A.M. Links: Federal Cybersurveillance Expands to Private-Sector Employees, Pentagon Delaying Furloughs, NRA Challenging New York Gun Control Law in Court


  • asking for it

    An executive order by President Obama expands the federal government's cybersurveillance program aimed at defense contractors to include private sector employees at big banks, utilities and some transportation companies.

  • The Defense Department is delaying furloughs for some employees for at least two weeks after Congress agreed to send more money.
  • The NRA is challenging the constitutionality of New York's recent gun control law in federal court.
  • The Department of Justice says up to two-thirds of hate crimes go unreported.
  • A federal lawsuit seeks to prevent Arizona from denying driver's licenses to illegal immigrants.
  • Russia says nyet to Cyprus' request for a bailout.
  • Nicolas Sarkozy will be formally investigated for his campaign fundraising activities.

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  1. The NRA is challenging the constitutionality of New York’s recent gun control law in federal court.

    What took them so long?

    1. I have no idea, but better to get all your ducks in a row first?

      Dickhead Cuomo is already walking back the magazine ban.

      1. Unless he has changed his tune in the past 24 hours, Cuomo is still standing behind the ban. One of the legislative leaders was talking about changing the ban from 7 rounds to 10 rounds.


        1. http://www.nytimes.com/2013/03……html?_r=0

          So if the change is made you can still buy a 10 round magazine but you can’t load it with more than 7 rounds.

        2. Shouldn’t matter. Lots of guns in the Constitutionally protected “common use” zone have standard issue magazines of more than 10 rounds.

          Assuming, of course, that our current duo of 2A friendly(ish) SCOTUS decisions are overturned/gutted after Obama’s next Justice takes his/her/its seat on the Court.

          1. S/B “aren’t overturned/gutted”.

      2. So you’re saying they finally got a room at the La Quinta?

    2. Lol*. I don’t know why that is funny; but it had the cadence of a joke.

      *For those viewers at home who may be unfamiliar with it, LoL is an abbreviation, or shortening of words, that stands for laugh out loud and means the previous comment has caused laughter to emit from my mouth

      1. Wouldn’t that be “CLTEFMM”?

      2. What the fuck are you doing Perd Hapley…

        1. I *think* it’s some kind of test/probe from AnonBot.

        2. I think it’s hilarious.

        3. The story of this next dance is that it’s called The Worm.

    3. Had to “overfill” their magazines first.

      1. Can’t you just put 10 rounds in and fire off 3?

    4. What took them so long?

      You can’t challenge the law itself, you have to challenge the implementation or enforcement of the law. Also, you wait for a really good test case which you think is winnable.

      1. You can’t challenge the law itself, you have to challenge the implementation or enforcement of the law.
        You can challenge the law itself, but you have to argue that the law is facially invalid, which is a tougher argument than an as-applied argument.

        1. Under the “common use” test, they’ve got a decent argument as-written.

          And the State’s claim that they won’t enforce it as written shouldn’t save it.

          1. Roberts: It’s a tax.

  2. Public Service Announcement:

    Today is not Troll Free Thursday and there were no official U.S. holidays this week; feel free to respond to any trolls as you see fit.

    1. Shouldn’t every day be Troll Free Thursday?

      1. But then there would be no TGIF. On the other hand no one would get a case of the Mondays.

        1. But what if it’s just another manic Monday?

          1. we’d just wish it was Sunday. Our I-don’t-have-to-run-day

              1. not while Imagine exists it isn’t

            1. Another pleasant valley Sunday?

          2. Can’t trust that day.

      2. Troll free Tuesday has a much better ring to it.

        But, everyday should be do not reply to Tony day.

        1. Conflicts with Monkey Tuesday.

        2. But what about Stir Friday?

          1. Wow. That is… way better.

    2. Needz moar gitar.

  3. The Department of Justice says up to two-thirds of hate crimes go unreported.

    Love crimes? 100% reporting.

    1. Calling someone a gay retard isn’t a hate crime when it’s true!

      1. I hear they like cake. Really tastefully decorated cake.

        1. Of course retards love cake. Retards love EVERYTHING.

          1. I’m not trying to be funny here, but it would stand to reason that there are mentally challenged people who also happen to be gay. Who speaks for them?

            1. Harvey Birdman?

      2. Jerri: Mr. Noblet wants me to snitch on a friend.
        Jellineck: Snitching doesn’t seem like you, Jerri.
        Jerri: Oh, it’s not what you think. It’s not like snitching on a real person. She’s–
        Jellineck: Gay?
        Jerri: Retarded.
        Jellineck: Yes, most of them are.
        Jerri: Most who are what?
        Jellineck: Most gay people are retarded.
        Jerri: Does that mean Kimberly Timbers is gay?
        Jellineck: I don’t know. Hey! Make a pass at her and find out. She’d have to be retarded to turn you down.

    2. Love crimes?

      Nice concept.

      1. “There’s so much comedy on television. Does that cause comedy in the streets?” -Dick Cavett

    3. Stop!
      In the Name of Love!
      Before We Shoot Your Dog!
      [/Diana Ross]

      1. Stop, in the name of love, or my mom will shoot!

    4. I’m sure that’s a reliable number.

      “They just killed the black guy….I know right? Welcome to America.”

      1. Why do they only concentrate on the hate? Not the progress we have made?

      2. “Yes that was sarcasm, you fox eared asshole!”

    5. The Department of Justice says up to two-thirds of hate crimes go unreported.

      Because it’s not really a hate crime when cops do it.

    6. Love crimes? 100% reporting.

      Is that what they’re calling STEVE SMITH sightings these days?

    7. If they are unreported, how do they know they are unreported?

      1. Why do you hate women and minorities, gaijin?

        1. I am in the pocket of Big Hate.

      2. Because we need a quota on hate crimes, sort of like traffic tickets, we can’t be killin jerbz.

      3. Duh. Just like how we know 1 in 4 women are raped but only 10% report it!

    8. The whole concept is evil. Some victims are better than others? Why?

      1. Yes, I’m the best. Don’t ever, ever murder me.

  4. The Great British fry-up: it’s a national disgrace
    The full English breakfast is the most overrated of British dishes ? even the name is shuddersome. How did we become shackled to this fried fiasco?

    1. This is just another example of the Smug Diet: people who think their food choices are more virtuous, and want to force their food choices down everybody else’s thoughts.

    2. What a bunch of crap. Breakfast, cheese and beer are the only things they do right.

      1. plus meat pies {though those tend to better in Scotland}, donner kebabs and morning rolls.

      2. Nothing wrong with a good pasty.

      3. Fried fish!

        1. OK there are a few other things.

          I actually like English food, even the weird sausages. But I’d say cheeses and beer are the things they really excel at.

    3. I heartily disagree. Full English breakfast is one of the few great things about British “cuisine”.

      1. Girl brings two plates of full English
        Over with plenty of scrambled eggs and plenty of fried tomato
        Get my phone out, ’bout to give this girl a shout see if she had
        A nice time last night up town ask if she fancies trying it again sometime

        1. That previous comment has this reporter very confused,bit also: highly aroused. Reporting live from the scene, this is Perd Hapley.

    4. You know what’s underrated? The elusive white pudding. It’s pretty much a banger in patty form.

      Frankly, of all the components of the Full English, it’s the grilled tomato that I can do without.

      1. white pudding is delish, though I don’t think it really is a banger in a paddy. I think white pudding is more like a black pudding without the blood. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/White_pudding
        The wiki picture makes the white & black pudding on the plate not look to good. Certainly the white & black pudding one is served in Scotland is much larger in diameter.

        What I want to know is what happens to the cut of pork used to make British bacon in the US (see wiki picture). Brits would scoff at our bacon, what they’d call streaky bacon, and only use streaky bacon for cooking (as in adding to soup or laid on top of a wild goose to add some fat)

        1. Brits would scoff at our bacon…

          Then fuck them.

          1. And the Canadians too! That’s not bacon, it’s just ham!

            1. Pea meal bacon sammich!

    5. Fuck the Guardian. Breakfast is the one meal the Limeys do properly.

  5. Man free after 22yrs behind bars for murder he did not commit.
    Cops and prosecutors who railroaded him now facing prison. Haaa ha ha ha! Not.

    1. Faith in humanity almost restored sarc, but then I read your last word.

    2. When seconds count, your dog’s death and your false imprisonment are only minutes away!

      1. When seconds count, your dog’s death and your false imprisonment are only minutes away!

        A full belly laugh from this one.


    3. Once again, bad luck strikes at the hard work performed by our lying cunts brave boys in blue.

  6. New York Governor Comrad Cuomo offering $500 to report illegal gun owners.
    I’m sure that there is no way this will be abused, and no persons or dogs will be hurt or killed in raids resulting from tips.

    1. New Yorkers can call the “Gun Tip Line” if they believe someone they know has an illegal gun.

      “Hello, Tip Line? Yes, I believe Governor Cuomo has an illegal gun.”

