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Covered at Reason 24/7: Chelsea Clinton Does Not Rule Out a Possible Run for Public Office



In an interview on NBC's Today show Chelsea Clinton decline to rule out running for public office in the future, meaning that her mother's possible run for the Democratic presidential nomination in 2016 will perhaps not be the last time we see a Clinton hit the campaign trail. 

From USA Today:

Chelsea Clinton has raised her profile in the last few days, which sparked the inevitable question about the former First Daughter's future: Will she ever be like Mom and Dad and run for office?

Clinton, 33, essentially said "maybe" in an interview that aired Monday on NBC's Today show.

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  1. Yes!

    The more braindead children and nepotism in government, the faster the edifice collapses!

  2. Oh, for fuck’s sakes.

  3. didn’t y’all get rid of your monarchy?

    1. You shut your mouth about Elvis.

    2. Nope. It’ll be Jeb for 8, then Chelsea, then Prescott Bush, then Sasha or Malia Obama.

      Three family rule for the next 40 years!

      1. They will start marrying each other soon so it will be just one family.

        1. I don’t see any of those lines producing a kwisatz haderach…

  4. Her agent got her mug on Parade mag in the Sunday papers; I guess that was planned.

    1. I dry heaved when I saw that yesterday.

      All I can say is GOOD – the sooner she decides to run for office the sooner she can be publicly savaged on her lack of knowledge, insight or political experience.

      The gall that she thinks she can inherit a public position is sickening. She’s been handed patronage jobs and handled with kid gloves by high-ranking fans of her dad.

      1. If only. She’ll run for some safe seat and anyone attacking her (or her positions) will be outed as Kenneth Starr fellating dead enders making inappropriate remarks.

        1. John Dingell, you have a phone call. Something about retirement?

          1. I thought Dingell retired and died years ago. They resurrected his corpse and keep reelecting Zombie Dingell to Congress.

      2. Doesn’t your observation equally apply to Hillary’s NY Senate campaign? The one where the NY Democratic party pretty much handed her the primary seat, with a minimum of savaging? I’d say Chelsea has plenty of examples to encourage her. Disgusting of course.

        The “Boom!” you all are about to hear is the top of ProL’s head blowing off from anger when he reads this Reason article.

        Can’t we find any other families to run this thing?

  5. Chelsea was the classmate of a friend of mine at Sidwell Friends. Sorry I have no good gossip to report; apparently, she was just a really normal girl and going to school at Sidwell is kind of an awesome existence.

    1. This can’t be true since Chelsea is the child of two high ranking members of Democratic party who support public education 100%. They would never send their child to a private school.

    2. What’s all the fuss? She is just a one-year stint in the Senate away from being as qualified as B.O. to run for President.

  6. In the same way that I have not ruled out a five way with me and the cast of Spring Breakers.

    1. You’d fuck James Franco?

        1. you’ll need to make sure Kimiko is up for it too

  7. Why is Chelsea Clinton so ugly?

    Because Janet Reno is her father.

    -Angrybird McCain

  8. Isn’t she an “investment banker”? She’ll make a great Treasury Secretary when her mom gets elected.

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