Zero Tolerance

A Mass Suspension for Dress Code Violations

This week in overkill.


This week in overkill:

Ceci n'est pas une Alice Cooper song.

About 100 students at a Leflore Magnet High School are suspended for not following the dress code.

The school's Principal Alvin Dailey said he has had enough telling students to abide by the dress code.

"Everyday I'm saying pull your pants up. Get out of that jacket," said Principal Dailey. "Well there comes a point where you have to say enough is enough."

That day came Monday. School officials performed a sweep of each classroom at Leflore High School, searching for dress code violators.

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  1. That would be awesome. I had so much fun getting suspended in H.S. Never a bad thing.

    1. I got suspended four times in the one year I went. Usually for skipping school.

      1. That’s funny. Punishing someone by making them not go the school because they did not go to school.

        1. Exactly. “Oh, please don’t throw me into that briar patch, brer’ fox”

        2. My school used to do the same thing quite stupid really.

          They also used to make kids wait in the lunch room supervised the remainder of their period if they were 5 minutes late.

          To add icing on the cake if you were late more than 10 times in a semester your grade was knocked down to a D- whether you had an A in the class or not.

          1. Stupid policies like this and they wonder why kids are failing.

        3. Just a hunch, but I’m going to guess the school did not receive money from the state for you on the day you skipped school, but did receive money from the state for you on the day you were suspended. Just a hunch, but do you see where that might make sense?

      2. Yeah, I got suspended for skipping classes. Oh the irony.

        ISS was even better. We’d just walk out randomly. “Where are you going?” “Fuck off.”

  2. Hail to thee our Alma Mater

    In our hearts you’ll stay

    Fervently to lead and guide us

    As we find our way.

    Honor, valor, truth

    As our hearts unfold

    Lead us to our youth

    Guide us to our goal.

    Hail to thee our Alma Mater

    To our orange and green

    John L. LeFlore we will forever love you

    We will e’er be true.


  3. “Get out of that jacket”


    1. Jackets are the latest trend in terrorist attire.

    2. I’m pretty sure you don’t want me to take off my jacket.

    3. The Jacket will not be pleased to hear of this bigotry. Principal Dailey will not sleep easily tonight. The first place The Jacket strikes is your dreams.

      1. So THAT’s why I’ve been having those dreams where Warty…I’m sorry it’s too horrible to mention.

        1. The Warty dreams are the worst, I concur. Once he has started LOOMING LARGE in your subconscious, you’re a goner. Change your name, change your identity, doesn’t matter, his hulking mass is waiting for you on the edge of sleep.

          1. That’s right. Mass. I AM MASS.

            Behind the Wall of Sleep

            1. At first I thought it said “wall of sheep.”


    4. In my high school, we weren’t allowed to wear jackets to class, because CONCEALED WEAPONZZ!1

      To add to that awesomeness, my school didn’t have central heating either. Let’s just say that I got pretty good at subverting that rule, since the teachers rarely enforced. You just had to watch out for the assistant principals.

    5. “That cat ‘jacket’ is a bad mother-”
      “shut yo’ mouf”
      “I’m talking about the jacket”
      “We can dig it..”

  4. So are there two Alvins or did they just screw up the last name once? Cause two Alvins at one school would be overkill. Also, I want to go stand on Principle Alvin’s lawn.

  5. A worthy effort on the alt-text.

    1. I agree, very eclectic.

  6. Related, at Slate: Do school suspensions actually work?

    “Hey you! You don’t want to be here and are becoming a nuisance to the students who do want to be here, so you’re suspended. Don’t even think about coming to school for three days. That’ll learn ya!”

    1. You know, in a socialistic society like ours, isn’t a suspension in high school an analog for getting fired as an adult?

      1. I would put it more on the level of getting a paid suspension as a cop.

    2. I guess it depends on what kind of parents you had.

      Whenever I got suspended my parents made it their goal to make every waking moment of it absolute hell.

      I envied the kids who got to sit home and play video games.

      1. My parental units and I came to an understanding.

    3. So maybe they do work for the children who aren’t suspended and want to learn?

    4. Slate makes the argument that suspensions are used over things like “regular counseling” due to the additional cost for “real solutions”.

      However, the reason suspensions are used is because parents still, for the most part, get to raise their kids the way they see fit.

      Therefore, the “counseling”, if indeed needed, must be handled by the parents.

      Of course in a world where the newspaper of record is screaming loudly how great the soda bans are – it should not be shocking to see a Slate author also miss the main point:

      So far – the state isn’t allowed to raise your children, counsel them about the “right” behaviors, or any other such nonsense.

      So write-ups, followed by direct counseling of offenses, followed by more talking, followed by suspension.

      Or zero tolerance – go straight to suspension.

      In either case – counseling isn’t an open option without parental consent.

  7. sorry…having trouble mustering the requisite outrage for this.

    1. Yeah, seems like a win win. Students get a few days off and the old curmudgen gets to wield his magnificent power.

      1. old curmudgen gets to wield his magnificent power.

        Magnetic power!

    2. Me, too. If all schools were private, a fair amount of them would require dress codes. And public school dress codes are for shit. They basically require that you not have a hole in your clothes where your genitals are and don’t die your hair the color of pancreatic fluid. Everything else goes.

