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Rand Paul Vaults to GOP Top Tier in latest PPP Poll


A new PPP poll finds Kentucky Senator Rand Paul coming in second among Republican voters' most favored candidates to run for president in 2016. Just over a month ago, Rand Paul came in at 6th place with just 10 percent among likely Republican voters. Now Paul garners 17 percent of Republican voters, the second most likely candidate to be mentioned. 

Among Republican voters, 75 percent have a favorable opinion of Rep. Paul Ryan (R-WI), 62 percent have a favorable view of Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL), and 60 percent are favorable toward Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY).

Interestingly, Chris Christie was the only Republican asked about who received higher marks from Democrats (42 percent) than Republicans (39 percent). Christie's favorability among Democrats may be a harbinger of the 2016 race. When asked who Republican voters would like see run for president, 21 percent named Marco Rubio, but in a close second and third 17 percent named Rand Paul, 15 percent named New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie. Other Republican candidates making the list include Paul Ryan (12 percent), Jeb Bush (12 percent), Rick Santorum (5 percent), Bobby Jindal (4 percent), Rick Perry (2 percent), and Susana Martinez (1 percent).

Among Democratic voters, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton tops the list of most favorable at 84 percent, followed by Vice President Joe Biden (73 percent), and Senator Elizabeth Warren a distant third at 43 percent.

In hypothetical match-ups among likely primary voters, Hillary Clinton beats each potential Republican candidate. Hillary beats Chris Christie by 4 points, Rand Paul by 6 points, and Marco Rubio and Paul Ryan by 7 points. However, Chris Christie beats Joe Biden by 9 points 49 to 40 percent. Nevertheless, Joe Biden beats the remaining potential Republican contenders: by 2 points over Marco Rubio, 3 points over Paul Ryan, and 4 points over Rand Paul.

PPP surveyed 1247 voters included oversamples of Democratic and Republican primary voters from March 27-30 2013. The margin of error is +/- 2.8% overall, +/-3.8% for Democrats and +/-2.9% for Republicans.

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  1. A Paul vs. Warren race would be the most entertaining event of my lifetime.

    1. Or Paul versus Nanny Bloomberg. I would like to see that. let the masks slip and give people an actual choice.

    2. I am still amazed that Warren’s scientific fraud never got more media attention.

      (OK, not really amazed, but you know what I mean.)

    3. I think Rand vs. Biden would beat that hands down.

  2. A careful, crafty Ron Paul somehow manages to win the presidency, goes apeshit militant a day after taking office, and starts restoring constitutionalism — by force, when necessary.


    1. Drone strikes against the DOJ!

  3. How the hell does anyone think that highly of Biden?

    1. Public schooling.

      1. Tennessee Republicans threaten to kill GOP voucher bill over fear of funding Muslim schools


        Looks like public schools might be here to stay.

  4. In hypothetical match-ups among likely primary voters, Hillary Clinton beats each potential Republican candidate.

    Why is Shrillary going up against Rethugs in a primary? IT DOESN’T MAKE SENSE.

    1. People are too stupid to understand how primaries work, even though we just went through this shit a year ago.

    2. Presumably PPP had already told people who weren’t likely primary voters to hang up before asking the head to head question. I guess.

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    1. How much for a donkey show?


      I don’t care if I am being unlibertarian. GIVE IT TO US.

      1. It really has gotten bad. I could see it being abused, which could turn this place into an echo chamber. It’s that or hire someone to clean the comments. I’ll do it for minimum wage.

        1. They’ve got interns who should be able to tell real spam when they see it.

  6. While I’m happy that Paul is doing well, I never fail to remember that the elder Bush had 90% approval ratings less than two years before he lost his re-election bid. I also remember the endless succession of republican “front-runners” that fizzled out spectacularly… Fred Thompson? Rudy Giuliani? Rick Perry? Not to mention Bachmann and Cain, “front-runners” who we all knew had no chance.

    At this point in the game, polls really don’t mean a thing.

    1. Rudy Giuliani was a “frontrunner” only in the eyes of the liberal press.

      1. Paul’s going to have a lot more money, organization, and effort in early states than Rudy every did.

      2. Rudy Giuliani was a “frontrunner” only in the eyes of the liberal press.

        Seriously. The idea that a pro-choice, pro-gun control RINO could win a Republican primary is laughable.

  7. Jesus. I have just two years to figure out the best way to kill myself if Warren runs. Either that or alienate almost every friend I have. There’s really no middle ground.

    1. I don’t think she would gambol from the Senate to the Presidency quite that fast.

      1. *points to whitehouse*


      2. How many years was Obama in office as a Senator?

        1. Four. Rand will have six. He is running for sure in 2016 and he already has his obligatory Israel groveling out of the way.

