Confusion Reigns in Boston Case, IRS Promises To Respect the Fourth Amendment, Government Shoulders Aside Private Lenders: P.M. Links


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  1. Wolf Blitzer broke the news.

    1. WTF is this Keystone Kops bullshit? Could they try to look less competent? Or is this a failure on the journalistic side?

      1. If you don’t trust the cops to keep you safe then the terrorists have won.

      2. Well, it makes people trust them less. Bug or feature, you decide.

        A Boston law enforcement told CNN, “We got him,” but wouldn’t clarify whether that meant a suspect has been identified or arrested.

        That guy/gal should be rounded up as a “person of interest”.

        1. It seems to be a symbiotic relationship between idiot cops spreading rumors and desperate reporters who will report anything without any sort of verification.

          1. Seems reasonable to me.

          2. How many reports do you read attributed to a person who couldn’t go on record because he or she wasn’t authorized to release the info? Time for journalists to say “Get back to me when you are authorized.” There are probably 1,000 national and local newspeople crawling all over Boston, each with a desire to win a Pulitzer with a scoop.

      3. CNN has been defining competence down for about 15 years now.

        1. From my experience, it’s a rare CBS Evening News that doesn’t fuck up *something*.

          1. Any time Dan Rather is your high water mark…

      4. Could they try to look less competent?

        Isn’t this really a case of it being effortless?

      5. Incompetence or “Holy shit! The Person-of-Interest doesn’t fit the ‘narrative’!” Lock down! Deny! Obfuscate! THE FUTURE BELONGS TO THEM, GODDAMIT!

      6. I’m starting to become concerned that the powers that be may already be hard at work trying to construct a plausible lie of some kind to sell to the public.

        We already know that Block Yomomma and the vile administration that works for him is more than willing to tell us absurd lies and insult our intelligence.

        They lied about the attack in Benghazi, claiming that it was about that stupid YouTube video after they knew that wasn’t really the case. And to this day they continue to insist on this outrageous lie that the Ft. Hood killings was an act of “workplace violence”.

        At this point, I have very little confidence that this government plans on being completely straight with us about what happened here.

    2. Blitzer has moved on to finding the real white terrorists, as long as they are not Marxists.

      If Tim McVeigh wore Che shirts, he would be a professor now.

  2. No hat tip for the Texas story? BOOOOOOO

    1. Actually Otis P Driftwood got the hat tip. So, double-no.

      1. Shut up. I just want a goddamn hat tip. What is this, Auschwitz?

        1. I’m just trying to help you deal with the perpetual injustices of the hat tip system. Which I assume are themselves a way for the editors to help us deal with the perpetual injustices of the state.


          1. The editors do crudely brandish that hat.

            1. It’s like there’s not even a real rule and they just hand them out at their whim.

  3. Sen. Rand Paul called out the president for using the dead kids of Newtown as props in his campaign to limit self-defense rights.

    He’s one to talk. Everyone knows Rand sacrifices kids to the Aqua Budda Temple of Doom-style.

    1. He needs to embrace Aqua Budda and make it his own.

  4. In just a very few years, the government has displaced the private sector as the primary source of home and consumer loans.

    The state taketh and giveth back at interest.


    Silicon Valley also full of whores. Big shock, right?

    1. A town full of insanely rich dorky men. Wow, now that is a target rich environment for a hooker.

      1. But free markets in no way work to match suppliers of poon with those who can afford to pay for ‘tang.

        1. At least some prudes have caught on that they do. End demand! Yeah, have fun with that guys.

          1. End demand for poon? Yeah, good luck with that.

            1. i heard somewhere that women like sex, too. It may have been my wife. What’s next; end demand for air and water?

          2. Unless they plan to murder every man in Illinois, I don’t know how they plan to do this.

            1. I mean it seems like whoring me out is not an option.

              1. Not with your neck issues.

            2. I think it involves something about bodily fluids and drinking water additives.

              1. Or Africa-style penis snatching.

              2. “I do not avoid [whores], [db], I just… deny them my essence.”

            3. Every man in Illinois employs prostitutes? I guess I’m not too surprised.

              1. Well, you can’t be sure. How do you intend to know if you’ve ended demand so long as one man still lives?

                For that matter, we should probably kill the lesbians too.

              2. Every taxpayer.

          3. Best part:

            (ii) Women enter the sex trade for many reasons. For some it is pure economic necessity

            So it’s economic necessity for these women to be able to earn a living through the sex trade, and you want to take that away from them. I guess it’s better that they starve than make money in the sex business.

            1. Well, actually it’s better that they become totally dependent on government handouts and “services” than to independently earn a living using the skills and assets they have. Remember who we’re dealing with here.

          4. The group picture on that site is fucking priceless.

            1. Indeed. The giant black woman in the center could play in the NFL. Maybe she did, before the surgery.

            2. It is. I should note, this is a huge outdoor ad campaign in Chicago right now.

          5. I’ll just leave this right here.

    2. People pay money for this: Kitty Stryker.

      1. *** Snorts ***

        What’s her *real* name?

        1. Rodent Stomper

      2. She charges 350 bucks an hour!?!?!?!?!??!?!?!

        That is a fat chick with blue hair and there are guys who will pay 350 dollars an hour to fuck her??!?!?!?

        Go to a bar. Pick up a fat chick. Spray her hair blue with the temporary hair spray from the craft store. Total cost…20 bucks. Maybe.

        1. She starts at 350.

          1. I’m sure that’s what she said – she’s also likely paying her way through law school and already has enough money to retire based upon all the great business advice and money her rich clients give her….

            Next up for her I’m sure is the yellow brick road: so that her final wish (as money, independence, etc has already been achieved) of going home can be realized.

        2. She must have some special talents of some sort. It takes all kinds.

          1. For $350/hour, I expect special talents from someone pleasing to look at.

            1. Exactly. Hell, I bet you I can find a limber college student in the next three hours that will agree to do anything for 350 an hour.

              1. “Agree to do anything” is not the same as “actually deliver on every one of your dirty fantasies”.

                Look, if someone that ugly can pull in 350+ an hour, she must be amazingly good at whatever that is.

                1. Of course, do we have anything more than her word that she gets $350/hour? Perhaps there’s some r?sum? inflation here.

                2. Look, if someone that ugly can pull in 350+ an hour, she must be amazingly good at whatever that is.

                  I’m betting poop is involved.

        3. She may have some … skills … that men find worth 350 an hour.

          Dominatrix. Role playing. Etc.

      3. Yeah, but they don’t pay much.

    3. The show was originally called “This American Whore,” until a dispute with NPR, which airs “This American Life,” prompted a recent name change.

      okay, that’s funny.

  6. Feministing defends that feminist icon: Kim Kardashian.

    With the two yesterday, this is turning into a series.

    1. Why do you subject yourself to “Fisting”?

      1. It’s like the literary equivalent of the three stooges.

  7. See if you can find “rudely displaying” in the Texas statutes.

    Don’t rudely mess with Texas.

    1. You know who else rudely displayed his weapon?

      1. Jon Hamm?

        1. Yes, that is the correct answer.

        2. See Pantsfan, I have turned you.

        3. Jon Hamm shouldn’t be allowed to breed unless his sperm is surgically replaced with someon, anyone elses. Too fucking retarded for daytime.

        4. Jon Hamm shouldn’t be allowed to breed unless his sperm is surgically replaced with someon, anyone elses. Too fucking retarded for daytime.

      2. Jim Morrison?

      3. Anthony Weiner?

        1. That wasn’t a weapon.

          It was more of a cocktail sausage.

      4. 2 Live Crew

      5. Ron Jeremy?

        1. Its comments like this that make me ponder and think you’re name is really Frank or Bobby.

          1. ****Your


    I stuck in this in the file marked “Shit I Already Know.”

    1. also there was something about thinking you’re having more sex than others makes you happy.

    2. What do you want to bet that study was funded by taxpayers?

      I didnt read past the title. ugh.

      1. No bet. There was also the one that basically concluded “Drinking beer is fun.”

  9. Family Guy episode describing terror at the Boston Marathon a month ago has been yanked. This proves Alex Jones false flag claim. Right?

    1. I think even the feds could write a funnier episode than that.

      1. This statement is non-unique to that episode.

    2. Shit! I hadn’t gotten around to watching it on Netflix.

      What the fuck is wrong with this country?!?

      1. You didn’t miss anything.

    3. Seventy two fusion centers related to domestic intelligence gathering headed by indepedently acting directors, what could go possibly go wrong, Colonel North?

  10. Sen. Rand Paul called out the president for using the dead kids of Newtown as props in his campaign to limit self-defense rights.

    It’s about fucking time someone did.

    1. He needs to say that at every debate

    2. It’s one thing to use an incident like that to rationalize your political position (wrong as that may be). It’s another entirely to actively use the victims families for political propaganda.

      1. It’s just what evil men do.

    3. Did ya see Obama get super angry about being called out for this after the gun bill fail today. Pretty amazing.

  11. http://blogs.the-american-inte…

    Since 1979, inflation-adjusted hourly wages fell 20 percent for men ages 25?39 with only a high school diploma, while wages for their female counterparts rose by one percent

    If the genders were reversed, this would be a goddamn national crisis.

    1. And you still wouldn’t get a hat tip.

    2. Uh, I hear about this all the time on NPR.

      1. Really? Huh. That’s good. Is it spin, or is it delivered straight?

  12. Provo, UT is getting Google Fiber

    Hey, Google! We could use some of that here in Huntsville, AL!

    1. What happened to Austin?

      1. “third city to get get Google Fiber”

        1. Was Austin the second?

  13. Yes, the possibility of a civil liberties-threatening reaction does hover over the whole mess.

    The fact that it happened in Mass doesn’t help.

    1. There aren’t many left up this way.

      1. So, what is a cop-hating vile human being to do if he is a Masshole?

        1. If you are a fellow Masshole, mikey, there are plenty of cops around for you to get your hate on.

  14. Toomey-Manchin Amendment failed 54-46. Grassley Amendment being voted on now. Jesus, I hope that passes. That’ll force Harry Reid to filibuster his own fucking bill.

    1. C’mon, people. Watching Joe Biden wield the gavel while all of his side’s “signature legislation” shits the bed is especially beautiful…especially since they trotted out the Newtown families and stuck them in the gallery as props.