      These bitches wouldn’t last five minutes in a real private school. “That’s not the school-approved tie clip, you insolent little waste of space!!!!!”

      1. Because all private schools are the same.

        And uniforms and strict dress codes are not unheard of in public schools.

      2. You are not familiar with many public schools, then.

        1. Yes, but in public schools children do not lose their freedom of speech or [removed]since they are government run).

          So unless me dressing outside of dress code is disruptive, I and other bright students can violate the dress code and have a legal fight they can win.

          Assuming their careful in their violations and ensure the violation itself is some political view point.

          In private school, since government is not involved, all this crap goes away.

          Don’t like it – we’ll fine your parents. They don’t like it – they’ll fix the kid or not pay.

          They don’t pay – no more school.


          1. They’re not their

            & remove was freedom of expression… odd that….

            & I may have written as if I’m a student – for full disclosure: I haven’t been in high school (my last public school) for longer than I care to admit…

  8. Just another Blackwell in the wall.

    1. We don’t need no education.

  9. “You dick!”

    1. Next time order enough pizza for the whole class.

    2. His son is in some deep doo-doo right now…

  10. “In order to enhance your individuality to conformity, I’m instituting a dress code based on your own requests that I imagine you would have requested had I asked for your requests.”

  11. This is actually pretty low on my “Can’t wait to homeschool” meter.

    Do we have any more stories on classroom cameras? Student tracking?

  12. My state solved this problem by requiring uniforms in the public schools.

    1. Did the uniforms include arm bands?

  13. Remind me: does reason support magnet schools engaging in some flexibility of rules enforcement? Or do they not?

    1. We don’t even support roadz, why would we support flexibility of rulez?

    2. Well I went to a magnet school. When you fucked up, you got work detail. It worked pretty fucking well.

      1. Yeah? What sort of work?

        1. Kitchen duty was big. Every cafeteria trash can had to be hosed out every afternoon. Picking up trash in common areas. The math department used transparent sheets for the overheads, and when they filled one it just got tossed in a box. So at the end of every day, work detail kids went around and windexed every single freaking sheet.

          The big one that the head administrator saved for real infractions was cleaning his goddamn fish tank.

          Nothing arduous for a kid who was used to work, but it sure as hell wasn’t as fun as doing your usual after school activities.

          1. Haha one time, this kid I was decent friends with had to clean the dissection trays from the bio lab.

  14. This isn’t funny. It’s gonna go on their permanent record and they’ll never get a job.

    1. Green Energy jobs! There will be billions of them!

  15. I dunno, in the big picture of libertarian outrages… isn’t this pretty small?

    1. Yes.

    2. There is no “small” in the outrage world.

      1. I am outraged by your comment.

        1. but only a little bit.

    3. “isn’t this pretty small?”

      No, I would say this almost exactly like The Night of the Long Knives. First they came for the baggy pants.

  16. “Hey, young man, tie an onion to your belt immediately!”

    Meh. Teens should be kept in a barrel and fed through a hole until they’re 18, as far as I’m concerned.

  17. How can you have any pudding if you don’t eat your meat?!

  18. we need more HS girls wearing yoga pants or short skirts /pedobear

  19. The nation’s Principal Patriot said he has had enough telling members of Congress to abide by the Constitution.

    “Everyday I’m saying abide by your Oath of Office. Get out of that treasonous behavior,” said [name redacted]. “Well there comes a point where you have to say enough is enough.”

    That day came Monday. Militias performed a sweep of each room in the House and Senate Office Buildings, searching for Constitution violators.

  20. “Today was the answering for the violating. Sometimes students don’t believe unless you show them,” said Dailey.

    ‘Answering for the violating’? The principal should be suspended for butchering proper rules of grammar.

  21. Related, at Slate: Do school suspensions actually work?


    1. Yes, Jesse, stop linking to Slate. It’s never a good thing. BTW — RETARDED SLATE ARTICLES is an oxymoron.

      1. Goddamnit I meant redundancy, not oxymoron. It’s been a long day, without any alcohol.

  22. School officials performed a sweep of each classroom at Leflore High School, searching for dress code violators.


  23. What’s wrong with a “reasonable” (I know, I know) dress code? I think Wal-Mart should institute one as well. Show a little self-respect and put some clothes on.

  24. School administrators get gratification from the power exercise of escalating issues way beyond the amount of attention that is necessary. Hats, phones, jackets? What the fuck. The lists of shit they come up with to hassle kids about is sick, and the more inflexibly those rules are enforced and with more extreme punishments, the more the kids will react with hostility. Sick bastards like this principal Alvin Dailey are fully aware of the feedback system they drive.

    1. Yup

  25. I’m a little disappointed that no one has linked any pictures of women wearing outfits that would violate any school’s dress code

  26. This is an indictment of Principal Alvin. He can’t administer a dress code policy without going off the deep end?

    Analogy: You see those parents who bitch at the kid a thousand times “billy come here, billy come here” with no effect until they lose their mind, grad billy, and shake him into a whiplash.

  27. *grab billy, not grad him

  28. “School officials stated students are required to wear khaki pants, and white, orange, or green shirts depending on seniority.

    “Our uniform code is not that strict, but we expect people to come in and comply. Some students willfully disobey because they feel like nothing is going to be done about it,” said Dailey.”

    It may not be that strict, but it is not very aesthetically pleasing either

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