an excuse.

    1. Damn! I’m not all geeky like some of you.

      Just go here: http://www.campusreform.org/blog/?ID=4709

      1. Now it fucking works.

      2. According to popular weather site Weather Underground, there was just a ten-percent chance of rain in Greensboro on Tuesday.

        I didn’t think Weather Underground was actually about the weather. Weren’t they a 1970s or 80s domestic terrorism group?

        1. There is a whole weather geek culture out there. Much drama ensued when the beloved and hip weather underground was bought out by the hated and uphip weather channel.

          1. This is the Weather Underground that I was thinking of.

            The Weather Underground Organization (WUO), commonly known as the Weather Underground, was an American radical left organization founded on the Ann Arbor campus of the University of Michigan. Originally called Weatherman, the group became known colloquially as the Weathermen. Weatherman first organized in 1969 as a faction of Students for a Democratic Society (SDS) composed for the most part of the national office leadership of SDS and their supporters. Their goal was to create a clandestine revolutionary party for the overthrow of the US government.

            1. I need to be shown how to do that. I bow to your superior linking skills.

              1. It’s sad really. I took an entire course for web design, learning everything from HTML to XHTML to CSS, and the only thing I can remember anymore is basic tags.

                But for links you just want to do

                (less than)a href=”_______direct link address here______”(greater than) WHATEVER TEXT YOU WANT HERE (less than)/a(greater than)

                Stupid squirrels tend to prevent actually putting a less than or greater than sign in here, so hopefully that makes sense.

                1. You don’t need the underscores around the address link, but you do need the quotation marks, if that wasn’t obvious. ๐Ÿ™‚

              2. Thanks gB. That does make sense. Watch out AM Links!

            2. I know. I was just pointing out what this Weather Underground is. It once was the epicenter of weather geek culture on the internet. Since the Weather Channel bought it, I would imagine the cool kids have moved on.

          2. I’d think the hipsters ought to like the Weather Channel, since part of the NBC/Bend Over campaign and the so-called climate change stuff.

            It’s not about weather, though.

          3. They still have distinct websites and wunderground is way better. The weather channel seems to be working as hard as they can to make their site completely useless as a weather site.

          1. It’s not Weather Underground. It’s Vun Der Ground!!

      3. A&T is a land-grant university located in, United States.


    2. Try again.

    3. Is it griping to say just use reasonable and Chrome and links, etc. become much easier? Should we have a training course?

      1. I use reasonable and chrome and have to admit that I now feel othered.

        1. Othered? Well then my work is done here.

          Did anyone ever do that HampersadR FAQ by the way?

  12. Berlin satellite image reveals stark east-west divisions
    A satellite image has revealed enduring divisions between the east and west of Berlin, with the eastern half of the city much less brightly illuminated at night.

    1. Why is this considered surprising?

      1. It’s unexpected, like when the jobless rate goes up.

        Also, a fifth of Berlin’s streets are lit by gaslight?

    1. I am a chemical engineer and I have worked in many industrial facilities. You wouldn’t catch me working in a government run chemical plant.

      1. I am not familiar with the regulations governing fertilizer plants. But I am familiar with the ones governing grain elevators (which also have been known to explode) and other chemical plants. And given the stringency of those regulations, I find it difficult to believe the Fertilizer plants are not already heavily regulated. Yet, somehow the regulators bear no responsibility for this plant being so poorly run it exploded.

  13. Martha Stewart as a model

    1. Martha was a babe back in the day. She was a real cutie.

        1. So, she’s always looked like a bulldog.

    2. What a cow.

      1. Who are you? Sarcasmic?

        1. No, I just liked the cow.

  14. Migrant farmers in Greece complaining about not being paid received their wages in hot lead.

    See? Those KKKorporate farms will resort to anything to put down the People who only ask for a living wage! The Government will straighten out this injustice.

  15. “Paul Kevin Curtis, 45, of Mississippi, faces up to 15 years over charges he is responsible for mailing letters tainted with suspected ricin to President Barack Obama, Sen. Roger Wicker, and a Mississippi judge. He’s already being painted as “anti-government” in news reports.”

    Sure he is: http://tinyurl.com/cobohl2

    1. I read the other day the guy signed the letter “KC”. He deserves 15 years for criminal stupidity.

      1. He was trying to frame the Knights of Columbus.

      2. You mean Korean Communists aren’t to blame?

    2. He’s already being painted as “anti-government” in news reports.

      To be fair, sending literally poisonous letters to the head of the government is kinda anti-government.

      1. If he was really a libertarian he would have sent them through a private carrier.

        1. Or postage due.

        2. Please. A real libertarian would have used an 8-year old raggamuffin plucked from the street.

    3. Also, his main shtick seems to have been complaining that there weren’t enough regulations around organ harvesting. That’s doesn’t sound super anti-gov to me.

  16. Sugar daddies, keeping the tuition bubble going

    1. Think about the economics of this, now. As prices go up, there would be less demand for lower priced “exchanges,” but if prices went down, there would be less demand for “customers.” I think there must be some equilibrium quantity in there.

  17. Part XXIV in a continuing series of Amanda’s descent into madness

    Glenn Reynolds, a born bully, clearly resents the increasing popularity of the anti-bullying movement, so in classic wingnut fashion, he’s trying to redefine “bullying” until it’s meaningless. And, being a tried-and-true bully and morally bankrupt asshole, feels a good place to start is to define it as “bullying” for a woman who was shot in the head to continue living and speaking out on issues that matter to her.

    It gets better from there.

    1. I don’t think things are going to end well for Amanda. I see her body left undiscovered for weeks in her Brooklyn apartment while her ten cats feed on her flesh kind of future.

      1. No, sadly, that is not her fate. I’m not sure if Marcotte has her PhD yet, but she will get one. In 40 years, she will be the resident feminist crank at some university. The university will even brag about having her, because she will be a “nationally syndicated” columnist. She dies in her 60s to 80s, having just taught a class about how all men are evil, having a heart attack reading about how young women in the intervening years have come to consider her feminism outdated and sexist.

