Studying Why Lesbians Tend to be Overweight: Why Government Spending Can't Be Cut a Dime


The National Institutes of Health gave $741,378 in 2012 to this study:

Full-Figured Man
Photo credit: Tobyotter / / CC BY

Racial and socioeconomic disparities in the determinants, distribution, and consequences of obesity are receiving increasing attention; however, one area that is only beginning to be recognized is the striking interplay of gender and sexual orientation in obesity disparities. It is now well-established that women of minority sexual orientation are disproportionately affected by the obesity epidemic, with nearly three-quarters of adult lesbians overweight or obese, compared to half of heterosexual women. In stark contrast, among men, heterosexual males have nearly double the risk of obesity compared to gay males…..

Our study has high potential for public health impact not only for sexual minorities but also for heterosexuals, as we seek to uncover how processes of gender socialization may exacerbate obesity risk in both sexual minority females and heterosexual males. …

According to CNS News, the study also got $778 thousand from the government in 2011 as well, for a total of $1.5 million. From CNS:

However, the NICHD said the future of the project is uncertain because of the sequester–automatic spending cuts that took effect on March 1.

"The NIH is currently assessing the impact on funding due to sequestration," said Robert Bock, Press Officer for the NICHD.  "It is not possible to say how this (or any other NIH grant) will be affected in the long term beyond the 90 percent funding levels already in place."

"Obesity is a serious public health problem affecting a large proportion of the U.S. population,"  Bock said.  "The study is examining reasons why the risk of obesity varies according to sexual orientation, in order to inform the development of future strategies to prevent obesity."

The researchers said the subject is one of "high public-health significance."

To point out what sounds like the setup to bad observational standup comedy about the differences between lesbians and gay men with some implied scorn is not to be anti-science, anti-knowledge, or anti-lesbian.

It is to suggest that our government has gotten into its fiscal mess by not quite taking seriously the specific tasks for which government is instituted among the people, and is lying when it acts like those tasks will necessarily be endangered by government spending a penny less than the increase it already decided to spend next year. In other words, we are indeed getting more government than we either can afford or need.

[Hat tip: Brinck Slattery]

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  1. Real headscratcher.

    1. Well, what do lesbians not get that other women do?

      1. The vital importance of armpit shaving?

      2. The D?

      3. They don’t get the pressure to conform to conventional beauty standards. They are a case study of what happens if feminists get what they want.

        1. I think the study should have been worded Why do fat girls become lesbians.

          1. we should also study why ugly people are also fat

      4. I have a cunning plan. A cunning diet plan that I am about to offer the women of America…

        1. You better tell them no teeth.

        2. Sausage diet?

        3. Really, Baldrick, you couldn’t see a cunning plan if it painted itself blue and danced naked on top of a harpsichord singing “Cunning Plans Are Here Again”.

        4. Is this why libertarians can’t have nice things?

          1. They totally can. Just not with boobs.

    2. What’s got me scratching my head is why people eating all that tuna and clam are fat. Isn’t fish supposed to be healthy for you?

  2. Where’s the followup study to determine the correlation between lesbians and bowling?

    1. Softball.

      1. Holy mackrel!

  3. Can we please just convert the entire budgets of the NIH and CDC to reeducating people about what “public health” actually means?

    1. That is the infuriating part. We have real no kidding public health issues. Anti-biotics are about to become worthless, so things that we now think of as diseases of the past like gonorrhea and TB are making a comeback.

      But who needs to worry about that stuff. Lets spend our money on the important things like studying fat lesbians.

      1. Frankly John the fat lesbian issue wakes me up at night….dying from an infection that might be prevented if we were properly allocating taxes for medical research……not so much.

        1. I am well aware that many people have had emotional and sometimes traumatic experience with fat lesbians. And I am sympathetic to their needs. But we can’t be basing our limited science funding on these experiences no matter how traumatic they actually were.

