Confusion Reigns as Obamacare Applies to Capitol Hill

No, the rules are no clearer for them


Capitol Hill is about to get up close and personal with Obamacare.

As in being covered by Obamacare next year.

During debate over the law in 2009, Republicans insisted that if members of Congress were going to put their fellow Americans into health care exchanges, they and their staffs should be in there, too.

"It's necessary and only fair for Congress to live under the rules we pass for everyone else," said Iowa Sen. Chuck Grassley, one of several Republicans who pushed for that requirement.

But vague language in this part of the law — which was passed three years ago this Saturday — has led to a slew of quirks and questions.

Staffers who work in lawmakers' personal offices go into exchanges — but those who work for committees don't. And the lawmakers themselves get Obamacare — unless they are among the roughly 40 senators and 115 House members on Medicare.