        1. Maybe. But the higher education bubble may make the market for feminist cranks be pretty tight in the future.

          1. Eh, I figure the Jessica Valenti’s and Amanda Marcotte’s are currently so active in the blogosphere that they will be prestige hires. Its the dumbshit feminists who comment on their articles, who are currently working on their masters or PhD but who haven’t convinced Jezebel or BuzzFeed or Feministing to hire them, who will get screwed.

            Sadly, they will respond to getting screwed with calls for more government and accusations that it is all the patriarchies fault. They are nothing if not well trained.

            1. At least as they proudly display their degrees people will know not to hire them for real jobs.

      2. Picking a fight with the Instapundit is a bad idea. He’s got more readers than everyone but Drudge and HuffPo and more friends in the blogosphere than others.

        1. And the great thing about Glenn is that he won’t sick the dogs on her. He’ll just link it with some wry comment, such as “Apparently, Amanda Marcotte doesn’t understand what bullying is”. And people who like him will just filet her for him.

          Glenn Reynolds, I know you read reason, and I know you read the comments (because one of my comments was once your comment of the day, thanks for that), and I know you are a gentleman, but if you ever felt like taking the gloves off and not just linking, but going after someone, Marcotte wouldn’t be the worst target in the world. Oh, also looking forward to the InstaWife’s book.

          1. Instapundit reads the comments? I wonder what he thought of the anal thread from last week.

            1. I personally think Glenn posts on here, probably as Warty.

              And if he really does read the comments, I expect him to deny that heinous accusation at some point.

              1. Fuck you, I’m not Glenn Reynolds. How dare you.

      3. Maybe someday Nick Lowe will write a sequel to Marie Provost.

    2. Amanda Marcotte, a born uggo, clearly resents the eternal popularity of good looks, so in classic jealous-tween fashion, she’s trying to redefine “misogyny” until it’s meaningless. And, being a tried-and-true melodramatist and morally bankrupt professional troll, feels a good place to start is to define it as “rape culture” for a celebrity who was asked on a date via YouTube to politely decline and continue living and speaking out on issues that matter to her.

    3. …a tried-and-true bully and morally bankrupt asshole…

      Yeah, the other side has an empty argument.

  18. Um, White Males Don’t Have A Collective Ideology

    And in case anybody missed it yesterday, this is your friendly neighborhood hold Thane.

    1. It is always funny to me how monolithically white males are portrayed, when that label would, far more accurately, apply to just about any other race, especially blacks, based just on voting patterns.

      1. I’m not saying that any broad racial group is particularly culturally homogenous, but of all racial groups, white males have got to be about the least culturally homogeneous.

      2. Technically, both Episiarch and I are white males, and we’re so opposite that physicists have begged us both not to ever actually be in the same city at the same time.

  19. Government employee allegedly steals piano from school; is given paid vacation

    The article doesn’t seem to answer the question of whether they found the piano, or why the district is putting her on paid vacation before allowing her to retire, and why no charges are being laid.

    But obviously, the solution to peole stealing pianos from schools is more funding for schools. Or common-sense piano-safety laws with background checks for would-be piano buyers.

    1. No one really needs 88 keys.

  20. All dwarves are bastards in their father’s eyes: All of Tyrion Lannister’s one-liners and jokes.

  21. The worst things new parents share online

    1. They brag about their breast-feeding superiority, share their placenta art, and say that doctors don’t know as much as a mummy with Google.

      I am not sure I want to live in a universe where that sentence can be composed.

      1. a mummy with Google

        Nice (non-Kiwi) band name.

      2. Too late.

    2. And this is why I am, at 24, never planning on having children. I could find a sane woman to have them with, but no way any parents even remotely near my age range will be sane, and I won’t be able to keep my mouth shut, hurting my child socially.

      I will be the parent who, when people say, “Oh, when we had little Timmy, the family went gluten-free. Its just so much healthier” I will reply, “Oh, so one of you has celiac disease? No? A medically confirmed gluten intolerance? Not that either, huh? Welp, I guess you’re just stupid, and therefore your child will be stupid. Start teaching him to lay bricks early, would be my advice.”

      1. I know. It is not children who bother me. I like children. It is the parents I hate.

        1. Yep. Lots of parents are horribly insufferable. Those that are like that seem to think they are the first ones to have had kids. The better parents understand that, as special as it is, it has also been done several billion times before and by a lot of people who were incredibly dumb.

          Love and cherish your kids but remember, no one else gives a crap.

          1. Yup and your kids are cute and people are going to be predisposed to like them because that is just how people are. That is provided you teach your kids even a low level of proper behavior.

      2. but no way any parents even remotely near my age range will be sane

        Screw you, Goldwater! No, seriously though, I read about how retarded moms our age are all the time (yeah, I’m a little bit older but not much) and I say the exact same thing.

        1. Ugh. I can’t even imagine doing it as a woman, with the “mommy blogs” and all that shit. At least as a dad all I would have to do is either:

          A) provide for my family, show up at my kids sports game, befriend a guy who could teach my son how to throw a football (I never really learned, okay?), and be home by 6-7 for dinner and story time.

          B) Stay at home dad. While I may get any amount of shit vis a vie masculinity, I also am just not going to be judged as harshly. If my kid gets in a fight on the playground or whatever, the women there will just go to each other, “Well, what do you expect? He’s a man! Where’s his wife?” I mean, that will be an annoyingly bullshit assumption about my ability to raise my kids, but its not a complete rejection out of the male gender.

      3. See, this is why I do want children.

      4. Dude, I say that shit to my wife’s friends all the time and they can’t say shit back because my son is fucking awesome (I don’t expect anyone else to feel that way though). People make parenting out to be the most impossible thing in the history of the world, it’s not. Unless you go out of your way to make it hard. Disclaimer re: special needs kids.

