Boston Marathon Bombing

Three Lessons from the Boston Bombing Coverage

...and from every other time a terrible story is developing.


As soon as those two explosions tore through the Boston Marathon yesterday, dubious rumors and other false reports started surfacing in the press and in social media. So here's three tips for following stories like this one—lessons to keep in mind not just as events in Boston unfold, but the next time something this terrible happens.

1. People will find clues everywhere. Most of these will not actually be clues. When individuals enter an apocalyptic frame of mind, the historian Richard Landes has written, "everything quickens, enlightens, coheres. They become semiotically aroused—everything has meaning, patterns." And bombings tend to put people into an apocalyptic frame of mind. We go on edge, alert for aftershocks. Events that we ordinarily might ignore suddenly seem to fit a scary pattern. Everything becomes a clue.

This is completely understandable, even welcome. It may well turn up an unexploded device or a tip that helps uncover the perps. But mostly it will lead to false alarms. We learned that most forcefully right after 9/11, when anything from an oddly lumpy package to some spilled coffee creamer could be mistaken for a doomsday device. But we're learning it all over again now, when—to take the most prominent example—a fire at a library far from the scene of the explosions was identified, apparently inaccurately, as bomb number three. Similarly, The Wall Street Journal briefly reported Monday night that officials had found five undetonated explosives, then had to issue an update: "closer examinations led them to doubt that they were bombs." And that's just the stories that made it into the national press.

Whenever something large and horrible happens, rumors start flying, especially on the first day. Some of those rumors will be reported as fact. Stay skeptical.

2. The initial speculations will be useless. When the press trades in news, you have to carefully sort the well-sourced stories from the less credible ones. When it trades in speculation, on the other hand, you should feel free to ignore everything for 24 hours, if not longer. Chances are small that you'll learn anything, unless you're itching for a lesson in confirmation bias.

The two most infamous terrorist attacks on American soil are the Oklahoma City bombing of 1995 and the 9/11 assaults of 2001. And so, naturally, people have rushed to assume that we were dealing with either the second coming of Timothy McVeigh or the second coming of Osama bin Laden. If they have a worldview where right-wing extremists are especially frightening, they might point out portentously that the explosions occured on Tax Day and Patriots' Day; if they have a worldview centered around the fear of Islam, they find reasons to assume that Muslims must be responsible. Observers with more outré outlooks reached for more unusual narratives, as when Alex Jones, the Illuminati-sniffing talk show host, tweeted that the atrocity "stinks" of a false flag attack. (Evidently they have a special smell.) Jones came in for a lot of mockery, as well he should. But none of these people knew what they were talking about.

As I write, no one has claimed responsibility for the blasts. The police, meanwhile, are keeping their suspicions close to the vest. This could turn out to be a right-wing or Islamist attack, but it could easily turn out to be something completely different. A movement doesn't need to be big or famous to commit murder. It doesn't even need to have a membership larger than a single disgruntled asshole. The history of domestic terrorism is filled with figures like George Metesky, the generator wiper who was injured in a boiler explosion and denied workman's compensation, and who then spent 16 years planting bombs around New York to get his revenge. For now I have no idea who committed this crime and, more to the point, neither do any of the alleged experts speculating on television.

3. Don't panic. Movies and TV shows have given us a deeply misleading picture of how people behave after incidents like this, one where the folks at the scene of the crime lose their minds while those who have the benefit of distance keep a steady head. This is backwards. Sociologists have shown that people tend to behave very admirably under the pressure of a disaster; panic and anti-social behavior are fairly rare. We saw that pattern play out again in Boston, from the bystanders who instantly rushed toward the blasts to help the injured to the locals who opened their homes to stranded strangers. Sure, Bostonians are on edge. Sure, they'll report a lot of suspicious packages that turn out to be harmless. But that's just an understandable dose of caution. If anyone's prone to panicking, it's us folks far from the scene.

