Researchers: William Shakespeare Dodged Taxes

All the more reason to like the guy


Uncertainty over the likely future success of his plays led William Shakespeare to do "all he could to avoid taxes," new research by scholars at Aberystwyth University has claimed.

The collaborative paper: "Reading with the Grain: Sustainability and the Literary Imagination," shows another side to the bard. It alleges that, in his "other" life as a major landowner, Shakespeare avoided paying his taxes, illegally hoarded food and sidelined in money lending.

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  1. Read this on Yahoo a couple of days ago, the comments from the various Leftys and tax-fetishists were hysterical. Shakespeare was a 1%, Shakespeare wasn’t important to english literature as everyone says, and the usual plagiarism/ghost writer accusations.
    They were infuriated to being within a breath away from calling for mass book burnings. Hell, I think a few were.

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