An ADHD Diagnosis: The Difference Between Speed and Medicine


According to new CDC data, one in 10 American kids, including nearly a fifth of boys in high school, have been diagnosed with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). The New York Times worries that "the A.D.H.D. diagnosis and its medication are overused in American children." That sounds plausible, especially since ADHD diagnoses have increased by 41 percent in the last decade. But since ADHD is a malleable concept based on subjective impressions, it is hard to know what it means to say that someone who has received that diagnosis does not really have it.

New York Times reporters Alan Schwarz and Sarah Cohen say stimulants such as Adderall, Ritalin, or Vyvanse "can drastically improve the lives of those with A.D.H.D. but can also lead to addiction." What do they meant by "addiction"? Presumably something other than relying on a daily dose of a drug to function normally, since that describes what they consider to be the appropriate use of prescription stimulants. Similarly, although Schwarz and Cohen warn that ADHD medication can be "abused," the line between use and abuse seems pretty fuzzy. "While some doctors and patient advocates have welcomed rising diagnosis rates as evidence that the disorder is being better recognized and accepted," they write, "others said the new rates suggest that millions of children may be taking medication merely to calm behavior or to do better in school." But isn't that exactly what you would expect from a drug aimed at reducing hyperactivity and boosting attention?

Maybe abuse is what happens when someone is misdiagnosed and starts taking Adderall or another stimulant to treat a nonexistent disease. Schwarz and Cohen explain that "A.D.H.D. is described by most experts as resulting from abnormal chemical levels in the brain that impair a person's impulse control and attention skills." So determining whether a kid has been properly diagnosed should be straightforward: If he has "abnormal chemical levels," he has ADHD; if not, he doesn't. But it turns out that all the talk about chemical levels is mere supposition. As Schwarz and Cohen concede, "the disorder has no definitive test and is determined only by speaking extensively with patients, parents and teachers, and ruling out other possible causes—a subjective process that is often skipped under time constraints and pressure from parents."

In other words, it is impossible to say for sure whether someone diagnosed with ADHD actually has it. A subjective assessment of whether he meets the criteria laid out by the American Psychiatric Association (APA) is the best we can do. Furthermore, those criteria will change next month, when the fifth edition of the APA's Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders is scheduled to be published. Under DSM-V, ADHD symptoms must appear by age 12 rather than the current 7, and they need only "impact" daily activities, rather than causing "impairment." Those changes, Schwarz and Cohen say, are expected to result in "higher rates of diagnosis." If someone who is diagnosed with ADHD under the new, looser criteria would not have qualified under the old definition, does that mean he has been misdiagnosed? Since ADHD, like other mental disorders, is whatever the APA says it is, I'm not even sure that's an intelligible question.

Judging from Schwarz's previous reporting on the "Risky Rise of the Good-Grade Pill," I gather that he believes something like this: When a below-average student takes Adderall to improve his academic performance, that is legitimate treatment of a bona fide disease. When an above-average student does exactly the same thing, that is drug abuse. This seems like moralizing masquerading as medicine. 


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  1. Question for those who know about this stuff. Doesn’t the effectiveness of Aderall and Ritalin decline pretty quickly with its continued use? I have heard that stuff is a miracle drug when you first take it but then you quickly develop a tolerance for it and it becomes less and less effective with time. Is that true?

    1. Pretty much. You have to keep on increasing the dose if you want results that badly. It also kills your appetite, which is bad for people who are underweight. Soon enough, a constant dose will make you worse off than you were before.

      1. Most people could use a little weight loss. Maybe everyone should be taking this stuff. A few months of high productivity and weigh loss is just what most people need.

        1. I support the right of most people to take it if they want it, diagnosis or no. Personally, I’m underweight, so it’s a big deal for me.

          1. Maybe you should squat more.

            1. My problem’s more that I got bored while eating, so I never ate enough. These drugs are appetite suppressants.

              And yes, I should squat more, but it’s beside the point here.

              1. I can’t imagine not having a ravenous appetite as a kid. That’s fucked up.

                1. Epi, it’s even worse than that if he spoke precisely. He said he got bored when he was eating, not that he got full. It can take like 5-10 minutes to eat a meal. If that’s still too long and you’re too skinny start eating some cake. That’ll take about 2 minutes, have a bunch of calories, and taste good so you don’t get bored.

