Drug War

Florida Mulls Bong Ban

This is what shop class is for


Glass and water pipes could be smoked out of stores if the Florida legislature passes a bill prohibiting their sale.

If Florida House of Representatives House Bill 49 becomes law, it would outlaw the sale of various smoking instruments including glass pipes and long glass water pipes — also known as bongs — statewide.

So far, the bill passed through the Criminal Justice Subcommittee as well as the Business and Professional Regulation Subcommittee. The House's Justice Appropriations Subcommittee also reviewed the bill Tuesday morning.

The bill's Senate counterpart, Senate Bill 1140, has moved through the Criminal Justice Committee and, most recently, the Appropriations Subcommittee on Civil and Criminal Justice on Thursday morning.


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  1. Rep. Darryl Rouson, D-St. Petersburg and sponsor of the House bill, said it’s common knowledge that pipes are used for drugs, not tobacco. He said he wants to make it difficult for drug users to buy the pipes.
    “Some people criticize me because they say that this will not eradicate illegal drug usage,” he said. “My motives are to create one more impediment or obstacle to ingesting illegal drugs.”
    Rouson said he was a drug addict while he attended UF’s Levin College of Law. In fact, he said, he was introduced to cocaine during exam time.

    Disbar and then burn this cocksucking motherfucker. He just admitted he lied to get his law license.

  2. He said he wants to make it difficult for drug users to buy the pipes.

    It’s the thing on the shoulder that goes up. We don’t want them shooting up pot out of that thing.

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