        1. This.

      5. My advice? Update your mockery technique. You can easily condense all of that into a sneer, and smirk, or a scornful laugh and never get called on it. You can also make a joke that goes over their heads — that’s fun, too.

        And after a couple of years, your wife will get so used to it that she won’t bitch about it when you’re in the car on the way back home, heh.

        1. Who are you who is so wise in the ways of science?

          1. heh.

            think about that.

      6. Uhhhh once you have kids, all that fake social pressure to talk to other people is gone. Talk to em if u like em, otherwise dont.

  22. Not real news from UK: Teachers to be rewarded for shitness


    UNPROFESSIONAL teachers have welcomed proposals to allow pupils to help set teachers’ pay.
    History teacher Tom Logan said: “The kids love me because most of my lessons resemble a less organised version of the London riots.
    “I also frequently attempt to be ‘down with the kids’ by telling lame anecdotes about getting pissed at university. It never works and they still think I’m a prick, but they prefer it to the Corn Laws.
    “Now it looks as though I’ll be getting a pay rise, and the kids won’t even have to learn anything. Everyone’s a winner.”
    Roy Hobbs, president of the National Union of Crap Teachers, said: “It’s about time our members were properly rewarded for years of putting on a video while they go for a fag.”

    1. “It’s about time our members were properly rewarded for years of putting on a video while they go for a fag.”

      I wish our society was so okay with the solicitation of male prostitutes. Or female prostitutes if you are a woman, I suppose.

      1. I believe that would be a trick not a fag.

  23. A gang stole a valuable collection of rhino horns from storage at Ireland’s National Museum. Those are going to be hard to pawn

    So, I’ve just started catching up on Grimm. It is okay, except that 14 episodes in the main character has yet to develop a truly distinct personality, although I do kind of know who his character is. Anyway…


    They had a similar plot, but magical creatures use US as their rhino horn. Testicles equal Viagra to them, which does make more sense than rhino horn.

  24. The guy who mailed poison to the federal government doesn’t like the federal government? I’ll be damned.

  25. Study: More food poisoning from bacteria tied to raw milk, poultry; other causes hold steady

  26. Gabby Giffords goes off on tirade in New York Times op-ed.

    SENATORS say they fear the N.R.A. and the gun lobby. But I think that fear must be nothing compared to the fear the first graders in Sandy Hook Elementary School felt as their lives ended in a hail of bullets. The fear that those children who survived the massacre must feel every time they remember their teachers stacking them into closets and bathrooms, whispering that they loved them, so that love would be the last thing the students heard if the gunman found them.

    On Wednesday, a minority of senators gave into fear and blocked common-sense legislation that would have made it harder for criminals and people with dangerous mental illnesses to get hold of deadly firearms ? a bill that could prevent future tragedies like those in Newtown, Conn., Aurora, Colo., Blacksburg, Va., and too many communities to count.

    Jeez, give it a rest lady. Getting shot in the head does not mean you are immune to criticism or the duty to actually prove that the legislation you want is Constitutional or would do any of the things you say it would.

    1. It is all she has. No one even knew who she was until that moron shot her.

    2. I met her a few times before the shooting — nice lady. Also had a nice little conversation with her about handguns. She actually knew her stuff.

      The NYT op-ed was probably written by a DNC staffer. As for the Weekend At Bernies stunt that they’re pulling with wheeling her out at every opportunity, that speaks for itself.

      1. That is probably true and very sad. But it wouldn’t be unprecedented. The Brady campaign has been doing that with James Brady for how long? I wouldn’t be surprised if that poor man has no idea there is a campaign named after him.

        1. Taranto rips the shit out of her in today’s Best of the Web.

            1. To top it off at the time of the shooting – no word on it since then – she owned the exact same model Glock pistol as the one the gunman used. Funny how she has never mentioned this in her recent statements…

      2. I’ll take your word for it. I don’t doubt her sincerity, but fuck this emotional blackmail shit that the DNC and liberals are trying use her for.

      3. She’s the left’s Terry Schiavo.

    3. Do you think she wrote that?

      Because when she speaks, she sounds like a three year old.

      1. Yeah, I’m inclined to believe the Weekend at Bernie’s line of thinking as well, which is really quite horrifying personally.

        1. I mean, ever since I saw the interview I’ve thought that. To which someone argued maybe her brain was fine, but her speech centers were damaged. Except they didnt have her type or write answers out, they just served up loaded question after loaded question she could answer yes to.

          I think she’s a borderline vegetable being used by the DNC powers. Not sure why the fuck her husband is going along with it.

          1. It’s one of those things I can’t really allow myself to actually believe because it’s just too grotesque if true. But I think it probably is true.

            1. I guess I can be charitable and assume her husband had a mental break and is in a deep state of denial.

    4. a bill that could prevent future tragedies like those in Newtown, Conn., Aurora, Colo., Blacksburg, Va., and too many communities to count.

      Can I borrow Gabby’s crystal ball after she gets done with it?

      These senators made their decision based on political fear and on cold calculations about the money of special interests like the National Rifle Association, which in the last election cycle spent around $25 million on contributions, lobbying and outside spending.

      Because none of their constituents are gun owners or that they recognize the creeping incremental method of the statists’ infringement on individual rights. Nope it’s all about the NRA and their EVIL money. Speaking of which Bloomberg’s $12 million spent on gun control ads was holy and righteous.

    5. I asked this earlier–wasn’t she pro-gun rights prior to the shooting? I don’t want to beat her up on this, since I’m not sure what her position actually is today, but I think someone has to ask that question of her.

  27. Real news: Man paid 77 year old woman $4 million for sex and love


    Tokyo: A 77-year-old woman who received $4 million from a 79-year-old man in exchange for sexual and romantic favours has been ordered to repay the cash by a court in Japan, a report said Thursday.

    The woman succeeded in getting around 400 million yen out of the man over a seven-year period, in what he said he thought were loans, which she used to buy luxury cars and a condominium, the Sports Nippon newspaper said.