                  1. NO CARBS ASSHOLE

              2. I wish they would just make “People Food” kinda like dog food for humans. I usually just forget to eat or I’m busy. But then I hit the wall of starvation and I resemble one of those new snickers commercials

                1. Protein powder and multivitamins are about as close to “people food” as it comes these days, although you will diarrhea yourself eventually with that combo. There are a lot of things people do because we have dignity and taste, and they just don’t make logical sense. Unitards would be another example. So practical, yet relegated to the wrestlers and cyclists.

                  1. Well I mostly just sit on a branch and watch humans actively mind-fuck each other.

                2. They do make it. It’s called dog food.

              3. Eating is boring. Such an exciting life!

          2. Yup. I grew up on Ritalin and never had enough appetite to break 150 lbs. until college. And I’m 6′ 3″. 70 lbs. in fifth grade.

            Pretty extreme treatment for a condition that’s pretty much caused by having boring teachers and dumb classmates.

            1. Pretty extreme treatment for a condition that’s pretty much caused by having boring teachers and dumb classmates.

              ^THIS^ I got labeled a “slow” kid in 1st grade because my mind would wander during class because I was so fucking bored. So they put me in the “dumb kids” class, which made the problem even worse because then I was in a class with kids who really were stupid. So then I’m sitting there having to listen to the teacher try to teach a bunch of functional retards 2+2=4 (or something like that) for the hundredth time thinking “Good God why aren’t they getting this very simple concept. I got it the first time, what the hell is wrong with them?”

              What really sucked is I’ve always been kind of shy, awkward, with low self esteem and being labeled “stupid” in 1st grade didn’t exactly help with that. At least I wasn’t put on Ritalin though.

              And the story has a somewhat happy ending: in third grade I had a teacher who finally noticed what was really going on. She had me take an IQ test and I scored higher than most of the “gifted and talented” class (155). Although I do still struggle with bouts of self doubt/ low self esteem to this day. Most of the self esteem shit that they do in schools is just that, shit, but at the same time I do understand the impulse to not tell kids they’re losers at such an impressionable age. /rant off

    2. 56 year old male -I’ve been taking 30-mg 2x daily band name Adderall xr for about 3 years – no tolerance – as effective today as it first was 3 years ago – no changes – except my life has improved tremendously. See my 4 part post below.

  2. since teachers like diagnosing ADHD so much, can we stop paying them since free health care is a right?

  3. Everyone has ADD. Why else do we waste so much time arguing on the internet?

    1. Everyone has ADD. Why els

      1. Everyone has… ?

      2. Everyone has… ?

        1. huh? what? when?

  4. described by most experts as resulting from abnormal chemical levels in the brain that impair a person’s impulse control and attention skills

    Chemical levels for which they have no test, no idea what is “normal”, and no idea what they effect if they give another chemical. This is fucking voodoo.

    1. Be fair. I think they’ve moved on to phlogiston. Perhaps even phrenology.

      1. Tarot Cards?

    2. I don’t know why everyone has to pretend they know everything. Why not just say that stimulants help you focus and get more done?

      1. Because then everybody will want them. We can’t have that.

    3. But it’s according to experts. EXPERTS, dammit! TOP. MEN. say it so it must be true.

  5. When I was a kid “they” (all I remember is going to a special clinic that didn’t look like a doctor’s office) said I had ADHD, but my parents never did anything about it, since they said I was able to find ways of calming down and paying attention without drugs.

    I think it’s more of a personality classification than a disorder, although I suppose you could say that about any “disorder”. I just see so many advantages in having it, that calling it a disorder seems wrong. Is being a lefty a disorder?

    Does anyone here have experience with the drugs? I’ve always been curious.

    1. Lefty as in “left-handed” not “progressive statist”.

      1. Left-handers are evil. You know that “sinister” is Latin for left-handed, right? We must purge you now.

        1. I’ve already anal douched with my morning shower, you’ll have to wake up a little earlier than that to stand a chance of purging me.