          1. I was almost fired from a job thanks to a fat lesbian. I’d been working there for a month or so, and one of the guys asked how I liked the place. I said it’s fine except for the lesbian midget. Well, she happened to be standing nearby, but I could see her because she was so short. She got all huffy and went to the manager, saying I called her a dyke. Well, I got hauled into the office. I said “Yeah, I referred to her as a lesbian midget. She prefers women and she’s four and a half feet tall. I though it was just a statement of fact.” The manager kicked me out of the office. He had to. He was having a tough time keeping a straight face. Anyway, I ended up quitting a couple months later for other reasons.

            1. Did your quitting have anything to do with pending litigation over stalking a lesbian ‘little person’?

            2. That is awesome. And the sad fact is, even at four feet six and 170 lbs, I bet she had a cute g/f.

            3. That story did not surprise me in any way.

          2. Don’t hate me because I have this disability.

      2. Oh, but John, you don’t get the good part. If they let those things really become major problems, then they can get REALLY big funding increases so that they can study antibiotics, fat lesbians and skinny gays!

        1. When fat lesbians and skinny gays fall in love with one another, their wangs and veejays tell them one thing, and their hearts tell them another.

          1. Don’t lesbians and gay men generally hate each other’s guts? I mean like butch lesbians getting ball bats and going after bitchy queens kind of hate?

            1. I’m not really an authority on either. I remember a gay coworker who loathed a project manager who was lesbian, but everybody else hated her too.

              1. A former school teacher, she really did not know how to behave around adults nor did she understand that adults don’t put up with the same mendacious and arbitrary rules as children.

            2. My gay sister has many gay male friends. I know, sampling of one.

              1. We could always poll Tony.

                1. Harvard| 3.14.13 @ 1:42PM |#
                  “We could always poll Tony.”
                  He’d lie.

      3. That is the infuriating part. We have real no kidding public health issues. Anti-biotics are about to become worthless, so things that we now think of as diseases of the past like gonorrhea and TB are making a comeback.

        But who needs to worry about that stuff. Lets spend our money on the important things like studying fat lesbians.

        All of these issue go away if you eliminate federal funding of science research.

        Which is what should be done. By definition the federal funding of science is the politicization of science.

        1. All of these issue go away if you eliminate federal funding of science research.

          So if we get rid of NIH antibiotic resistant bacteria will no longer be a problem? Really?

        2. I see what the article didn’t state explicitly.

          The million and a half bucks is just the prelude to the big money that will be spent once the research establishes the prescribed big government “cure” for the nationwide crisis.

          The million and a half bucks every other year will continue, and the tens, twenties, or hundreds of million that obamacare prevention will implement (getting plenty more lezz vote O) will be the pleasant help the populace outcome surprise.

          So now when I go sign up for govey largess grants, I will be certain to make it very clear what future help the legislators will need to give everyone in the nation when my “studies are completed” !

      4. things that we now think of as diseases of the past like gonorrhea

        Disease of the past? Or disease of the next encounter with Steve Smith?

    2. Yeah.

      The CDC’s particular hobby horse is passing off their left wing political opnions about gun control as being “public health” science.

      1. Just like city health departments now obsess about soda size and ignore real problems like bed bugs.

        1. Can’t you use the 2-liter bottles of soda to drown the bedbugs? What bedbug is going to crawl into a bed that’s soaking wet with soda?

          1. You want to get rid of bedbugs, you get the bedbug spray and douse down everywhere the buggers can hide, killing them and their eggs. You might have to ditch the bed if it is bad enough.

            Soda won’t do a damn thing.

          2. And *that’s* how you get ants.

          3. LOL- I think I need to setup a newly shaped 1 liter( oh yeah it’s over 32 oz ! hahahahha) and 2 liter chilled soda bottle outlet in NYC.
            It will have very convenient hand grips and wide mickey mouth for conspicuous tipping and guzzling.
            I can probably get 4 or 5 bucks a cold 2 liter and half that for the special stickers to attach so mr midget mayor fascist gets the message.

    3. Can we please just convert the entire budgets of the NIH and CDC to reeducating people about what “public health” actually means?

      Good luck with that.

  4. Why can’t it be “why overweight women [in flannel] tend to be lesbians?”

    Aren’t they presupposing an outcome in their study?

    1. This correlation between flannel and lesbianism is interesting.

      Does wearing flannel cause lesbianism, does lesbianism predispose one to wear flannel, or is the correlation co-incidental?

