Attention Filmmakers: LA Collaboration Challenge Returns


Who wouldn't want to make a short film in two weeks with strangers? The Los Angeles Collaboration Film Challenge is back for a second year. Former Reason TV intern Mark Wagner is an organizer and passed along an invitation for all interested in participating:

The CFC is a one-of-a-kind nonprofit film festival in Los Angeles. Get paired with other filmmakers and make two movies in two weeks. Are you a writer in search of a cameraman? An editor looking for a director? Worry not wallflowers, we'll make the connection for you!

Who is this challenge for? It's for anyone! Industry pros, student filmmakers, amateur enthusiasts—all are welcome. The beauty of this experience is that you'll be working alongside many other people with a similar passion for filmmaking, and anyone can win.

On May 4th, we screen the best entries in front of a packed house of industry members— and our esteemed judges, including Kurt Loder, Matthew Lillard, and Slamdance president Peter Baxter— and hand out over $10,000 in cash and prizes. Check out our site for more info and official rules. Space is limited, so enter today!

What makes the CFC a unique experience is that it goes beyond competition. As the name suggests, this challenge is about bringing filmmakers together to transform one person's vision into a masterpiece through powerful creative partnerships.

The deadline to register as a participant is April 8.

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  1. Do a film about the property which used to belong to that burger joint the city shut down. Show how that formerly crime-plagued location is now a public park with Bambi and the Smurfs gamboling all over without a care in the world, now that the aggressive panhandlers and drug-dealers have left the area due to its magicalness.

    1. Do a fantasy film about a drug dealer in an inner city community. In the film, the libertarian party wins an election(it’s fantasy, remember) and legalizes drugs. The main character, a former murderer(because of the drug war, of course), then starts a legitimate drug business and thrives. The outlook of the African American community improves as hundreds of thousands of prisoners are released. Instead of robbing and killing people, the non-lowlifes help the community become on par with white America(why exactly the drug war affects the black community more than others is unanswered). Once out of prison, they vote for the libertarians party, allowing it to win its first election.

  2. My film I think I would make would be about a small businessman who is recruited by a government agency to help with a pretty serious event. Maybe something requiring an epic collaboration even, one that has worldwide implications. Just spit balling here what if that meteor that passed Earth recently had actually been on a direct course for us and what if NASA had to dispatch one or maybe two militarized shuttles to stop it and what if at the end Bruce Willis sacrificed himself and it was the best movie ever.

    Or something with zombies as an allegory for gay marriage.

    1. Deep Impact has already been made, dude.

      1. When was that ever an obstacle in Hollywood?

        “That movie was already made!”

        “Good, then, we can make it again and get the same audience as the earlier movie!”

        1. Just go away. That joke just went about a mile above your head. Don’t get in between jokes between FoE and me, because you clearly don’t understand them.

          1. You’re like a child who wanders into a movie halfway through. You have no frame of reference.

            1. That reference really tied the room together.

          2. Wait. These have been jokes?

            1. No, they have been cries for help. And you haven’t been listening!

          3. Not this guy….

      2. Deep Impact didn’t have zombies in it, dipshit. And I’m not your dude, guy.

        1. Oh yeah? What do you call Vanessa Redgrave and Maximilian Schell?

          1. Vanessa and Max?

    2. Have you seen this?

      1. I have now. It’s full of spoilers. ANYONE WHO HASN’T SEEN ARMAGEDDON DON’T FOLLOW THAT LINK.

        1. Nostalgia Critic is hilarious, and this girl isn’t that bad either.

          His ‘Signs’ review is my favorite.

          1. Signs was and is a national treasure.

            1. not sure if serious

              1. You know how you can tell if I’m joking? It’s not when I’m talking about Signs.

                1. There are also people who liked Dodgeball. SRSLY

                  1. Signs is not that bad. It’s one of 3 M. Night Shyamalon movies that are any good, the other two being Sixth Sense and Unbreakable.

                    Don’t try to make yourself look cool by claiming you don’t like Signs. None of us will buy it.

                    1. There are worse movies to like than Signs.

            2. on second thought, “national treasure 2” makes “Night at the Museum” look like “Goodfellas”

            3. If you ignore all of the plot holes and gigantic lapses and logic, then sure, it is somewhat involving.

              But then there’s the fact that the aliens are averse to water so they invaded a planet covered in it and where it falls from the sky.

              Hey, let’s you, me, Episiarch, and the rest of the HnR gang go invade a planet covered in arsenic!

              1. Yeah, that was incredibly stupid. I don’t think the ending should invalidate the fact that I enjoyed the movie up until the ending. It gave me two hours of entertainment, even though the last 15 minutes or so were terrible.

                1. I enjoyed A.I. up until the 1st ending.

                  1. I enjoyed A.I. up until the 1st ending.

                    I so wish Kubrick had lived to make it himself.

