Brickbat: Acting Childish


Bus camera

Port St. Lucie, Florida, police have charged Daneta McPherson with harrassing a five-year-old special needs student. Video captured McPherson, a school bus aide with the St. Lucie County school system, screaming at the boy, grabbing him, and forcing him into a seat, causing his head to slam into a bus window. In fact, police say five separate incidents were captured on video.

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  1. That’ll be the last time she tries to pull him away from the pythons.

  2. Hey! School bus aides! Leave them kids alone!

    1. All you are is just another tile in the floor?

      1. We don’t need no transportation.

        1. We don’t need no speed control.

          1. No dark orgasms with your teacher

          2. They made a movie about that. I think it was called The Bus That Couldn’t Go Slow.

            1. it was a song, “the wheels on the bus go smack, smack, smack…”

  3. Okay, this is getting ridiculous.

    How many other HitandRunners who view this site on Android are experiencing this problem:

    At some random point (usually a few seconds after loading a page), your browser is redirected briefly to an ad tracking aite, and then on to the Google Play store?

    What the hell is going on when you can be redirected to a completely different application after being redirected to another web site with no user interaction? Why would people think that would ever generate revenue? I am likely to never buy any of that crap on google play that has hijacked my sessions now.

    Also, bad on Reason for accepting whatever kind of ad or script it is that does this.

    1. That’s what you get for settling for a knock-off. Get a job so you can afford an iPhone.


      1. You want to turn him into a hipster?

      2. My employer offers a choice between iPhone and Blackberry. I chose the Blackberry to piss off people like you.

        The Android is my personal phone.

      3. Happens on iPhone as well about 10% of the time…

  4. Sounds like a pretty solid plan to me dude.

  5. You didn’t miss much. The video shows a school bus aid (funny, never heard of that job before today) that loses her cool and dumps frustration in other parts of her life on a little kid with his own issues who was probably just acting like a kid. The woman is clearly in the wrong profession.
    Then the mother of the kid expresses outrage and that no one should touch her kid. Silly mother, she doesn’t know that it’s not her kid. He belongs to the community.

  6. Once again showing that the State is the biggest bully of them all.

    1. That’s just absurd. I intended to simply comment on how this was a rather uninspired Brickbat. But you really couldn’t resist the bait, could you?

      1. If you want to commit about the uninspired alt-text, go for it.

        1. Obviously this thread has died since I’m the last person to have commented on it, but I of course ment “comment” instead of “commit” in my comment above.

          Disclaimer: the 7:45 AM comment was before my first cup of coffee for the day.

  7. Remember, you have to get away from the idea that you own your children.
    WE, that is the STATE, owns your children and will slap them around if they act up.
    I learned this from reading Balko and watching tv.

  8. What the fuck is a school bus aid?

    1. sorta like a band aid…

  9. They have no right to put their hands on other people’s children. It’s not their kid.

    The fuck?!

    /Melissa Harris-Perry

    1. It takes a village to abuse a child and keep it under wraps.

  10. “Well I have a special need for you to sit down and shut up, you little retard. I’m on my mandated break. Don’t make me smack you or call a union rep!”

  11. Thank God it wasn’t a white woman smacking a black child around. We would be seeing Jesse and Al 24/7 on the tube.

  12. Port St. Lucie is a pure distillation of all the retard which is Florida.

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