      I shall need some funding to study the linkage and causal mechanism. NIH grants here I come!

      1. Maybe they all wanted to be lumberjacks when they grew up. Same reason they like to swing bats.

      2. Well, I like to wear flannel, and I am a lesbian trapped in a man’s body

  5. “The study is examining reasons why the risk of obesity varies according to sexual orientation, in order to inform the development of future strategies to prevent obesity.”

    Here’s my strategy: assign each male HyR commenter to a group of several lesbians for a period of extended psychological abuse.

    1. Notice they studied obesity not domestic violence. Odd that despite “domestic violence” being a sure fire grant winner of a topic there seem to be few grants to study it in the gay community. Almost as if they wouldn’t like the answers such study would produce.

      1. Interestingly, during the immediate aftermath of Sandy Hook, I got into a heated debate on facebook with some high school classmates and their friends.

        In a futile attempt to find some principle that would get them to say fiat justitia ruat caelum, I brought up elevated rates of domestic violence among same-sex couples and gay marriage.

        It was comical. They all dropped everything to try to find studies showing that I was wrong. My request for clarification of whether they would change their stance on gay marriage were I to be right was met by stony silence followed by an enmasse blocking.

        Actually one guy said something. The fellow who started off telling me I had the blood of children on my hands accused me of lowering the tone of the discussion.

        By the way, most of those guys were from Connecticut, which is where Episiarch comes from.

        1. That is great. The other way to send such people apoplectic is to that if we should have gun owners register because of the danger of guns, why not have gay men register with the government because of their known higher rate of STDs?

          1. I need an ID to realize my constitutional right to bear arms, but I don’t need one to exercise my right to vote. Odd that.

          2. To heck with STD’s – make them register because:

            “although heterosexuals outnumber homosexuals by a ratio of at least 20 to 1, homosexual pedophiles commit about one-third of the total number of child sex offenses.”


        2. Hey, I’m not dumb enough to be Facebook friends with my old classmates in Connecticut, but I guess you are. And aren’t you a Masshole?

          1. All the ultra-progressive people I went to high school with moved to Connecticut.

            You guys are the retarded love child produced by Boston’s sweaty, drunken, incestuous coupling with New York City.

        3. So you debate with people who aren’t clever enough to off the cuff say marginalization is a stressor on relationships making gay relationships more prone to domestic abuse. The solution is ending said marginalization?

          Thank god for easy wins, eh?

          1. I have real doubts about whether most same-sex relationships are stressed by “marginalization”, myself.

            Gay folks tend to gather in gay-friendly enclaves. They live in a culture that is in the middle of a positive orgy of valorizing their relationships. Exactly how does marginalization enter their daily lives, in this day and age?

            1. And even if it was, would they also excuse a white man beating up his black wife? Aren’t interracial marriages also marginalized?

            2. not in california that’s for damn sure.

              Gays are revered as a privileged class here.

            3. I was merely indicating that tarran was arguing against lightweights.

              Gay folks tend to live in gay friendly enclaves because it’s where they feel safe relative to the rest of society (those enclaves are in the process of dying because there’s less hostility in broader society). I’d put forward that the way anybody manages relationships with significant others is partly defined by our family relationships and if you look at gays and lesbians (particularly older ones) those relationships were …problematic. I think the disparity in partner abuse rates will dwindle as gays are mainstreamed.

              1. I was merely indicating that tarran was arguing against lightweights.

                Well, he was arguing against progressives… so yeah.

              2. I doubt it, nice plan though, surely one could not be against any of it unless one is so filled with hatred that they want them beating each other to death.

                I have a very different theory, the correct one actually, it’s quite obvious.
                Gay couples have that terrible condition of actually understanding each other.
                Whereas a traditional couple is often left in total misunderstanding in both minds due to the communication gap inherent, the gay couple finds individually immediate understanding of the language and body language the other is talking.
                Hence, much faster proclivity to snapping, rage, a good beat down.

          2. So you debate with people who aren’t clever enough to off the cuff say marginalization is a stressor on relationships making gay relationships more prone to domestic abuse.