    “She had no ability nor any intention to repay the debts,” said the court in Shizuoka, central Japan, according to the paper.

    The court heard how the woman, who was not named, used what it called an “amorous net” to persuade him to part with the cash, including stripping naked in hotel rooms and asking him to bathe her.

  28. Marcotte’s write-up on Gosnell: a must-read for the flagellants among us

    The most fascinating aspect of the coordinated right wing campaign to try to score points against women’s rights over the Kermit Gosnell trial is how every single aspect to the campaign is shockingly, disturbingly, mind-bendingly dishonest. Indeed, one of my Twitter followers likened it to gaslighting, which is a kind of emotional abuse where the abuser deliberately denies reality and tells blatant lies for the purpose of disorienting the victim. In order to work, gaslighting often requires a cascade of lies and distortions aimed at the victim with a firehose, so that he/she struggles to even remember what’s reality anymore.

    Gaslighting… with a firehose. Now we know what happens to the mixed metaphors that Thomas Friedman didn’t much care for. Goes downhill from there.

      1. One of the few things I remember from that movie

        1. Ditto.

        2. I currently own 698 movies on BluRay and DVD. Why is that not one of them?

          1. I guess you don’t spend enough time browsing the $5 DVDs at WalMart.

            1. I’ve probably seen UHF there a dozen times and never put it in the damn basket.

              1. I think it’s my favorite LSD movie of all time.

    1. Remember, that actions of Adam Lanza tell us everything we would ever need to know about gun owners and the gun culture, but the actions of Kermit Gosnell say nothing whatsoever about the nature of abortion in this country.

      1. This.

        Look, I support legal abortion, and I would be happy to get into why I conisder it overall preferable to alternative (its Massive Police State vs. Murder. There aren’t a ton of good answers until we create an artificial womb, and even with that technology, the adoption and foster care rate will need to shoot up dramatically if every baby that would have otherwise have been aborted. That, or a massive expansion of the welfare state with regard to children. I dunno, I just find it sad how some part of us is hardwired to accept only children that we sired), but I am willing to admit that any number of people who are fellow travelers on this issue are total shits. And, to the pro-life’s side credit, I have met many of them who graple with questions like, “Well, what if the mother’s life is in danger?” (although, abortion absolutists, and I met some working a political campaign in Colorado Springs, are ignorant dicks. No, seriously, there are cases where if you do not abort, you lose the mother and the child, and not just one or the other. People who oppose abortion in those cases are shits), the pro-choice side all too often falls into easy flippancy that ends up calling fetuses parasites.

        1. What is also interesting is that you would expect that it was the pro life side that made religious or religious sounding arguments. In fact it is the opposite. The pro life side is arguing viability and the various science about the nature and faculties of unborn children. It is the pro choice side that resorts to “how many angels can dance on the head of a pin” bullshit philosophical arguments about meaningless bullshit terms like “personhood”.

    2. I’ve been reading the grand jury report. One of the least covered aspects of the whole morally repugnant thing is the failure of multiple regulatory bodies to stop it even after the problem was waved in their faces multiple times.

      1. And that is, if you are a person who supports legal abortion, the big issue. As Clinton said, “Safe, legal, and rare.” One big argument for legalizing abortion is that, given that is has been happening since humans have been fucking (and it has been. While not as safe in ancient times, we have writings from the Greeks concerning various herbs they used to induce miscarriage, and I would guess that it goes back further than them) is that we should take it out in the open where we can make it a safe, regulated practice. It would be like if, after pot legalization, we found that half of all marijuana contained large amounts of cocaine.

        Abortion clincis are surgical providers. They should be subject to those regulations. If that makes it harder to obtain or more expensive, well, I at least am willing to open my own cheque book. Sadly, 2nd Wave Feminism (the kind that emerged in the 60s and 70s, First Wave was suffragettes) was heavily influenced by the New Left (if you have ever taken a class on them, taught by a former SNCC member, like I have, then you know exactly how retarded that movement was) and when it moved into acedmia in the 70s, it came in at the same time Marxist stuff really began to influence theory. So they want the government to pay for any cost increases, and, if the political will doesn’t exist for the government to pick up the tab, then deregulation it is!

      2. Kind of like Bernie Madoff, of course in a different context.

    3. “gaslighting, which is a kind of emotional abuse where the abuser deliberately denies reality and tells blatant lies for the purpose of disorienting the victim.”

      Didn’t think she was supposed to just straight out the DNC’s long-term strategy like that.

      1. It didn’t take long for me to get sick of this “gaslighting” BS.

        1. Is the movie that it is from even any good?

          1. It was actually decent, and I don’t even like old movies.

    4. The reason is simple: poverty, plus lack of access due to anti-choice activism. One of Gosnell’s patient-victims told reporters that she had scheduled an abortion at Planned Parenthood but balked when she approached the clinic: “The picketers out there, they just scared me half to death.”


      What makes this all so frustrating is that it would be easy enough to prevent. If there was no Hyde Amendment blocking women from using Medicaid to fund abortions, they could get timely, safe abortions and not resort to desperate measures.

      If the Pennsylvania Department of Health had bothered to inspect Gosnell sometime after 1993, maybe some of these deaths would have been easy enough to prevent.

      But please, climb up on Dr. Kermit. He seems like such a fun hill to die on.

      1. If you would just pay for my stuff, nothing bad would ever happen

        1. Let me put it this way: I have seriously seen Jezebel argue that unless you support single payer, you aren’t a feminist.

          And, yet, every couple months, they will seriously ask, “Why won’t more women identify as feminists?” only to conclude that it is due to evil mislabeling from the other side.

  29. Paul Kevin Curtis, 45, of Mississippi, faces up to 15 years over charges he is responsible for mailing letters tainted with suspected ricin to President Barack Obama, Sen. Roger Wicker, and a Mississippi judge. He’s already being painted as “anti-government” in news reports.