So step back. Don't believe every scary report you hear, especially when the story is first breaking. Don't start imagining that the horror in Boston is about to replicate itself in your backyard. And no matter how terrible the images on your TV or laptop screen might be, don't assume the world is going to hell. Terror attacks aren't getting worse; these events are awful, but thankfully they're also rare. Reporters aren't getting worse; in the fog of breaking news, some of them have always made these mistakes. Even the conspiracy theorists aren't getting worse. When a man tried to assassinate Andrew Jackson in 1835, an anti-Jackson newspaper accused the president of staging a false flag attack. Human beings haven't changed all that dramatically in the two centuries since then.

Above all, people aren't getting worse. I don't know what monsters were behind these bombings. I do know that anyone involved in planning them is outnumbered overwhelmingly by the people who responded so ably in the aftermath, rescuing and healing the injured. The world isn't going to hell. It just stumbles into hell sometimes, and then it recovers.

NEXT: Report: U.S. Tortured Prisoners After 9/11

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  1. Fuck you Peter King.

    Take your surveillance state somewhere else.


    1. Of all government officials, Peter King seems to be the one that would most welcome the world of Orwell’s 1984.

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    2. As much as I hate NY Democrats, NY Republicans might be worse.

    3. He’s Rudy Giuliani’s D.C mouthpiece.

      1. But Giulliani is at least intelligent. King is loathsome but then tries to make up for it by being a moron.

  2. My rule when a large, destructive event like this happens is to ignore all news for about 24 hours. Let the stupidity filter itself out. Okay, most of the stupidity.

    1. This is generally my take as well, although I occasionall succumb to mild speculation.

    2. 24 hours? That’s not enough time for the media to construct a “narrative”!

    3. it’s a good rule only when everyone else subscribes to it, too. Otherwise, the stupid gets 24 hours to percolate as speculation fills the knowledge void.

    4. Really? I always felt like it gets worse as time goes on and the scumbags really get a chance to formulate how they plan to exploit it.

    5. Or archive it. The news that comes out in the first 24 hours often proves inaccurate, but has the advantage of being less filtered by the official narrative.

  3. Obviously, what matters is whether you can spin it to damage your political adversaries and advance your own agenda.

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  4. My rule when a large, destructive event like this happens is to ignore all news for about 24 hours.

    I try to go at least 72.

    The first wave of reporting is worse than merely wrong.

    1. The first wave of reporting is worse than merely wrong.

      Taking the lesson from Columbine, I find it can take months.
      Hell, look at Katrina. Did the reporters ever get the Superdome story straight?

      1. To this day there are probably some people who believe that people were resorting to cannibalism within 48 hours of the hurricane hitting. Despite the fact that there was no way anyone could possibly know that.

    2. It didn’t stop at least one philly station from flying in a newsbabe and camera dude to stand in the dark in Boston and pontificate about all the “near misses” a few philly folk had.
      I’m sure other city channels flew in their people too to get in the way, wax emotional, and stir up fear.

  5. I hate Peter King like I hate Ghouliani.

    A LOT.

  6. Sociologists have shown that people tend to behave very admirably under the pressure of a disaster;

    Well, that obviously happens because the people are guided by the benevolent hand of government, for without which, Somalian anarchy would spread across the land.

  7. This Saudi national looks very interesting as a person of interest. “Reason” magazine always covers up for Islamic terrorism. Maybe the title of the magazine should be changed from “Reason” to Cognitive Dissonnce.

    “There’s no need to fear. Underzog is here!”

    1. Richard Jewell.

      1. Being from northeast Georgia, I immediately thought of Eric Rudolph, the man who actually committed the Atlanta Olympics bombing, along with a couple of clinic bombings. He didn’t really take a direct approach to drawing attention to himself, either. I expect to hear yesterday’s bombing is a similar situation, but I won’t pretend to know before it’s convincingly established.

        Jewell happens to be back in law enforcement now. I’m not quite sure if he’s with the Pendergrass or Arcade police departments, but that whole stretch of US 129 is a speed trap, anyway, so if you see 45mph signs on divided highway, you’d better mind them.