                2. To me that makes it worse. The Village was a well-made movie right up until we get the payoff at the end and once you realize how stupid it is you just feel cheated for having allowed yourself to be invested into wanting to see the ending.

                  1. The Village actually makes more sense, and was more entertaining than, Signs. The best part of Signs for me was that scene in the Army recruitment office where Michael Showalter (who is a comedian) sounds and looks like he’s purposely doing a parody of serious acting.

                  2. The Village’s ending is MUCH worse than Signs. The ending of the Village astonished me because it was so bad.

                    What I don’t understand about M. Night is this: several of his movies could have been good, if he just made the damn movie and didn’t care about some ‘twist.’ This is true of Signs and is most obviously true of the Village.

                    If the Village had no twist and was just about these monsters in the woods, and a conspiracy by the Elders, it could have been a very good horror movie/thriller. It was basically ruined because he had to fit a twist in and tailored the entire story towards this ridiculous ending.

                    The reason the Sixth Sense twist worked was because it came naturally from the story. The twists he introduces in the rest of his movies mostly seem like cheats.

                    1. Yeah but on some level it was so ridiculous and stupid that it just added to the entertainment value.

                      The ending of Signs was like a turd slowly falling into the toilet bowl and making a little ‘plop’ sound.

                    2. There was an article on Cracked about shitty movies that could be remade well, and The Village is one of them.

                      They say that instead of finding out that modern civilization lies outside the village at the end, do it at the beginning and write the plot around that. Sounded pretty good to me.

                    3. How did the Sixth Sense twist “work” when they gave it away in the advertising campaign? That movie sucked bad. I’ve seen no others by the same director that I’m aware of.

              2. Also, what kind of advanced alien race walks around naked without any weapons? Were they trying to invade Earth or were they just going streaking?

                1. Now that would have been a twist.

                  “They didn’t actually mean to do us any harm! IT WAS JUST SPRING BREAK!”

  3. John Wilkes Booth, American Hero

  4. What we need is more movies based on board games/toys. Some suggestions:

    Lincoln Logs: Revenge of the John Wilkes Booth Logs

    Rubix Cube: Six Sides, Six Colors, One Destiny

    Monopoly: The Libertarian Love Saga of Our Time

  5. Gal pals, on a road trip, earnestly critiquing the gendernormative patriarchal oppression inherent in American truck stop culture over vegetarian egg white omelettes and fair trade coffee.

    1. I’d slit my wrists fifteen seconds in. Stop being such a monster.

    2. Soon there will be feminists in the army, criticizing the “macho, violent culture.”

  6. 20 minutes of Obama just sitting there.

    That’s sure to win the prize.

    1. Did the teleprompter hang up?

    2. So you can’t see Krugman’s head bobbing up and down?

  7. How a about a futuristic amusement park where dinosaurs are brought to life through advanced cloning techniques. I call it “Billy and the Cloneasaurus.”

  8. By only reading the title of a fictitious H&R piece my character will assume the abbreviation LA stands for Louisiana and be extremely pissed when he stays up all night thinking of ideas for movies. Upon discovering his error he’ll make it his life’s mission to destroy all future Los Angeles Collaboration Film Challenge events. He’ll succeed in his first attempt by sabotaging CERN and triggering a nuclear chain action that destroys the universe.

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    1. That the above missive is riddled with typos and grammatical errors lead me to suspect the true intentions of the poster.

      1. Mariya can’t help it if her great aunt is a selfish whore who won’t pay a tutor so her great niece can learn to spell.

    2. Oooh, a Mazda

      Dang, that’s hot.

      And I bet your aunt Had Bean is pretty hot too, making all that scratch online and all.

      1. Crosby had some dental work done after being smacked in the face with a puck. Was he wearing his mouth guard?

        Also, 2 games shy of their record 17-game win streak.

        1. Was he wearing his mouth guard?

          Probably not. Makes it easier to cry to the officials that way. I’m glad they stuck Ignila on Malkin’s line. I was worried they were gonna fuck with the good stuff happening with crosby’s line.

    3. You’re on the wrong website. It’s the lefties who think you can get something for nothing.

  10. 1st world problem: WHICH MOVIE SUCKED WORSE

  11. Assault cake causes mass pearl-clutching.

    News reports have 23 scared and 16 offended. Reports are still trickling in.

    1. I hate people

  12. How about a comedy film about an undocumented immigrant who sneaks across the desert, becomes legalized via administrative amnesty(not an abuse of executive authority), starts a business, then joins the libertarian part!

    1. Make it a Cheech and Chong flick and I’m in.

      1. With Jenna Jameson.

        1. This is how great movies get made.

          If I had the cash, I’d bankroll this thing right now.

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    1. So this is after you got tips?

  14. These dudes really seems to know whats going on. Wow.

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