    Based on his recent track record, I’m gonna have to say those news reports are pretty accurate.

    1. When you mail a poisoned letter to the Congress, you really can’t complain when people say you are anti government.

      1. What if he’s really really pro government but the government isn’t governing how he wants?

        1. Unpossible. We are the government, remember?

          1. We are the government we’ve been waiting for?

        2. He was really really pro government. He wanted increased regulations about organ donation/harvesting. I mean, in addition to being a nut.

        3. Unfortunately the story will be spun that if you don’t like how the government is governing *right now* then you are anti-government.

          1. Dissent isn’t patriotic anymore, didn’t you get the memo?

  30. Even the town sounds made up:

    A CABOOLTURE man has reported multiple sightings of Unidentified Flying Objects just 2km out from the main town centre.

    Read more: http://www.news.com.au/weird-t…..z2Qql7QazL

    1. He’s in Queensland. Low, slow and silent means – Distant airplane on a clear night. Being distant, it became an aggregated light source because the running lights could no longer be individually distinguished, and moving at normal speed means it’s apparent change in position would be much smaller.

      Living under the approach lanes to an airport, you get to see ‘purdy’ lights all the time, and you know how many I hear – none. Not even as they fly overhead close enough to identify the model of aircraft, they just didn’t get lot enough yet for the sound of the engines to reach me.

  31. Anticipation …

    It’s in the freezer.

    1. Bad move, my friend.

      1. huh?

  32. Eureka!

    Police officer that participated in beating a man to death will be charged with excessive force and filing a false police report.

    Don’t worry. These are accusations from a new case. He was only held personally liable for $30k to the family of the man he helped beat to death and faced no criminal charges in that prior incident.

    Also, FTA (emphasis mine): Jager said the incident is unfortunate.
    “Here is a guy where law enforcement is his entire career,” he said. “He was a bit aggressive in his dealings, but he was a good officer other than that. It appears he went a little too far in this case.

    Hear that? You can be a good officer despite helping beat someone to death and generally being a fucking goon in Eureka, CA.


    1. Yeah, beating someone to death (and all the other shit you know he got away with) pretty much erases any good stuff he might have done.

      If a school bus driver does his job everyday without incident for 20 years then shows up wasted and kills a bunch of kids, no one is gonna be talking about how the guy was a good driver.

    2. “A Little Too Far.”

      Is that the inscription on the victim’s headstone?

      1. That $30k the cop was personally liable for in the civil suit had to go to something, didn’t it?

  33. 2 super-Earths found in habitable zone of star

    1. “They are the two outermost of five planets orbiting a DWARF STAR, called Kepler-62, that is a little bit smaller and one-fifth as bright as the sun. It is located about 1,200 light years away from Earth in the constellation Lyra.”

      Name them TYRION and LANNISTER

    2. More powerful than a speeding comet, able to leap an Oort cloud in a single bound?

    3. Oh great, the last thing we want are these ‘Super-Earths’ oppressing the dwarf planets and regular sized planets with their habitable planet privilege.

  34. I know we don’t have much love for Mitch McConnell, but he just did something kind of awesome by trolling liberals with his Facebook page.

    1. With how seriously liberals take themselves, their outrage and their concern the only thing to do now is troll them. You’re gonna lose the compassionate concern troll game every time so at least have some laughs.

    2. That’s actually funny as hell. Harry Reid sadface is better than Tom Brady sadface.

      1. Still nothing before Joe Biden grumpyface.

      2. Did someone hack McConnell’s Facebook page? I would have never guess in a million years he had something like that in him.

        1. What I can’t believe he has in him is leaving it up. Seems the credit goes at least in part to Jesse Benton. Interesting, and awesome.

          1. It is. And the person above is right. You can’t reason or argue with these people. Ridicule is the only effective weapon.

        2. Buzzfeed reports that this meme image originated on the Comedy Central Indecision Tumblr and was the work of Comedy Central blogger Ilya Gerner. McConnell’s campaign manager Jesse Benton (of “gestapo” fame) had this to say:

          The meme was sent to one of our staffers in an email chain. It made us laugh, so we decided to post on the campaign facebook page.

        3. I would have guessed McConnell was only on Myspace.

        4. Must be Rand’s influence.

    3. As of 10:00 p.m. EDT the post had not been taken down even as Facebook users posted thousands of highly critical comments.

      Won’t somebody please think of the children Facebook commenters!

    4. You know I’m getting a bit tired of liberal butthurt. These people really are sickening.

      1. It’s just so constant and unending. Every little thing is a call to butthurt in the media and twitter-o-sphere.

  35. New Orleans cop that hid evidence to make sure two defendants awaiting trial stayed locked up decides to rape a 15 year old girl.

    He was never charged with withholding evidence, although the two men were eventually cleared of the charges.

  36. Looks like Denver Police Department has figured out a way to deal with officers that commit workman’s comp fraud: they let them resign, just like they do for the cops that have sex in patrol cars while on duty or use their position to fuck victims in domestic violence incidents they are charged with investigating.

  37. http://www.lifenews.com/2013/0…..-students/

    The best and the brightest.

    1. She’s a moron but I’m a bit miffed that she got arrested.

      1. Yeah they can put up gruesome pictures and she is free to shout obscenities.

        1. There’s a petition campaign for her.

          “”We are ashamed that a strong emotional response to hate on campus is considered disorderly, while the hate itself is sanctioned,” a statement produced by Curry’s supporters said. “We are alarmed that the University Police used unilateral power in deciding which types of speech are and are not acceptable.”…

          Supporters of the prof say the University should “take seriously its job of creating a safe and healthy space for learning, work, and play for all members of the community.”

          I’m getting a slight “some-speech-is-freer-than-others” vibe.


          1. If they agree with the speaker, it is “impassioned dissent”. If they do not then it is “hate”.


    2. Oh and the leftist reaction to abortion photos is identical to the rightwing reaction to photos of drone strikes. They really really hate being confronted with the reality of their policy preferences.