          1. That’s quite a purge. Maybe I should try it.

    2. I took Ritalin, briefly.

      Yes, it makes you smarter.

      And yes, when you take it everything you do in your day seems effortless, no matter how tedious or detail-oriented. Stuff you have to “psych yourself up to do” becomes the equivalent of taking a shit: you sit down and it comes out.

      1. That’s crazy. I usually just make lists, and every time my mind wanders I go back to the list and do whatever is on the top. I also set rules for myself, like opening ten news tabs and only allowing myself to go through those ten during the course of the day.

        Have you noticed any side effects? Like, are you slower at connecting dots and following trains of thought? That’s one of the few advantages I have over my co-workers, and I think it’s because of ADHD.

        1. Dude, this sounds like me when I’m stoned. You sure of exactly what it is you’re taking?

        2. I make lists too.

          My problem is that I look at the list and say, “Wow, that all sounds like a real pain in the ass,” and then I go yell at people on the internet.

          On Ritalin, I’d look at the list and say, “Shit, that looks like about five minutes of effort,” and then I’d add “Also build a suspension bridge” to the bottom of the list.

          I can’t believe I let my wife talk me into stopping taking it.

          I didn’t notice any slowdown. I know people worry that their creativity will suffer if they take it, but for me it’s the opposite. I did a lot of creative writing back when I was on it, for example. Because the key to doing that is being able to force yourself to sit down and DO IT, instead of bouncing around having “ideas” you don’t pursue a la Michael Keaton in Night Shift.

          1. HolyshitIwantsome

            1. Yah I’ll take an order

          2. Seriously. Dexedrine is. The. Shit. You can do anything, forever, and you never need to eat or stop for any reason. Anything. Forever. You can do it. And you will feel awesome THE WHOLE TIME.

      2. And they are not putting this stuff in the water why?

      3. That’s really no different than coccaine or meth.

        Why do you think blue collar tweekers love it so? Haul a fridge up 5 flights of stairs? Couple little bumps and it’s no problem. That’s just the warmup. Everything is easy and you feel like you could do anything.

        Some of these stims even have the same odd effect as ritalin does for ADHD types. Most people bounce off the walls but some people who are already bouncing, it makes them lethargic and normals them out.

        1. Most people bounce off the walls but some people who are already bouncing, it makes them lethargic and normals them out.

          As far as I know, the theory behind the drug is that some people are hyperactive not because they’re overstimulated, but because their frontal lobe activity is low and they can’t concentrate on one task for any period of time.

          Stimulating those people “normals them out” because suddenly their frontal lobe activity spikes and they can actually finish one task before moving on to another.

          When I took it, that physician’s assistant description of what was going on actually annoyed me a little – because I’m such a colossally vain narcissist the idea of confessing to “low frontal lobe activity” was not something I wanted to do.

          “That can’t be me,” I said. “I have an IQ over 140.”

          “No, you don’t,” the PA said. “Your true IQ is actually higher. If you’re one of the people who does better on cognitive tests after you take the drug, that means your true IQ was actually always higher than your tested score.”


          Seriously, the drug companies should have that guy do their ads for them.

          1. What did you tell them to get the proscription?

            1. I told them I felt overwhelmed in my responsibilities at work. (I was self-employed at the time.)

              I expected them to prescribe some kind of anxiety medication, honestly.

              But instead the PA started asking questions about how I did at school, how I approached tasks, if people around me would consider me “absent-minded”, how immersed I tended to get when reading…

              I didn’t know where he was going until he asked me how I functioned in stop-and-go traffic and how I felt while waiting for elevators.

              I decided to roll the dice and be honest and I said, “When I’m waiting for an elevator, I am full of rage. If it’s less than five floors I take the stairs.”

              Apparently ADHD people have problems with waiting because their low frontal lobe activity makes impulse control take more mental effort than it should. Also, if you have managed by effort to start concentrating on something, you can’t stand waiting because the waiting breaks your concentration. I notice this a lot – once I manage to get myself working, I hate to stop, and will ignore you if you try to interrupt me; if I stop to talk to you I’ll never be able to pick up the thread of what I was doing again.

              I walked out of there with a prescription for Ritalin.