      1. Is this $500 per successful tip? Because I think reporting a precinctful of cops in NYC could get me rich.

    2. couldn’t some enterprising software person create an autodialer that tied up the reporting line?

      1. **dynamic entry**

        “Get on the floor, motherfucker. You’re under arrest for impeding an official police investigation. Look out, buys! He’s going for his waistband!”


      2. You can buy/acquire software that can do this already. I’d say anyone here with a little capital investment and a few hours of set up time could pull this off.

    3. Anonomous tipster: “Hello gun tipline? I have a tip about a very wealthy influential individual who has multiple employees on their payroll, all armed with illegal guns. They routinely whole up in a large compound in Albany, which serves as the headquarters of a vast criminal enterprise.”

      Operator: “OK sir, could you give us the address of this compound?”

      AT: “Yes, it’s State Capitol, Albany, NY 12224”

    1. Could we get someone to translate this in to Jezebelian, and then have one of the non-Aussie ladies femsplain the meaning?

  7. Video shows prison captain pepper spraying and taunting restrained inmate.

    The Maine Department of Corrections is now also investigating how the press obtained the video and documents.

    Had the video not been leaked, this poor captain would still have a perfect record. The damned leaker needs to be found and punished. Hard. Really hard. Without any video.

    1. Obviously, the fact that the serfs learned about this is the Real Problem.

    2. Shawshank?

  8. Those Hindus have some strange hobbies.

    1. You evidently are not aware of “5k of color running madness”.

      1. I went to that festival in Little India in Singapore several times. Really weird.

        1. I’ve been to the Batu caves, but I wasn’t there during Thaipusam. I was blessed by a Hindu priest in the caves, though, so at least I have that going for me.

  9. Creepy yoga guy is creepy.

    1. Suit claims he ‘pressed his body into hers and whispered sexual things’

      “Boom. Encouragement.”

      1. Jyes!

    2. Innocent until proven guilty, and Bikram Yoga is amazing. I challenge anyone to attempt a full session of it. It will kick your ass.

      1. I would never do Birkram Yoga as the guy who created it is a patent troll

        1. One of the studios in Tallahassee teaches “Hot” Yoga, which looks almost exactly like Bikram, but not quite.

    3. She also claims that after she spurned his advances he fixed a yoga competition so she came in second instead of winning

      So yoga is about competition and winning?

      1. Well the competition is to see who is the least interested in winning. She clearly wanted to win, thus, she lost.

    4. Wait, wait. We have fucking Nixon to blame for Bikram yoga in the States? Motherfucking Nixon.

      [Bikram] went to the US in 1973 at the invitation of President Nixon, who was suffering from phlebitis or inflammation of veins in the leg.

  10. Spray on jeans!

    1. Do you type these into a text document and then copy-paste them into the forum? Or are you some sort of irrelevant news speed typing idiot savant?

        1. I guess it could be both. Sorry for trying to force you into a false choice.

      1. I presume he just has the Daily Mail page open, and copy-pastes the links from there.

  11. “‘I felt it was important to take this step after evidence of individuals seen on videotape harassing, taunting, and causing stress to the seals,’ Filner said Tuesday in a statement.”


    1. I saw that. The video doesn’t look as bad as most reports claim. Another situation that could be resolved by private ownership.

      1. The beach was actually left in trust so that Children would have a safe and clean place to swim. The Seals took over and the Envirowhackos and the City Government fight every effort to clear them out… to you know, fulfill the wishes of the deceased.

        1. Right. I forgot private ownership means nothing in the face of government and moneyed special interests.

    2. This shit right here is crazy. Give a tiger a belly rub? Fuck no. Its a trap. Everyone knows that cats will let you rub their belly for 5 seconds, then attack.

  12. Your Reason Friday Challenge:

    Read Eugene Robinson’s new gun control article all the way through without breaking something valuable. Go!


    1. Fuck! I couldn’t make it past the title!

      1. TLDR: Politicians from pro-gun states should commit political suicide so that the next school shooter has difficulty getting a rifle with a pistol grip.

    2. Ok, I didn’t read the article but the comments were epic.

      1. The RCP commentators are usually pretty good and beating ER down.

    3. I liked him better when he played for the Seahawks.

  13. Brave correction officers.


    1. Welp, Sarcasmic beat me to it.

    2. Fuck these people, they can go DIAF. I have a doctor friend that treats inmates and she was harassed by these fucking scum.

  14. The story behind this comment is; it’s a textual version of my thoughts on these subjects.

    1. I don’t appreciate your textual advances.

    2. Any guests on your show next week?

      1. Glad you asked,loyal Perd-vert!

        Next week, we will have on Mary Beth Lou, who is knitting a quilt to honor Lil Sebastian, a Gary Coleman impersonator to tell us what Willis really was talking about, and we present to you part 4 of our hard hitting expose on Geoffrey the water skiing Squirrel. We have an expert who claims that squirrels can’t actually water ski. I’ll be sure to have a heated interview with this controversial guest.

        And in my movie segment, I will be reviewing the new film, Raiders of the Lost Ark.

        1. I’m startin’ to take a shine to the Perd.
          No gay.

    3. So is this some new web bot, someone new, or one of youse arseholes?

  15. A federal lawsuit seeks to prevent Arizona from denying driver’s licenses to illegal immigrants.

    Once they get a license, they can no longer refer to themselves as undocumented. They’ll have to use the term illegal. IT’S A TRAP!

  16. Pron 4 John!
    Yeah baby! Show off those curves!

    1. Her “sexy” gaze into the camera runs the gamut from confused to concussed.

      1. She gives my willie the willies.

    2. She discovered low-rise bottoms give her a great hourglass shape.

      Wearing an hourglass costume would give an even *better* result.

    3. Someone should tell her their is a difference between “curvy” and fat.

      1. She’d just retort by telling them there is a difference between they’re, their and there

        1. I have a teething 8 month old constantly trying to gnaw my arm off, there is no time for preview.

          1. Ouch! On the bright side, congratulations on not siring a vegan

            1. Thanks, a few week ago I let him try a piece of steak. In hindsight this may have been a mistake as he seems to have acquired a taste for flesh.

              1. Just have him read Swift’s essay. He’ll get the message.

        2. I was just having the “they’re, their and there” discussion with my seven-year-old children this morning. True story. “Rode” (but not “road”) is on today’s spelling test. And their mother is a copy editor, so using the wrong homonym can result in severe beatings — for any of us.

        3. Tsing!

    4. Let’s play Marry, Fuck, Kill.

      This British Fatty
      Diane Feinstein
      Nancy Pelosi

      1. Marry the fatty, kill DiFi, hatefuck Pelosi.

        1. That is correct.

      2. Marry Feinstein -she very rich and very old
        kill pelosi – The US will be a better place
        Eff the fatty, as long as I am not in my home port

    5. Eh for those of us who live in the real world her body ain’t nothing to sneeze about, her problem is her face and the fact that the closest she seems to be able to come to an actual smile is a sneer

  17. The civil rights group Southern Poverty Law Center said that for each of the last three years it has identified more than 1,000 organised hate groups, up from 600 to 700 such groups between 2000-02.

    Well if the SPLC shut down it could lower that number by one.

    1. One of the hate groups on the SPLC list is the Spokane Singing Nuns. This is why I don’t go to Spokane, I am afraid that the nuns will hate me.


      1. One of the hate groups on the SPLC list is the Spokane Singing Nuns


        It might be bad taste, but a hate crime?

        1. when it’s sampled on this song, yes

    2. What makes them hate groups as opposed to, say, dislike or mild antipathy groups? And how do they distinguish among groups that just hate something or someone and groups that want their hated something or someone to be destroyed/killed?

      1. Now why on Earth would they want to make that type of distinction?

        1. Well, if it’s not really hate but mild disapproval, that kind of dilutes the hate brand, doesn’t it?

          1. It’s a 1 or 0 to them.

            1. That’s. . .limited thinking.

      2. And what about us hate individuals? While I am not formally a member of any groups, I do hate, a lot. I do want a majority of the human race to be killed, but for my own personal reasons.

        Can’t an individual hater get any love from the SPLC?

        1. The SPLC is all about collectives–individuals mean nothing.

  18. An executive order by President Obama expands the federal government’s cybersurveillance program…

    Obama is legislating more from the Oval Office than he ever did on Capitol Hill.

    1. What if he balanced every executive order about looking up the citizens’ skirts with an executive order about releasing an unjustly-imprisoned federal convict?

  19. YouTube has pulled the plug on a channel specializing in bullfights because it showed too much blood.


    1. Hooray for LiveLeak.

    2. That’s a hate crime against Spanish and Mexican people.

  20. The Department of Justice says up to two-thirds of hate crimes go unreported.

    Plans to shut down Twitter are now being floated.

    1. Speaking of hate crimes, the feminist who was othered by a dongle joke and getting a developer escorted out of a conference and eventually fired, was fired herself.

      Shockingly, Lindy West sees her as a terribly oppressed victim.