        1. Unless there’s a police force in heaven, Jewell is most decidely not in law enforcement now, having died in 2007.

          1. You’re right, I forgot about that. Arcade remains a speed trap, though.

        2. Jewell happens to be back in law enforcement now

          That’s pretty impressive for a dead man.

          Richard A. Jewell (December 17, 1962 ? August 29, 2007)

          1. I forgot, and it doesn’t seem like so long ago, not that I was keeping up with the guy.

          2. Probably still getting paid

    2. “There’s no need to fear. Underzog is here!”

      Oh, good. I was worried there for a moment. Weirdo.

    3. Since when do jihadists not claim credit for their attacks?

      1. If this is indeed an act of political terrorism, I find it odd that no one has claimed credit for it 24 hours later.

      2. Since when do jihadists not claim credit for their attacks?

        When they’re lone wolves who probably died in said attack, maybe?


        1. Yeah, if it was a small group unaffiliated with an international organization, who would there be to claim credit? No one is going to claim credit if they live in Massachusetts and the government can come and throw them in jail.

          1. That’s what the internet is for.

    4. He actually looks pretty boring as a person of interest. If he were a jihadist, he would have probably blown himself up or be telling the police how great it is to be a warrior of God. He seems to be doing none of that.

      1. If they run, they’re VC terorrists. If they stand still, they’re well trained VC terrorists.

        1. This isn’t about freedom; this is a slaughter. If I’m gonna get my balls blown off for a word, my word is “poontang”.

    5. Clicked on your web page. Nice ippon seoinage.

    6. “Cognitive Dissonnce.”

      Aside from snickering, I dont know what to say to that.

    7. Yeah, because he’s Saudi, that means he automatically was involved, even if there’s no other evidence. In fact, EVERY Muslim in the country was secretly involved in the plot. No other possibility, right?

  8. “right-wing or Islamist attack”

    Why the need to specify what American political ideology to only “right wing”. Its like the weather underground, OWS, or Sea Shepherds don’t exist.

    1. Then again, this is tReason Magazine.

      1. “Then again, this is tReason Magazine.”

        Drink? This falls under the drinking game, right? Between the incident, idiot politicians, idiots in the media, and idiot commenters here and elsewhere, I need an excuse to get drunk.

        1. You need an excuse to get drunk?

          We need to have a talk.

      2. Grade: F


    2. Why the need to specify what American political ideology to only “right wing”

      Because I was referring directly to the people who rushed to speculate that it was right-wing. You know, the folks I mentioned in the paragraph right before the one you’re quoting.

      1. Don’t mind him. He’s just a Team Red concern troll looking for any opportunity to bash the dreaded “COSMOTARIUNS!”

    3. To be fair, while WU and OWS had the inclination to set bombs, none of them have been quite competent enough to blow up people other than themselves. Still, there may be a first time for everything…

  9. When a man tried to assassinate Andrew Jackson in 1835, an anti-Jackson newspaper accused the president of staging a false flag attack.

    “Look on my works, ye mighty, and let’s see you try to enforce yours.”

    1. Ozymanjackson, President of Presidents?

      1. Damnit, I stumbled across a photoshop of Obama doing the “I DID IT!” stance from the end of Watchmen yesterday, but I can’t find it now. 🙁


      “On this day [Jan 30] in 1835, Andrew Jackson becomes the first American president to experience an assassination attempt.

      Richard Lawrence, an unemployed house painter, approached Jackson as he left a congressional funeral held in the House chamber of the Capitol building and shot at him, but his gun misfired. A furious 67-year-old Jackson confronted his attacker, clubbing Lawrence several times with his walking cane. During the scuffle, Lawrence managed to pull out a second loaded pistol and pulled the trigger, but it also misfired. Jackson’s aides then wrestled Lawrence away from the president, leaving Jackson unharmed but angry and, as it turned out, paranoid.