              1. I am just like that. I mean exactly. I hate elevators and am the most impatient person on earth. And yeah, I either work at 100% or I am a complete fuck off who reads seven different articles at one time.

              2. Apparently ADHD people have problems with waiting because their low frontal lobe activity makes impulse control take more mental effort than it should. Also, if you have managed by effort to start concentrating on something, you can’t stand waiting because the waiting breaks your concentration. I notice this a lot – once I manage to get myself working, I hate to stop, and will ignore you if you try to interrupt me; if I stop to talk to you I’ll never be able to pick up the thread of what I was doing again.

                This sounds like a perfect description of my life too. Never got on teh drugs though, I guess I never could really bring myself to do it.

              3. “When I’m waiting for an elevator, I am full of rage. If it’s less than five floors I take the stairs.”

                I hate to stop, and will ignore you if you try to interrupt me; if I stop to talk to you I’ll never be able to pick up the thread of what I was doing again.

                Holy shit, you just described me to a tee. I hate waiting on things, in fact when I was a kid my parents couldn’t hardly take me to a normal sit down restaurant because I wanted my food the second I ordered it and as a toddler would apparently throw a fit if I had to wait for pretty much anything. Maybe I’ve had ADHD this whole time and never knew it. To this day I still hate waiting, I just can force myself to grit my teeth and deal with it more than I could back then.

                1. Is this description 90% of people or something? Because that basically described me too.

    3. I agree that it’s a personality thing. I used Adderall for much of middle school and elementary school, then stopped and took up Vyvanse in my senior year of high school. Aside from an initial slowdown, I noticed no great difference. The effect wears off eventually, and you have to keep upping the dose if you want an effect. I don’t think it’s worth the effort.

      1. I suppose maturity probably takes care of a lot of the symptoms too; we all get a bit more serious and can fit our work and careers to our learning styles. I think that’s one problem with schools, they don’t really cater to learning styles for kids with ADHD. If they did, maybe people wouldn’t see it as such a problem.

        1. They don’t cater to learning styles period. It’s 1 size fits all. That’s a problem for ADHD types but also lots of other non-ADHD types too.

    4. I think it’s more of a personality classification than a disorder

      There are some kids for whom ADD/ADHD is a real, debilitating problem that cannot be overcome by internal resolve.

      1. This is so true.

        I used to be one of the biggest anti ADD people around, and then I had a kid with it.

        He would literally talk for 20 hours a day, at people if there was anyone near him, to himself if not. You could put a cup into his hand in the living room and ask him to go put it in the sink, 80% of the time he wouldn’t even make it to the kitchen before he just set it down where he was and went on to something else.

        That said we tried Ritalin and it didn’t work for him. It mitigated some of his symptoms but as a side effect made him mean and violent, he had been on Daytrana for a few years and that worked pretty well but he just went off of that because it was causing tourettes like symptoms as a side effect.

        Now he’s on something new but I don’t remember the name

    5. Part-1
      Many mental-health and cognitive professionals believe that ADHD and the adult version i.e.ADD are related to toxins in the environment that interfere with the development of the frontal-lobe where intellect, personality and self-control mechanisms development. They also believe that toxins interfere with the natural production of bio-chemicals and neuro-transmitters such-as dopamine and serotonin. Lead and mercury are highly suspect.

      When I was young I had a bizarre fixation with sniffing gasoline. This was the 1960’s when lead and mercury were highly-present in gasoline. From the time I was 4 years-old until about 11 or 12 I would sniff gasoline whenever the opportunity would present itself. I simply loved the smell.

      1. Part 2

        My parents talk about the first 5 or 6 years of my life when they say I was a perfect little angel (except for that nasty gasoline-sniffing behavior that they did their level-best to stop with little success). Then, they say somewhere around 7 or 8 I turned into a nasty little monster. I went through my school-years right through high school as a behavioral problem-child with poor academic performance.

        At 13 years old I discovered alcohol, marijuana and amphetamines i.e. speed. I loved speed mostly because it cleaned-up my behavior issues, turned me into a super-nice guy and I could focus better on learning and it helped me love being alive. In the 1970’s the government heavily restricted physicians access to amphetamines and the street amphetamines went away.