      And the issue that a lot of (white) men seem to have trouble grasping is that not everyone gets to move through the world wrapped in the comfy presumption that every space is their space. Many people almost never get to feel like that, outside of their own homes, because most spaces aren’t inclusive of all groups.

      1. Except, you know, there are more women on this planet then men. It takes a hell of a lot of chutzpah to claim minority status when you’re in the majority.

        1. Isn’t she the one who claimed that feminists like herself were hilariously funny?

          After a claim like that, anything else is small beer.

      2. And the issue that a lot of (white) men seem to have trouble grasping is that not everyone gets to move through the world wrapped in the comfy presumption that every space is their space.

        Seems like this applies at least at much to the nutcase woman in this scenario.

        1. Also, I believe Ms. West would be surprised just how easily the right professional outfit and a bit of confidence can turn every space into “your” space.

        2. Her space is “my” space.

          Your space is “our” space.


        3. So apparently she has never been to East Cleveland? Or Buffalo? Or public transportation on just about every Rust Belt and Sunbelt city?

      3. Adria Richards?a developer evangelist and former employee of a company called SendGrid?was minding her own business in the audience of a seminar at PyCon, a conference for people who work with the Python programming language [emphasis mine]

        Wasn’t that like, the opposite of what she was doing?

      4. In that pic, is that Ricky Gervais to the right?

      5. Why the specification of white men? Is this admission by West that she doesn’t interact with non-white men, who can also be very loud and obnoxious? Has she never walked around, say, Harlem?

      6. Haha! Way to demonstrate that you’re a lawsuit waiting to happen to your employer, bitch.

      7. And the issue that a lot of (white) men seem to have trouble grasping is that not everyone gets to move through the world wrapped in the comfy presumption that every space is their space.

        Tell that to the women having cell phone conversations about all manner of disgusting personal issues in public at max volume.

      8. And the issue that a lot of (white) men seem to have trouble grasping is that not everyone gets to move through the world wrapped in the comfy presumption that every space is their space

        Huh. Looks like that sentiment is widely shared amongst easily outraged harpies.

        1. the comfy presumption that every space is their space

          What the fuck does that even mean? I thought we got rid of Jim Crow a couple decades back? When, where, how does public space become Weisserrein?

  21. “(Reuters) – Cyprus’s finance minister left Moscow empty-handed on Friday”


    You know who else left Moscow empty-handed?

    1. Moose and sqvirrel?

      1. Damn, you win.

        Go home folks, the internet has been awarded for today. See you all tomorrow!

      2. Sometimes when I read The Lion and the Mouse to my daughter, I change it to Tale of Moose and Sqvirrel.

      1. No, no, that was Yalta, not Muscovy.

    2. Napolean, duh.

      1. Is Napoleon Duh related to Napoleon Dynamite?

    3. Leon Trotsky.

      1. Yes, he left Moscow empty-handed, but he did receive a free ice pick in Mexico, da?

    4. Rocky Balboa?*

      *Recall, the fight was not sanctioned.

  22. The Transportation Security Administration’s plan to allow small knives on planes has sparked a revolt in Congress, where Republicans and Democrats are vowing to block the change.


    1. Ughhh this episode, more then anything else, has showed me how far we have fallen. Let me tell you how toothless this new knife law is: I do not own a knife that will be allowed on a plane. Mine are all either too big, or have a lock, or have molded grips or whatever.

      1. Fixed-blade knives are not exempted, as I understand it.

        And I’ve never had a folding blade knife (and I’ve had lots) that didn’t have a lock of some kind.

        As far as I can tell, this exemption covered approximately zero knives, on that basis alone.

        1. No, I believe the classic keychain Swiss Army Knife meets it. Essentially if it has a spring, not a liner lock.

          1. I’m sure each and every TSA agent will be well versed on that distinction.

          2. Well, anything more than this is an ASSAULT KNIFE.

        2. No one needs more than zero knives.

  23. The Department of Justice says up to two-thirds of hate crimes go unreported.

    The obvious solution is to make it a hate crime to not report a hate crime.

    1. Obstruction of Social Justice

  24. Man loses nine months of his freedom because a cop’s word is apparently worth more than DNA evidence.

    I especially like this FTA: “We haven’t stopped investigating,” Defelice said. “It is an officer-involved case. And we take those cases seriously.”

    I’m sure you do, Defelice. I’m sure you do.

  25. “Donglegate”:

    At the PyCon Python developer conference, a guy in the audience tells his friend sitting next to him some jokes about forking repos and hardware dongles (double entendre geek humor). A woman sitting in front of them decides she cannot let this slide. Refer to the article about the reason why.

    So she turns around and takes their picture. Then she takes to twitter to publicly shame them with said picture and asks the conference hosts to reprimand them. The PyCon staff spoke to them and they apologized.

    The guy who made the joke gets fired, though he apologizes and still seems to good natured about it. His employer issues a public statement and platitudes about being committed to “gender equality” and so forth.

    However as a result, the woman receives blowback: a lot of hate on twitter, which have since been deleted; the group Anonymous DDoS’s her blog and her employer’s website. The woman ends up being fired as well, and her employer issues a surprisingly sensible statement.

    1. I am thrilled that her hyper-sensitivity and passive-aggressive bullshit blew up in her face, personally. She ruined a guy’s career for nothing.

      1. Except she will probably win a huge anti-racist, anti-woman settlement and a job touring the professional victim circuit, maybe with Sandra Fluke.

        USA Today already has given her the sympathetic headline.
        “SendGrid fires staffer after her tweet exposed sex jokes”

        1. Seems to me its more like “SendGrid fires staffer after her tweet gets their website shut down.”

        2. Sadly that’s a real possibility in the US. I’m reminded of my employer’s ethics test, which quizzes you on company policy using various scenarios–basically all the way you can get fired and/or get them in trouble. Basically any comment made, outside the company, or privately with your buddy, that makes someone else uncomfortable (when they find out) and involves gender, race, religion, etc. is a big no-no.

          Despite the language of the policy itself being gender neutral, the ethics test uses an example of two guys making a joke amongst themselves and female co-worker passing by or overhearing as an example “sexual harassment”

    2. her employer issues a surprisingly sensible statement.

      Despite containing the phrase “A SendGrid developer evangelist’s responsibility”

      1. Well, that was more or less her job title. Developer relations or some such.

        1. Anyone have any idea what a ‘developer evangelist’ actually does?

          1. In my experience, it’s someone who gets to spend a lot of time going to conferences, having long lunches with potential vendors, spending a lot of time on cool proof-of-concept development, and trying to browbeat the manager and developers into using his favorite technologies and tools.

          2. Like Joe said, it’s similar to developer relations, to mostly focused on acquiring new devs (“converts”). Unlike a salesperson or marketer, an evangelist is supposed to be a true believer.

    3. I really hope PlayHaven has already hired all the developers they’ll ever want.

    4. Would you stop it with the fucking -gate suffix?

      1. This.

        1. Comments were so much better before Threadgate! Also, when are they going to stop Previewgate?

          1. Acceptable Reason scandal: EditButtonGate.

              1. WheresMyFuckingHatTipGate!!!!!!

                1. SquirrelGate.

      2. Except for a scandal called Fuckinggate

        1. Kind of difficult to fuck a gate. I suppose if it’s part of a white picket fence, you could fuck it the way you’d do intercrural sex….

          1. Waddaya know. I just learned a new word.

            1. You never knew the word “sex” before?

          2. Think Ghostbusters.

    5. What I found interesting is the hypocrisy of the complainant. Her own damn twitter feed shows she’s made similar jokes. Just another attention whore, imo:

      “you should put something in your pants next time…like a bunch of socks inside one…large…sock. TSA agent faint”

      Venturebeat link

  26. Homebrewing question:

    I read in How to Brew that one can sanitize/sterilize the bottles in the oven. Has anyone done this and can confirm the effectiveness? I have a limited supply of bottles for a brew this weekend but if it works well I think I’d prefer it to the no-rinse cleanser I’ve been using since I don’t have a drying rack.

    The book says to put the bottles in there for the preheat so that they slowly heat up and it reduces the chances of cracking one. Also, it suggested covering each with tin foil to prevent dust, etc. from getting in after sterilization.

    1. Why not just put them in a large pot of boiling water?

      1. He doesn’t have a drying rack.

        I personally always use iodophor. Before I had a drying rack, I would use the silverware holder out of my dishwasher, and cycle through half a dozen bottles at a time, letting one set drain while I soaked the next, then filling the drained ones, moving the soaking ones. Wash, rinse, repeat, literally.

        1. Then use your dishwasher or if you don’t have a dishwasher, the drying rack for your dishes.

      2. I don’t really have a large enough pot for that, and as I said I don’t have a drying rack… although I guess it’s not that big of a deal to have a bit of water in there.