            Holy shit, you aren’t a 50 yr old woman who studied at NMSU back in the mid eighties are you? I knew a woman there who blamed all domestic violence on Reagan.

            1. No such luck, although I know for a fact that Reagan snuck into houses late at night and gave random women black eyes.

              I was just pointing out that tarran and John were excited over a relatively weak win.

              1. no, that’s cool. I just had one of those shuddering flashbacks. I remember this woman actually believed that all cases of domestic violence were Reagan’s fault. Her thinking was thus:

                Most domestic violence is initiated over household financial disputes– Money being the primary stressor of a relationship.

                Because and only because of Reagan’s economic policies, domestic relationships were unduly stressed, causing domestic violence. Therefore, Reagan.

                For those of you who are too young to remember, the Reagan era was a fun time to watch liberals progressives.

                1. Yeah, I started paying attention to politics right at the end of the Clinton era, my parents were OBSESSED with the Ken Starr report, then as soon as Bush was on the scene I had a HS classmate decide that if elected Bush would strip African Americans of their right to vote. I learned crazy on that people believe crazy things.

        4. Nice display of assholery there, tarran. Of course within a general population some groups are going to have higher rates of domestic violence and others lower; uniform data is always suspect. Your point is….what, exactly? Also, isn’t it the default libertarian position that rights are natural and inalienable, not granted by government and subject to revocation for “irresponsible” behavior?

          1. A guaranteed 100% domestic abuse ratio in homosexual relationships still wouldn’t be justification to restrict rights.

    2. Who would be the abuser and the abusee? Because, depending on the commenters, it could go either way.

      1. Well if we want it to work, the commenters would have to be the abusers. We could always subcontract out to Roissy or something.

        1. How did you get out of the kitchen? And you better not be wearing shoes!

      2. And you would likely get volunteers for both study groups.

    3. Honestly I don’t think I could take that kind of abuse.

      1. But…you already do.

    4. Ooooh! Ooooh! Pick me! Pick me!

    5. “assign each male HyR commenter to a group of several lesbians for a period of extended psychological abuse”

      I plan on being nice to my lesbians. Very very nice.

  6. “Studying Why Lesbians Tend to be Overweight:”

    Too much carpet munching?

    1. “Well, I’ve been lickin’ this carpet for 3 whole hours and I don’t feel like a lesbian.”

      1. “My grandma was Dutch-Irish, and my Grandpa was lesbian… that makes me quarter-lesbian.”

        1. Enough blood to allow casino licensure in my book.

  7. Pointless study is pointless, but some parasite hacks got paid and the government doled out more of our money. Sounds like every day.

    1. yes, but imagine if CDC/NIH could get funding to study gun violence…then we’d get policy informed by SCIENCE! Wonder what conclusions CDC would draw about guns? After the research of course!

    2. This is post-sequester America. Get used to it.

  8. Cartman: “I’ve been licking this carpet for 3 hours and I still don’t feel like a lesbian.”

    1. Play some Indigo Girls and eat some boxes.

      1. I had a friend in the Army who lived upstairs from them in Austin when he was in college. He said they were super nice and very down to earth and were not g/fs, just bandmates.

  9. I’m not fat, I’m big boned!

    /Rosie O’Donnell

    1. Yeah Rosie…it was that….bone…that lodged in your coronary artery and gave you your MI.

  10. Oh yeah. Scientific America says that science funding is going down a whole bunch becuase of the seeeqwestor.
    (note they use ’12 as the base and don’t show previous years increases)
    More anti-intellectualism. Why don’t you just go pray to your dinosaur-riding Jesus!

    1. And God forbid a magazine called “scientific American” make any distinctions between good and bad science funding.

    2. Sounds legit. Scientific American is a totally objective magazine.

      1. You forgot the /SARC flag

      2. You know, really they used to be.

        Nowadays its all support for big government programs for space, medical, and their favorite bugaboo – global warming “research”.

        1. They’ve definitely gotten worse in the past few years. I actually had a subscription with them until they published an issue where the feature story was about the futility of the pursuit of knowledge and the inevitable decline of the human race or some such bullshittery. They’d been going downhill for a while, but that was the straw that broke the camel’s back.

