North Korea

Latest N. Korea Propaganda Video Says Americans Are All Homeless, Violent, Gay (Update: Translation a Hoax)

Hey! We're not all homeless!


Living in tents. Drinking coffee made from snow. This is your life in America, filtered through the incisive prism of North Korean propaganda.

The world's most militarized society is shaking its head over what it describes as an epidemic of Americans "buying guns to kill each other, especially children." North Korea's latest propaganda video — released this week and packed with stock footage that would impress Tim Heidecker and Eric Wareheim — brings trolling to the next level.

Fun facts about America, according to North Korea: there are no more birds in the U.S., as they've all been eaten by the starving masses. American houses "blow down very easily," leaving the American Red Cross to supply emergency housing only thanks to humanitarian aid (including tasty cakes) from Pyongyang. Other parts of America are "often disguised as foreign countries in Europe." (Just go with it.) Most Americans are entitled to a single cup of coffee daily, made from snow. This what Dennis Rodman is telling new bro Kim Jong-un?

Update: Wired has since noted that that the translation of the dialogue is not accurate.