        1. You can also use your dishwasher’s entire bottom rack as a drying rack.

        2. I remember the bad ‘ol days of being on my knees next to the bath tub, pulling bottles out of buckets of bleach water, rinsing them in the tub, shaking them dry, and lining them up on a towel on the floor.
          Fuck I don’t miss that one bit.

          Buy a keg. And a regulator. And a CO2 tank. And a fridge.

          Damn. Kegging is expensive. But you only have to buy the stuff once, and you’ll never have to deal with bottles again!

          1. Oh, and you’ll need a tap, a tap handle, a shank, some beer lines, some CO2 lines…

            1. And a big enough house to store all of it.

              1. If you have a corner for a chest freezer you have room for a kegging system.

                1. If you have a corner for a chest freezer

                2. I’m thinking seriously about taking up homebrewing again after we move to Tucson. I was going to leave our chest freezer with our current house, but now I see that won’t be happening. I had totally forgotten how useful a chest freezer can be in a home-brewing op. I’ll be using it for temperature controlled brewing.

                  1. I’d use the freezer for kegs, and find something else for temperature controlled brewing. Lifting five gallons in and out of a chest freezer is somewhere between awkward and dangerous.
                    You’re a rich lawyer. But yourself a conical.

                    1. I’ve looked at those. Sweet. Pricey, but sweet. My problem (in Tucson) is going to be temperature control, especially for lagers.

                    2. Get one with a jacket.

                    3. This is on my wish list.


                  2. Yesterday a coworker gave me a lager he made (as his first brew ever). He was regulating the temperature by moving the carboy from basement to porch and back. He said he’s not going to make the mistake of choosing a lager recipe next time. I’m curious to try it tomorrow though.

    2. or get a drying rack. i use the no-rinse stuff and haven’t had an issue.

    3. Soak them in gasoline, then light the whole thing on fire.

    4. Why would you want to do this? Chemical sanitizers are cheap, easy to use, and quick.

      1. I guess it was mostly an issue of space and lack of a drying rack. But thanks to the outside-the-box thinkers at H&R, it sounds like I can use the dishwasher or at least a portion of it.

        I realize how important sanitation is to the process, and at my last apartment (I haven’t brewed since moving) there was a major space issue that meant leaving bottles out to dry subjected them to dust and whatnot.

        1. For small batches, you can get an old-fashioned kitchen drying rack for dishes and make it work for a dozen bottles at a time.

        2. Once your bottles are clean, top them tightly with foil and box them up. They should be fine come bottle time.

    5. Time to invest in a kegging system.

      1. This. Bottling, especially solo, sucks ass. It’s nice to be able to save a bottle or two from batches though, but god damn kegging is convenient.

        1. what’s the initial investment run? i’m only doing 1-gallon batches. so bottling hasn’t been a big deal.

          1. Yeah, right now I’m only doing a 2-2.5 gallon batch, so bottling isn’t too big of a deal for me either, and more enjoyable to crack only one at a time instead of tapping an entire keg.

            1. When I want a beer I go down the stairs to my basement, grab a glass out of the freezer, and fill it with a pull of the tap.

              Tell me that’s not enjoyable.

              1. But then to share you have to invite people over.

                1. Or fill a growler or two off the tap and go.

                  1. I prefer a bottle to a growler unless it’s the first 1.5 days.

                  2. Good point….

                    Mmmm, growler of beer.

                    /Homer Simpson voice

            2. I had two friends come over last weekend to help me bottle a 30-gallon batch of pyment.

          2. It’s a few hundred dollars.

            Kegs themselves keep going up in price. I think I paid $25 each for mine, and last time I checked they were closer to $50. A CO2 tank deposit will run you round $80. Faucet plus handle and shank will set you back $50 or so. About the same for a regulator. Then you need a fridge or a freezer with a thermostat.

            It adds up. But you only need to buy it once.

            1. it’s the fridge/freezer that’s the limiting factor. I don’t know where I’d put it. maybe if we ever re-do the basement I can add beer fridge to the design plans.

              1. “Me too”.

                I loathe bottling, but cannot requisition space for a beer fridge from Mrs. Trespassers. To be fair, I have no idea where I’d put it anyway.

              2. I have an extra fridge in my garage. My current setup is two five gallon kegs running off one 5# CO2 tank, but I only have picnic taps on them. I got a full tap as a gift but have yet to drill an opening in the fridge door.

          3. I got used soda kegs (5 gallon) for about $20 – $25 each. New 1 or 2 gallon kegs are ridiculously expensive.

            The rest of the things you need, though, take it up into the $150-ish range. Co2 tank, tap handle, hoses, etc.

    6. I use BTP for sanitizing, letting them soak in a bucket of sanitizer with it for a bit. Then I tend to rinse them with tap water from the bottle washer (high pressure) and just empty them again before filling. Anything left on the sides, I don’t worry about.

      I have tried running them through the dishwasher, too. Couldn’t really fit enough to make it worthwhile to me, though.

    7. Just get a bottle tree.

      I washed and sanitized 85 wine bottles last weekend and have to do another 80 tomorrow.

      Either buy the equipment to keg or buy the equipment to bottle. The idea of repeatedly heating and cooling glass bottles seems high risk to me (broken bottles, burns, etc).

      1. A bottle tree makes bottling a lot more convenient. “Splurge” for the bottle washer faucet attachment too.

        1. I have a 90-bottle tree and frequently fill it completely when bottling wine.

          1. If you’re making that much wine at once I assume you’re kegging when you do beer?

            1. I have never made beer. But as I mentioned a couple of weeks ago, I am going to do a all-grain pale ale in about a month. I’ll keg it because it will be going to a party. Kegs generally come back to the owner at these parties, but glass never comes home.

              So I will be acquiring a keg or two and some party tapping equipment. But I won’t be setting up any type of kegerator at home.

              1. You guys are making me thirsty. Haven’t brewed in 15 years, but I think I’m gonna have to find the time again.

                1. Same here. I quit when liquor stores starting stocking good selectiosn of imports and microbrews (and when I got some kind of nasty infection in my gear that I could not get rid of and lost three batches).

                  But I’m looking seriously at taking it up again in a few months.

                  1. You guys should get back into. Find a friend who wants to do it too, then you get to do half the work and pay half the costs, but it’s actually more fun. Plus this way you can get a larger variety of beers if you’re splitting the results.

                  2. I built myself a sweet little entertainment/barroom and could put taps right into the wall above the bar, running the pipes into the utility room on the other side where I’d put my refrigerator/kegs. Yeah. I think I’ve got a new project.

                    1. I feel just like Ned Flanders (back when he used to drink beer).

                    2. I’m not going to lie, one the few reasons I have to want to buy a house is so I could do something like this.

                    3. I got the bug after I bought a lot, but before we broke ground. So, I have a brewing room with a three-bay, stainless steel commercial kitchen sink and lots of heavy duty shelving (attached to the walls) to hold carboys.

                    4. So, I have a brewing room with a three-bay, stainless steel commercial kitchen sink and lots of heavy duty shelving (attached to the walls) to hold carboys.

                      Damn, that’s the way to do it.

                    5. My wife got a huge sewing room. It was the cost of negotiating for the brewing room and wine cellar 😉

                    6. genius

                  3. Beer guys have the option of finding quality products in retail outlets. Mead guys have much fewer options beyond making it yourself.

    8. Drying racks are cheap, dude. Avoid wooden ones, and keep them clean. As noted, you can also use your dishwasher for this. Also, you can scavenge the racks out of old dishwashers.

    9. I’m sorry for overthinking this. The real question for gB is: why are you sanitizing and drying them anyway? The proper procedure is to rinse them in the tears of orphans and have them blow-dried by the babies of widowed immigrants.

      At least, that’s worked well for me.

  27. Judge strikes down law barring some Louisiana felons from owning guns.


    1. and HuffPo commentariat loses its shite??

      1. Well of course.

    2. Pretty sure convicted felons can be denied “fundamental” rights, even after their sentences are completed.

  28. “An executive order by President Obama expands the federal government’s cybersurveillance program aimed at defense contractors to include private sector employees at big banks, utilities and some transportation companies.”

    I work for a utility.


    1. It’s not quite as bad as it looks:

      The Department of Homeland Security will gather the secret data and pass it to a small group of telecommunication companies and cyber security providers that have employees holding security clearances, government and industry officials said. Those companies will then offer to process email and other Internet transmissions for critical infrastructure customers that choose to participate in the program.

      So it’s actually a voluntary paid service. At least for now.

      1. Those companies will then offer to process email and other Internet transmissions for critical infrastructure customers that choose to participate in the program.

        And those that choose not to participate in the program will have their information passed on to the CIA, who can then go to a secret court and get a subpoena to read all of their e-mails until they will be deemed to have been a potential terrorist. They will then be whisked away to a Caribbean paradise, where they will be afforded the opportunity to live out the rest of their days at the all-inclusive Sandals Gitmo!

      2. Salami slices. Once the infrastructure is set up, it will stop being voluntary.

        For the children, of course.

