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Covered at Reason 24/7: UN Arms Treaty Passes



The United Nations General Assembly voted today to approve an arms treaty that seeks to regulate the global arms trade. The U.S. voted for the treaty, while Russia and China abstained. Last week Iran, Syria, and North Korea blocked the treaty. Countries bound by the treaty will have to publicly report arms sales every year. 

From The New York Times:

UNITED NATIONS — The United Nations General Assembly voted overwhelmingly on Tuesday to approve the first-ever treaty to regulate the enormous global trade in conventional weapons, for the first time linking sales to the human-rights records of the buyers.

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  1. Holy fuck, what a useless gesture.

    Oh, wait, this is the United Nations…

  2. So, O! told his UN Ambassador to whip up more recruiting for the NRA, et al? Is he suddenly developing a legislative death wish? Or is it something more subtle – “I’ll just blow up any chance we get Congress back, so I cannot be held accountable for anything. Plus I still get all the perks, travel, golf, celeb parties and fun!”

    1. He also get to scowl at us and tell us what mean people we are for not loving and trusting him blindly, giving him everything he wants.

      He really should start holding his breath until he turns blue. Maybe stamping his feet, too.

      1. “NeonCat|4.2.13 @ 3:48PM|#

        He really should start holding his breath until he turns blue.”

        This is how I remember which color belongs to which team.

  3. OT:

    “‘I want to make sure that you all know how welcome you are here in this house, because the truth is we do these things — we make sure that we do these workshops so that you all know that this is your house, too,'” Obama told the guests. ‘So we want you to make yourselves at home. We want you to feel good and relaxed and learn and ask questions, okay?’

    The White House is currently not allowing the public to tour or access the White House. Only invited guests are allowed inside.

    Michelle Obama thanked the Hollywood actors for making it to the White House. ‘I want to thank Harrison Ford — I’ve wanted to say that for a while. (Laughter.) Harrison Ford. So you think you trip because I’m here? I’m tripping out — (laughter) — because he’s here. And look at this stage — Mr. Harrison Ford, Chadwick Boseman — he’s as cute as he was in the movie. (Laughter.) Just admit it. (Applause.) Outstanding — as well as Brian Helgeland, who is here as well. You’re going to hear from them,’ she said.”


    1. So, so classless. It’s times like me that make me think that our country’s founders were foolish to make head of state and head of government the same person.

    2. She truly is Michelle Antoinete

  4. Amnesty International gets today’s award for world’s dumbest statement. He talked about this was going to keep the weapons out of the hands of the oppressors. Yeah, this is going to really do that. That is why all of these oppressive governments are all for this. It couldn’t be because it is going to keep their populations disarmed and more easily oppressed.

    1. There’s a reason the UN is called the democracy of dictators.

  5. Of course, the US is in no way “bound” by this treaty, until such time as the Senate ratifies it and the President signs it.

    I believe President Obama might be willing to sign it, but that won’t matter, since the Senate won’t pass it.

    When did anyone start caring what the General Assembly did, anyway? It’s 24/7 global amateur hour there.

    1. Assuming BO respects the constitution in these matters, rather than forging ahead with enforcing the treaty since “Congress is broken”, it still may cause trouble for imported arms. Say goodbye to those crates of Mosin Nagants.

      1. I’ve been kicking around the idea of getting a nagant for a while, worth it?

        1. Hard to say if it’s worth the premium old bolt action surplus rifles sell for these days. Sure they’re reliable but if it costs the same as a Savage or Remington in .308 or ’06, I’d rather have the latter as more reliable and more upgradeable.

          I bought a new Russian AK after the CT tragedy out of fear they may never be had again. I don’t know how this treaty will play out, but I wonder if it will diminish the availability of import surplus weapons like the AK or Nagant. Also, it may affect availability of milsurp ammo.

  6. I think it’s cool how no matter what the vote is about, Russia, China, Iran, Syria, and N. Korea will vote opposite the USA. Stagnation in the U.N. is a great thing.

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