Boston Marathon Bombing

FBI Releases Photos of Boston Suspects

Two suspects sought


Video and Photos Released in Bombings Case

If you have information, you can contact 1-800-CALL-FBI (1-800-225-5324) or

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  1. Obviously doctored. Everyone knows the suspects have blue eyes, blonde hair, and milky-white skin.

    1. I don’t know. I think you can tell from the pictures that they’re pro-life racist homophobes that were home schooled.

  2. Dylan Kliebold and Eric Harris?

    1. What???????????????? All conspiracies theories are true!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      1. You can’t prove it’s not true! So there 😉

  3. I would be very surprised if anyone was apprehended due to these blurry photos. Especially considering they’re probably 1000 miles away by now, if even still in the country.

    1. They’re probably living in Ricky’s car at Sunnyvale.

    2. I’m guessing they’ll probably use those photos to find other photos that might be better. I’m sure that city has thousands of them. I’m also sure every news agency and person who took pictures or video that day are going through what they have to see if they spot them. They’ll find more and hopefully clearer pictures.

    3. I wouldn’t.
      People dress certain ways, walk in certain strides, etc.
      I’ve spotted friends in the background of local news vids on that sort of ‘evidence’.
      What’s more is that if they are in their 20s and there is two of ’em, one of ’em will brag.

  4. Yeah, do they really expect people to ID them from these photos? About the only distinctive thing you can make out is one guy’s nose.

    Someone on Fox News said these were great pictures, because you could make out the guy’s earlobes, which are are unique as fingerprints. Uh, yeah, maybe, but iding someone just by their ear is not exactly obvious

    1. JeremyR| 4.18.13 @ 6:52PM |#
      “Yeah, do they really expect people to ID them from these photos? About the only distinctive thing you can make out is one guy’s nose.”

      Front guy:
      Nearly pigeon-toed, V-neck shirt, 5 O’clock shadow.
      Back guy:
      Pretty duck-footed, a bit bow-legged, sure does have a schnoz.
      If they are the perps, they know each other and have for quite a while. They’ll have friends who know both and have seen them walk with each other.
      And one *will* brag. To someone he thinks is safe, but isn’t.

  5. OWS types, maybe “Black Bloc”? How many radical right wing groups wear their hat backwards?

    1. Um, pretty sure they’re Middle Eastern jihadists, it fits the M.O. and motive. No domestic group on the left or right would benefit from this in anyway.

      1. The guy in the back doesn’t look Middle Eastern (the guy in the front could be, it’s hard to tell with his cap), though it’s possible, as some Middle Easterners look pretty white. And they could be Muslim converts. But if I had to guess just based on that blurry photo, they look white. If that guy in the back was involved, I don’t know why he would be stupid enough to wear his hat backwards.

        “No domestic group on the left or right would benefit from this in anyway.”

        Since when has that stopped terrorists from committing acts of terrorism?

        1. Middle Easterners, just like Jews (which they essentially are genetically) are white. They are about as dark skinned as Italians.

          1. Middle Easterners are Caucasian, but generally aren’t considered white. Like I said, it’s definitely possible as many could pass as European, but many also look pretty distinctly non-European.

        2. “No domestic group on the left or right would benefit from this in anyway.”

          What’s interesting is no one has claimed credit. What is the point if you’re not going to tell anyone why?

          1. “Ze whole point of ze Doomsday Machine is lost . . . IF YOU KEEP IT A SECRET, WHY DIDN’T YOU TELL THE VORLD, EH?!”

          2. Yes that is weird, AFAIK al queda has never been shy about taking credit. They might just be guys who became radicalized on their own and aren’t part of any organization. It’s not like the bombs were particularly sophisticated.

        3. The guy in the back doesn’t look Middle Eastern

          His schnoz sure does.

    2. Yep, that is what it seems like.

  6. The only thing we know for sure is that these two white men are racist, teabagging, homophobic, right wing extremists. /MSNBC

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  8. Another picture leaving the scene –

  9. Its not them. Not one picture or video of either putting the backpack down or leaving the scene without their backpacks.

    Its actually the opposite

    Suspect #2 still has his backpack after 1st explosion (His shoulders are still slanted, indicating he still has his backpack)

      1. I disagree, that picture looks like it was taken after the second explosion, and he definitely doesn’t have a backpack on anymore. You can click to zoom in, there’s enough of an angle on the shot to see behind him. Yes, his shoulders are somewhat slanted but looks like he may have just put something in his pocket. Possibly a cell phone / detonator device.

        1. You cant see his back because of his arm, and that woman’s hair is blocking his front.

          However, whats interesting is the FBI handler standing idly by next to the doors…..while everyone else is running away.

          I think this was a failed FBI entrapment scheme.

          1. “I think this was a failed FBI entrapment scheme.”

            I’m looking very closely and can’t seem to find the grassy knoll…

          2. Nope, cause they’re going off the word of victim who looked him in the eyes. The bag was dropped at his feet he says.


    1. There is a report that the guy who had his legs blown off and was in the real chair saw the guy drop the bag.

      That’s why these photos were released.


    Here’s Mr. white hat apparently planting the bomb

    and here’s the other picture zoomed in:

  11. And regardless of whether the two shown are the perps, we need to be careful:
    “Teen stunned at portrayal as Mass. bombing suspect”
    “A teenager said he is scared to go outside after he was portrayed on the Internet and on the front page of the New York Post as connected to the deadly Boston Marathon bombings.”
    Jewell wasn’t alone.
    Read more:…..z2Qse8MnXj

    1. Nothing like Jewell. Jewell was hounded for some time afterwards.

      The community will raise this kid up.

  12. The FBI page has a new photo of both of them together that is much, much clearer.

  13. Suspect #1 shot dead. #2 escaped.…..-at-large/

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