Second Amendment

States Passing Gun Restrictions Face Boycotts, Economic Punishment

Self-defense advocates retaliate with their wallets


States have been passing tougher gun laws with the hopes of preventing another Newtown. But lawmakers are facing the possibility that their efforts to save lives may be killing local businesses and jobs.

In early April, Connecticut lawmakers passed new gun-control regulations that are among the strictest in the nation. For the most part, the new rules don't prevent local factories from producing guns and ammunition like they have for decades. And yet several weapons manufacturers are actively exploring options for relocating to a new state. …

Businesses in Maryland are facing pressures similar to those in Connecticut. An Eastern Shore arms manufacturer named LWRC has been asked by officials in states such as Nebraska, Mississippi, Nevada, and Texas to relocate, with tax incentives waived as an enticement, according to the Baltimore Sun. Executives at LWRC seem most motivated to move not by the financial incentives, but due to fear of offending the gun-buying public. "The rest of the country wouldn't forgive us for staying," LWRC executive vice president Darren Mellors told the Sun. "It's a brand issue."