      Lawrence was most likely a mentally unstable individual with no connections to Jackson’s political rivals, but Jackson was convinced that Lawrence had been hired by his Whig Party opponents to assassinate him. At the time, Jackson’s Democrats and the Whigs were locked in battle over Jackson’s attempt to dismantle the Bank of the United States. His vice president, Martin Van Buren, was also wary and thereafter carried two loaded pistols with him when visiting the Senate.”

      1. (cont.) “Jackson’s suspicions were never proven and Lawrence spent the rest of his life in a mental institution. A century later, Smithsonian Institute researchers conducted a study of Lawrence’s derringers, during which both guns discharged properly on the test’s first try. It was later determined that the odds of both guns misfiring during the assassination attempt were one in 125,000.”

        1. “Martin Van Buren, was also wary and thereafter carried two loaded pistols with him”….
          This is why the “Van Buren Boys” formed their street gang, and of course roughed up Costanza.

  10. Above all, people aren’t getting worse. I don’t know what monsters were behind these bombings. I do know that anyone involved in planning them is outnumbered overwhelmingly by the people who responded so ably in the aftermath, rescuing and healing the injured. The world isn’t going to hell. It just stumbles into hell sometimes, and then it recovers.

    While the spontaneous response to help is admirable, it’s relatively easy. Someone is hurt and the natural response for most people is to help those in need, even at the risk of their own life.

    It’s when there is no concrete and immediate need that the self-absorption and venality of people comes out. Then, no amount of assistance is enough and certainly, voluntary transactions are certainly never enough. Helping through mandated action and coercion is the SOP. And don’t you dare dissent.

    I used to think that people were, overall, good. But, the crass cupidity demonstrated by the ruling power elite and their sycophants in the media, the body politic and hell, people I know, every day, is what changed my mind. They *are* getting worse.

  11. If this were a right-wing, homegrown attack, what’s the significance? This has been a long period of statist encroachment on individual liberties, but nothing this year has come close to the 2008-2009 bailouts, the 2010 ACA, or the 2012 upholding of the individual mandate. Hell, we at least got sequestration done this year.

    1. Sequestration 2013: A small step in the right direction.

  12. I read that the bomb casings were improvised from pressure cookers. They should be looking for an angry frenchman.

    1. If they used onion, celery and bell pepper for shrapnel I would say it is likely revenge of the cajuns.

    2. Joking aside, I have been looking for a pressure cooker lately. I need a new one. I was cheap and bought a crappy one and I am not happy with it.

      Pressure cookers are surprisingly uncommon. Finding who bought them will not be impossible.

      1. My local Agway always carries them with their canning supplies.

      2. They really are the only way to cook chicken other than frying.

        1. How do you know so much about pressure cookers? Liar!!

        2. Steaming chicken works well, as does boiling (soup, chicken and dumplings, stew, etc.), smoking, and barbecuing.

          So banning assault cookers isn’t really taking away pots, since the government allows you to have the others.

          1. We just need a limit on the number of quarts that a pressure cooker can handle.

      3. I’ve been very happy with this one. And it comes with the rack for pressure canning.

      4. I have been looking for a pressure cooker lately.

        Better hurry up before they’re either banned outright or the act of buying one gets you put on a watchlist.


      5. Huh, a pressure cooker was used in a bombing and you just happen to need a new one not one day later. Where were you yesterday afternoon? Liar!!

    3. “They should be looking for an angry frenchman.”

      They’re easy to find; they’re the folks carrying the white flags.

  13. People desperately search for patterns where none exist.

    1. That is because people want an explanation for everything. And sadly, some things are just inexplicable.

      1. Some people just want to watch the world burn.

    2. Once when someone was trying to sell me on the nonsense of intelligent design I challenged him to put one foot on the hill and one foot not on the hill. In other words, find the line that divides the hill from the land around it.

      Finding patterns, finding other entities, it is what we do. If we cant find some, we fabricate them.

    3. “People desperately search for patterns where none exist.”

      You always find people saying things like this whenever something big’s gone down.