      1. And the leftwing reaction to photos of drone strikes.

        1. No the leftwing reaction to drone strikes photos is:

          “BUSH DID IT!!! BUSH STARTED IT!!! BUSH!!! BUSH!!!”

          The rightwing reaction to drone strike photos is nearly identical to the leftwing reaction to aborted fetus photos: sputtering indignation that someone would dare to present the actual results of their political beliefs.

      2. The rightwing (GOP) and leftwing (Democrat) reaction to photos of dronestrikes is exactly the same: a raging erection of pleasure.

  38. Policeone reaction to the Supreme Court ruling about warrantless blood tests.

    a sample:

    Posted by K9IKE on Thursday, April 18, 2013 04:58 AM Pacific

    Some days ya just gotta ask yourself…..WTF??? MADD, SADD and any other group out there should be all over this one screaming at the retards on the bench. I can see what is going to happen already….officers are just going to look the other way…DUI death rates are going to sky rocket. I pray to god it is not a family member of mine.

    Posted by lentsboy007 on Thursday, April 18, 2013 08:53 AM Pacific
    Just do what I do, if it’s as standard stop and they refuse arrest them for OWI and charge them with Refusal as

    1. DUI death rates are going to sky rocket. I pray to god it is not a family member of mine.

      Are your family members habitual drunks? If not, you have significantly less to worry about. DUIs generally kill themselves moreso than others.

      1. DUI death rates are going to sky rocket. I pray to god it is not a family member of mine.

        I actually agree with this statement. I pray it’s him and not one of his family members.

    2. “I pray to god it is not a family member of mine.”

      You’re prayer might be more effective if you direct it to A proper noun named God.

    3. Like Kenstah siad, here in CO, even if you are an out of state driver, if you drive in CO, you have consented to a chemical test if you are suspected of driving under the influence of drugs and/or alcohol. We need no warrant. If you refuse a test, you lose your license for 1 year.

      That CAN’T be constitutional.

      1. Don’t worry, ignorance of the law is only an excuse if you’re tasked with professionally enforcing it.

      2. I thought that’s what this ruling just said: It isn’t constitutional, get a warrant.

  39. Paul Kevin Curtis, 45, of Mississippi, faces up to 15 years over charges he is responsible for mailing letters tainted with suspected ricin to President Barack Obama, Sen. Roger Wicker, and a Mississippi judge. He’s already being painted as “anti-government” in news reports.

    “I am Jack’s complete lack of surprise.”

    1. Yeah, earlier today I breathed a sigh of relief knowing that he was so out there that his crap couldn’t be framed as some kind of right-wing and/or libertarian domestic terrorism.

      Oops. Guess I give people too much credit.

    2. If you try to poison someone in the government, doesn’t that, by definition, make you anti-government?

      1. Not if you want to replace the existing government with another (probably worse) one.

    3. So he’s not a CIA sleeper agent?

  40. Remember the cop that put a camera in a boys bathroom in Maryland? Well, police say no laws were broken and that he won’t be charged with a crime. They’re also not going to release his name, but they did say that he will remain on a taxpayer-funded vacation.

    Yeah, I’m sure one of us could do that and get away with it, what with there being no double-standard and all. In fact, I’m sure they would keep our name out of the news as well, you know, to protect our privacy and all that.

    1. Well, police say no laws were broken and that he won’t be charged with a crime.

      So I can put a camera up in the girls bathroom without running afoul of the law? Awesome.

      1. And if a girl finds it, you get paid to stay home from work. Double bonus!

    2. Why the officer put the camera in a bathroom ? in plain view ? remained unanswered.

      “We can’t nail it down to a specific reason without us speculating,” said Lt. T.J. Smith, a department spokesman.

      Bunch of people standing around a box, wondering what’s in the box. Why don’t we just… look inside?

      Has anyone asked the officer why he put the camera in there?

      1. I’m sure they did. And I’m sure he’s not saying a damn word at the behest of his union-appointed attorney. I’m also sure that the union contract, if it’s anything like the one out here, says he can’t be compelled to say what he did or why he did it, even if it happened in the performance of his official duties.

        But either way, a civilian would still have his anonymity and be free from charges, right?

        1. Do you think that my posts about cops are qualitatively any different than those of sarcasm, yourself or Epi?

          Your buddy sparky claims that my posts about cops reveal that I am paranoid and a vile human being.

          1. I never really thought of it, so probably not. But I will offer one suggestion: don’t ever compare yourself to Epi. You don’t want to start down that road less traveled.

    3. Isn’t Maryland one of those shitfucking states where you can’t record your own phone conversations, unless you tell the other person (or want to be charged with a crime)?

  41. Under the immigration reform bill, some employers would have an incentive of up to $3,000 per year to hire a newly legalized immigrant over a U.S. citizen.

    In avoiding one controversy ? the cost of providing millions of newly legalized immigrants with ObamaCare subsidies ? the Senate “Gang of Eight” may have risked walking into another.

    The bipartisan legislation released Wednesday dictates that those granted provisional legal immigrant status would be treated the same as those “not lawfully present” are treated under the 2010 health law.

    That means they would neither be eligible for ObamaCare tax credits nor required to pay an individual tax penalty for failing to obtain qualifying health coverage. It also means some employers would face no penalty for failing to provide such workers affordable health coverage.

    Read More At Investor’s Business Daily: http://news.investors.com/0417…..z2QqqeJssB
    Follow us: @IBDinvestors on Twitter | InvestorsBusinessDaily on Facebook


    1. ACA is the gift that keeps on giving.

      1. Sometimes I think Obama winning re-election is just God having a sense of humor. It would have really been kind of unfair for him to have left office and never faced the consequences of that monstrosity.

        1. Obama had to have a second term. All of his supporters kept saying that he had to fulfill his legacy. IN 2016, when they’re swearing in Biden, no one will be able to say that his legacy wasn’t fulfilled.