        1. Part 3

          At 18 years-old I switched to cocaine. The next 40 years of my life were spent as a drug-addict – I used every drug A-Z – I didn’t care what drug – I simply needed to clear-up the fog of confusion in my brain that was there from the time I woke everyday for as long as I can remember from the time I was in grade-school. I especially used marijuana daily, but alcohol and hard narcotics were present as well. By the time I was 45 years-old I was a full-blown opiate-addict – in particular – heroin.

          (I was the mythical Functional-addict – I held a job, provided for my family and I am still married to the same woman for nearly 38 years. We’ve raised 3 wonderful boys)

          1. Part 4

            At 50 I went to prison for my 6th DUI in 30 years(Never had an accident nor hurt anyone until number 6 when I spun-out in a snowstorm and hit a utility pole damaging only my vehicle and hurting only myself – God was truly my co-pilot).I’ll give credit where credit is due – the state sobered me up after more than 40 years of failing to do it myself. For the first time in over 40 years I was sober for 28 straight months. For whatever reason, while I was locked-up the foggy-confusion was not present or at least it didn’t seem to be a problem. However, once released and back to my regularly scheduled life the foggy-confusion returned. It would take me hours to clear my head in the morning in order to navigate the day which once again turned into the struggle it had always been. It was not long before I was using again.

            In 2010, I started to see a psychiatrist that specializes in addiction. In late 2010 I was diagnosed with ADD and prescribed Adderall. I take 30mg twice a day. My life has changed. I no longer struggle with the foggy-confusion. I no longer use alcohol or street drugs. I’m in college now. I’ll graduate in 2014 with an associates degree in human-services with a drug-counselor certificate. Don’t tell me ADD doesn’t exist or that Adderall is bad. I’m currently bringing the -daily-dose down to see how low of a dose will still be effective. I’m 56 years old and I am finally functioning without foggy-confusion and living happily ever-after!

  6. When a below-average student takes Adderall to improve his academic performance, that is legitimate treatment of a bona fide disease. When an above-average student does exactly the same thing, that is drug abuse.

    You could say the same thing about testosterone or HGH.

    Basically the public has what amounts to a superstitious outlook on chemical enhancement. If it can be framed as “disease treatment”, it’s OK. If it can’t be framed that way, that means the person taking it wants to be “better than me”, and the average worthless scumbag out there is fucking terrified that somebody somewhere might be better than them.

    1. You are allowed to take it to be “normal” but not to be exceptional.

      1. That is correct.

        Wearing glasses is acceptable; getting lasic surgery to improve your ball striking capabilities is cheating.

    2. I am extraordinary, if you ever get to know me.

  7. My wife and I took care of a teenaged girl for a while that had a bonafide case of ADHD. The difference in her behavior when she was on Ritalin verus off Ritalin was so striking she was two different people. In the late afternoon as she ramped of the meds, she would go from reading the evening paper to spinning in circles.

    That being said, the schools are now forcing parents to drug kids with minor behavior problems or keep them out of mainstream schools (and then force them into alternate schools or face punishment).

    At the same time, the system wants to punish adults and kids that want to take the meds because there is a measurable benefit in intellectual peformance regardless of whether or not there is a diagnosis of ADD/ADHD.

    Everything the state touches if fucks up.

    1. Ringo’s Law.

      “Everything government touches turns to crap.”

  8. I get bored without alt-text.

  9. I was addicted to Flintstones’ Chewables as a kid. Crazy shit.

    1. Dude, that shit tastes better than candy.

      1. But don’t let Sugarfree know about them.

        1. I trip the Vitamin A fantastic.

      2. Popped fifty a day. Especially Wilma and Betty. Oh, and the car.

        1. I gorged on Flintstones vitamins once, got some mild fat-soluble vitamin poisoning, and have detested the smell of those fucking things ever since. Problem solved.

          1. I see. Can’t handle your vitamins.

            1. They need to be classified as Schedule 1. For the children!

              1. They enlighten your mind, man. Especially the brown ones.

          2. This is why we can’t have nice things.

          3. Haha, oh man, I loved them too and my mom was always threatening I’d get sick but I was like BUT VITAMINS. I can’t believe you proved my mom right about something.