          1. I finally let my subscription lapse after 30 years or so. The politics, as mentioned above, became too much but the writing had deteriorated to a Sixth-Grade level.

            … Hobbit

            1. I let mine lapse after they predicted another mini ice age.

              That was just before they predicted global warming as I recall.

              1. Great, yes another fine mess the libtards have gotten us into.

                I don’t recall the exact articles, but the anger welled up as the politically scientificy points trumped even simple logic Mr Wizard had down pat, and that was it for me as well.

                Since former respect and pride existed, I have not brought myself back to looking, as I’m certain the anger and disappointment will be much greater now, as the internet references have shown.

    3. Why don’t you hurry up and build my Jetsons flying car? Too busy following around lesbians?

      1. We can put a man on the moon but can’t figure out why some women get fatter than others?

        1. Perhaps a special Obama czar appointed commission, that especially focuses on reducing stigmatic discrimination, a giant savings for Obamacare overall, I’m certain all will admit.

  11. Studying Why Lesbians Tend to be Overweight…


    1. But the study said that Male Gaze are considerably less likely to be overweight than their heterosexual partners counterparts.

      1. they need to keep the carnal canal clear, and as it has been said, they lose control, so the best thing is not to eat at all…

        no wonder no comments on that matter yet

        may I have my half million dollars now ?

  12. So people that seek to female mates are more likely to be out of shape while those that seek male partners make sure they’re in shape. Maybe their partners’ preferences are in play here. A groundbreaking thought, I’m sure.

    1. I offer the same hypothesis.

      1. Or fat ugly people have fewer choices. One must consider all the possibilities.

  13. risk of obesity

    Fuck you and fuck your study!

    1. You have to love that language “risk of obesity”. You are at “risk of obesity” because being fat just happens to you like catching the flu. It has nothing to do with the choices you make or you deciding to stuff your face all day and never exercise.

      1. “Scientists” keep treating conditions as diseases and I’m fucking fed up to my teeth with it.

        1. We could have gotten a grant to study that issue, but noooo. You libertarians and your talk of budget cutting and sequester…

          1. We just need to find out how they caught teh obesity in the first place.

            Probably off a doorknob.

      2. actually were all at risk of being obese just like were all at risk of being prediabetic, I see that one a lot lately, it’s all just to scare us, just like were all also predead. Like you I make choices that help deter that predead state. A state that I’ve been in since the day I was born.

        1. Prediabetic doesn’t mean you just don’t yet have diabetes. It means you have developed some metabolic problems and diabetic symptoms, but do not yet meet all the criteria to be diagnosed with diabetes.

        2. No were not all at risk. Some are never at risk, and they die just as thin as they grew up.

  14. …some implied scorn is not to be anti-science, anti-knowledge, anti-lesbian.

    You don’t get to decide that. Only some third-party designated victim is qualified to decide what you meant by that.

  15. Funny. All the lesbians in my head are svelte, young, and pneumatic.

    1. And not really sold on the whole lesbian thing.

      1. Not so completely sold that they turn down the wang. And schoolgirl outfits.

      2. Dick Lovin’ Bi-Babes. One of my favorite movies from 1992.

  16. I just assumed it had something to do with Subaru outbacks and their large cargo capacity. makes Costco shopping easier.

  17. It’s all Warty’s fault. It is a scientific fact that his superior male gaze adds at least 20 pounds to the victims of his patriarchal rampage.

    1. Fat chicks need MALE GAZE too.

      1. They just gotta pay for it.

  18. And here I was thinking that their short hair just made them LOOK fat.

  19. There is a real reason for this. Women are not as obsessed with looks as men are and many cute lesbians want a girlfriend who is as close to being a man without actually being one as possible. So there is a whole class of lesbian women who can score hot chicks even if they are fat and homely and in fact sometimes do because they are fat and homely.

    Look, if getting fat made you more likely to score a hot wife or g/f, I bet a lot of you people, myself included, would be letting yourself go and skipping the gym and having that extra beer too.

    1. Women are not as obsessed with looks as men are

      Oh, I disagree. Women are at least as obsessed with the way women look as men are. Any time two women meet, they give each other a once-over that would put Warty to shame.