  29. http://www.therepublic.com/vie…..e-Response

    The ambulance situation is DC sucks, but no one cared until an injured cop had to wait 15 minutes for a pick-up.

    1. I’m sure they’ll set up a special cops-only line.

      1. Whatever they do I’m sure it will cost more and be no more effective than what they do now.

        1. DC EMS is a joke. crawl across the bridge to arlington county if you can. /VA volunteer EMT

          1. Sounds like it would be quicker too. Maybe hail a taxi? Have him dump you on the east side of the Mem. Bridge…

  30. Maryland (surprise!) Police Officer under investigation for illegally placing a video camera in a high school boys bathroom.

    His name is not being released and he’s getting paid because, you know, they’d protect anyone else’s identity that was caught spying on a kids’ bathroom.

    1. What the fucking fuck?!

    2. I meant to post this during yesterday’s evening links but lost the link. Thanks for finding it again. Maryland is so broken…

    3. Any relation to Chuck Berry?

    4. From the article:

      …said Lt. T.J. Smith, Anne Arundel County Police. “That’s an important issue that we’re trying to get to the bottom of.”

      Seems like there is another cop who was trying to “get to the bottom of” some high school kids.

    5. Million bucks says he keeps his job.

  31. Rand Paul has been busy:

    “Today, Sen. Rand Paul introduced the Bonuses for Cost-Cutters Act, a bipartisan bill introduced with Sen. Begich (D-Ak.), that encourages federal agencies to return unused funds to the taxpayer through bonus incentives.”


    “Sen. Paul Introduces Amendment to Fix Nation’s Infrastructure Problems”


    Roadzzzzzzzz and bridgezzzzzzzzz

    1. At least he will have a record to run on. The other candidates are basically doing nothing.

    2. I don’t see how the Cost-Cutters Act could do much. It still depends on agencies voluntarily cutting their own budgets. Individuals can make suggestions, but the agency still has to choose to adopt those suggestions. There’s no incentive to the agency to do so.

      1. Eh, I’m just spitballing here, but Congress has the ultimate power right? How about the individual Congresscritters get to split 2% of the budget surplus, and are personally liable for two percent of a budget deficit.

        1. Intriguing… Force them to have some skin in the game…

      2. “There’s no incentive to the agency to do so.”

        I suppose one could argue when the employees of the agency begin to complain loud enough publicly about not being able to get the rewards, agencies will start to change their behavior.

    3. The infrastructure thing is probably to cut off that line of attack. “Aren’t you a libertarian, and aren’t libertarians against public infrastructure?” With these two bills he can say he’ll rebuild America’s infrastructure while making sure that the public’s money is not being wasted. Clever.

  32. Apple’s Data Centers Now Running on 100% Renewable Energy, Corporate Facilities at 75%


    Apple + Free Market = Success

    1. It only works because they have an army of loyal sheep willing to overpay for their ho-hum products. We’ll see what happens after Samsung and Android finish eating their lunch.

      1. No, no! With this as an example, everyone else should be forced to do such things!!!!!

        1. Defend those oil subsidies!

          1. Oil is so subsidized. IT is not like it isn’t taxed to death or anything. Jesus Tap dancing Christ you are lying little fucking retard. Stop breathing my air and die.

          2. I for one am glad that we don’t have to offer subsidies or credits to anyone producing or using renewable energy sources.

      2. See also: Whole Foods

        And…this just in:

        Samsung data centers now running on 150% renewable energy, corporate facilities at 100%

      3. Check out the video there.

        How many trees died horrible deaths for that 100 acres of solar panels?

        1. And how much toxic waste was produced making the panels?

          1. Took a lot of energy to build those panels. Wonder where it came from.

      4. I keep hearing good things about the new Blackberry. Vastly improved battery life, and their app ecosystem is filling up because most Android apps convert with a few mouse clicks.

        1. For all of their faults, my work blackberry is indestructible. It has never let me down. And it does everything I need it to.

  33. Careful Nicole and fellow tea drinkers:

    Too Much Tea Causes Unusual Bone Disease

    How much is too much?

    A 47-year-old Michigan woman developed a bone disease rarely seen in the U.S. after she drank a pitcher of tea made from at least 100 tea bags daily, for 17 years, researchers report.

    WTF? I like tea, but that is insane.

    1. She should have been dead, years ago, from her GI tract disintegrating.

    2. Yeah, the title should be “Insanity causes rare bone disease”.

    3. That’s an expensive tea habit. I’ll stick with my one or two teabags a day.

      Also, good for that doctor for saying “just stop drinking tea” rather than going nuts with tests/biopsies/etc.

    4. The researchers suspected the woman had skeletal fluorosis, a bone disease caused by consuming too much fluoride

      None dare call it conspiracy!

    5. That is insane actually.

      Surely loose leaf tea would have been the more economical and better-tasting alternative.

    6. A 47-year-old Michigan woman developed a bone disease rarely seen in the U.S. after she drank a pitcher of tea made from at least 100 tea bags daily, for 17 years, researchers report.

      That brew must have had the color and taste of asphalt. Nasty!

    7. Gym sock tea is nasty. This lady is crazy. I won’t trust a word she says.

    8. 100 bags!!! Jeebus, I use 14 bags and 1/4 cup of sugar for a 1 gallon pitcher and wifey thinks that is too strong.

  34. The Jimmy Fallon tax credit:


    1. That is so far the most logical reason behind Fallon’s success at NBC I’ve heard

    2. I do not get the appeal of him – at. all. He’s getting to be like Seacrest levels of annoying & unavoidable.

      1. And fagginess. NTTAWT.

        1. More like “non-sexuality”. That’s how men make it to the top, these days.

      2. NBC doesn’t really have a choice. With Leno having already screwed over Letterman and O’Brien, what person with actual talent would possibly want the job?

  35. I guess if you’re a cop and you rape a 17-year old girl, you might as well videotape it.

    Perhaps he wanted to critique it later so he could perfect his rape-skills?

    1. It was a training video.

    1. That is because it is all one big money scam. All of the ammo is being purchased at artificially high prices by shell companies owned by Dem cronies.

      1. Do you have any evidence to support that?

        1. Hell, he may have signed off on the PO.

          /Just kidding

        2. http://www.activistpost.com/20…..tract.html

          Here you go. The fever swamps have been talking about it for months. Granted, it is the fever swamps. But it is the most sensible explanation and they seem to have the goods on it.

  36. Chuck Baldwin: The SPLC Is At It Again.

    The SPLC article lists several conservative leaders as examples of “hate and extremism.” They include Senator Rand Paul (R-KY) ….

    Back in 2010, the SPLC issued its list of 40 patriot leaders: people whom they consider to be part of the “radical right.” And, yes, Chuck Baldwin is at the very top of the list. Others who made the list in 2010 include … Andrew Napolitano, and Ron Paul.

    In case you mistakenly thought they were in any way credible.

    1. Is the SPLC on its own hate group list? Because they obviously hate people with different political beliefs.

      1. They have inspired at least one shooter in the last year.


    2. Don’t forget that a would-be assassin claimed he used SPLC info to choose his target.

  37. “The Twitter account @BarackObama tonight retweeted Yoko Ono’s picture of John Lennon”s bloody glasses from the day he was murdered.
    The arresting photo, which includes text that more than a million people have been killed by guns since Lennon was shot in 1980, has been retweeted more than 11,000 times since it was posted Wednesday.
    A retweet by the account associated with President Obama forwarded it to his more than 28 million followers. Retweets aren’t always endorsements in Twitter etiquette, but Ono’s activism comes at a time when President Obama and Democrats’ push for more gun control after the Sandy Hook tragedy seems to be struggling.
    A proposed assault weapons ban was stripped from a bill headed to the Senate floor. And that bill, which would universalize background checks, doesn’t have the bipartisan support many backers would like.”



    1. Every time I hear the lyric “Imagine no possessions”, I imagine Yoko Ono not having the copyrights to John Lennon’s post-Beatles work and living in penury as a result.

      1. And Ono totally fucked Julian Lennon out of any share of his dad’s estate. He got 50,000 pounds and that was it. Talk about a wicked step mother.

        1. Isn’t she from the family that owns Mitsubishi? If I remember correctly, her family (and herself) is worth billions anyways. She probably inherited more from her family than what she makes off Lennon’s legacy.

    2. But I thought only assault weapons were bad? Lennon was killed by a piston. Those are ok now right?

      1. great typo. what an image.

      2. Lennon was killed by a piston.

        Bill Laimbeer’s Combat Songwriting?

        1. Beastie Boys covered this issue: Tough Guy

      3. “Lennon was killed by a piston”

        James “Buddah” Edwards killed Lennon?!

        1. It was Rip Hamilton and that creepy creepy mask.

      4. The real killer was Dave Bing.

        1. Vinny Johnson.

      5. Rick Mahorn backed that bubble butt into him.

        1. ESPN had a Bill Simmons interview with Larry Bird posted this week talking about dirty play. Bird basically said that while Mahorn played rough, he wasn’t any worse than a lot of players at the time and he never tried to hurt you. But Bill Lambier was much worse and intentionally tried to destroy people’s knees and ankles. The best part was that Bird added the caveat “everyone knew that Bill had to play that way to have a job” implying that Lambier had no basketball skills and had to be a thug to be in the league.

