A.M. Links: FBI Asking for Clues on Boston Bombing, Arizona Legislature Requires Cities to Sell Guns They "Buy Back," Cyprus to Sell Gold Reserves


  • the government could skip the middle man and just burn the money
    Youth Radio/Foter.com

    The FBI appears to be stumped by the Boston bombing, asking the public for any clues they may have. The Department of Homeland Security, meanwhile, says there's no evidence of a broader bombing plot.

  • An envelope addressed to Senator Roger Wicker tested positive for ricin at a congressional mail facility.
  • The Arizona legislature approved a bill mandating local governments that operate gun buy back programs sell the guns they acquire instead of melting them down and wasting taxpayer money.
  • Mark Sanford, who resigned the governorship of South Carolina over an extramarital affair with an Argentine journalist and is now running against Stephen Colbert's sister for the congressional seat vacated by Tim Scott, must appear in court later this week for allegedly trespassing on his ex-wife's property.
  • The government of Cyprus will be selling a portion of its gold reserves to raise money to secure an EU/IMF bailout.
  • Two rockets were lobbed into southern Israel, apparently from the Egypt-controlled Sinai.
  • Margaret Thatcher's funeral is today.

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