Second Amendment

NRA Head Hits Media Over Gun Coverage

Ignorance plus bias


LaPierre briefly responded to Biden's comments, saying, the proposed federal legislation "is an abridgement of the Second Amendment," but he quickly fired back at Gregory about the state of national media coverage on gun control.

"Let me hold up a mirror right now to the whole national news media and the White House," said LaPierre — citing new 2012 data from Syracuse University, and adding that out of 90 jurisdictions, Chicago ranks "dead last."

"Why doesn't NBC News start with 'shocking news on Chicago, of all the jurisdictions in the country, Chicago is dead last in the enforcement of federal gun laws'?" asked LaPierre. "Why don't the national press corps, when they're sitting down there with Jay Carney and the president and the vice president, why don't they say, 'Why is Chicago dead last in enforcement of the gun laws against gangs with guns, felons with guns, drugs dealers with guns?'"