Teacher Accused of Drugging Preschoolers for Naps

Spiked their sippy cups


Getting an entire preschool class of toddlers to take a nap at the same time can't be an easy task, but a Morgan Hill, Calif., teacher's been fired for dosing kids up with sleeping pills to help them off to la-la land.

Debbie Gratz, 59, allegedly admitted to drugging toddlers at Kiddie Academy after a colleague reportedly spied her adding bits of Sominex, an over-the-counter sleep aid, to the kids' sippy cups on Friday.

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  1. I hate this (or so I say to fit in) but I do love it when the government forces ritalin and other psychotropics on so many of the toddlers and young schoolchildren.
    It’s great when the big fed gov does it with all their paid NEA psychosocial warriors of self esteem and dope up the children to show love and care, especially when it promos up everyone’s 401k that have 10-20% pharmaceuticals in the investment base.
    Hurrah for drugging children !

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