      1. And it’s always true.

        1. Ah, I see what you did.

      2. Patterns do exist. It’s just that they may or may not mean anything.

  14. Events that we ordinarily might ignore suddenly seem to fit a scary pattern.

    “I always knew there was something funny about that guy.”

  15. “3. Don’t panic.”
    After the Nor Cal quake of ’89, I got frightened calls from family back east. The TV coverage was of the fires in the Marina District in SF and the collapsed freeways; say 2-3 square miles of several hundred mostly untouched.

  16. Mock me as you see fit, but I lean heavily toward the lone disgruntled asshole scenario. Possibly aided and abetted by the FBI.

    1. Pipe bombs supplied by Fast and Furious?

    2. Me too. Some agent finally got back cell service after the event and checked his voicemail.

      “Hey man, I picked up the parcel where you said it’d be. By the way, its dud. I thought you said you’ve done this before, asshole!! Annnnyways, I went ahead switched out the explosive with gun powder and reset the charge. See you on the other side, brother.”


      “Hey man, didn’t mean to call you an asshole. Dick move, I know. So, again, thanks for all the help. Bye.”

  17. Considering past “success” the FBI has had finding loners who subsequently plant fake bombs with FBI help, I would not at all be surprised to find that the FBI was already investigating (or coercing) the bomber and he realized he was under surveillance and stepped up the timeline.

    1. ^This^

  18. “When individuals enter an apocalyptic frame of mind, the historian Richard Landes has written, ‘everything quickens, enlightens, coheres. They become semiotically aroused?everything has meaning, patterns.’ ”

    And this is consistent with what scientists say we can expect in a changing climate. Unfortunately, unless something is done to reign in our carbon emissions we can expect more of this.

    1. It’s true, prolonged exposure to elevated levels of CO2 has been shown to cause marked degeneration of the mental faculty, followed in extreme cases by death.

    2. I was hoping that was sarcasm, but if it isnt…..

      That is some steaming pile you laid there. Feel better?

  19. you should feel free to ignore everything for 24 hours, if not longer

    My rule of thumb is to take everything with a huge grain of salt for at least the first 5-7 days after an event such as this, and even then keep in mind that a lot of the stuff you’ll hear is provably false speculation still being repeated as though fact by morons who have a worldview or an agenda to push.

  20. And this is consistent with what scientists say we can expect in a changing climate. Unfortunately, unless something is done to reign in our carbon emissions we can expect more of this.

    Now that’s some funny shit, right there.

    1. At least he got the reign part right.

  21. Good article.

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  23. Beautifully written article! Proportioned and aplomb. Thanks for the added perspective.

  24. Wasn’t there a guy in a Florida college who planned who kill students with a makeshift bomb? Lucky he decided to end his own life. It seems like every year the FBI fools some high school kid who wants to join the Jihadi “cause” with fake bombs. Some guy wanted to blow up a bank in Oakland just last year.

    Rampant speculation does no good (it harms the economy too, says some people) but we can make an educated guess based on recent patterns.

    (1) A high school dropout who’s been reading QA online manifestos finally decided to make an effort to build his own bomb. Or someone from the outfit told him “If a stranger goes out of his way to supply you with a bomb, it’s probably the FBI, you American moron”

    (2) A deranged loner perceives that mass shootings in a closed locations is getting low on style points. The real challenge is taking out people in an open environment patrolled by armed police and brave citizens who will apparently tackle you the guy if he was actually present.

    It could also be a North Korean agent, who knows.

    “Oh, shame on you, American man from immigration. I’m from Japan, not North Korea. I do no bad things to America! I teach American girls how to make origami art, at cheap price! Now watch men wipe out this tear, which is not fake!”

  25. My biggest concern here is that no one has claimed responsibility. Terrorism is pointless without voicing one’s political motivations. So this likely means that either:

    1) It’s a loner who did it for the thrill of the chaos.
    2) It’s a larger terrorist plot whereby they want to execute multiple events before stepping out of the shadows.

    In either case, something is likely to happen again, probably sooner rather than later.