      1. You are talking about straight women. Lesbians really are not that way generally. Even the homeliest least stylish lesbians can have very attractive girlfriends.

        1. Perhaps the problem is the 1 or 2 percent of the population pool vs the 20-40 percent for the heteros.

          Thus, less hotties to choose from, so hottie takes muff licker icky, supply and demand, man.

      2. Let’s put it this way – women are less concerned with their mate’s appearance than men appear.

        Though it’s not really that either – it’s what to the majority of good catches think. If the majority of good male catches believe appearance to be very important, then the majority of women will attempt to respond accordingly.

        Just as if the majority of good female catches believe income to be very important, the majority of men will attempt to respond to that signal accordingly.


    2. If I was a fat woman I’d want a good looking girlfriend also. Hell I’m a man and I’d like a hot g.f. what is so hard to understand.

  20. The solution to oversized government? Elect gay male libertarians!

    1. Scott S. / jesse 2016!

      1. Ha! I lack the necessary washboard abs for that nom, but I’m flattered!

    2. I agree 100%.

    3. So we can watch them beat the hell out of each other on the congressional floor ?

  21. because of the lack of options.

    1. never mind. I read the question backwards.

  22. What the fuck!?!?

    No links to jezebel comments. I am disappoint.

    1. Jezebel gets boring after awhile.

  23. Keep in mind that ‘overweight or obese’ now means more than less than 5 pounds underweight. Admittedly, I haven’t been following the LBGTW community the way that some of you have – NTTAWWT – but I doubt that anything near 75% of lesbians are fat the way a normal person would think of fat. In fact, I would guess that just about exactly 50% of lesbians would be described as ‘having a mannish physique’.

    1. In fact, I would guess that just about exactly 50% of lesbians would be described as ‘having a mannish physique’.

      Naah, take a stroll down Hawthorne street in Portland and that notion of lesbian couples as typically “one mannish chick, one lipstick lesbian” will be dispelled.

  24. “Hat tip: Brinck Slattery”

    Who the fuck is that?

    1. Here, let me google that for you

  25. with nearly three-quarters of adult lesbians overweight or obese, compared to half of heterosexual women. In stark contrast, among men, heterosexual males have nearly double the risk of obesity compared to gay males

    Well, duh. Men tend to place more emphasis on physical attractiveness than women. So with gay men, you usually have both partners strongly demanding sexual attractiveness, and that means a lot of gym time. With hetero couples, usually only one person strongly demanding that — less gym time. Lesbian couples, usually no one insisting on that — the least gym time.

    This took almost a mill to figure out, when just watching the series Queer as Folk would have explained that and more?

  26. I for one am glad to hear this…if they know what makes lesbians fat, perhaps that information can be used to turn all the fat ones onto tuna.

    Take em off our hands!

  27. Lesbians and straight men chase after women
    Gay men and straight women chase after men
    Men are hugely concerned (read: shallow) when it comes to appearance

    I don’t think its a huge mystery – men are hugely concerned (read: shallow) when it comes to appearance while women tend to be somewhat less concerned about their partners appearance. And let’s face it, fat is easy to be, almost a default state.

    1. It’s not shallow, whatever you think.

  28. You mean if you’re trying to please a man instead of a woman you have to care more about your outward physical appearance? Who would have thunk it? If not for millions of dollars, who would have unearthed the existence of gender differences?

  29. If sexuality is a choice, then these women who chose to be lesbian because of men’s unrealistic standards for female weight.

    If you are born with a particular sexuality, then these women are overweight out of depression for not fitting into cultural norms.

    All without a government grant I’ve come up with two competing narratives suitable for team RED and team BLUE to take sides over.

  30. “In stark contrast, among men, heterosexual males have nearly double the risk of obesity compared to gay males”

    If the main reason for obesity was societal pressures and depression then gay males should have been the heaviest but they’re not because they care about their appearance, work out and dress nicely. There is no legit excuse for lesbian women to be fat, although they buckle under societal pressures and bigotry, gay men are attacked more but women are emotional so I guess that leads to overeating. Still that is not a legit excuse. That being said these days you don’t have to overeat to get fat. The government should stop supporting Monsanto and allow people to grow their own food in their own backyard. That, unlike banning sodas will actually help people get healthier.

