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WI Bill Would Let Property Owners Sue Over Alleged Damage From Wind Turbines

Somebody doesn't like the things


MADISON – A state lawmaker who has stood at the forefront in the fight in what he asserts to be the real and present dangers of wind turbines on Tuesday plans to introduce a bill giving harmed property owners living next to the massive towers the right to sue for damages.

Sen. Frank Lasee, R-De Pere, says his bill would enable anyone who is harmed by 500-foot industrial wind turbines the ability to sue the wind tower owner as well as the owner of the land on which the tower is located. Plaintiffs would be able to seek damages for the loss of property value, cost of moving, medical expenses, pain and suffering, attorney fees, and any other loss as a result of the industrial wind turbine that is "too close to their home or property," the senator noted in a statement.

The legislation would apply whether or not the wind tower was legally sited, Lasee said.