      1. If you committed to protecting Second Amendment rights you should vote for this bill

        according to Manchin. Then, keeping classy,

        If you want to remember those 20 babies? please consider you should vote for this bill.

        Fuck him. Cheers to the outcome.

        1. He’s fucked in 2014. WV voters like their freebies, but they like their guns as well. If Team Blue is smart, they primary his ass in an attempt to save the seat.

          1. I was curious about his recent poll numbers but I couldn’t find any polling done recently in WV. It would be interesting to see if he’s taken a hit in the polls lately.

            1. Shit, I’m sorry. The seat up next year is the one Rockefeller is vacating. Gonna probably be Capito (R) against an unknown at this time (but I’ll bet Team Blue puts up a woman to offset Capito having a vagoo.

              Capito will be a tough opponent.

      2. Please, those families have essentially moved to washington. “props” makes it sound like they don’t have an active role in this…

  15. Suffering from existential dread? Take a Tylenol

    1. All right! Another question for the Universal Background Check: “Have you ever taken, or thought about taking, acetaminophen?”

      1. “But it was used by more hospitals than any other OTC pain reliever!”

    2. I drink too much to safely consume acetaminophen. Seriously, I had a gf whose dad drank too often and ate too many Tylenol the morning after too often and his liver gave out on him in his early 40s.

      1. What’s this weird connection between angst and the liver then?

      2. I had a friend who had organ failure in her late teens because she was a wild drunk and then would take two tylenol before bed to avoid the hangover. She kept recommending it as a good solution to her friends even though she couldn’t drink anymore because she didn’t realize the connection.

        1. Goody’s Headache Powders when you’re coming down for the time-release medicines.

          /Richard Petty

      3. No, Tylenol is perfectly safe. That’s why they poison hydrocodone with it.

        1. I have a buddy who is absolutely convinced that they do that because it makes it more effective. I asked him why they make pure hydrocodone then, and got a blank look in response.

  16. Attraction to Asians is racist.

    Furthermore, there’s nothing inherently wrong with having romantic or sexual preferences, nor is anyone automatically at fault for harboring specific fantasies that fit into cultural stereotypes ? i.e., “the bad boy,” “the girl next door,” “the sensitive artist,” etc. However, when your fantasy reflects and perpetuates harmful racial and gendered perceptions, then you need to examine your desire itself because it’s complicit in the dissemination of orientalist tropes.

    Apparently, attraction to “the bad boy” has no negative societal implications at all. Who knew?

    1. FoE is going to need to examine his lust for Orion slave girls now.

      1. They’re not very good drivers and they act all submissive in public, but those green ladies are demons in the sack.

        1. That’s not examining, that’s stating facts!

        2. You seem to be a man of the world, Fist.

          Is it true what they say about Asian girls, um, down there?

          1. Yeah, it’s all pixellated.

            1. *** gorf crap ***

    2. Hating people for the color of their skin is racist, and loving people for the color of their skin is also racist.

      So I just need to be indifferent to everyone. Except sometimes that’s racist too.

      1. Ignoring people and not appreciating their ethnicity is racist.

      2. You’re a white male, everything you say, think, and do is racist and sexist because of your ingrained privilege.

    3. However, when your fantasy reflects and perpetuates harmful racial and gendered perceptions, then you need to examine your desire itself

      So, I’m pretty sure that my fantasies reflect and perpetuate the gendered perception that guys have dicks and dicks are awesome…is that harmful? Do I need to check, I mean, examine my desire itself?

      1. You are perpetuating the hurtful stereotype that in shape men with big dicks and a large bank account are more attractive to women than fat guys with small dicks who live on unemployment. You are a monster Nikki.

      2. No. You’re a woman, any sexual desire you have is pure and good and noble. Like see, you like anal, and that’s empowering and awesome. But I like anal, and I’m just trying to be degrading and inflict pain.

        See how that works?

        1. But I like anal, and I’m just trying to be degrading and inflict pain.

          Wait, if you like anal then you’re a brave minority exercising a freedom that has long been hampered by puritanical state laws and social mores. You should also be allowed to marry.

      3. Well, I live in the gendered perception that MY dick is awesome. Every other dick, well, I’ll take the owner’s word for it, ’cause I don’t really want to find out for myself.

        1. My dick is awesome. Take your mom’s word for it.

          1. “My dick is so big it has its own dick, and even *that* dick is bigger than yours.”

      4. Guys have dicks? Really nicole? Did you just miss Judith Butler breaking down the differences between gender and sex? Not all men have penises you know!

        Ugh. I just can not get over the trans insensitivity of your comment.

        1. I knew I was doing something offensive. Thank you, Goldwater, for helping me check my cisprivilege.

    4. complicit in the dissemination of orientalist tropes

      That would sound better if a judge or prosecutor was reading it out loud.

    5. Wait, wasn’t the central argument of the entire friggin gay rights movement that people cannot control who or what they are attracted to? I mean can the Jezzie in question name the date she chose to be attracted to “bad boys” or whatever else it is that turns her on?

      No she can’t because people do not choose what turns them on, they can choose whether or not to act on those attractions and they can over time slowly work to change them and maybe succeed, but it is not a choice.

      1. Well, the Jezzie in question probably had to take whatever she could get, and she is still bitter about that. And it couldn’t possibly because she is obnoxious and unattractive, so it must be because all the guys were just racists.

    6. I haven’t checked it out yet (IDK if I should subject myself to it), but here’s the thing:

      I find East Asian women more physically attractive than women of my own race.

      How is that different from, e.g. someone with black hair liking blondes?

      1. I find East Asian women more physically attractive than women of my own race.

        How is that different from, e.g. someone with black hair liking blondes?

        I think what sticks in the craw of anti-Asian Fetishists is the men’s (and notice they only mention the WM/AF, the White women of the world attracted to Asian men don’t count or something) supposed attraction to Asian “submissiveness” and “traditional values”.

        I have to admit, the douchebags of the world who want to date an Asian woman because they desire a “happy ending” Geisha girl who won’t give them sass-mouth deserve all the opprobrium they get; but folks who merely appreciate the beauty of almond-shaped eyes and straight, black hair I have no problem with.

        1. That’s the thing though, I have known a lot of guys in WMAF relationships and I don’t actually encounter this stereotype IRL. I’m sure they’re are me wuv u longtime douches out there, but I don’t really see them.

          OTOH I see a lot of Asian men online (and occasionally in person, even) complaining about how white men are stealing “their” women.

          Shouldn’t feminists be raising hay about that?

          And a lot of Asians of both genders complaining about “purity”. Those ones in particular can go fuck themselves.

          The only ones I can sympathize with in part are those who want their chilluns/grandchilluns to inherit their culture and are afraid that marrying a white person (because god knows you could never marry a black or hispanic) could jeopardize that.

          1. That’s the thing though, I have known a lot of guys in WMAF relationships and I don’t actually encounter this stereotype IRL. I’m sure they’re are me wuv u longtime douches out there, but I don’t really see them.

            Well, the douches are the ones that tend not to be able to attract a partner.

            1. Only a beta like you would believe such a silly thing.

        2. and notice they only mention the WM/AF, the White women of the world attracted to Asian men don’t count or something

          I can NOT believe how many girls I knew participating in JET with me that are so intent on getting a Japanese boyfriend. On the one hand they think it’s disgusting how they act to women, but on the other hand they want to be a woman who is acted toward in that way.

          On second thought, I completely understand. BBC.

          1. “JET”?

            1. Japanese English Teachers or something like that. Americans teaching English in Japan.

            2. Japan Exchange and Teaching. It’s a joint program between the U.S. State Department and the Japanese Ministry of Education (and another, smaller Ministry) that brings native English speakers into Japanese classrooms for English immersion.

              I participated for a year and lived and worked in Akita Prefecture. One of the best times of my life; I was like a god to them, what with my tall stature, blonde hair, and handsome features (the last part was an exaggeration). But even besides my awe-inspiring presence it was awesome to participate in local festivals and activities.

              There are a ton of English teaching positions in Japan and Korea, but this one is considered one of the more prominent because of who is involved in it. There is a somewhat rigorous application process too, although maybe not rigorous enough considering some of the weirdos that made it over there.

              1. There is a somewhat rigorous application process too, although maybe not rigorous enough considering some of the weirdos that made it over there.

                Oh god, please tell me we’re not sending Weaboos over there.

                1. Oh god, please tell me we’re not sending Weaboos over there.

                  Worse than that. My predecessor was obsessed not with modern Japanese culture, i.e. anime and manga and J-POP, but with historical Japanese culture, i.e. samurai and bushido code and the Tokugawa era. It was to the point where I was welcomed with open arms for being someone whose sole focus was on “Americanizing” my designated area. I followed custom when I absolutely had to, but I wasn’t afraid to say that I thought some things were stupid, either.

                  As I saw it, I was a cultural ambassador for America, and damn it if I’m not going to show them why America rocks. We had a few good barbecues and convenient store crawls.

              2. You didn’t happen to meet a Rob Curl in the program, did you?

                1. I don’t recognize the name. I was only there from 2009-2010 and only in Akita Prefecture.

        3. What’s wrong with hating sass mouth? Its an unnacttractive and petty trait.
          My taste in women very like my taste in meals. There is not a single ethnic group or skin tint without a representative responsible for giving me a full raging hardon at one time or another.

          I settled for a white girl with a Yankee and Puerto Rican background.

      2. Not that different. There are a lot of cultural assumptions that we don’t necessarily acknowledge that go into what makes a certain trait attractive (redheads are firebrands, Asian women look young and act submissive, etc). It’s tiresome to run around screaming that these underlying conceptions need to be examined and keened over.

        1. No no no jesse, we have to always mention ad nauseam about how everyone is a special snowflake and we’re not stereotyping. You cannot make even the most general statements about a group because there are always exceptions.

          1. You cannot make even the most general statements about a group because there are always exceptions.

            Well, when you’re talking about a group that consists of, what, 1 billion people, the best general statement you can make is that the majority of them have two arms and two legs.

            1. the best general statement you can make is that the majority of them have two arms and two legs.


      3. But it’s a no-win situation because if you’re only attracted to your own gene pool, then you’re racist too.

        1. I think you’ll agree with me that the solution is to want to fuck everybody.

          1. That would involve fucking D-cups and higher.

            I mean I might be able to weather Cs if she has a pretty face. but…

            1. You can be my wingman any time!

              Well, if I weren’t joyously married to the love of my life who just so happens to be endowed with a respectable rack.

