'Retired' NJ State Police Cash In With Pensions, Second State Jobs

Double-dipping with a vengeance


New Jersey State Lottery Deputy Director Duane Daniels hit a jackpot when he retired as a State Police captain at age 50.

Daniels started collecting an $88,296 annual state pension in October 2009. That same month, he was hired as the lottery's head of security at a $90,000 salary. For Daniels, who did not respond to requests for comment, his annual payout increased to $178,296.

In this game, taxpayers don't stand a chance. The rules are rigged in favor of Daniels and scores of other retirees. While mid-career retirements drain millions from state pension funds that face a $41.7 billion shortfall, double-dipping adds insult to voters who were promised reform.