            Yeah, you heard me. You proved my mom right.

    2. Then I moved on the gummyvites. That is the good stuff.

      1. If you really want the hardcore vitamins you need to eat raw seal liver.

        1. I’ll send off my child laborers to club some seals straight away. A polished monocle to you, sir!

        2. Polar bear.

      2. Those things are good. They don’t even really taste vitaminy.

        1. The gummies, that is.

    3. The nurse at the blood donor center recommended I take those for iron to get my hemoglobin up to donatable levels. Two weeks later? 12 point muthafuckin’ 9, give daddy the arm prick he likes.

    4. I was more of a Shamu and His Crew guy myself.


    Can someone tell Peter King to shut the fuck up? What a fucking irresponsible moron. Yeah, lets make the paranoid fuckers think we are about to attack them. That is a great idea.

    1. Well, maybe that is the kind of shit we actually need to talk about (not that we actually act upon it), be cause it is the exact game that NORK has played for at least the past twenty years.

      1. The problem is that you if they actually believed they were about to be attacked, they would have nothing to lose. We really don’t want that.

        1. I was enjoying this thread until you pricks brought that up.

          1. You ruined my breakfast.

  11. OT:…..ubenville/…..revolting/

    I think Marcotte and Myers are deliberately being dishonest in highlighting this article as representative a libertarians. But, can someone explain to me Landsburg’s point? I don’t quite understand his dismissal of the rape victim’s property rights

    1. He’s arguing utilitarianism to highlight how terrible it is. Myers can’t even recognized when his nonsense philosophy is being mocked.

      1. ^^THIS^^ By a strictly utilitarian argument, the neurotic Green suffers more harm and is thus entitled to more protection than the rape victim.

      2. My god, utilitarians are unbelievably disgusting creatures. Utterly morally bankrupt and completely vile.

    2. I think his point is that why should psychic harm be considered in the law? Dipshit Green suffers all sorts of harm from a wilderness area being developed. He may lose sleep, do worse at his job, have anger issues, feel a sense of lost hope and faith in people. The girl who was raped while asleep suffers the same symptoms. Why does one count and the other not?

      If the girls’ feelings don’t count, then why is raping her a crime? She didn’t suffer any physical harm? I think that is his point. And the answer of course is that rape is a crime because it violates the other person’s sovereignty. It doesn’t matter if the girl suffers any effects, the act itself is per say harmful because she has a right to her person.

      1. I found it a curious analogy, but you’re right in that it went way over the heads of the liberals/feminists who reflexively hate everything libertarian.

        1. Yeah, I suppose the subject matter is a little “hot button”-y to not raise the ire of people who reflexively take libertarians to task for supposedly being selfish or “misogynists.

          By the way, am I the only person who steered clear of the Stuebenville story?

          1. No. I didn’t pay any attention to it. it is a local story. Bad deal for the people involved. But I fail to see why it should matter to me.

          2. I was briefly puzzled about why it was a national story and that’s about it.

      2. Why does one count and the other not?

        Because the one that counts was the consequence of tortuous conduct and the other wasn’t? It’s like asking why I can sue the owner of a car if they into my house, but if their car is thrown into my house by a tornado I can’t.

        1. You are begging the question. Why isn’t the idiot green’s anxiety a consequence of the tortuous conduct? Looks like it is to me.

      3. You’re old enough to forget that phonics shit.

      4. Great analysis – fucking incredible that you actually needed to explain that in a so-called free, liberty-loving country to so-called free, liberty-loving people! WTF

    3. He’s an idiot, is his point. He understands neither that the emotional/mental harm can be suffered post hoc, nor that the physical violation is just as morally significant.

      1. Or I misread his point, possibly.

    4. I think the writer of the articles is seriously confused and should try Adderall to see if it will clear-up the confusion in the brain.

  12. Interestingly enough, ADHD is one of the few diagnoses the FAA asks specifically about on applications for medical certificates for pilots. Generally if they ask it on paper specifically, a “yes” answer=disqualification.

  13. I’ll say this, since I have to go to work: Before I was diagnosed with ADHD and started taking Vyvanse for it, I’d had 15 jobs in 15 years. Since then, I’ve had two jobs in four years, one of which I quit since I was moving.