    7. Oh, fuck it. I’m not reading any more of this shit.

      Stereotyping people is intellectually lazy at best and demeaning at worst.

      So don’t do it.

      1. stereotypes are caricatures and exagerated, but they are not all inherently flase

    8. Anybody who thinks Asian women are submissive little flowers has never dated a Chinese girl.

      1. “Little Empresses”

        1. did ESL for three years (Korea) it was cool. Korean women are very pretty actually but not that curvy, neither are japanese. Thai women…very nice physique

          1. Where in Korea and what years? I was in Daegu 2006-2007.

            1. Man, fuck Korea. Can’t even get a handy after work. Have to go on the off times and go in through the back door.

          2. those Thai women aren’t women.

            1. Thai women…very nice physique

              those Thai women aren’t women.

    9. so are white girls who are only attracted to black guys racist too?


    See in the private sector when revenue falls, you have to cut spending.

    1. Great link there, champ.

        1. How many drunk to dull the pain of being eaten by a giant shark, or a saltwater crocodile. Or both?

          1. The drop-bears, the goddamn drop-bears?

          2. “He said much of the blame lay with the alcohol industry, which appeared “hell bent on increasing profits at everyone else’s expense”.

            Mr Thorn said it was up to governments to legislate to prevent and reduce the social and health problems alcohol created.

            “We understand alcohol so well that the sorts of resources available to government are well documented: increase the price of alcohol, restrict its availability and limit advertising,” he said.”

            Notice who is NOT to blame?

            1. It’s a disease, BigT. You don’t blame type-2 diabetics for their condition, do you?

              1. Disease! Hahaha. Stay away from me or you might catch it.

        2. “We are buying ourselves a major health problem down the track unless we change the way we drink,” he said.

          Yeah, I’m nearly certain this is a new phenomena.

        3. This, no doubt, is another government funded study.
          For fuck’s sake…..

  18. Epic Game Trailer. You’re gonna ship yourself.

    1. I like the puns.

    2. Amaaaaaaaaazing

    3. What’s up with the ship/shit puns lately? Did BIG actually happen?

    4. That was freakin’ Awesome.


    Another high school student victimized by cute teacher. I really was born 25 years too early.

    1. Novice teachers make 49 grand?

      Nothing to cut!

      1. It is New York City. I am not sure you could live there on less than that.

      2. It’s Manhattan, dude.

    2. The Department of Education was able to dismiss the novice teacher with relative ease because she was untenured.

      The obvious lesson to other NYC teachers thinking about screwing around w/ their students is: wait 2 years for the tenure contract.

    3. Poor bastard.

    4. Y’ know what? This guy I know…yeah…just a friend of mine…got thrown onto a pool table when he was 14 by his girlfriends hot MILF mom and she fucked his brains out. This did not bother me one …him…sorry…one bit.

      In fact he went back for more. A few times. Yeah, just a few. He found this to be a very wonderful and empowering experience. There were no tears and no anguish. It was goddamn delicious, every bit of it.

      What the fuck is wrong with wussy guys these days? Candy ass pussies every one.

      Let me just pull a bullshit theory right out of my ass.

      1. Many girls are attracted to gay guys and have no idea those guys are gay. They are clueless and they never really get it.

      2. Many of those gay guys, at young ages, do not yet realize they are gay.

      3. Match those two up and after a little bumping of the uglies the gay guys have an emotional melt down and start whining like little bitches.

      I have zero fucking respect for them. I think there is a pun there.

    1. pleasdontsuck pleasdontsuck pleasdontsuck pleasdontsuck pleasdontsuck

        1. shutup sloop. They are finally gonna get this one right. I have faith in Nolan.

          “They will kill him.”


          1. It’s not Nolan, it’s Snyder directing. The same Snyder that gave us ‘Sucker Punch’ and a botched ‘Watchmen’ adaptation.

            1. Nolan is producing though. And yes, Snyder is a question mark but I think having Nolan produce was good move.

              1. Nolan’s name is attached and he’s getting a story credit, but it’s not like he’s standing over Snyder’s shoulder correcting and reminding him that he doesn’t have a clue what he’s doing and that Dawn of the Dead was a fluke in a career otherwise defined by bombastic grotesqueries. And as much as I liked Goyer’s screenplay for Batman Begins, he has far more misses than hits in his career.

                But it’s certainly a pretty trailer, and having Zimmer on board is a plus.

            2. Also did 300 and the Dawn of the Dead remake.

              Just saying.

            3. I liked the Watchmen adaptation. Especially the directors cut that put all the missing bits back in like the Black Freighter story.

          2. So, am I to understand from this trailer that this is a sequel to Gladiator?

            1. Would you not be entertained?!?!?!

              1. Would Are you not be entertained?!?!?!

                /movie quote pedant

                1. My comment was in the right tense, as the movie has not yet been released.

                  1. Two pedants enter…

          3. How come they haven’t just done “Death of Superman” for the big screen. They tried to do that with the last one and it SUCKED. BAD. But Doomsday would provide an epic fight scene and some major character development from some of the others around Superman.

      1. Who is the villain in the new one? I can’t view video right now at work.

        1. I think it’s Zod. Apparently they couldn’t get Epi’s mom cast properly. Something about the CGI snakes for hair and the dragon’s tail not looking right.

          1. It’s Zod. They are rebooting from scratch.

          2. And she so badly wanted the role, but negotiations just fell though, by which I mean she had sex with the producers and then she didn’t get the role because she had used up her bargaining chip.

        2. Michael Shannon is General Zod. I like it, he certainly knows how to do crazy and megalomania.

          1. Michael Shannon is General Zod.

            The guy from Stargate?

            1. The prohibition agent from Boardwalk Empire.

    2. Looks good.

  20. 54-56 manchin/toomey defeated

    1. ?and the lefty’s are weeping about a waste of a tragedy.

      1. Good. Fuck ’em.

    2. Which Senators voted twice?

      1. 54-46. sorry.

        1. It’s OK. Exerybody probably knew it was 54-46 from when I posted it upthread anyway

          1. oh. late and wrong. excellent DC representation.

            1. I just thought maybe Obama had got us to 57 states by Executive Order and a couple of people abstained.

    3. Grassley-Cruz failed 52-48. Expected, but it still sucks.

      Now Leahy-Collins is up. I’m sure this is gonna be a real piece of shit amendment. Likely gonna fail since Biden has left the podium.

      1. Jesus, Leahy-Collins almost passed. Barely went down 58-42. Cornyn’s amendment coming up. I hope to God this passes. I’ll go to Arizona and get a CCW just so I can carry one in my own town.

    4. Do I dare venture into some of my old, proggie-infested web communities to see their reaction? Or content myself with the snippets of extra crazy from HuffPost that you fine folks repost here?

      1. Holy fuck. Chuck Schumer just said “every police officer in America will tell you concealed carry would be bad in New York City and in other cities.”

        I fucking hate that cocksucker.

        1. Cornyn Amendment (national reciprocity) just failed as well. Meh, I’m kinda happy because it would have made the bill palatable to some in the GOP even with the rest of the restrictions in the bill itself.

          1. Feinstein’s Amendment coming up now. She’s lying her ass off.

            “…Able to shoot big clips, 100+ bullets in each, large velocity guns falling into the hands of grievance killers, juveniles, people mentally disturbed. There will be no background checks, apparently and we have a proliferation of these weapons.”

            I’ve never once heard more bullshit said in 10 seconds in my entire life. Even her colleagues on the left ought to vote to censure her for that outrageousness.

            1. Having Rand or Cruz calmly call for the motion to censure the senior senator from California would be the highlight of my week.

              Strike that, the pearl-clutching, hysteria, and furious moralizing that would spew forth from the left would be the highlight of my week.

              1. They had their chance. She talked for about 2-3 minutes after her time expired and the chair didn’t do a fucking thing.

                1. They’re better politicians than to fall into the trap of calling for the censure of an octogenarian dimentiac over a hot-button issue that is defined by emotion.

                  Now censuring her for funneling taxpayer dollars into her pockets, that might be a different animal.

            2. Sloopy, tell me you made that up. She did not say that….did she?

              I am googling it now.

              1. I played the DVR game to make sure I had it down verbatim.

            3. “Large velocity guns”? She’s just throwing words together, huh?

        2. I’ve hated him since I saw him defending the ATF’s actions at Waco.

          His man-tittays get nipple erections at the smell of children burnt to death by government.

          He’s also a Drug Warrior.

          I will throw a party when he dies. Lavish, with cake.

          1. Yeah he’s a loathsome turd. One of the top 5 in the Senate for sure.

      2. MJ, it’s your duty to go out on recon and report back to us senior commentators. Hop to it, lad.

        1. Nope, I’m a moocher.

  21. Bomb Proof Materials

    in case you are worried about that sort of thing…

    1. These are good if you are inside the building with the bomb on the outside. Doesn’t it mean if you are standing outside with the bomb that you are going to get more blast (and “shrapnel”) reflected off the building?

      Maybe dressing like the EOD guys in Hurt Locker will be the new fashion statement?

  22. Open Canada’s skies to foreign airlines, consumer group says

    The telephone survey of about 1,000 people in late January and early February found a large majority of responses were in favour of more foreign competition.

    Among other things, the Harris/Decima survey found 61 per cent of respondents agreed that foreign airlines should be allowed to compete with Canadian carriers.

    1. Open US skies to foreign airlines.

  23. When this sultry brunette gave cops a topless tour of her Lower East Side photo exhibit, they were so smitten they declined to shut it down, even though neighbors had complained that pictures of her masturbating were in the window.…..R9Jt0yWbnM

    1. Hmm. Time for me to do some art!

      1. No, both women and men’s magazines have pictures of women in them. That’s because women’s bodies are beautiful. Men’s bodies are hairy, lumpy, and should not be seen by the light of day.

        1. Oh, sorry for the confusion. I was going to make art of her, not make my own “art” in her style. Apologies for disgusting you.

        2. Should I give you a list of beaches I’ll be spending time at this summer? You might want to avoid them.

    2. “It’s not masturbation ? it’s just making love to myself in the photographs.”

      I’m pretty sure that if you look in the OED, that’s the definition of ‘masturbation’.