          1. Larry’s wrong about that, as I’m sure he knows, but he’d never admit because the 80’s Pistons and Celtics just hate each other so viscerally. Laimbeer was a thug, but I can’t get on board with anyone claiming that a guy who can put up 16 and 12 a game as a center against the level of competition you saw during his era has no skills. 1986 is not 2002.

    3. Hey hey, no need to disparage Chicago dogs. I don’t like Bloomberg, but you don’t hear me disparaging chili-cheese Coneys, do you?

  38. Let’s make sure that cop accused of rape gets to retire before he goes to trial. We wouldn’t want him to miss out on cashing all those taxpayer-funded pension checks for the rest of his life just because he raped a drunk woman in a cemetery.

    1. The poor guy has to have some way to fill his prison commissary account.

  39. Cop convicted for punching mentally ill man multiple times while he sat restrained in the back of his cruiser. Gets sentenced to two days. He had been demoted once before for, get this, shooting a woman 27 times with a stun gun for not following dog regulations. He was not criminally charged for that little act of violence.

    Washington State: a libertarian paradise.

    1. what is it about cops and dog regs enforcement? Upthread I posted from the NY Post about a woman beaten by 2 cops for refusing to pick up dog shit (she got $59 grand in damages)

  40. Hey Pro Lib and robc, xkcd agrees with us.

    Also I’m going to Demetri Martin tonight. Has anyone gone to any standup live?

    1. I’m not going to be satisfied until Voyager enters another stellar system.

      1. Tomorrow: Scientists say Voyager in another stellar system (percentage of light from Star x has increased by 1 percent since launch)

        1. Today, scientists suggest that Voyager has achieved sentience.

          1. In a related note, scientists also believe their is evidence of a black hole much closer to Earth than previously thought.

            1. In DC, into which they pitch money?

              1. Precisely. That’s why Voyager got there so fast.

    2. Yes, they are called comedy clubs. They exist all over the US and draw regular crowds.

      Non-comedy club, I saw Bobcat Goldthwait once. Kevin Meaney opened for him, before Meaney got boring and repetitive. This was spring of 1992, I think.

      GT opened a new arts theatre and Bobcat was the 3rd performance after it opened. He found this amusing too.

    3. Re the xkcd:

      As in my argument with Epi over “seattle”, I consider the US Census Bureau Solar System statistical boundary the important one.

      Or, if he wants something private, the Nielsen solar system boundary, which is even larger.

    4. Oh, sure, many times. Comedy was really big in the 80s and early 90s.

      1. I’m not sure if you guys are being jerks or I was more vague than I thought…

        Has anyone on HnR been to live stand-up, and is it worth it versus watching Comedy Central?

        1. Yes, absolutely. Live comedy works better, because you get into the spirit of things and get some lift from the shared reaction. Merely okay comics are tolerable live, and the great ones are awesome that way.

          That said, a shitty comic is unpleasant to endure live, especially if he can’t handle hecklers.

          1. Merely okay comics are tolerable live, and the great ones are awesome that way.

            This, many times this.

            1. “This, many times this.”

              THIS. A friend of mine caught Rodney Dangerfield live back in the 80’s. he said at one point he had to step out of the club because his jaw was cramping up from laughing.

          2. Yes, this. I’m fortunate that I live 10 minutes from a really good club and have gotten to see a lot of bigger names over the years, usually unplanned.

            It’s truly horrifying when someone really bombs. A special circle of hell has to exist for bad comics.

            1. Even good comics have bad days, which is really bad when it happens.

        2. The wife and I went to see Russell Peters in December. It was funny as shit.

          Also, Auric, do you really need an excuse to go out, throw down some drinks, and mix n’ mingle? Get off your sofa and out of the house!

        3. Is it worth it going out to a bar and drinking beer on draft vs just opening a bottle at home?

    5. I saw John Mulaney last week. He was good.

    6. My thought on live comics is go to one who is up and coming or has new material pretty often. The worst thing about a comic is his stuff becoming stale and the entire audience beginning to laugh wholeheartedly in expectation of the punchline they know is coming, just because they’ve heard all the material before. (Think Dane Cook)

  41. http://p.washingtontimes.com/n…..1.facebook

    Nut who shot up the movie theater in Denver has converted to Islam.

    1. But most Muslim inmates are not happy with the convict’s new religion.

      Excuse me?

      1. I think they mean the religion’s new convict convert.

      2. I doubt they want the crazy fuck associated with their religion. Can you blame them?

        1. Maybe he should’ve used a car bomb, instead.

        2. It’s a bit late to worry about that, no?

    2. So it’s officially an act of terrorism now, right?

      1. No. Islamic terrorism doesn’t happen within the US. Sure, work place violence does (see Ft. Hood Shooter) and evil tea bagging Sarah Palin inspired terrorism occurs (see Giffords shooter) but Islamic terrorism never happens here. Big daddy would never let that happen.

        1. AHHHH… Thanks for that… I almost stepped off the reservation for a second there.

        2. It does happen, but only when planned by FBI agents. Or dumb guys who have no idea how explosives work.

      2. Now it’s officially an act of workplace violence.

    1. They’ve been overblowing this bath salt thing for months.

    2. “The burden of sodium is much higher than the burden of sugar-sweetened beverages,” said Dr. Mozaffarian said. “That’s because sugar-sweetened beverages are just one type of food that people can avoid, whereas sodium is in everything.”

      OHMIGOD salt more dangerous than sugar! Except salt is a necessary mineral for human and every other animal’s existence, whereas processed sugar has only been common for 150 years or so and is not necessary for anything but getting fat, sick and stupid.

      1. I like how you go all SCIENCE about salt and then say something equally religious about the evil evil “processed sugars”

        1. What’s religious? Processed sugar wasn’t widely available until the late Victorian era in which it appears to have led to a widespread decline in health.


          There’s plenty of evidence against sugar, the science against salt, much shakier.

          1. So it makes some “fat, sick and stupid”? Your justification post does not relate to your original.

            1. Jesus Christ, Randian.

              1. That’s not a response either. The OP said the *only* thing processed sugar was good for was making someone “fat, sick and stupid”. Now we’re seeing that overconsumption of it is contraindicated for a healthy lifestyle.


                1. *Necessary*

                  Explain to me why processed sugar is necessary.

                  Also, no groaning at my salt shaker pun?

                  1. This study shows that the most dangerous thing, by far, is under-consumption of salt. The third of folks who ate the least salt died over three times as often as the third of folks who ate the most salt.

                    Is there a study that not eating enough glucose and fructose has a similar effect?

                2. No, it’s the only appropriate response. Jesus Christ, Randian.

      2. OHMIGOD salt more dangerous than sugar!…Except salt is a necessary mineral for human and every other animal’s existence, whereas processed sugar

        Nice twist there. Sugar has been part of the human diet since we have existed too.

        1. You mean glucose and fructose? Yes it’s been available. But not in pure form other than seasonal honey.

          1. Fruit. Vegetables.

            You know, those things gatherers collect.

            1. A carrot is pure sugar?

              Is there something wrong with delineating that from processed sugar?

              1. Who the fuck said anything about pure sugar?

                Carrots contain sugar.


                salt v sugar.

                Both have existed in the human diet forever. Both are absolutely necessary for survival. Both cause problems in excess.

                1. When you put fucking processed in fucking bold.

                  Processed sugar is not necessary for survival. Neither are dietary glucose and fructose, thanks to gluconeogenesis. Salt is.

                  And the evidence that excess salt causes problems is questionable. Too little salt is definitely dangerous, though, see the above linked study.

                  1. I bolded it to highlight your goalpost moving.

                    You used processed, I mocked your adding processed to the discussion.

                    1. I bolded it to highlight your goalpost moving.

                      You used processed, I mocked your adding processed to the discussion.

                      What goalpost is that? The guy was clearly talking about processed sugar when he wrote this:

                      “That’s because sugar-sweetened beverages are just one type of food that people can avoid, whereas sodium is in everything.”

                      Does it sound like he was talking about the sugar in a fucking carrot? Because that’s a little harder to avoid, isn’t it?

                      Then you went on to make demonstrably false statement about sugar being absolutely necessary to human survival. Which it isn’t, processed or not.

                    2. What are you talking about? Sugar has been with us since the beginning of time! That’s why in English we had to take the name of substance from the Arabic, because sugar has had such a long history in Anglo-Saxon culture.

                    3. What are you talking about? Sugar has been with us since the beginning of time!

                      I assume he meant monosaccharides in general.

                2. Both are absolutely necessary for survival.

                  This is very demonstrably false.