    By the way, I take care of my appearance and I expect potential female dates to be skinny, athletic or average at worst. I have my own sea of problems yet I don’t make it an excuse to gorge on food. I care about looks and many women I know also care about looks. For us attraction starts with physical appearance first so let’s not make generalization about women.

  31. 1. Men are visual

    2. Lesbians aren’t interested in men.

    3. Phenomenon explained.

  32. The federal budget is like a lesbian, just because you can be bloated and still get what you want don’t make it ok.

  33. well, here’s my politically incorrect theory: Most women are somewhat bisexual, most men are not. Most lesbians are actually bisexual, but if they are overweight, then finding an equally lonely, equally overweight partner is easy. On the other hand, most of the gay men I have met suffered sexual abuse as a child. I would guess that a very small percentage of gay men were actually born that way; for most of them, homosexuality really IS a symptom of mental illness. And a fixation on personal appearance, or a eating disorder, is also a symptom of mental disease.
    Thankfully, I always come late to these discussions on Reason, so hopefully the abuse I suffer will be mild.

    1. “most of the gay men I have met suffered sexual abuse as a child”

      Great way to prove your point with drawing conclusions from a few people you met. There are scientific facts about the cause of homosexuality for example the more boys a mother has, it is more likely that the boys born after the others will turn out to be homosexual. Homosexuality was also removed from mental illness category in 1973.

      And no while more women in general tend to be bisexual not “most lesbians” are bisexual. Perhaps you should look into LGBT sources rather than forming opinions based on “lesbian” porn.

      I’m a lesbian, I don’t desire men at all and I never had any sexual abuse. My family was supportive and I grew up in a loving environment most people would be envious of.

      1. Yes, but are you fat and sport a moustache?

        1. 17% body fat, ahtletic and I hate hair except for the ones on my head. You point?

          1. He lost his point, however the fact that you quote a body fat percentage…

      2. Well, my best friend is a lesbian, so I am not speaking from total ignorance. Also, I said most gay men were victims of abuse, not lesbians. And my stereotypes of the differences between men and women are actually based on scientific studies. These studies are the ones that show that homosexuality in women is much more of a continuum type of thing, while in men it does tend to be an either or proposition. And of course, all of this is the average population, and does not mean that any specific individual is the same.

      3. Also, while most (but certainly not all) of the bi/lesbian women I have met seemed mentally healthy, without a doubt the vast majority of the gay men I have met (and it is a larger number than a “few”), are extremely screwed up individuals. Now, others have pointed out that this may be a result of their homosexuality (rejection from friends, family, and society in general, etc.) rather than the cause of it. This may be true. I have no way of solving the chicken-and-egg puzzle. Also, I meant no disrespect, I was merely offering my thoughts on the subject. Also, yes, while I do not always watch porn, when I do I watch girl on girl. I have no desire to see a penis in my fantasies. What that says about my own sexuality I leave others to deduce; although I suspect that it means I fall into “almost completely hetero” category.

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  35. Can’t touch this.

    Really, I can’t touch this.

  36. I don’t mean to sound like a Democrat, but I blame bush for this.

  37. I have a friend(-with-benefits) who has told me about some encounters (kissing/petting) she has had with a woman she has introduced me to in the past. We have known each other for about 5 years and have a relationship where we are very open and free to talk about everything. We don’t have a strong romantic attachment so she tells me about all the men and women in her life ? past and present ? and I tell her about the women in mine.

    She has had similar encounters in the past and I have to assume that her friend has as well. Nothing about either of these women gives me any vibes that either are particularly unusual in any way.

    I have a gay step-brother and via that connection have been to PFLAG events and know a larger than average number of confirmed gays and lesbians. I guess that after years in those circles I would expect that my gaydar is well calibrated.

    All this leads me to believe that not all women or even a large percentage of all women are bi but I get the feeling that a significant number of them, under the right conditions, are bi-curious.

  38. Nothing like seeing the phrase “economic liberal” used to describe someone who prefers an egalitarian economic system over a competitive one to remind you how much the meaning of words can change

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