Imprisoned Deputy Faces New Burglary Charges

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A former Missouri deputy already in federal prison for possessing and selling stolen guns is facing another trial, prosecutors and her attorney said Friday.

Steffanie Kearbey, 25, of Ellsinore, was ordered at a preliminary hearing on Wednesday to stand trial on state charges of receiving stolen property, burglary and stealing. The Missouri Attorney General's office filed charges in November.

Kearbey was a Carter County deputy until April 2011, when she and Sheriff Tommy Adams were arrested. Adams, 33, was accused of distributing methamphetamine and cocaine. He is still awaiting trial on the drug charges but was sentenced to 10 years in federal prison for possessing and selling stolen firearms.

Kearbey pleaded guilty last year in federal court, too, and is serving a five-year sentence. Her attorney, Dan Moore, said the new charges are surprising since Kearbey is already in prison.