      3. Obozo did.

    2. “Jesus. I have just two years to figure out the best way to kill myself if Warren runs. Either that or alienate almost every friend I have. There’s really no middle ground.”

      Wow hamilton, you need some advice on how to pick friends.

      Remembering the things you have said in the past it is very difficult to imagine you being in the same room with a fauxcahontas supporter without holding your nose.

      1. I was born, brought up, educated, and currently live in Massachusetts. I never voted Republican except possibly once for Weld. Then I became libertarian. My friends reflect my surroundings, and usually have trouble accepting that I value the relationship above their politics.

        Not that it’s any stupider than any other libertarian life I guess.

        1. That being said, I use Facebook nowadays more to fuel my rage and depression than anything else.

          1. That being said, I use Facebook nowadays more to fuel my rage and depression than anything else.

            Booze works a lot better for that. You should try it.

            1. I am somewhat of an expert in that area as it happens.

          2. Stop using Facebook. That is the beginning of your path to healing.

            1. Stopped using it about 2 weeks ago and man, my colon feels cleaner.

        2. Weld is the only perfect Republican ever. Really LP though.

        3. I pick my friends mostly on their ability to keep their mouth shut about their politics.

          Or their desire to tailgate.

          1. Tailgate people are always the loudest motherfuckers.

            1. Yeah but you can’t really go wrong with football friends, in my experience. Especially if they can tailgate. I’ve perfected my formula over the past decade, including shrimp and then marinated beeftips. I’m a very bad Hindu.

              1. Seafood? Damn, and I was thinking maybe we could tailgate this year too.

                1. That’d be cool, and if you have never grilled lobsters in a Foxboro parking lot then you haven’t tailgated as a Pats fan.

    3. Either that or alienate almost every friend I have.

      Jesus man, what kind of people do you hang around with?

      I don’t really think I could be friends with someone who’d enthusiastically support Warren. I know politics shouldn’t be personal, but I don’t think that I’d have any shared interests or values with such a specimen.

      1. Being anything less than ignorant when it comes to politics (and political animals) requires a level of examination the average man does not want to engage in. It really has nothing to do with what kind of person they are in their personal sphere. Most of my friends are retards, and have no idea what kind of onerous shit the president is up to. But they like him because he’s black and liberal.

        I don’t hold it against them, but I don’t let them bullshit in my presence either.

      2. Massholes, of course.

      3. I don’t think it would be that you lacked shared interests or values.

        I think it would be because you couldn’t help but to point out how fucking dumb he was all the time when he did or said dumb or ignorant shit, and he wouldn’t like being reminded.

    4. I have some facebook people that I will have to unfriend, but luckily my wife (more anarchist than libertarian) and I don’t generally hang out with a lot of people.

    5. If you have friends that would vote for white squaw, then kill them. Simple solution, and we all thank you.

    6. Why are you racists trying to deny the Unprecedented Historical First female Fake Indian President? America has never before in it’s history had a fake indian for a president and this would be a watershed moment for race relations with fake indians.

  8. [Steeples fingers] Excellent.

  9. If Paul keeps standing up for the right things and otherwise walks on eggshells he really might be what we have been looking for…..or mostly anyway.

    There is still a lot of time to fuck up, but this time I am going to hold my breath and see.

    1. Don’t worry the second he officially declares his intentions to run the media will play selectively edited clips of the Maddow interview from 2010 on a 24/7 loop to make him seem like an unrepetentant racist monster. By the time the primaries are done and the Rethugs have nominated a Christy/ Rubio ticket his chances of ever being elected president will be down the toilet.

      God I wish I weren’t so cynical sometimes. But it keeps me from getting my hopes up too much.

      1. If Chris Christie is the GOP nominee it will be total party suicide.No more liberal Yankee nominees…ever.

        1. Christie is the candidate for if they select their #2 stategy of ‘be more like team blue’.

  10. I followed Rand Paul on the Twitterz today. Told him I wished he was the senator for my state.

    I hope that helps him.

  11. Rand Paul is hanging around that perennial 20% Ron Paul number.

    Just a different Paul until he cracks 40%.

  12. 2016 is shaping up to be as successful for ferreting out decent Republican candidates as 2012 was. Hillary can have four of these guys for breakfast at once. For the good of the country, Republicans should really try harder.

    1. Tell me Tony, what has Hilary Clinton ever accomplished in her life other than being a carpet-bagging opportunist that got elected to the Senate and then appointed Secretary of State?

      I’m dead serious: list for me her greatest accomplishments.

      1. Well, she was a shitty SoS.

        1. How so? Did she stand up at the UN and lie about “mobile weapons labs” and such to get us into a shitty war? (Colin Powell).