        2. I have a problem with processed salt also. Removing all the trace minerals from a brown sea salt is not healthy.


          1. Holy shit, artisanal salt!

      3. I hate the anti-salt crap. Salt is only really bad for people with sodium sensitive high blood pressure as far as I can tell.

    3. I wish I could see the future where everyone is dying because they’re not getting enough salt and sugar in their diets.

      1. Actually, iodine deficiency is making a comeback in the US because its only real vector for many people is iodized salt, and people are not using enough.

        1. Doesn’t everybody find goiter sexy?

    4. I posted that last night. 247 surveys and 107 clinical trials isn’t much of a sample size. I would place their margin of error somewhere around +/-50%.

      1. Actually the study hasn’t even been published or even peer reviewed yet, it’s really just this guy promoting himself.

        1. Here’s the story I linked to yesterday, with a link to the study.

          And for added lulz, this is FTA (emphasis mine): “This misleading study did not measure any actual cardiovascular deaths related to salt intake, since, by the authors’ own admission, no country anywhere in the world consumes the low levels of salt they recommend,” Morton Satin, vice president of science and research for the Virginia-based institute said in a statement.

          So the Salt Institute hires a dude named Morton Satin and then puts his name out there at their spokesman on this issue.

          1. Should have been Morton Na.

          2. I don’t see the actual study linked there, just another article about the study.

            This article says:

            “The study was presented today at the American Heart Association’s annual get-together in New Orleans and added weight to what is mounting evidence that packaged and processed foods have dangerous salt levels.

            “Mozaffarian’s research will be published after peer review later this year.”

  42. http://www.thedailybeast.com/a…..class.html

    I think Hit and Run put this up this week. But it is worth mentioning again. Attracting childless hipsters doesn’t help your economy.

    1. I really think people are misinterpreting the report.

      The article concluded that the benefits of attracting the creative class to a city largely accrued to the members OF that class. Because even when it worked, the presence of the members of that class ended up driving out the city’s former blue collar inhabitants by raising rents.

      I saw that report and I was like, “Uh – DUH. That was the whole point.”

      Saying that this means that the creative class “can’t save” a city just means you define “city” differently than I do. When I say, “That city is really improving!” I precisely intend to say, “The dirtbags who used to live in that city are being driven out.” When I say “city”, I mean the place, and not any particular iteration of its set of inhabitants.

      By the standard being applied in the responses to the Florida article, you can’t even say that Manhattan has improved in the last 40 years. Because the way Manhattan was improved was by driving a good portion of its previous population off the island.

      1. yeah. see every courtland milloy column and whether or not DC is better.

        1. I think it is debatable whether DC is better than it was 20 years ago. To the extent crime is down it is because the crime has moved to PG county. I am not sure moving the crime counts as reducing the crime. It is much more expensive than it was. I don’t see where the services or infrastructure are any better.

          It is essentially impossible for anyone not rich or a college student living with four roommates to live in the District now. Working class people now have to live in PG or Fairfax county and commute in if their job is in DC. It is a hell of an improvement if you are a hipster living a subsidized lifestyle in Columbia Heights or Capitol Hill. If you are a Guatemalan cleaning offices on K Street who now has to live twenty miles away because you got priced out of your old neighborhood, not so much.

          1. I can’t afford DC. and i’m a two income professional family. and with kid? forget it.

            1. Every city dominated by progtards becomes either a complete unlivable ghetto (see Detroit) or an unaffordable playground for the rich (see DC and San Fransisco).

          2. I am not sure moving the crime counts as reducing the crime.

            Actually, it does, and that is the point being made.

            1. I don’t think it does. That is not “urban renewal” it is as the people affected by it properly called it “negro removal”. Sure, if you move all the poor people somewhere else, things get better there. But you have hardly improved anything overall and may have made it worse.

          3. It’s the last week of March and there are no blossoms on the cherry trees.

            So, no, it’s not better than it was 20 years ago, it’s worse. It’s worse because of this damn global cooling.

            And this global cooling is the fault of our political elite in DC for getting the God King elected and letting his great benevolence cool the planet.

            I welcome the coming of the great ice sheets from the north, may they plow all of DC from the face of the earth, forever.

            1. Winter is coming.

      2. That is true. But the problem is that such efforts to attract the “creative” class are always sold to the locals as a way to improve the city and by implications their lives. The reports shows that in reality such efforts are just a means of forcing the existing population out of the city and taxing them for the pleasure. It is pretty insidious when you think about it.

  43. http://www.telegraph.co.uk/new…..-Bank.html

    Most Palestinians hate Obama. But I thought we were going to have smart Diplomacy and the world was going to love us if we just elected a Muslim black man?

    1. Maybe they haven’t heard that he won a Nobel Peace Prize.

    2. It’s because we don’t have drones in Palestine. Drone diplomacy works. It just needs more funding.

    3. New boss microscopically/superficially different from the old boss. “Boss” in this case refers to the whole corrupt government apparatus, not necessarily Black Jesus or Bushwacker Jr.

      1. The Shotgun sings the song and we know that the hypnotized never lie.

    4. That’s because they are uneducated. All educated folks love Captain Dronebot.

      We need to give the Palestinian authority billions of dollar to fund education, and before you know it, they will love Murika and cheer the sight of drones in their skies.

      1. Plus, they’re racist.

  44. http://www.timesdispatch.com/n…..f6878.html

    What the fuck does a criminal justice professor do?

    1. Someone who couldn’t get a job as a law professor.

    2. in this case, claim the kiddy porn was for research

  45. OK wow, so who comes up with all that stuff?


    1. Let’s task you with finding out.

  46. New Mexico loses to Harvard. Doesn’t quite destroy my bracket.

    1. Anyone who believed the NM hype deserved to have their bracket destroyed.

      1. ^^THIS^^ Who exactly did they beat this year?

        1. They actually had the 21st ranked strength of schedule, so they obviously beat someone.

          I saw them as a legit sweet 16 team, but these people predicting elite 8 or final 4 or MORE were insane.

          1. I also saw them as a legit upset target. I didnt pick Harvard, but I wasnt shocked.

        2. Tournament teams NM played this year:

          Davidson – win
          Valpo – win
          NM St – win
          NM St – win (they played a home-and-home over 5 days)
          South Dakota St – loss
          Cincy – win
          St Louis – loss
          UNLV – win
          Boise St – win
          Colorado St – win
          San Diego St – loss
          UNLV – loss
          Boise St – win
          Colorado St – win
          San Diego St – win
          San Diego St – win
          UNLV -win

          1. Not a single one of those teams is in the top 15. The best is probably UNLV and they only went 2-1 against them.

            1. Very few teams beat top 15 teams.

              I mean, sure, my alma mater beat Miami and couldnt even make the NIT, but that isnt the point.

              I mean, I guess Im both agreeing and disagreeing with you. The fact that they didnt beat a top tier team is why I didnt believe the hype, but that is still a damn tough schedule.

              NO ONE this year goes thru that unscathed.

              Who didnt go 2-1 vs a UNLV level or lower team this year? No one.

              1. Yeah, it’s really difficult to beat a team 3 times in one year, especially if they are any good.

          2. What %age of those tourney teams that played yesterday are still alive?

      2. I only had them winning two games, but still, Harvard?

      3. I think the next overhyped team to go down is Gonzaga. I bet they don’t get past WSU.

        1. I agree with this. I don’t have them making it past K-State and/or Wisconsin.

      4. I didn’t believe the hype, but I did pick them to win this game. That part of my bracket is messed up, anyway, because I picked the wrong upsets.

    2. Enjoyed the Southern game against Gonzaga. Louisville looks awesome, and Michigan is going to lose to the first team that has a decent post player.

      1. I skeptical of all of the Big Ten teams. All of them can look good sometimes but then look horrible the next game. I bet not a single one of them makes it to the final four.

        If I had to pick a real low ceded team to get to the elite 8, it would be Oregon. They finished second in the PAC 10 and won the tournament. They destroyed a good Oklahoma State team yesterday. They basically have like 10 guys who are between 6’7″ and 6’9″ with long arms. They were 18-2 at one point before losing their point guard. He is back and they are playing well. They are going to beat St. Louis and give Louisville, who can’t really score, fits.

        1. Ohio State will make it to the final four.

          1. They better. Go Bucks!

                1. Go Bobcats!

                  1. Ohio was a university before Columbus was a city.

          2. What concerns me is that Gonzaga looked so awful yesterday, I don’t really see them beating the Shockers. That makes the winner of Wisconsin/K-State play an easier opponent in the Round of 16 and likelier better rested when they meet the Buckeyes to go to the Final Four.

            I’d say New Mexico losing yesterday would mean the same good news for the Buckeyes, but they’re gonna have 5 days rest anyway, and I picked Arizona to go through anyway.

            Either way, I have Wisconsin and Ohio State meeting in the Elite 8 in the West. I’m feeling a little more confident in that pick after watching yesterday’s games.

            1. How many times has a top seed struggled in round 1 and then gone on to a great tournament?

              Answer: lots.