    ADHD is overdiagnosed, and the criteria for it are subjective; that doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist.

    1. just this.

  14. I just like drugs. Let me have more drugs. Uppers, downers, weed, ‘shrooms, X, coke, the gleaming white wonder of hydrocodone in industrial doses… I want to replace my heart with a tiny sun that shoots rays of pure love.

    1. Have you tried Flintstones Chewable Vitamins?

      1. Those are a controlled substance now thanks to monsters like Episiarch.

        1. I can’t help being the gayest monster since gay came to Gaytown, John.

    2. We all like drugs, NutraSweet. Especially cocaine. Sweet, sweet cocaine.

      1. Not me. I’m high on life.

        1. If life gets you high you must be a tremendous lightweight.

          1. “If life gets you high you must be a tremendous lightweight.”<<br /
            or, simply not paying attention. People should be outraged to the point of pure anger by the condition of the human race in the 21st century. Until this happens i.e. more outraged people seeking revolution – the human race is on a slippery-slope of self-destruction, or at least enslavement to the ruling self-anointed elite and their sycophant cling-on’s. Wake-up people – be outraged – be angry – start a revolution – destroy the self-anointed elite and their sycophant-cling-on’s before they destroy us all!!!!!

        2. I’m high on life.

          That’s a contact buzz from the rest of us, freeloader.

          1. OMG FREE RIDERZ!

          2. Who’s the sucker?

          3. SugarFree – now that has to be one of the greatest replies I’ve ever come across.

            “That’s a contact buzz from the rest of us, freeloader.” LOFL!!!!

      2. That feeling when it starts coming up your spine like orgasmic lightning. Hmm…

    3. Who was it here that was raving about kratom? I’ve started using it – it is excellent. Kava too. Some great legal stuff for paranoid bitches like myself.

      1. Kanna is pretty good too.

        1. I just ordered some kanna for the first time a few days ago, as well as some blue lotus leaves. Gonna try the wine infusion thing.

      2. It was me and someone else. Kratom is superb, but don’t talk about it too much, or it’ll get the salvia “ban first, ask questions later” treatment.

      3. Kratom killed my stomach.

    4. For you, Sug.

  15. “The disorder …is determined only by … ruling out other possible causes” …except nutrition. That’s where my money is. ADD: yet another result of the standard western diet.

    1. Raise your hand if you’ve heard of a caveman with ADHD. That’s what I thought.


  16. I have been on Ritalin for 22 years, from 17 to 39. Yes, as I got older and about 20 pounds heavier, I have basically doubled the amount I started on. But I take 50 milligrams 4x a day, which is a lot. If I wasn’t on it, I don’t think I would be very successful unless I could have been a professional skater or musician or something with no set schedules. I am programmer, have nice life, great wife and kids and I don’t think my life would be anything like this without meds. I haven’t had ANY side effects in about 16 years. I can sleep on it, eat on it, etc. But if I do go off it, like when there was a Ritalin shortage recently, I did nothing. Literally, I was useless. My fear is the nanny state will decide the meds hurt the kids and ruin my life, especially the deeper their hooks get into healthcare.

    1. I’d hate to see what a statement like this would look like if you weren’t on something.


  17. Nothing is better than Adderall. I started taking it in my mid-20s. I went from being

    A really smart graduate student to a brilliant one
    Thirty pounds overweight to thirty pounds below normal (i.e. lost 60 pounds)
    Made twice as many friends in one year than I probably made in my entire life up to that point

    It’s never as miraculous as when you begin, but the effect never goes away. And even if you’ve stopped, you’ve built up some confidence from being skinny and sociable and accomplishing stuff.

    No side effects.

    1. You should do more squats.

  18. It’s enjoyable. That’s a big enough side-effect to ban it. Happy is bad.

  19. Almost every tweaker I’ve ever known (and, being homeless as I have been in the past, I’ve known quite a few) were on Ritalin/Adderal as children. . . They got hooked on speed as kids, and couldn’t give it up as adults. . .

  20. Those numbers are way too high, it is strange to think that such a large number of children that I see are on these drugs. It makes me wonder how it will effect the population longterm as well.

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