          1. Crazy Joe is not getting elected. Hillary maybe. But not Crazy Joe.

            1. I’d love to see biden run just to see the left try to paint him as some sort of intellectual powerhouse. Though it somehow worked with obama.

            2. And everyone said Crazy Obama had no chance in 2012, because gas prices.

    1. I’m truly worried about Harrison Ford reprising Han Solo for Episode VII. I mean, we all knew Hayden Christiansen was gonna ruin the Darth Vader’s character, but Han fucking Solo should not be played by a dude in a walker carrying a ear horn.

      1. Ford looks pretty good for 70, I still think he could pull it off.

        But my first choice to replace him would be Mel Gibson.

        1. Why? So he could go after Watto and the other Jews Toydarians?

          1. I’d pay good money to see that. He could also wipe out Jar-Jar and Gungans while he’s at it.

            1. So you hate Space Jamaicans as well as Space Jooz, huh?

              Your interstellar racism sickens me, ASM. If I could, I’d jam a lightsaber in your ass, you space-othering jerk.

  42. Infowars guy is at the press conference again.

  43. My left wing friends are going to give me an aneurysm over this gun stuff. Apparently, if we banned guns, there would be no problem, and every person who commits suicide by gun wouldn’t even be making suicide attempts by another method.

    1. They should tell Europe to ban high-speed rail if their concern is suicide.

      1. And tell the Japs to just ban adolescence.

        1. And detergent.

    2. And it’s getting worse. This quote, on the feasability of taking everyone’s guns away

      “I dunno, putting on body armor and shooting every survivalist in the country in a standoff sounds kind of fun. ”

      Cripes. That’s sociopathic.

      1. He better be a good shot, and he better have a high-capacity magazine. That’s all I’ve got to say about that.

        1. HAHAHAHAH

          He is welcome to fucking try.

          Molon Labe you jackbooted little shit. Bring it the fuck on. The feds get like two or three little Wacos. After that, they better get ready to play defense.

          1. Molon Labe you jackbooted little shit.

            Though I have no tattoos, I have seriously considered getting something along these lines across my shoulders on my back.

            1. I’ve thought of doing the exact same thing.

              1. I thought about a tattoo as well (no ink yet myself) but if I go that far I’m going with a brand. If the fight comes I wouldn’t want my corpse mis-labeled as collateral damage.

  44. FBI.gov just crashed.

    1. Dylan Kliebold and Eric Harris.

    2. All these news outlets reporting that the FBI has released photos, and not one shows all of them, nor in any kjnd of decent resolutio.. how are we supposed to determine the all-important race of the suspects from this? Race baiters on all sides of this issue demand Blood!

      1. how are we supposed to determine the all-important race of the suspects from this

        I dunno, white baseball cap guy has quite the aquiline nose.

  45. I just received another packet of junk mail asking me to subscribe to Free Inquiry magazine. The whole thing extolls the virtues of secular humanism and even has a note from Richard Dawkins.

    I have a message for you Free Inquiry: Fuck you. And that goes for all those secular humanists who want me to join their church. I don’t want to be part of your religion.

    1. I asked for a subscription to Skeptic as a gift and received Skeptical Inquirer instead. It was disappointing.

  46. It turns out Winnipeg is a good place to find a sugar daddy.

    1. “Winnipeg is the 10th best city in Canada to find a sugar daddy.”

      Does that really say “good” to you?

  47. An article about the horrors of self defense.

    To acknowledge the real lay of the land is always dangerous when rhetoric and reality are out of joint. And are they ever over guns these days! The debate over gun control will never go anywhere as long as the anti-regulation side continues to argue from their inner Clint Eastwood: he who will always be faster on the draw, know just who the bad guys are, and drop them with a shot into a crowd, from a dead sleep at home, in a moment of utter surprise, in a box, with a fox, in a house, with a mouse… Call it the machismo-industrial complex: it sold more than 17 million guns last year, enough to arm every soldier in NATO five times over.

    Mere statistics about who actually uses guns on whom just don’t get in their way. (You know, the tiny numbers of intruders actually deterred and the startling number of family members knocked off.) Nor does testimony from people like gun-carrying Joe Zamudio. He was the man who came upon a group of people, including his congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords, being shot by a lone gunman in a supermarket parking lot in Tucson, Arizona. Someone had already wrestled the gun away from the killer.

    Zamudio almost shot that bystander by mistake. He wisely hesitated, ended up wrestling the actual shooter to the ground, and then simply lay on top of him.

    1. Not at all like Dirty Harry, that role model for massacre perps — also mostly white guys, speaking of the unmentionable — exacting their own vengeance on a world insufficiently obedient to their idiosyncratic needs and notions.

      What a dumb shit.

      1. also mostly white guys, speaking of the unmentionable

        For something so unmentionable, I’ve certainly seen it a lot in the MSM.

    2. So a gun owner who used discretion in when to use his gun and then heroically stopped a shooting = an argument that we should take away guns from those would-be maniacs who are wont to own a gun?

    1. I was thinking of buying a government sold buyback gun for the irony value, but then I realized, people only ever sell crap guns to buyback programs.

  48. An article about gays and Baylor University from someone who didn’t bother to do any research.

    And yet, when its star basketball player and one of the faces of its university happens to be gay, the school was remarkably silent. That Griner is gay wasn’t widely known, though the fact that she wasn’t “hiding or anything like that” would suggest that it was because no one in the media bothered to ask and not because she didn’t feel like she could speak out about it while playing for Baylor (Baylor coach Kim Mulkey recently dismissed questions about players’ sexuality, saying, “I don’t think it’s anybody’s business.”).
    Perhaps that’s a sign that Baylor’s stance has moderated, if only slightly. Or perhaps ? and this scenario seems more likely ? the school overlooked Griner’s sexuality because she was a talented basketball player who was among the athletes bringing positive attention to a university that has been the face of scandal in the sports world.