    3. Neighbors complained? I’m surprised they weren’t arrested.

      1. No kidding. I really don’t want to live in a neighborhood that attracts such a low caliber of person.

        1. You know that decently cute girl that always shows a lot of skin and enjoys the looks she gets while she walks down the street?

          Well see, the giant photo of a model rubbing one out was soaking up all the male attention when she walked by. So she called the cops.

          1. Her and that fat housewife who hasn’t put out in six months and is angry her husband keeps looking.

    4. I hope when I’m 75 I can get some nice 17 y.o. to be my “muse”.

    5. Google Image “natalie white model”.

      1. She does seem to enjoy being naked. Umm. I’ll research more carefully from my bunk.

    6. This is literally right around the corner from where I live. I did notice that they took down one of the big pictures from the front window.

      1. That was last night, I don’t know what it looks like now.

  24. Yes, the possibility of a civil liberties-threatening reaction does hover over the whole mess.

    Relevant and funny (thanks SusanM)

  25. Salon: Let’s hope the Boston Bomber is a White American.

    Summary: We treat domestic terrorists as lone wolves and Islam as an existential threat. So if the bomber is a white American, the Feds can finally crack down on all those racist crackers.

    1. That’s…that’s the actual title of the article. I…wow.

      One thing about the Obama years that has been a net positive: the mask-slipping has been epic.

      1. But can you even say it’s “mask slipping” when the general public doesn’t even seem to give a shit about it? It seems more like they feel free to show their true colors out in the open because they know they won’t be punished for what they truly believe, because RACISM! SEXISM! and _________ (insert excuse for being butthurt)

        1. The general public doesn’t pay attention to this stuff very much. I’m just glad to see them being honest about what they truly want, because it might be used to hurt them later, and that can only be a good thing.

          1. “I’ve done far worse than kill you – I’ve hurt you. And I wish to go on hurting you.”

        2. Culturism, speciesm, classism

      2. There’s still a mask? Whoa, I hadn’t even noticed that.

      3. Slipping hell…they pulled it off and tossed it

      4. I brought this up earlier today when Welchenstein was humble-bragging about his daily dose of mediawhoredom.

    2. How about this double standard, when the terrorist is a foreigner or a middle class white guy, they get life in Super Max or the death penalty. When the terrorist is the child of rich liberals trying to change the world, they get a reasonable prison term followed by a tenured faculty position.

      1. Did Bill Ayers sodomize you once, John? Or is it his anti-war attitude that kills your little GOP war boner?

        1. Well he was best friends with the President and did start his political career. So there is that. And Ayers isn’t the only lefty terrorist who got out after a short prison sentence to go on to work in academia.

        2. Marxist terrorist bombers are never “anti-war.” They are fully in favor of the wars their side wants.

          1. They’re not anti-war, they’re just on the other side.

            1. Ding Ding Ding!!!

              We have a winner.

        3. Is that supposed to be some kind of defense of the left PB? John points out the egregious hypocrisy and mendaciousness of the left and you make fun of his outrage?

          That is the worst turd polishing I have ever seen.

          You are really a pathetic douche.

          I daily thank zod that you are the likes of who we are up against. When/if it ever comes to it, steamrolling your limp dicks into the dirt will be a piece of cake.

      2. Call me old school, but I’m not hiring convicted murders, regardless of why they did it, unless maybe they didn’t do it.

        1. Racist! (Disparate impact, you know.)

          1. Dangit! And I would’ve gotten away with it, too, if it weren’t for those meddling kids.

    3. There is a double standard: White terrorists are dealt with as lone wolves, Islamists are existential threats

      It’s like we don’t see every single act of terrorism linked to “anti-goverment white guys” in the msm before the actual facts come in. Nope, never happens. Is this dumb bastard even aware of the SPLC? Is there another government funded group that puts out anti-muslim propaganda to the nations police departments, so he thinks it’s balanced?

      1. How many whites males were dancing in the streets after mcveigh? how many muslims after 9/11?

        Yes THERE IS a difference

        1. Yeah, the article makes the argument that white-male terrorists are lone-wolves whereas Islamic terrorists are seen to represent a whole – better we think this is lone-wolf than representative.

          To prove this they show that there are more nonIslamic terrorist plots than Islamic ones…

          Well – let’s stop there, because nonIslamic does not necessarily mean only white-male.

          Additionally, I think it’s well understood that eco-terrorists do speak for their respective groups and not just themselves.

          But when your point is more about a catchy headline than actual analysis, oh, and when actual analysis is against your worldview, things like these (read: facts) are inconsequential.

    4. After getting rightly criticized for his idiocy: I still hope the bomber is a white American

      I think it is worth pointing out that last night O’Reilly effectively agreed with my piece

      Morons of a feather.

      1. See? He’s just being a bigoted fuckstain due to his concern for our civil liberties!

    5. And of course the article, written by commie jackwagon David Sirota, quotes whitey-bashing goon Tim Wise, who basically makes his living trying to get white middle class kids to feel guilty for not being raised poor.

    1. Jesus Christ, what did we do to deserve all this PUA horseshit around here?

      1. Come on Warty, you have to love a website than includes an article entitled,

        Why Fat Women Should Be Sent To Prison.…..-to-prison

        1. I take it back. This is verily a philosopher-king.

          It’s time to take action. Here are my recommendations:

          1. Do not speak to fat chicks

          2. Remind fat chicks that they are (or will become) shitty mothers

          3. Always be ready to fat shame (and to defend your fat shaming)

          4. Praise fat chicks after they lose weight

          5. Get over your own fat family members, and let the shaming begin

          1. “Hey, fat chicks need love too. But they gotta pay!”

      2. Good question, Warty. What did you do?

        1. Is this my long-delayed comeuppance for putting my dick in all those asses?

          1. I thought it was for liking having dicks in your ass. But actually I was referring to the abandoned property incident, which you actually know nothing about but which can be used against you pretty much in perpetuity.

            1. That anus wasn’t abandoned???

                1. Seriously, someone better homestead nicole soon before it’s picked up by a community redevelopment agency or something.

      3. To be honest, Warty, I’m pretty sure it’s nicole’s fault. Possibly Dagny’s as well. And Kristen too probably. I think you see where I’m going with this.

        1. Looks like you stopped just in time, Epi.

          1. I would have gotten to you eventually, Ken.

            1. That’s what your mom said…but Warty was in line before me.

  26. How stupid is Mark Sanford?

    GOP pulls plug on Sanford campaign after ex-wife takes him to court for trespassing on her property.

    1. Apparently, too stupid to be a colleague of Sheila Jackson Lee.

        1. The people of NOrth and south vietnam agree

    2. Amazing. The guy had a legitimate shot at the White House, once. Weird.

      1. He actually had some legit credentials on economics. Yeah, he had to play the South Carolina so-con, but he was more Jim DeMint than Lindsay Graham.

        But he apparently has little impulse control.

        1. People were desperate for an alternative to Romney. I think he could have won the nomination.

        2. Actually what’s interesting about the whole affair thing is that he did not do the usual playbook. You know:

          “This awful jezbel has tempted me from the righteous path, but with the support of my loving wife, I have cast the harlot out and have returned to hearth and home, and hopefully back into political office.”

          No, he has basically said he loves this other woman, and he has consistently refused to play the “led astray by the evil whore” card. Which I actually kind of respect.

          1. I do too. And just because his bitter ex wife accuses him of something, doesn’t mean it is true.

            1. Bullshit.

              Ex-wives never lie about their Ex-husbands.

              1. Yeah and no one in a divorce has ever accused the other one of criminal actions.

            2. I think she got screwed over pretty badly, so I don’t blame her much for hating his guts. And I doubt she’s just making this up, though you never know.

        3. Just think, if he had cheated on his taxes rather than his wife, he could have been a member of Obama’s cabinet.

          1. I’m trying to imagine what would have happened if he had cheated with Jeri Ryan.

    3. Fuck the GOP

    1. That is the dumbest thing I have read all day. The more I think about it, the more pro life I get. Being pro abortion apparently makes you extremely stupid.

    2. Criminal actions are always the fault of the people surrounding the perpetrator, who was merely a product of their circumstances. That is why when many people are killed, we must restrict our own rights: as punishment for our complicity in the murderer’s actions.

      1. Are you from the UK?

    3. They sound like Holocaust deniers–“Well, if all this stuff was happening, why didn’t the Jews tell anyone about it while it was going on?”

  27. Add the White House to intended recipients of rather literal poison-pen letters.

    That’s ricinism, straight up.

    1. Nice.

    2. +1

      (Hey, how about a comment rating system here?)

  28. what Kyle replied I am shocked that you can get paid $9327 in four weeks on the internet. have you seen this web link

    1. Fuck Kyle, fuck your website and fuck you, Sandra.

      (Is it OK to call a sockpuppet with a female name a cunt? I mean, it’s not really a female, is it?

      1. This is why no female bots are libertarian, you idiot.

      2. In these parts, we use the c-word in purely the British sense.

  29. Watch Patton Oswalt’s epic rant on tomorrow’s parks & rec.

    This and his scenes in Justified, Oswalt is very underrated.

    1. Oswalt’s character on Justified rules. “Drewbacca?!”

      1. He annoyed right up until he became a badass.

        1. Kinda the point. “Everybody underestimates Bob.” and the writers and directors made sure the viewer did, too. Which is why Justified is one of the best written shows on TV.

  30. A-ha-ha… Confusion say: Why arrest correct suspect when you can pin crime on political opponent?


    Reid moving onto internet sales tax bill.

    1. Where’s Tulpa to tell us that this should be praised?

    2. Apportionment will be extra exciting.

    3. how dare you try save money-all your income belongs to the state WE decide how much we give to you


    The war on pain relief continues unabated.

    1. These people deserve an eternity of untreated sciatica.

      1. They really do. Oh my god, some degenerate, who would be doing heroin anyway, might abuse these things. Quick, lets make sure everyone suffers.

        God I hate those people.

    2. “We are in the midst of a prescription drug abuse epidemic, and by requiring anti-abuse mechanisms be included in generic versions of OxyContin, the FDA has prevented the floodgates from being opened further,” said Sen. Charles Schumer, D-N.Y.,

      This asshole is connected to every horrible thing the government does.

