Democrats Scramble To Find an Alternative to Ashley Judd

Too much baggage


Democratic heavy hitters — including Bill Clinton — are quietly trying to woo a new candidate to jump into the race to unseat Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, even as actress Ashley Judd is taking steps toward launching a star-studded campaign of her own.

With fears growing in some Democratic quarters over Judd's potential candidacy, some prominent Democrats in the Bluegrass State are beginning to set their sights on 34-year-old Alison Lundergan Grimes, the Kentucky secretary of state. Among Grimes's attributes: She lacks political baggage since she's served barely a year in office, and she hails from a well-connected family influential in Kentucky Democratic politics. But it's not at all certain if she'll jump into the race.

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    Court celebrities for their money and the free publicity they provide, but assume they’ll be safe pets and not demand anything in return?

    Learned nothing from AL Franken? Senator Al Franken?

    You think we are neck deep in a river or retard now, just wait a few more years. Feinstein is eighty. She wont live forever. Prepare for Senator Sean Penn.

    1. Al Franken, as a television writer, is at least literate. It’s a sign of the growing decay of the Democratic Party that they think of Ashley Judd as the jewel in their 2014 election hopes.

      1. …But then Wikipedia tells me that Judd starred in two TNG episodes back in 1991. Granted, TNG is the more overrated Trek series, but we definitely need more Trekkies in Congress.

        Ashley Judd, 2014!

        1. I believe Al Pacino was talking about her character in the great ass! scene from “Heat.”

          Yup, she was in some decent projects back before she lost her looks. 🙁

        2. Say no to Space Commies

        3. Poser! Its Trekker not Trekkie.
          Please turn in your Geek Credentials at the door.
          Favorite episode of TNG was “Hide and Q”. It was the one where Weasley (intentional) was bayonetted by the Napoleonic pig creature.
          It was the first memory in my lifetime of the deliciousness of Schadenfreude.
          Oh I can still taste it now….mmmmmm

  2. How do you think the poor gal must feel. We know Washington is Hollywood for ugly people, but she’s being told she doesn’t measure up for Washington…

    1. LOL. Awesome
      “We know Washington is Hollywood for ugly people”

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