          Granted, she has no accomplishments I like but to call her a “shitty SoS” without reason is typical of your worthless empty bluster.

          1. She did vote for that war that everyone in Washington thought was based on facts at the time.

            1. True. That makes a case for her being a lousy gullible Senator.

              1. Doesn’t matter, you’ll be on here, supporting her in 2016. We all know it, you know it.

          2. “Granted, she has no accomplishments I like”

            Damning with faint praise!

            1. And “lousy gullible Senator”

              1. Oh, yes, she was a shitty senator, too.

          3. Granted, she has no accomplishments I like but to call her a “shitty SoS” without reason is typical of your worthless empty bluster.

            “What difference, at this point, does it make?”

          4. *cough*Benghazi*cough*

        2. What difference, at this point, does that make?

      2. What more is required?

        1. I’d say by recent standards, we could elect a 35 year-old orangutan. Who once visited the White House as part of a zoo tour.

          1. That sounds racist to me. Are you a racist or something?

            1. No, I was thinking about Bush, too. And our brilliant and totally not incompetent former SoS as well.

              1. Sorry, you know how this works. The SPLC will be arriving at your location shortly. Please cooperate peacefully.

                1. Look, I revere Dr. Zaius tremendously, as much as any human, and he’s an orangutan.

              2. Don’t insult the apes like that.

              3. Don’t insult the apes like that.

      3. She once made a killing in the futures markets. Oddly, despite her amazing success, she never did any such trading again. In a bizarre coincidence, her broker was later convicted of illegally helping out favored clients by shafting other clients. But apparently she can be financially savvy at times.

      4. As SoS not having many major diplomatic fuckups is wild success. But accomplishments are hardly relevant, we’re electing a president for pete’s sake. Obama had no accomplishments of national or international significance before becoming president. Neither did most of his predecessors. What matters is what they will accomplish as president, and her resume is by now more relevantly complete than many of her predecessors will have been.

        Of course not many can match the international significance of Rand Paul or Rick Santorum.

        1. Benghazi.

          1. Ah the good old days when terrorists were responsible for acts of terrorism and not just Democrats.

    2. Ha ha, Tony.

      Hillary Clinton is just another war mongering pol that thinks that all you are is a cocksucker undeserving of equal treatment, yet you have your nose up her ass.

      What a sycophantic piece of shit you are. Go ahead, vote for her. Maybe she’ll put you in a camp, asshole.

      1. Is there a swimming pool?

      2. She publicly came out in support of gay marriage yesterday…9 years after Dick Cheney did and only after several Republicans beat her to it. So she’s totally willing to stick her neck out for the rights of others no matter the political cost.

        1. I don’t want her taking too many political risks. What matters is there is no other Democrat who can be said to be mostly certain to beat whatever horrible insane person the GOP puts forth.

          1. Haha! Partisanship is more important to you than principles!

            1. More important with respect to winning elections, which happens to be the most powerful way citizens can advance their principles.

      3. Tony would love to go to Camp Asshole.

      4. Ha ha, Tony.

        Hillary Clinton is just another war mongering pol that thinks that all you are is a cocksucker undeserving of equal treatment

        Well, at least she has that right.

  13. Montana Gov Brian Schweitzer is a lock if he runs.

    You read it here first.

    1. Montana Gov Brian Schweitzer is a lock if he runs.

      You read it here first.

      The problem being, who we heard it from.

      He looks like the Rocky Mountain version of Chris Christie.

  14. Chris Christie betrayed entrepreneurs and capitalists everywhere by fawning all over Obama right before the election in the hope of getting his state himself more hurricane related aid…

    I’d rather vote for a pot bellied pig.

    No, I mean a real pot bellied pig:


  15. It’s sad that Paul is the only one on that list who doesn’t really, really suck just as bad as all of the dems.

    Well, I don’t know much about Martinez, so I am exluding her from that comment. And I guess at 1%, she’s nearly excluded anyway.

    Not sure if Jindal or Rubio might be salvageable from the list, if they see then wind blowing in a more liberty like direction. But the rest, are all shit candidates.

    1. Jindal is like…freaky SoCon…like, I hate shrike as much as anyone, but if he were to scream Christfag about Jindal, he’d be reasonably accurate.

      1. Yep, Jindal is just too damn wacky. Dude participated in an exorcism.

    2. Hey, at least the GOP seems to be diversifying their talent pool. Instead of all white males, they’ve got a couple of Hispanics, a woman, an Indian, a retard and a used condom on the short list.

  16. He’ll still never catch the frontrunner: alt-text.

  17. Why is Rubio in that poll? He’s illegible to be the president because he’s not a natural born citizen because his parents weren’t citizens at the time of his birth.

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