Pentagon Suspends Medals for Drone Pilots, Cyber Warfare

Following backlash about keyboard commandos


The military has stopped production of a new medal for remote warfare troops—drone operators and cyber warfighters—as it considers complaints from veterans and lawmakers over the award, a government official said Tuesday. 

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  1. The USAF is always behind these CONUS “warrior” doodads. First the Aerial Achievement and now this. They got slapped down about awarding BSM’s to people who never left NV, KS or OK so they went and got two new doodads approved. Face it zoomie- if you aren’t in an area with loud things that explode and can kill you (or small things like 7.62 X 39 that can do the same thing) then you don’t deserve a combat decoration. I have no issue with recognizing drone operators but put it behind the BSM, PH and MSM which are earned in a combat theater. Yes I know the MSM is also for stateside as well.

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