Covered at Reason 24/7: Democrats Start Targeting Mitch McConnell After Ashley Judd Withdraws


2014 elections already getting started
Reason 24/7

It looks like it took Ashley Judd saying she won't run against Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell for national Democrats to launch their anti-McConnell efforts in Kentucky.

From ABC News:

Democrats are without a Senate candidate in Kentucky following Ashley Judd's decision to take a pass on challenging Sen. Mitch McConnell, so they are turning to one of the state's favorite pastimes to draw attention to the race: the Sweet 16 of the NCAA basketball tournament.

The Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee is opening its first statewide advertisement today against McConnell, ABC News has learned, by airing a radio spot that sounds like a play-by-play announcer calling a big game.

McConnell is also likely to face opposition from the right, with some Tea Party activists mulling a primary challenge in 2014.

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