Second Amendment

Maine Governor Invites Gun Companies to His State

Offer Maine as a haven for gun rights


In an open letter to gun manufacturers published in the Wall Street Journal, Gov. Paul LePage has invited companies including Beretta, Colt and Magpul to relocate to Maine, saying he would support financial incentives and guarantees for them to open operations here.

In his letter, LePage touted his and the Maine Legislature's support of what he called gun rights laws — citing the temporary concealment of gun permit information in response to a media request as an example — and denounced proposed legislation in those three companies' home states (Maryland, Connecticut and Colorado) that he called "hostile" and "hysterical."

The Portland Press Herald reported that the state has been courting gun manufacturers on other fronts as well. The paper reported the Portland-based Maine and Company recently reached out to two gun manufacturers on the state's behalf.