    Or perhaps you could interview someone instead of making wild conjecture. You know, like a journalist. Start with the seminary students. About a third of them are gay.

  49. Rand Paul on cover of Time. One of 100 most influential people.

    1. BigT on the copy of Better Late Than Never Magazine. One of the 100 slowest people.


      1. Sorry, I was WORKING.

        1. Where was your coachboy? Don’t you have him read H&R all day to you in a soothing Morgan Freeman-esque voice to keep you abreast of the goings-on in the world?

          Christ, man! What kind of libertarian are you?

  50. A gang stole a valuable collection of rhino horns from storage at Ireland’s National Museum. Those are going to be hard to pawn.

    not when they grind them up and sell them to traditional chinese apothocarys.

    1. [spits out powder]

      I said I wanted African Elephant Horn. Give me my money back, you sneaky little fuck!

  51. Love how they titled National Right-to-Carry Reciprocity amendment.

    The George Zimmerman Right-To-Carry Amendment

    1. What makes me sick is that if George Zimmerman were black and Trayvon a white punk, the commentary on this would be exactly the opposite, with the NeoCons calling or the shooter’s blood and the Progs defending him at all costs.

      All those pricks see is Team. Fuck each and every one of them.

      1. The only reason they called for his blood in the first place is because they thought he was white.

      2. Don’t see a lot of neo-cons getting riled up over this at all if Zimmerman was a black guy that shot a white punk that attacked him. They’d never have known about it. It would never have gotten to any news beyond the police blotter.

        No one would be talking about it.

  52. And now, the afternoon lightning-round edition of Guess the Party Affiliation! First up, contestant number one, PorridgeGun, with an assist from teresahill! Don’t make it too easy for us, kids!

    * [new] Two white guys (8+ / 0-)

    Unless I’m blind as a bat.

    by PorridgeGun on Thu Apr 18, 2013 at 02:24:58 PM PDT

    * [new] Yeah, they look really white to me. (1+ / 0-)

    Confession time: When I’m not ranting about politics, I write romance novels

    by teresahill on Thu Apr 18, 2013 at 02:27:37 PM PDT

    [ Parent ]

    Wow! Inscrutable! But let’s keep the ball rolling… can I get a big round for contestant number two, micmac! He’s a tricky one too, and rolling solo to boot! Best of luck, micmac!

    To: Yossarian

    Shocked they are muzzies! Just shocked!

    159 posted on Thursday, April 18, 2013 4:31:00 PM by micmac
    [ Post Reply | Private Reply | To 140 | View Replies]

    And that’s our show! Be sure to tune in tomorrow for the results of today’s cliffhanger!

    1. Just looking at your link, I was hoping to see Jesco White (the Dancing Outlaw) doing a little clogging while holding a shotgun.


  53. Good news, everyone.

    Only one-fifth of Americans identify as feminists, according to a new HuffPost/YouGov poll.

    But asked if they believe that “men and women should be social, political, and economic equals,” 82 percent of the survey respondents said they did,

    People are starting to see through the lies.

    1. [I’m] [o]ld enough to remember the steady campaign of vilification [of feminists] since the repeal of the Fairness Doctrine.

      Yeah, uh, OK.

    2. Meh, I consider myself a feminist. Certain iterations (I’m looking at you 2nd wave) make me stabby, but I’m strongly in favor of women fully participating in the job market and equal pay for equal work. And third wave feminists are fun. It’s just unfortunate that 2nd wave has been in ascendance in the media recently. I know plenty of people who consider themselves feminists and want to batter crusty old academic feminists around the head with a rolled up news paper.

      1. but I’m strongly in favor of women fully participating in the job market

        I too am in favor of women fully participating in the job market. Some of the women I’ve known could be participating a little harder, in fact.

      2. but I’m strongly in favor of women fully participating in the job market and equal pay for equal work.

        That’s a tenet of equal rights. Feminism hasn’t been concerned about equal rights since the 70s.

  54. Your tax dollars are paying for NPR to conjecture that the right wing pulled off the Boston marathon bombing because April has the Waco anniversary, Columbine and Hitler’s birthday.

    Holy dog balls. I can take media stupidity when I’m not forced to subsidize it, but this is just too much. I might actually snap.

    1. By the way, April has Lenin’s birthday, too. (just two days away from Hitler)

      1. Don’t forget that Gavrilo Princip was killed in April and Charlie Chaplin’s birthday was the 16th.

    2. Where does this idea that the American right would in any way honor Hitler come from. I mean, sure there are right wing racists in the US, but they tend to also be against centralized power which is pretty well the opposite of Nazism.

      1. Dude, the left has decided that racism is objectively right wing. So Stalin, because he persecuted ethnic minorities, is right wing. Castro’s persecution of the black Cubans makes him right wing.

        F D Fucking R is right wing now, because of internment.

        1. Well, I guess I pretty much knew that was the answer (or an answer). It’s just fucking maddening because there is no arguing with people who wll just redefine terms to suit their position.

  55. Reuters mistakenly publishes, immediately pulls, George Soros obit.

    1. I’ve always been respectful to old people, but this guy deserves it more than twice. And slow.

  56. The sexist space camp tshirt that teaches little boys to achieve and little girls to dream. Seriously.

    1. I think it was probably an accident/oversight, but it’s pretty fucked up.

      1. Well, apparently the “acheive” shirt is unisex and the “dream” one is only for women/girls. They also have a “Reach For The Moon” shirt that is female only.

        If anything, it’s the womyn that are getting more attention and merchandising than men are. And the matriarchal sexism prevalent at NASA sickens me to death.

        1. Given you’re more likely to read the text on someone other’s t-shirt than on your own, this is probably reverse-sexist.

        2. I hope I see a reach for the moon t-shirt so I can drop trow in their face.

  57. I like pot, that makes a LOt of sense dude.


    1. That explains a LOt dude.

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