      1. Funny, I see as a drug-law epidemic.

  33. Looks like what we got here is carrying a rifle with a license, you looking at jail time boy.

  34. Add the White House to intended recipients of rather literal poison-pen letters.

    Are you sure the ricilin wasn’t sent from the White house in Albuquerque?


  35. “We know Al Qaeda has camps over with the drug cartels on the other side of the Mexican border,” he said in an appearance on C-SPAN, according to the Huffington Post. “We know that people that are now being trained to come in and act like Hispanic [sic] when they are radical Islamists. We know these things are happening. It is just insane not to protect ourselves, to make sure that people come in as most people do … They want the freedoms we have.”

    Gohmert previously criticized birthright citizenship by claiming it would enable pregnant terrorists to come to America, deliver their baby, and raise them as sleeper agents.

    Gohmert – the biggest dumbass in Congress – breaking a tie with Maxine Waters.



      Bushpig, Christfag!!!

      Let it out Shreek. Just let it out.

    2. Sheila Jackson Lee’s people want a word with you.

  36. New Game Captures the Kafkaesque Farce of the Security State:

    You’re basicaly a low level border official in a fictional soviet hellhole. If you do your job right you don’t make enough to feed your family, but if you do your job wrong you risk punishment. Meanwhile you have to deal with ever increasing levels of beuracratic rules which keep making the situation even worse each day.

    1. Now T o n y can live out his statist fantasies!!

      Papers please!:

  37. Was watching C-Span, so there was a live feed of the podium starting well before the scheduled presser. The presser has been delayed. An FBI special agent stepped up and said it was later. I thought I heard him say they were “efforting” the presser (WTF, LOL); anyone else hear that.

    1. One of our military officers should post a Pentagon powerpoint so you can see true gibberish.

      1. Why do you hate America Virginian?

        1. We need more authentic frontier gibberish to preserve our way of life.

      2. Plain language! Only 14 pages!…..02513p.pdf

        1. The DoD Annual Plain Language Compliance Report and DD Form 2960, “DoD Plain Language Compliance,” referred to in section 2 of Enclosure 2 and section 5 of Enclosure 3 of this instruction, have been assigned report control symbol DD-DA&M(A)2523. This is in accordance with the procedures in Directive-type Memorandum 12-004 (Reference (g)) and DoD 8910.1-M (Reference (h)).


          1. Very funny.

          2. Needs more parentheses.

    2. That’s either cutting-edge management jargon, or borderline retardation.

      Possibly both.

      1. *ahem*


  38. “In Texas, an Eagle Scout candidate recorded local cops trying to come up with a convincing reason for stopping and arresting his father for legally carrying a rifle on a hike. See if you can find “rudely displaying” in the Texas statutes

    …and michael yon wrote an enormous rambling piece about a month ago about how the event was staged B.S. by a mentally unstable goofball=


    1. Yeah. But Yon is a goofball. Sorry, but I believe the video until proven otherwise.

      1. Yon was great when he was an on-the-ground reporter. Everything since then has fallen far short of his embed pieces.

        1. Brett L|4.17.13 @ 5:16PM|#

          Yon was great when he was an on-the-ground reporter. Everything since then has fallen far short of his embed pieces.

          read any of his coverage of the violence in Thailand in 2010?


          Dont recall CNN being there.

      2. John|4.17.13 @ 5:09PM|#

        Yeah. But Yon is a goofball.

        Please to provide examples proving ‘goofballness’, other than saying, “people call him that”

        He’s spent how long embedded w/ combat troops? off and on like 8 years? Have you ever read any of his longer stories like his fight over fixing Dustoff/Medivac problems in the military? Name any other ‘journalist’ who’ll say, “General X is a shithead and should be fired” – and who subsequently *is*..?

        You can list some personal gripes about his style or varying popularity with some milbloggers… but the guy is hard to knock for the integrity of his work and his passion for helping the fighting men on the ground

        1. Except he kept getting kicked out of units he embedded with for being an asshole – same reason he got kicked out of the Special Forces.

          1. examples, please. sans citations, you are just perpetuating rumours.

            he got kicked out of sf for killing a guy by accident in a bar fight. i havent heard any moaners from units he was embedded with – just people in PR who didnt like his message

            1. actually, even beating a guy to death didnt get him kicked out


              he may be crazy and weird, but fuck… show me some facts that says the guy hasnt done a great job doing what he’s been doing since war has broken out. he’s a good writer covering great stories. in a world of assholes, he strikes me – regardless of internet detractors – as a dude’s dude who should be remembered as a Great One… like bob capa or hemingway (both assholes). Being an asshole is no reason to dismiss a powerful personality. Fuck man, picasso and miles davis were assholes. At least Yon has his shit screwed straight. which is more than you can say for military leadership or politicians by a long shot. i have yet to see any example of ‘deriliction of duty’ or complete assholery to justify the negative attitude he gets from the milblog crowd.

  39. Oh Goody, this should lead to more CCTV

  40. Austerity based on bad Excel formulas

    And there are a lot of fools defending Krugnuts on there. “BUT HE HAS A NOBEL PRIZE!”

    1. Of course, the biggest booms in history all happened with smaller governments than we have today.

    2. Why does anybody at Gizmodo think they can write an informative piece on economics?

      Oh, wait, it’s Gawker.

    3. Hmm. From the errata on the NEW study:

      (1) The notes to Table 3: “Spreadsheet refers to the spreadsheet error that excluded Australia, Austria, Canada, and Denmark from the analysis.” is corrected to read: “Spreadsheet refers to the spreadsheet error that excluded Australia, Austria, Belgium, Canada, and Denmark from the analysis.”

      (2) Page 13: “Thus, in the highest, above-90-percent public debt/GDP, GDP growth of 4.1 percent per year in the 1950-2009 sample declines to only 2.5 percent per year in the 1980-2009 sample” is corrected to read “Thus, in the lowest, 0?30-percent public debt/GDP, GDP growth of 4.1 percent per year in the 1950?2009 sample declines to only 2.5 percent per year in the 1980?2009 sample.”

      Both of these err in the direction of the headline findings, but would seem to undermine the actual findings. Especially (1) as Canada and Australia both have used resource booms to pay down public debt.

  41. I don’t remember seeing this posted here, so…

    …jackboot thugs raid Kyle “FPSRussia” Myers, find nothing.

    I am a tad suspicious.

    Also, lovely comment from a guy who has over 12K comments on the Athens newspaper:

    So he’s just another one of those guys who likes to hear and see things go boom. Am I the only one who thinks this is a mental illness? Or is it so common among males that it’s considered normal? Well, stupidity is pretty common, too, and I don’t think it’s considered a mental illness so I guess all those men who get off on explosions aren’t considered mentally deranged.

    PS : Speaking of getting off, I suspect this guy is sexually insecure if not outright impotent. If I’m wrong, then he has pervasive feelings of powerlessness for whatever reason. While he is blowing things up making big, bad noises, mentally healthy men are running the show, using their real power, influencing all kinds of things and regularly having a great time in bed.

    P.P.S. : That’s a cool shotgun if it really works.

    Derp. Typical Bulldogs fan.

    1. Projection ain’t just a river in Egypt, am I right?

    2. Hmm, there’s a certain anal stimulation device on this board who lives near Athens?

      1. Oh god, no! I have friends there! I have to warn them!

        1. Tell them to look out for a guy living in a box, with a laptop, and Obama blowup doll and who screams “Bushpig!!” and “Christfag” for no apparent reason.

    3. Or is it so common among males that it’s considered normal?

      Have you ever met a male aged 10 to, say, 65?

      That comment is proof positive that visitors from another planet walk amongst us.

  42. Bethesda has announced that they’re not going to make any more DLC for Skyrim.


    I might have to change my handle.

    1. could be worse….

      they could get bought out by EA!

    2. Well, don’t they need to start working on the next Elder Scrolls game at some point?

      I’m replaying Mass Effect 3 with all of the DLCs. I really like the series and was glad to hear a new one (albeit, non-Shepard) is coming out.

      1. Sure, but it’s not like they have to keep every Skyrim team member on to work on DLCs (and it’s not like game developers stick around long anyway).

        And as someone who started out on the PS3 version and forced myself to overlook it while shelling out more money for the PC version plus DLCs, I feel like I’m owed something. But that’s just wishful thinking.

    3. Only the two? Annoying. This had better be because they’re making Fallout 4.

      1. Where will that be set? Hard to top nuked-out DC as a location.

        1. Honestly, I think the world is getting pretty played out. I’m pretty excited for Wasteland 2, which looks close to what the original, cancelled Fallout 3 was supposed to be.

          1. You’re right, they should set it on the Moon. I seem to recall some reference to a Moon colony in one of the releases of the game.

          2. They should make the game alluded to in the fake paragraphs of the original Wasteland, with the Mars story arc.

      2. Fallout 4 is going to waste so many hours of my time…I can’t wait.

        1. This time, with mini H-bombs!

    4. prolly preppin for TES online

      1. Bethesda isn’t developing TESO, just publishing it.

        That said I do wonder if they are afraid people will be less enthusiastic about TESO if they can still have fun with TESV.

        1. Bethesda did the second KOTOR, didn’t they, as a sublicensee of BioWare’s?

          1. No, AFAICT that was Obsidian, which also did New Vegas.

  43. Was there ever a Vern goes to Washington w/ the subtitle because you can’t spell government without Vern? Well there should be.

  44. Feinstein’s Amendment coming up now. She’s lying her ass off.

    “…Able to shoot big clips, 100+ bullets in each, large velocity guns falling into the hands of grievance killers, juveniles, people mentally disturbed. There will be no background checks, apparently and we have a proliferation of these weapons.”

    Why can’t someone deliver a letter with ricin in it to this asshole?

    1. Because i doubt Ricin would kill her. You can’t kill someone who doesn’t have a soul.

      1. You can’t kill someone who doesn’t have a soul.

        You mean gingers are immortal?

    2. No one is listening to her if that is any comfort to you.



        Let is all out Shreek. The meds will kick in soon.

        1. Your effort will be in vain again, John. By the way, how is President Romney doing?



            No one is feeding you. Just go back to your box.

    3. Some day I’m going to have an aneurism from reading statements like this.

  45. On Morning Joe this morning he was advocating that we ape London and put up a million cameras all around in order to watch EVERYTHING everyone does.

    What an asshat.

    1. Joe’s conservative cred is A+ as a southern Baptist from the Redneck Riviera.

      He says so at least 8-10 times an hour.

