Survey: Health Industry Executives Don't Think ObamaCare's Exchanges Will Be Ready on Time


I have already noted several reasons to be skeptical that ObamaCare's health insurance exchanges will be fully operational by the time that enrollment is set to start in October. Health policy consultant Robert Laszewski points us to another one: Many health industry executives don't believe that the exchanges will be ready on time. A survey by Edifecs, a health information technology company, reports that a large majority of the 82 executives who responded to the question believe that the federal government and/or the states will not be ready on time:

Courtesy Edifecs

The survey was conducted at the 2013 Healthcare Mandate Summit, a conference hosted by Edifecs in February, which means it's not necessarily a representative sample of the industry as a whole. Still, it tells us something about what folks interacting with ObamaCare actually think: Edifecs notes that the survey respondents are all senior health professionals "actively involved in their organization's compliance initiatives and carry significant responsibility for ensuring compliance with government mandates."