No Ruling on Gay Marriage from Supreme Court, Pentagon Responds to North Korea, Israeli Army Objects to Foreign Ministry's Use of Bar Refaeli: P.M. Links


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    There aren't many clues on how the Supreme Court might rule on gay marriage after hearing oral arguments related to California's Proposition 8 today.

  • Some bars in Washington and Colorado are embracing marijuana use even as its legal status when smoked in "public places" remains unsettled in both states.
  • The Pentagon responds to the latest saber rattling from North Korea by pointing out the U.S. was ready for "any contingency."
  • David Petraeus is expected to apologize for the affair that ended his CIA tenure, the beginning of a "public comeback."
  • An Egyptian-born Italian journalist who converted from Islam to Catholicism says he is leaving the Church over its "soft" stance on his former religion.
  • The Israeli army opposes the foreign ministry's decision to hire supermodel Bar Refaeli to promote the country's tech sector, because she's a draft dodger and thus a bad role model for youth.
  • The discovery of the Higgs Boson could help explain how the infinite stack of turtles will topple at the end of the universe.

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