      1. Just get it over with now, and defend Obama, on something, because Boosh is worse. Go on, I know you can do it. Then go away.

  46. Sidd Finch’s Bizarre Accusation of Racism Award goes to one Kevin Brock of Waynesville, NC.

    Interesting that Mr. Dougherty, most famously writer for “The American Conservative,” declares “the golden age of baseball” simultaneously with Major League Baseball announcing the creation of a committee to study the decline of African-American players in MLB. Now if he could only un-retire the #42 jersey….

  47. “The IRS now promises that it will respect the Fourth Amendment in its searches through email, but internal records from the agency suggest that it’s been doing nothing of the sort.”

    Congress effectively gave them the authority to search through our email by way of the AUMF, didn’t they?

  48. I know Senators are not rocket scientists(see link to get pun), but you can’t make this stuff up.

    senator-introduce legislation requiring background checks sale explosive powder

    1. In fairness, Lautenberg has been dead for at least five years. Death tends to affect one’s brain functions.

      1. In fairness your pun was very funny, and Lautenberg has been dead for at least five years. Death tends to affect one’s brain functions.

        much better.

        Also you are presuming politicians have a brain to begin with, which was clearly never the case with Lautenberg.

  49. I’ll see your crazy story of the day and raise you this. Teacher defends self from fondling claim by claiming racism. Stay classy, Humble.

    “She doesn’t like to even touch the black children on their hand, she shies away when they try to hug her ? she admitted to being prejudiced,” Blanchard said.

    The complaint stated that Stokes “doesn’t like black students because she was prejudiced” and “has little to no interaction” with her accuser.

    1. All that matters is whether or not she has tenure. The union contract is all that’s important for these fucks.

      1. I’ll say it again for the 10 millionth time.

        Those who can’t, have tenure and over inflated salaries and benefits. Those who can, are called staff.

      2. I’d like tenure as an American citizen. My family’s been here for centuries, after all. Tenured Americans get old-school Constitutional protections, across the board.

  50. How the hell did this get to 350 comments already? All I did was go to the market to get beer and tomatoes and other stuff to make fresh salsa.

    You didn’t wait on me, you bastards!

    1. You put beer in your salsa? Recipe?

      1. Ugh, no, I drink the beer while I’m making the salsa.

    2. Get a job and post from work like the rest of us, hippie.

      1. I was posting from work. Until just now. Why else would I have waited until 4:30 to get beer?, derp!

        1. Keep yammering about your store-bought beer and fresh salsa, hippie.

          1. Ah, I see, troll.

            1. Welcome to the internet.

            2. If I can break character for a minute, I didn’t mean for you to take that seriously, Hyperion. Just engaging in some aggressive teasing over the “fresh salsa” bit–always enjoy reading your posts.

              1. Sorry dude, there is such an outbreak of trolls lately, and I for some reason didn’t recognize your posting name. I guess the derp in on me.

                1. is on me

    3. Did you buy enough for everyone?

      1. Not enough for the troll and the smartass above, but you’re welcome to partake.

  51. 3,484 Americans have been killed by gun violence since #Newtown. 62 of them were children

    1. Citation please, asshole.

        1. Well, that’s a fairly typical number of gun deaths.

          Would you like to hazard a guess as to how many defensive gun uses occurred in the last four months?

        2. Yeah, that site is short on facts and long on conjecture.

          I guess I need to be clearer, so let me restate: Prove it, asshole.

          1. They’ve sourced every stat.

            1. And even if you outlawed them people would just find a way to get illegal guns. Just like prohibition, just like the drug war.

              Troll elsewhere.

            2. How many were suicides? How many were gang-related?

              How many would have been prevented by background checks? [That’s a trick question, the anser is zero].

            3. They’ve sourced every stat.

              Often more than once!

              1. So Slate and the Twitter feed @GunDeaths are collecting data for our crowdsourced interactive.

                Because data-gathering by anecdote via Twitter is completely legitimate sociological methodology.

        3. I think about 2/3rds of gun deaths are suicides.

        4. If you know about a gun death in your community that isn’t represented here, please tweet @GunDeaths with a citation.

          Does drowning by Super Soaker count?

      1. The average number of gun homicides per year in America is around 10,000, so that’s probably accurate. What it has to do with anything, I couldn’t tell you.

        1. And that’s acceptable to you?
          You’re sick.

          1. We’re just hoping you’re the next victim.

            1. I always expected you to be more of a “To the pain” type Epi.

              1. Not in the case where their screams would be even more annoying than what they type. Best end it quickly.

          2. Acceptable? In a vacuum, no. In the context of the world we live in, perhaps.

            We certainly don’t accept each murder as a good thing, we simply accept that these things happen.

            How many of those homicides were justified? I enthusiastically accept those compared to the alternative.

          3. How many of the victims were armed?

          4. I don’t see you weeping over the people killed in auto accidents every year, you SWPL loser.

          5. Every year around 3.5 million crimes are prevented by citizens defending themselves with guns. In about a quarter of those cases the citizens say they are certain they would have been killed or seriously injured if they did not have a gun to defend themselves with. Another quarter said they were fairly sure.

            So Guy….you would have around a million and a half people killed or injured to save 10,000.

            Who did you say was sick?

        2. I wonder how many of the shooters were blacks. If history is any indication, probably over half. BTW, isn’t it time to have more immigration?

    2. How did you get those numbers?

    3. 3,484 Americans have been killed by gun violence since #Newtown. 62 of them were children

      Well that’s it then, we have to ban children, now. We can’t afford to wait.

  52. Feinstein just got kicked square in the balls 40-60.

    Good, fuck her!

    Now Schumer is saying if a soldier gets behind on his bills, he deserves to have his 2A rights taken away.

    1. That’ll be the new angle–make everyone a felon.

    2. Is Schumtitties going to do the taking away?

  53. Poor sportsmanship?

    A wrenching national search for solutions to the violence that left 20 children dead in Newtown, Conn., in December all but ended Wednesday after the Senate defeated several gun-related measures.

    In rapid succession, a bipartisan compromise to expand background checks for would-be gun purchasers, a ban on assault weapons and a ban on high-capacity gun magazines all failed to get the 60 votes needed under an agreement both parties had reached to consider the amendments.


    Among those looking on from the gallery, Lori Haas, whose daughter was shot at Virginia Tech, and Patricia Maisch, a survivor of the mass shooting in Tucson, shouted, “Shame on you.” Vice President Joseph R. Biden Jr., who presided over the votes, then asked for decorum.

    “They need to be ashamed of themselves,” Ms. Maisch said as she was being escorted from the Capitol. “They have no souls. They have no compassion.”

    Former Representative Gabrielle Giffords, who was severely injured in the Tucson shooting, wrote in a Twitter message: “Senate ignored will of the people & rejected background checks. Im not giving up. Constituents will know they obeyed gun lobby and not them.”

    Democracy is awesome, except when your side loses.

    1. Seriously. You know one of the top guys in Students for Concealed Carry on Campus a few years back was a VT student who sat in a classroom listening to gunshots and screams and wishing he was armed.

      Wonder why the media never interviews him?

    2. At least Gabby Giffords had the courtesy to tweet her response rather than take the 10 minutes it would have taken to get it out of her mouth.

      1. Her husband probably typed it in for her.

    3. And the will of the people is clearly that we get to own guns. It’s in that paper thingee in the National Archives.

      1. And of course, like I had explained to my wife, when all of this shit started up after Sandy Hook, it’s going to be prove particularly difficult to take all the guns away from American, because, well, we have lots of guns, and we have been proven to be especially ornery sons o bitches when pushed too far.

        1. We’re not quite dead yet. Not like our friends in Great Britain.

          1. Or north of the border

            1. They’re nowhere near as bad as the British. It’s really distressing to see the trend, which is certainly happening here, too.

    4. Senate ignored will of the people & rejected background checks. Im not giving up. Constituents will know they obeyed gun lobby and not them.”

      Sorry but my rights are not subject to the whims of the “will of the people”.

    5. No, when they win, it’s democracy. When they lose it’s evil corporashuns and sheshul intrests. SHTW?

    6. “They need to be ashamed of themselves,” Ms. Maisch said as she was being escorted from the Capitol. “They have no souls. They have no compassion.”

      We have suffered, and we have good intentions, ergo those who disagree with us are evil, soulless human beings.

      Works for me.

      1. You forgot rule number 1 of the Democratic Party: If something bad happens to someone, they get magical powers of omniscience. Hence, if you’ve ever seriously suffered, you can never be wrong.

      2. I’m so tired of that shit. I’m as upset as anyone not personally connected to these incidents can be, but my first thought isn’t to take rights away from millions because a few are fucking evil and insane.

        1. But we have to DO SOMETHING!!1!

          1. If only we could move away from this idea that government compulsion is the only possible solution to problems, we might actually start, you know, solving problems.

            There are all sorts of things people could do, in cooperation, that would help reduce gun violence and other societal ills. But I guess it’s just too satisfying to enact pointless, liberty-reducing, government-expanding laws, rather than actually helping people or saving lives.

        2. Well, that’s because you’re soulless and have no compassion.

          To be fair to these poor people who have lost children, there’s no reasoning with grief. I’ve seen plenty of people who threaten to sue or kill doctors after their spouses pass away, and there’s not much you can say to assuage them without looking and feeling like an asshole. The only real way to deal with them is by expressing sincere sympathy, letting them vent without sneering at them or judging them, and then returning to the arguments at hand; I came away from this latest push for registration & disarmament with the strong impression that Cruz and Paul are hugely competent in this aspect of the political calculus.

          1. I have nothing but sympathy and understanding for the victims and their families. If they want to crusade against, well, anything, I understand. But the rest of us can keep our heads and do the right thing.

  54. Obama is throwing an epic hissy fit in his gun-control fail presser.


      1. That’s nice.

      2. Ha, good. Their tears are so yummy and sweet.

        1. Quit bogarting that shit.

          1. You’re asking Epi to share a precious resource? You’d better have skanks to trade, he ain’t giving it up for free.

            1. All I have to offer is STEVE SMITH.

              1. …ummm why do you have a tradeable amount of STEVE SMITH lying around the house. That seems like a poor life choice.

