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Brickbat: A Hairy Situation



Officials with Ohio's Clark Shawnee School District barred Ethan Clos from returning to kindergarten until he gets rid of his Mohawk haircut. The say it violates a dress code ban on distracting dress or grooming. When a local TV station asked why Clos must change his haircut while a local high school coach had been allowed to sport a blond Mohawk, Superintendent Gregg Morris said the two situations were completely different.

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  1. God bless our marvelous public schools and the magnanimous titans of knowledge and wisdom who staff them!

  2. OT: Outlets are speculating that up to 70 people could have died in West during the enormous explosion at that fertilizer plant. Holy fuck. For anybody who hasn’t seen it, a video’s on YouTube’s front page.

    1. Holy shit. They look far away, too. Holy shit.

      1. Overpressure is a bitch.

        I’m assuming since I can’t watch the vidja.

        1. It is a massive explosion.


          Here’s a link for whenever you’re able to access the site.

          It’s an enormous warehouse, a constant fire about the same size as that warehouse, and then an explosion that literally covers the camera’s entire field of view — and the people filming it are very far from the plant.

          It’s like a fucking bunker buster.

          1. Boston bombers covering their tracks and destroying their supply.

            Watch out Hamilton-Beach, you’re next!

          2. It’s a crazy explosion, but I assume that the family recording it is ok as they posted the video. So, I don’t feel completely dickish saying, if you’re going to record things on your phone, or even take pictures you want to use outside of your phone, turn it fucking sideways. Nobody wants to watch your skinny video. It’s like watching the events through a crack in the door.

          3. I fucking hate when people hold their phones like that to take videos! LANDSCAPE, MOTHERFUCKER! USE IT!

            1. Landscaped video or not, expect the NYT to Photoshop in a Klan rally, complete with a burning cross, into a still of the burning warehouse.


  3. Photo of Boston bombing suspects released:…..wmysU42scJ

    1. No way! NPR was assuring me yesterday it was right wing antigovernment types because of the date.

      1. That’s why every major media outlet has been referring to them as “men”, because they’re too old to be considered “youths”.

      2. That’s why every major media outlet has been referring to them as “men”, because they’re too old to be considered “youths”.

      3. Fun tidbit: In the supposedly “conservative” British newspaper The Mail, the writers are speculating that the bombings were conducted by white-supremacist, anti-government “Patriot” groups, and listed examples of other attacks that took place on or around the same day of year, such as the clusterfuck at Waco, which they blame on the fanatical zealots, not the mass-murdering FBI squads.

        1. People can have so much fun with dates. For example, April 15th, 1936 was the begining of the Arab Revolt in the British Mandate of Palestine, which started with this fun event:

          The uprising began with an attack on 15 April 1936 on a convoy of trucks on the Nablus to Tulkarm road during which the (probably Qassamite)assailants shot two Jewish drivers, Israel Khazan, who was killed instantly, and Zvi Dannenberg, who died five days later

          1. The Arab Revolt of 1936 led to massive anti-Jewish pogroms in the Mandate of Palestine, which further radicalized the Jewish residents and led to increased support to organizations like the Irgun.

          2. That’s counter to the progressives’ Islamophilic, anti-patriotic bullshit. Therefore, it never took place, and any attempts to claim otherwise is racist, supremely racist, very racist, racist, really racist, bad, racist, and racist.


            1. *are, too

            2. Wait. Do you know Stormy is spoofing your account?

              1. I’ve been pretty busy these last few weeks, and haven’t been around much. I didn’t know. Got a link to an example?

                Stormy the Dragon, or whatever his name is, right?

                1. Or was that a jibe at how I sound like him? Isn’t he a neoconservative?

                  1. Isn’t he a neoconservative?

                    Oh God no!

                    Think of the worst, the most historically ignorant, and the most naive apologia for the “Religion of Peace” and you have a typical Stormy post on the subject.

                    1. Ah, I see. It was exactly the opposite of what he’d say.

                      He’d be calling us racisty racist Christfags for our unjust distaste for murderous theocrats, right? Tough shit reality doesn’t fit his narrative.

        2. Waco is an example of anti government terrorism! Just like the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising, a handful of extremists violently attacked the legitimate authority.

          1. If only they’d passively bent over and allowed themselves to be buttfucked by the Almighty Federal Titan, they’d still be alive today! It’s all their own damned fault!!!1!!!!11!


            1. Waco was the end of any hope for a restoration of the Republic, in my opinion.

              The US government murdered people in their home for practicing a weird religion. They strafed them with helicopters, gassed them, broke down the walls with tanks, then burned them alive.

              Not a single federal employee got a day in jail, let alone the firing squad they deserved. And of the hundreds of millions of Americans who watched, only one of them did something about it.

              1. When you put it like that, it depresses the shit out of me. But I’m an optimist. I still have hope we’ll somehow recover from this nightmare.

          2. thought that was the USPS…

        3. The NPR segment did the same. “Attack on Waco” they called it, as if it were the Branch Davidians storming the post office, DMV, or ATF field office.

    2. About 24 hours after their pictures were posted on 4chan!

    3. All the news websites (NBC, CBS, CNN) have pictures of the West, Texas explosion and NONE of the suspects.


      I suspect racial sensitivity.

      The next time someone asks me “what liberal media?” or “what PC” I will say this. Better to avoid hurting feelings and letting murderers escape than violating exquisite sensitivities of race-obsessives.

  4. Happy troll-free Thursday bitches

    1. No way. I want to bathe again in the sweet sweet ham tears of Sad Tony.

  5. Since the advent of the Brazilian wax can anyone take that hairstyle seriously?

  6. I know of at least two night elves that are going to be very pissed off about this.

    1. Mr. T pities the fools!

  7. Maybe he’s trying out for the part of Magua in the class production of “Last of the Mohicans… the Musical”.

  8. Why doesn’t some real Mohawk enroll his child with the same do, and then sioux?

    1. I dont know whether to applaud or hunt you down and murder* you.

      Either way, good job.

      *not technically murder as it would be justified.

    2. Nothing would happen, because to attempt anything with an actual Indian would be “ethnically and culturally insensitive.” Fuck white kids though, right?

    3. Children? Don’t you mean utes?

  9. So don’t send him back. Win/win.

    1. That was my thought.

      And I think the parents that would give their kid that haircut would do a good job homeschooling. Or at least an interesting job.

      1. “They seen his hair like it was. All the little kids were going over and feeling on it and everything,” Castle said.

        Interesting? Yes. Good? No.

        1. I think they’re using the kid to show how cool they are — could be wrong, maybe the kid asked for that style — but if I had to bet on who’d do a better job educating him, I’d be hard pressed to bet on the public school.

        2. Interesting is good enough.

  10. The kid should claim to be an Indian. I mean, if it worked for a United States Senator, shouldn’t it work for a kid?

  11. “Our policy clearly states that any dress or grooming which is disruptive or distracting to the educational process is not acceptable.”

    Like those fucking comb-overs and (yuck) *dandruff*?

  12. His parents SHAVED HIS HEAD? In a MOWHAWK? Like some character from the Road Warrior? Clearly these are post-apocalyptic drugs users, unfit to raise children! Seize their children! Where is CPS????!!!!!??!!

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