    1. Alternately, it was a lone nutcase who is one of the seriously wounded and can’t make a claim of responsibility.

      1. Given that the bombs exploded a good distance from each other, I just don’t find that likely. It means that detonation didn’t require close physical proximity.

        1. I’m not saying that was the case, only that it’s an explanation for why no claim as yet.

  26. Alex Jones, the Illuminati-sniffing talk show host, tweeted that the atrocity “stinks” of a false flag attack.

    Well, of course he did.

    I mean, thought experiment time:

    Can you think of any attack that Jones wouldn’t simply assume to be a “false flag” attack?

    It’s his narrative, after all.

    1. Never mind that he’s right, we gots to turn up our noses at his konspiracy theorist kind. Krazy.

      1. Every time you post, all I can think of is this:…..large.jpeg

  27. I admit….I participated in some redpilling from alex jones last night. Outside of the usual jumping the gun, be does bring up some good points.

    If the government or police can’t be trusted, why do you believe their story?

    1. exaaaaactly.

  28. Some say it might have been the disgraced Rosie Ruiz, finally getting her revenge on the event that she tried to “game”.

  29. 4.Tor the first 24-48 hours, the media will pass of almost anything as new, and is fucking worthless if you wish to have ACCURATE information.

    When, not if, the zombie apocalypse happens, no one will really know what’s going on as the media will be reporting information from that guy behind Denny’s with the same credibility and standing as the team that’s been slaving away for 48 hours straight at the CDC staring at blood sample results and protein sequences.

  30. OMMYGOD, we should not be thinking about muslims, islam is a religion of peace…..its israel’s fault…’s the white man’s fault… is just as likely to have been the french……see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil…..

  31. Hey Libertarians, how many more people have to die before you guys decide unlimited Islamic immigration is a bad idea? Israel has lost a thousand civilians, the proportional equivalent of 60,000 American civilians. Could you see why Israel wants to remain a Jewish state?

    1. Hey, Danny, how long you been a bigot?

      1. Ever since I was born.

    2. you tell them, Mr. Goldbergstein

      may everyone be reminded of the 600 billion that died during the shoah

      1. Shut the fuck up.

    3. Where have we heard this before?

      “Hey Libertarians, how many more people children have to die before you guys decide unlimited Islamic immigration gun ownership is a bad idea?”

      Emigration is cool, too, by the way. Not that you can ever really get away, though, since as everyone knows, libertarians run the world.

      1. False equivalency. Libertarians love to pretend they haven’t been running the world for the last thirty years, that apparently taxes cut themselves and borders opened themselves. Take all the credit but take no blame.

        1. And tax cuts are….bad…right?

          All politicians love tax cuts. Democrats talk about enacting tax cuts all the time–for “the middle class” or “the working class”. Tax cuts are popular with the populace, and so are generally good political moves.

    4. How many Palestinians has the Israeli military killed while stealing their land? How many Lebanese did they murder during their last invasion?

      1. Your tongue was firmly in your cheek with that, no?

        1. No.

      2. None of those people were murdered, it was a war. Fucking liberals don’t know the definition of murder. I hope whoever did this gets away with it and does it to your family.

        1. The jews weren’t murdered by muslims, either. It was war.

          1. “War” is mass murder.

        2. Murder is unlawful killing. So is war.

      3. How many Palestinians has the Israeli military killed while stealing their land?

        If by Palestinians you mean Jordanian, Egyptian, and Syrian military personnel who lost their territory in the Six Days War after being defeated in a multi-front, 4-nation coalition military adventure during which they couldn’t leverage a 2-to-1 personnel advantage and 3-to-1 aircraft and tank advantage, the answer would be roughly 20,000, which is right around 20 times the number of Israeli personnel killed whilst accomplishing the, uh, “theft”.

        If you also include the Yom Kippur War, when the same multi-national coalition failed to re-gain the territory it lost (er, got heisted) in the Six Days War, again despite a better than 2-to-1 personnel advantage and 2-to-1 tank advantage, add another 10,000 or so (could be as high as 18,000).