                1. I have him on call.

                  1. And what are his retainer fees?

                    1. If he doesn’t want me to release the rest of the Bigfoot video he’ll do what I say.

        2. Quit bogarting that shit.

      3. And this matters because

      4. CRY ME A RIVER

    2. He can go shit in his golf bag.

      1. There’s a Reggie Love joke in there somewhere.

  55. Those who proclaim that we will have a land without racism if only Americans would give up our sense of nationhood are like those who say we will have a world of peace if only we would give up our guns.

  56. Burr Amendment failed as well. I guess it isn’t gonna take a judge to arbitrarily take someone’s rights away.

  57. Obama/Kerry will not recognize the Venezuela election outcome….

    1. It’s gonna be a shitstorm there. Especially if the poor (young) people find out how massively wealthy the Chavez family has become in the pursuit of “Bolivarian socialism.”

  58. Blumenthal now saying 10-round magazines only purpose is to kill.

    He has 2 minutes, which should have been enough time for him to have dragged a child’s body into the well and stand on it. I wonder why he didn’t?

  59. Obama is on TV crying his wittle eyes out over the gun grab failure, Bwahahahhhaaaahahahaaa!!!!

    1. ‘All this to satisfy the extreme minority of gun owners.’

      I think Obamey forgot the commie playbook and to move to the center like Slick Willy. This could be the asshat who finally destroys the progressive dream, forever.

  60. Next on the NRA Agenda: everyone must carry a bomb

    1. I think you’re a sock puppet, but I hope you’re not. Your salty tears sustain me.

      1. Come on Irish, Guy LaGay has a point. Those pressure cooker bombs were only possible because of magazines with more than 7 round capacity.

        And didn’t you read CNN earlier? Pressure cookers are a signature of right wing extremist. Why, people in my neighborhood get blown up by those every week, and there’s always a right wing extremist involved.

        1. Well, my mom used to use pressure cookers to make green beans. And the Colonel used them to make fried chicken. So pressure cookers are associated with Southern cuisine, which means they’re Nazis.

          1. Come to think of it, most of the women whom I’ve known to use a pressure-cooker were members of the United Daughters of the Confederacy. Apparently the neo-Confederates have been flaunting their penchant for micro-aggressive racism for the past fifty years by using bomb-making parts in their preparation of beans, chicken, and rump roasts.

            1. I can’t refute anything you said. I happen to know that my mom is descended from slaveowners.

              1. Quiet dude, don’t you know that the progs are saying that anyone whose ancestors have ever owned a slave, need to pay reparations to the family of the slaves? I’m not making this shit up.

                1. Well, I’m sure that all of us are descended from slaves at some point. Slavery has been common in human history.

                  In other words, I want mine, too.

                  1. Yeah, but according to the progs, it’s only us whitey slave owner descendants, in Murika, that this applies to.

                    All the other slaves owners in history, only did so, out of empathy for those whom they enslaved.

    2. Dude, the NRA sucks ass. They rolled the last time on the AWB and routinely side with “sensible restrictions”. Please direct your rage in the right place next time.

      1. They didn’t roll this time though. As the Fudds become less and less of a force, and the modern gun owners become more and more active, the NRA gets better and better.

        1. They’re stepping in the right direction because Obama is in the WH. I didn’t see them doing shit post-9/11 when Bush was in office. And where were they on McDonald and Heller?

          Better late than never, I guess, but I’m still suspicious.

          1. Threadjack:

            Has anyone posted anything today about the passing of Pat Summerall? This morning while making breakfast, I heard the news on the NFL network and shed me a tear or two.

            1. Why? He was 82. It was pretty much expected.

              1. Why not?

                He was an iconic cultural phenom. He was a better straight to Madden than Dean Martin was to Lewis.

                1. He was a sportscaster. He had a good voice. But he was long retired, and he was 82, so it’s not like his death deprived the world of many future contributions. It’s not even particularly sad.

          2. Well they filed amicus briefs as I recall….and then people got butthurt because they saw it as the NRA trying to steal credit from the SAF.

            Look their primary function is and always has been recreation and education. Which is where we win, because guns are fun. The only way you can be antigun is being ignorant of them. The more people we educate, the more people who go out with us and pop off a few rounds, the more votes we have against gun control. What does the Brady Bunch do for fun? Sit around and talk about anti-gun shit? Go out and scowl at the people having a good time at the range?

            Basically, I figure guns are like gays: They seem a lot more sinister and threatening until you get to know a few; and once you have one in the house, you can get downright defensive about them. -Instapundit

      2. I don’t know if I can ever forgive them over Brady. But, I am willing to give them a chance.

    3. Dude, poor form. The next bogeyman you are supposed to spout in a spittle soaked rant is BAZOOKAS!

      Get with the program. Sheesh.


    Let me know when they start flinging themselves from the battlements.
    I’ll turn on C-span and watch.

    1. Delicious proglodyte tears! It’s a monsoon! Man your tear barrels!

  62. New handle, fuck Bethesda.

    1. WTF? You don’t like Skyrim?

      Or Fallout 3, or New Vegas?

      Denier! Blasphemer!

      1. See above. No more DLC.

        I haven’t played any of their other games.

        1. It’s difficult to follow these thread, with no sorting, and comments coming so quickly. But I assume now you are talking about no more DLCs for Skyrim?

            1. Yeah, but there’s enough Skyrim to play. I’m only on my 2nd run through the original release, with about 8G of HD textures installed, and some other mods. I wasted 90+ hours of my life on it the first time through, and haven’t even downloaded any DLCs yet.

            2. At the rate I’m going, by the time I finish my first runthrough, the next Elder Scrolls will be out.

    2. Though you plebes are still to refer to me, your better, as Thane.

  63. Bloomberg: “Today’s vote is a damning indictment of the stranglehold that special interests have on Washington,” Bloomberg said. “More than 40 U.S. senators would rather turn their backs on the 90 percent of Americans who support comprehensive background checks than buck the increasingly extremist wing of the gun lobby.”

    1. Money of a group with millions of members = evil.
      Money of a single billionaire = good.

    2. Bloomberg spends more money on pro-gun control initiatives than the NRA spends period. Bloomberg tried to buy gun control and he failed. Good.

    3. Guess he should have spent more of his own money to buy an extra vote or two.

    4. A majority of Americans wants legal immigration to be reduced. But it only matters when they agree with you, right?

      1. According to whom, dumbass?

    5. “…and I bet the same number of Senators would rather consign a generation of children to the machinations of the soft-drink lobby than enact common-sense restrictions on how big of a cup of soda you can get.

      “Just because I’m a useless Yankee meddler with a microscopic organ of generation, you people think you can ignore my commands. But I will be back, yes I will!”

    6. Why does it matter what the totalitarian elf thinks?

  64. my first thought isn’t to take rights away from millions because a few are fucking evil and insane.

    Collective punishment, dude. You just grab a few (million) random people and put them in the gibbets, as an illustration of your devotion to your cause.

    1. maybe another 25 dead children will change their mind

      1. What does the body count in Chicago from last night have to do with anything?

      2. You must be new here.


        1. You know who else didn’t want to talk about Gosnell?

          FTA: Obama told NBC’s Today show that he’s familiar with the charges against Kermit Gosnell, but “I can’t comment on it because it’s an active trial.”

          Yeah, he never commented on the Trayvon Martin shooting? Or the Harvard cops that “acted stupidly”.

          He’s despicable.

      3. Because the only way to kill 5 year olds is with a gun. Let me tell you something little boy: If an adult wants to murder a five year old, the only thing that will stop him is another adult who is stronger.

        Even assuming you wave a magic wand and make all the guns vanish, a young man like Lanza could still have walked into that room, slammed a bat into the teacher’s head, and do exactly what he did.

        The problem is not with guns, the problem is that there are crazy people in the world. Laws are not magic, and will not make crazy people go away.

      4. That sounds like a threat. You should probably be reported. And locked up. You know, for the children.

      5. Fingers crossed, eh, Guy? You worthless ghoul.

  65. I tried to tell you fools that this was all political theater. Obama will feign hurt to his prog base and the GOP will go out hat in hand to fundraise for their next war boner.

    1. You also claimed Obama was pro-gun.

      Go play in your own shit, dumbass.

      1. He is pro-gun just as much as Toomey is. Wanting background checks does not make you anti-gun.

        (for the record I am for the free market of drugs, pussy, and guns – NO CHECKS)

        1. It depends on the the level of background checks. The one that exists right fucking now is too intrusive. Immigration status? Drug use? Fuck that. None of that has any bearing on my 2nd Amendment rights.

          1. Fine, that is a 2A issue.

            Do immigrants illegally in the USA have the RKBA?

            I would say yes due to their rights as persons. But their illegal status might change that per the SCOTUS.

        2. Toomey, at best, is an opportunistic cunt. Obama is a card-carrying cultural bigot who wanted a lot more than just background checks — he was entirely on board with the Scary Black Rifle Ban (and in fact lied his ass off about a machinegun getting used at Sandy Hook), magazine size limits, and so forth.

          I know you eagerly slurp up every droplet of jism that spills from your Chocolate Jesus’ cock, but give it a rest, will you?

          1. There are probably interracial gay porn sites you might enjoy.

            1. Hey now, you can’t just toss people over to team gay. We have an exacting vetting process. There should be a link for the application provided at the bottom of any of the finer purveyors of interracial gay porn though.

    2. Yeah, a lame duck candidate is playing to his prog base over an issue that will do nothing but mobilize support against his party in the midterm elections.

      If this is Obama’s idea of political theater, he’s even dumber than you are.

    3. So, you are saying that Obama would not have signed a bill, no matter how restrictive of the 2nd?

      You’re pretty ignorant, if you expect that anyone here believes that.

      1. No, he wants to restrict ownership to law abiding sane people.

        Personally, I see problems in that. But pols don’t think about those problems.

        1. Shrike, what’s your evidence that Obama is pro-gun, anyway?

          1. The voices in his head say he is.

        2. No, he wants to restrict ownership to law abiding sane people.

          And he wants the state to decide who those people are.

          There is no fucking law in the USA to abide by. It’s all selective. In a nation of law, you cannot have so many laws that no one understands them, or can even go about their daily business, without breaking them. You cannot take away peoples constitutionally guaranteed rights, forever(see Brady bill, see no fly lists, see people getting fired from jobs in finance for shoplifting 30 years ago).

          That is not law or justice, that is tyranny.

          The US federal government and judicial system is completely out of control of the people.