              How far did Georgetown go the year Princeton almost beat them 1 v 16? How far did UNC go the year Liberty almost beat them 1 v 16?

              I actually dont know, those arent rhetorical questions.

              1. I agree with this statement, but I also think Gonzaga has no chance of making the final. I have them going deep, but that’s just the result of a bracket I was never happy with. I talked myself into that because Gonzaga usually does okay in tournament, anyway.

      2. What made this year really hard for me is that I’m dubious about so many of the teams. I have Gonzaga going deeper than I really believe–in fact, my gut had them not getting past the Sixteen at best–but I couldn’t get excited about the other teams, either.

        Last year, it was clearly going to be Kentucky, which made things a lot easier. And my school actually has a shot this year, too, which makes it tough, because I usually underestimate them.

        1. Last year was easier to pick because Kenntucky was clearly the best team and the other top teams all had one really good player. It was pretty obvious Kentucky, Ohio State with Sullenger, and Kansas with Robinson were going to go very far. This year is so much harder. There isn’t a player in the country as good as those to or Davis and Kidd Gilcrist were.

          1. Sullinger was a key part but was not the solo star of the Ohio State team.

            1. He was a hell of a player though and a good player in the pros until he got hurt this year. The biggest reason they lost to Kansas was because Robinson depants him so badly.

              1. They lost to Kansas because both versions of the Buckeyes came out that night – the Awesome Version in the first half and the Lackluster Sucky Version in the second.

                1. I blame myself, as I was sitting in a poolside cabana in Vegas wearing a suit instead of in my lucky Buckeyes Basketball hoodie that had not been worn for a loss all year.

                  But I just had to get married on Final Four weekend.

                  1. So it wasn’t really your fault, rather banjos?

                    1. Hey, you’re right!

                      NO, it was Jesus’s. We had to do it at the start of spring break, which always precedes Easter by a week. If he would have died for my sins a week after Passover, I would have enjoyed the game at home, on the couch, with that lucky sweatshirt on. And they would have won it all, dammit.*

                      *That sweatshirt has seen a couple of losses this year, so I’m not necessarily wearing it today unless it’s cool outside.

        2. FGCU is going to ride the hot wife train to the tournament championship! Wait… that came out wrong.

          1. May Azul the Eagle’s wings spread wide.

  47. Yes, you can make money selling beef without the icky “kemikalzzz”
    “Rancher carves niche with organic beef”
    All you need is suckers willing to pay what that costs. Poor people? Who gives a rat’s ass; we’re CA lefties!

    1. That guy is pretty brave. Nothing can destroy rancher’s wealth faster than a bacterial infection that’s untreated. I’d be willing to bet that if his herd caught a bug, he’d pump them full of drugs and simply sell them to a stockyard for the going slaughter rate and just replace them with new heifers and start over again with the organic mindset.

      I say, good for him. He’s found a niche that people are willing to pay a premium for. It’s not for everyone, but he’s getting rich from it.

      And another thing: I have a decent flock of birds. The ones I’ve slaughtered and processed taste far superior to those found in stores that are likely Cornish Cross broilers that have been pumped full of ‘roids for growth. Yeah, it takes longer for them to mature to slaughter weight, but to me it’s well forth it. And I’d buy organic grass-fed beef before I’d buy steroid-enriched corn-fed beef any day of the week. It’s worth $3 more a lb.

      1. Anyone who has grown and eaten their own tomatoes knows the inferiority of factory-farm food. However, our current quality of life could not exist without high-yield agriculture. While I would love to see a cultural shift and have urban/suburban homesteading become mainstream, mainly for the reason that it would increase food security, this shift is not going to happen anytime soon.

        1. Oh, I’m not knocking factory food. The amount of famine that would exist without it is just staggering. I’m just saying that “natural” foods, meaning those that aren’t accelerated, enhanced or otherwise force-fed to get them to market faster, taste a hell of a lot better. And I’m fortunate enough to have the facilities to grow much of my own food and the money to purchase more “natural” foods.

          1. Yeah, I wasn’t implying you were, sloops. I think we absolutely agree that fresh naturally-grown food tastes better and are, depending on the food and process, more nutritious. My wife and I try to grow as much of our own food as we can here in the cold, rocky soil of NH. We used to have chickens and rabbits, but we decided it would be easier just to buy our meat locally for now.

            But for me, as important as taste and nutrition, is the sense of security that comes with knowing that we aren’t entirely dependent on the supermarket having its shelves stocked. Anyone familiar with the logistics industry knows how shockingly fragile Just-In-Time is.

        2. “it would increase food security, this shift is not going to happen anytime soon”

          I suddenly recalled the description of Motie urban buildings in “The gripping Hand” upon reading that!

          1. Good book; haven’t read it in ages though.

  48. OT: Posing a CCW question.

    I am looking at a CZ 75 SP-01 Phantom. I like the feel of the gun and with the conceal holster, it is practically invisible even on my small frame.

    What do you guys think of CZ? I’ve never owned one before but I have a few friends that love theirs.

    Aaaaand GO

    1. Epi is a big fan, I think. What holster do you have? I love my Crossbreed Supertuck.

      1. I’m not sure of the brand. My father in law gave one to me. It’s an inside the waistband type with horsehide that goes against the skin. It’s very comfortable, even with a larger gun.

        I’m relatively new to carrying and would also like to get a shoulder harness. Most of the year I am wearing a coat so concealment isn’t an issue. I suppose that’s one benefit of crappy Cleveland weather.

        1. Wait, are you in this shithole too?

          1. Born and raised. I actually moved away twice and keep coming back. Glutton for punishment or somesuch.

            1. There are definitely plenty of people here who need shot. In any case, a pair of pants that are a size too big and a long t-shirt do a perfectly decent job of concealment if you have a good holster. Looks like they don’t have a molding for the polymer-framed CZ-75s, though, if you have your heart set on that pistol.

              1. That’s the exact holster he gave me. I like it a lot for waistband carry, but my car has really tight bucket seats and I’d like to have a shoulder harness for it as well. Any recommendations on those?

                1. Sorry, can’t help. I have a shitty East Bloc shoulder holster for my Makarov, but it sucks. So I guess my only advice is don’t use a shitty surplus holster.

                  1. Thanks.

                    Are you an east sider or one of those dirty westside types? Been looking at a few private ranges to join in the area. There’s a public range just down the street from me, but those numbnuts scare the shit out of me.

                    1. I live in the near west side, in hipsterville Tremont. I’m fucking sick of it, but I doubt I’ll be in this city much longer, so it’s not worth moving someplace less shitty.

                      Are you talking about Sherman Arms or whatever it’s called in Eastlake? Those people are sketchy rednecks. There’s a nice long private range in western Ashtabula County that looks pretty decent, if you’re willing to deal with the drive. And there’s always Camp Perry, of course.

                    2. I love that I didn’t even have to tell you where I lived and you knew it was Sherwin. Yeah, that place has always sketched me out, and I haven’t even been in the store since that idiot shot his friend through the wall.

                      Crooked Creek is really nice. I know several people that shoot there and was thinking about getting a membership for rifle shooting and good weather. I want an indoor range membership as well, though. Again, shitty Cleveland weather.

                      Yeah, fuck Tremont and the hipsters that have invaded.

    2. Since gun chat is one of the things that makes me un-lurk, CZ is good stuff, though my experience is with the steel frame models.

      Get used to racking the slide since it has a smaller area to grip and usually isn’t particularly aggresively textured.

      Make the most of the slide-inside-the-frame design; experiment with your grip a bit to get as high up the backstrap as possible.

      Phantoms are a decocker model, right? If that’s the case, obviously carry it double action. If you have a safety model, you have to figure out the way you’re comfortable carrying, either letting the hammer down manually on a live round or carrying cocked and locked.

      1. It’s a decocker model, yeah. I’m much more comfortable carrying double action than cocked and locked.

        Thanks for the tips. I definitely noticed the small grip area on the slide, but it wasn’t bad the few times I loaded it. It’s someone I know’s gun, but I’m probably going to buy it off them, just wanna put a few hundred rounds through it first. He’s only got about 100 through it.

  49. An executive order by President Obama expands the federal government’s cybersurveillance program aimed at defense contractors to include private sector employees at big banks, utilities and some transportation companies.

    Wasn’t Tony here the other day telling us how much better BHO was on civil liberties compared to GWB?

    1. Better at crushing them? Yes, I think he deserves the nod, though he’s building on Bush’s good work.

      1. BHO is only better at it because of the utter silence of the “liberatarians” who screamed about GWB’s civil liberties violations.

        1. Freedom is a dish best served cold.

  50. Breitbart.com mentionned an article about Yoko Ono’s tweeting pic of John Lennon’s bloody glass to promote gun control. http://www.breitbart.com/Big-H…..trol-tweet

    Do you think someone might do one day, a parody of Yoko Ono’s message in a similar way then what National Lampoon did with a fake VW ad and Ted Kennedy? http://www.flickr.com/photos/a…..701038371/

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