        It’s hard to imagine such an efficient killing machine only managed to take out 3,000 Americans when TEH JEWS DID WTC!!!! innit?

        Protip: Quit using magic markers to write your manifesto – they’re starting to go to your head.

        1. No, I mean Palestinians. People who (used to) live in Palestine. For example, the 400+ people that used to live in Deir Yassin that got murdered by the Irgun.

          1. BTW, your quotes around “theft” seem to infer that you don’t think that the Israeli military’s position unlawful. How do you justify taking something that doesn’t belong to you?

      4. Kyfho Myoba. That’s Irish, right?

        1. No, it’s Asshole.

          1. You the kind of guy that wears a three piece suit with a fuse on the vest?

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  34. While Dan is a douche, Israel started celebrating its 35 th birthday at about the time the bombs went off. Just sayin’…..m-1.515821

    1. If the Harretz had its way Israel would not even be named Israel, because to name it after a nation would be “racist.”

  35. We must pass common sense laws to prevent pressure cookers from falling into the wrong hands. We must limit the size of such high capacity cookware that is only meant to cook as much food at possible at one time. These assault style kitchen machines are meant to prepare food as fast as possible. Tell your Senator that sensible legislation needs to be passed in order to deal with dangerous equipment that only chefs and the military ought to own.

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  37. 4. There are certain acts, which when perpetrated against society at large, gives said society the right to punch your ticket when caught.

  38. I’m having a very difficult time not being extremely cynical about this. Not in the sense that I think it’s a false flag or some other kind of misleading event, but that it’s more likely than not just an insignificant and isolated local tragedy that’s being – and going to be – exploited by national politicians and the national media who want to ascribe larger meaning to it than it probably deserves.

    I voiced similar thoughts on Facebook yesterday to the ones above and got chastised by a friend in Houston who said, “It’s not just a local story, it’s all we can talk about!”

    Well, no shit. It’s on the news 24/7 and the president is talking about it. They WANT you to keep talking about it. They WANT you to be scared. But the likelihood that you’re going to be affected by anything similar 1400 miles away in Texas is very very small.

    Like I said, I think I’m being overly cynical.

    1. You’re not being cynical, just realistic. Anytime there is a catastrophe like this, the state gains power because people look to it for leadership. That’s why states engineer these kind of events.

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  40. Here are the pics of the Arabic Male bombers, as I predicted.…..its-found/

  41. Wonderful piece! I could not agree more. Although I read this piece online, I get almost all of my news from three newspapers: the New York Times, the Wall Street Journal, and the Cleveland Plain Dealer, all of which I read in print. For the reasons Mr. Walker gave, I do not trust the accuracy of news broadcast in real time. I trust the articles in my newspapers, published hours after an event has occurred, subjected to review, fact checking, and editing, and containing a modicum of reflection. TV coverage leaves me nervous, breathless, and ignorant.

  42. Also, the media speculates based on past experience, what it knows, is familiar with, etc.

    Recall that when the first plane crashed into the WTC on 9/11 there was tons of speculation, but almost none involved it being an intentional terrorist act. We weren’t used to seeing terrorists using planes as weapons, they had always used them for ransom etc. so that idea wasn’t even floated. When the second plane hit, there was still stuff like “what an amazing coincidence” and people were still speculating about how some navigation errors etc. could have resulted in TWO such plane into building incidents and then slowly the terrorist narrative started to take hold.

    But I’ve watched the news footage many times and it’s amazing how little speculation there was about terrorism when the first plane hit. Bright clear day, major airliner, big old building with lots of symbolism (WORLD TRADE CENTER) etc. It wasn’t like it was IFR conditions. It was a clear day. It’s pretty hard to miss that you are flying over manhattan and towards one of the twin towers. In retrospect, how could it NOT be intentional, but that idea really wasn’t floated.

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  44. Don’t forget the 4th lesson:
    Chuckie Schumer says we can have secure borders if we pass his gang of 8’s immigration bill.

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