          Keep supporting the tyrants, including your hero, Obama, libertarian(I included that for extra humor)

  66. “Today’s vote is a damning indictment of the stranglehold that special interests have on Washington,”

    Did he stamp his tiny little feet as he said that?
    “Special in terest outside m oney is bad when I lose, boohoohoo.”

  67. President Barack Obama blamed a gun lobby that “willfully lied” and senators who “caved to the pressure” for the Senate’s defeat Wednesday of a bill to expand background checks.

    “This was a pretty shameful day for Washington, but this effort is not over,” Obama said in the Rose Garden at the White House, joined by families of Newtown shooting victims and former Rep. Gabby Giffords, as well as Vice President Joe Biden.

    Obama blasted the Senate’s rejection of a bipartisan Manchin-Toomey amendment-itself a compromise on just one portion of the comprehensive gun control package he called for after Newtown-but he urged people to carry on the fight.

    Calling Wednesday’s actions “just round one,” Obama pledged his administration would take further action wherever possible, but said that it was up to voters to show politicians the consequences of voting against the amendment.

    “I believe we are going to get this done,” Obama said. “Sooner or later, we are going to get this right.”

  68. And the lies keep on comming.

    . We must resist letting our hope for immediate answers trick us into thinking we know more than we do. Innocent people get hurt when you do that.
    So far, the only people I’ve seen floating information they don’t actually have are on the right,

    1. Their motives are obvious here, and I’m glad to see that liberals are falling into the same trap.

      Freudian slip?

      1. Holy shit. Marcotte just told the truth. Mark this day on the calender.

  69. Matt Yglesias says stupid things about pizza. Back when I was eating gluten, there were a lot of good pizza places. But my wife’s homemade was always better. Now that we’re gluten-free her offerings are better by far than the commercial substitutes – there’s some recipe for a tapioca flour and Parmesan that’s actually good in its own right rather than merely an acceptable substitute.

    1. I agree with Yglesias for once. there is a reason no one is offering money for your wife’s pie.

      1. The biggest reason is that it’s not being offered for sale or advertised…

    2. As I said there, a Boboli crust + pizza stone + your own toppings = something far better and cheaper than most restaurant pizzas. Yes, you’ll get a better crust if you make it from scratch and have a super-hot oven, but the extra time and expense does not seem worth it to me. If I want a gourmet pizza, I’ll go out for one. (When in San Francisco, try Gialina’s near the Glen Park BART station.)

      1. What extra expense? Pizza crust is about fifty cents’ worth of flour and yeast plus a quarter’s worth of olive oil and some tap water. If you want to get super fancy you can put a stone tile from Home Depot in your oven, but that’s far from necessary. You can still come out ahead depending on the toppings you choose.

        The draw of restaurants for us these days is the service. Too often we get a meal out and leave convinced we could do it better for ourselves for a minuscule fraction of the price. No, we could probably not do it as a business for a lot of reasons (chief among which is the scale and the grinding pressure of running a restaurant), but on average the wife can replicate or exceed restaurant quality.

        Is Gialina’s GF? We’re actually moving to Monterey in a month and a half.

        1. I love Monterey, I haven’t spent a ton of time there recently. I grew up in Santa Cruz.

          1. I’m looking forward to it on balance, mostly because I can claim residency in a tax haven state.

        2. The expense is getting a dedicated pizza oven, or outfitting your Weber grill as one. The time is making your own dough.

          Gialina’s is not gluten-free, I’m afraid.

          1. The active prep time is all of ten minutes, and the equipment is not required. If you feel you must have an oven in excess of 500 degrees a normal propane grill will serve simply by laying some tin foil on the grill.

            If you’re not interested in doing it, then you’re not interested. But neither the time nor the money requirements are onerous, so don’t fool yourself that way.

            1. We have different opinions of the cost/benefit ratio on this.

          2. Artisan Bread in 5 minutes a day has a solid recipe for pizza dough. It can also be used to make zataar which is AMAZEBALLS. You mix the dough the day before you need it and it can be used at any time over the next two weeks. My oven’s internal temp is off by 20 degrees so I can’t get to 500, which makes me sad, but it hasn’t stopped my coworkers from getting fat on bread or having made some very tasty pizzas. Like Xenocles says it’s a matter of personal taste, but I find it often worth it. Then again when I couldn’t find a decent loaf for french toast I learned how to make a basic brioche, so your mileage will definitely vary.

            1. It’s a great book for bread.

    3. I dont remember where or the exact number, but I did see where the majority of people who are allergic to gluten are self-diagnosed.

      Apparently, not having to worry about hunger or wolves, the human mind makes up for it by worrying about bullshit….especially if that bullshit helps it to wallow in self absorption.

      1. I dont remember where or the exact number, but I did see where the majority of people who are allergic to gluten are self-diagnosed.

        It’s actually become quite a problem for the actual gluten intolerant. This massive new market appears, and new players without the same quality control show up. Since most of these people aren’t actually intolerent, it can lead to some really bad times for the actual gluten intolerant people who used to be able to trust the labels.

      2. This is my first thought whenever I hear the words “Gluten free.”

      3. The problem is much broader than allergy. There are people who are intolerant that don’t register on allergy tests. My wife will exhibit symptoms of drunkenness with gluten. I avoid it based on the research that suggests it rips up the intestine in most people.

      4. Dude, I have severe allergies to anything with gluten in it. I had to stop drinking anything but gluten free beer months ago, and even a little bread gives me unbearable acid reflux, among other symptoms.

        Hate to tell you, but the gluten thing is real. I know several other people who have the same problem.

        The placebo effect does not last for months, and is only subtle. If it did last for months and was not subtle, we could all just self medicate by will of mind.

        My wife for some reason, wants me to go in for tests to prove it. But she is a big believer in todays physicians, and I’m not. We are one primitive fucking tribe, barely more advanced than bloodlettings to cure diseases.

        1. Tell your wife that some of the tests won’t even be accurate unless you eat a lot of the stuff for a month in advance. And even then there’s no test for forms of intolerance that aren’t allergies or Celiac disease.

          It shouldn’t be much of a stretch for followers of Hayek and Bastiat that perhaps we don’t know all that much about the complexities of the human body.

          1. I try to tell her, Xenocles, but you know, she’s stubborn as hell, like most wimins folk.

            But I know what I know, and I’m damn happy that I have a friend with gluten intolerance, who alerted me about my symptoms, and I now have no reflux(I was taking omeprazole by the truck loads, and also Benadryl, because of my constant severe allergies. Also, 3 day hangovers from drinking beer.)

            All of that has cleared up now, works for me.

    4. Do you have a link to this recipe? I don’t have problems with gluten but it’s a growing problem on one side of my family. I like to have interesting alternatives for them besides steak and salad, no crutons.

      1. Here you go. I suggest you avoid using parchment. My wife forgot the lesson of Fahrenheit 451 one time…

        You might also check the GF recipe in “Artisan Flatbread in Five Minutes a Day.” A prebake of five minutes is recommended if you go with that.

      2. Just a few words here Jesse, for your family if they have this issue. I suffered with it for years before I knew what it was.

        Every damn test I had for allergies and reflux, always came down to the latest greatest drug that the pharms were pushing.

        Here’s my rules:

        Omission Pale Ale.

        Estrella Damn Daura.

        No fucking beer with gluten, or bread, or pasta, or cakes, or pies.

        I’m being serious.

        Oh, and if you develop enough of a problem with gluten, you’ll get severe reflux from eating any type of wheat based stuff, like I mentioned above, and a three day hangover from drinking wheat beer. And that’s the minor issues that you will eventually face.

        1. You might try some of the drier ciders. Crispin is an outstanding brand.

          1. Thanks for the tip.

            Haven’t tried that one yet, but I have seen it under the gluten free sections of my fav liquor stores.

            I’ve tried all of the sorghum based beers, and I don’t like any of them.

            My 2 fav beers now are Estrella Damn Daura, and Omission Pale Ale. Both of those have had the problem gluten protein broken down by a process at the end of the brewing cycle. I hope that this is within reach of a home brewer, because I’d really like to create my own.

            Estella is a Spanish brewer, and I would rate the Daura somewhere between Bud and Stella. Closer to Stella, it does taste pretty good.

            The Omission is made by Widmer Bros and the Pale Ale is excellent, and will stand up to any Pale Ale available, in quality.

            1. Quick note on the cider: Crispin makes one with molasses that is a bust IMO, but the rest are great.

        2. For a number of reasons, I’m glad I’m adopted. Although my biological family is prone to microcolitis and crohns (and we’re not even Jewish!), which respond well to no sugar/low starch/no gluten diets, so it might be in my future anyway.

          1. I’ve heard that people who go on no-gluten diets will eventually lose all ability to deal with it, so it’s a one-way trip.

            1. My grandmother did a really strict no gluten diet for approximately 6 years for stomach problems. She was later mis-diagnosed with something and had to do a low-residue diet, which is essentially high starch no fiber, so then she was REQUIRED to eat mostly bread and potatoes. She handled it very well.

              There’s a lot of conflicting science on some of this stuff right now, I guess some new research is indicating that avoidance can make an allergy worse. Other research has indicated that we’ll be able to train the body to not see certain proteins as foreign by binding them to immune cells and re-injecting them into the body, so I don’t have hard answers on it, just anecdotal evidence.

  70. Dude seems to be talking all kinds of smack!

    1. As my wifes husband suggested to my dog, you are late.

  71. A law enforcement source has confirmed to POLITICO that Kenneth Curtis has been arrested in the investigation of a ricin-laced letter sent to President Barack Obama and Sen. Roger Wicker (R-Miss.).

    ABC and CNN had previously reported that the letters to Obama and Wicker were signed: “I am KC and I approve this message.”

    What’s the frequency?

    (And meanwhile, Kansas City gets away with it.)

  72. The sources identified the person as a man wearing a white baseball cap. One of the sources added that the cap was on backwards and the man was also wearing a light-colored hooded sweatshirt and a black jacket. The second source said investigators have not identified this person.

    Crap, a militant hipster ironically blew up the Boston marathon with artisnal explosives.

  73. Props to the Eagle Scout. The more people who are recording cops (I see people recording me all the time) and the more cops who are recording their encounters themselves the better. It’s part of an open govt. and it helps protect good cops from bogus complaints and helps protect society from bad cops. Win/win

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