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Free Speech Is Bad, Says Newspaper Publisher. Because of Zombies!


Josh Jensen

In what may be the purest evidence yet that most people's tolerance for other folks' liberty stops at what they consider icky, the publisher of a community newspaper in San Francisco has run (and broadcast!) a revealing column arguing that free speech protections go too far, because zombies creep him out. Seriously. Steven J. Moss, publisher of The Potrero View, apparently got drawn into watching "The Walking Dead," which led to reading the comic book, which motivated him to "reconsider" his previous opposition to censorship.

In a piece broadcast over KQED as well as published in his paper, Moss argues that the gory images of the undead actually changed the way he was thinking!

I can't easily explain why I was attracted to this gloomy entertainment. But I do know that the gory consumption binge impacted me emotionally. Like the fictional characters I was following on pages and screens, I became more fearful, distrustful, and morose. I worried that the rustling of the wind indicated an unpleasant surprise in the attic, or that a door was closed for a morbid reason. Three inches into the zombie compilation I felt like I was changing my brain chemistry, with a heightened sense of paranoia that mimicked what might happen after too many hits of the wrong kind of marijuana. Even as I recognized what the zombies were doing to me I kept at until, until, my mind bloated, I finished the last comic book.

That's right, "The Walking Dead" became an addiction that Moss just couldn't resist. Zombies got into his brain! But don't they always?

Moss continues:

I'm recovering from all that now, but the episode got me wondering how what we watch or read impacts us. We've long attached warning labels to shows and movies that have violent or sexual scenes. We used to censor or ban provocative books. Recent attempts have been made to regulate rap music and video games, lest they incite youth to aggressive acts. Liberals, libertarians, and secular intellectuals have typically dismissed such efforts as liberty-stifling government over-reach. Up until now I'd have agreed with them. But my immersion into the zombie milieu has prompted me to reconsider.

Occasionally viewing or reading a brutal or sexual scene seems largely harmless, at least for grown-ups. But saturating ourselves with any set of images seems likely to mold our minds along particular channels. Billboards, magazines, books, and videos that feature ubiquitous skinny, large-breasted or chested models, fatty foods, and unrelenting acts of gun-related violence would seem to create a society obsessed with thin, well-appointed bodies, fattening fodder, and weapons. Did I just describe us?

So, because Moss became fascinated with zombie movies and comics to the point that he freaked himself out, we should consider regulating media so that we're not saturated with messages that … umm … might freak us out, too. Or maybe they'll just get us thinking in ways that will freak Moss out some more. We have been warned! We must regulate so that we don't saturate ourselves with stuff that makes us fearful, distrustful, and morose

Actually, I tried the first episode of "The Walking Dead" and, like Moss, I was creeped out. So, I turned it off. I found that pretty effective.

For your edification, a little appropriate mood music by The Cramps, below. Don't get saturated.

(H/T Sevo)

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  1. That should be “The Potrero View.”

    1. Fixed!

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  2. How do these thumbsucker douchebags not get laughed out of their job? How are they not endlessly ridiculed at work? How do they think exposing themselves as gigantic pussies is a good thing to do?

    I don’t understand any of this.

    1. My guess is that bootlickers are the only people who want to work for bootlickers. It’s like a club.

      1. What’s the first rule of Bootlicker Club?

        1. What’s the first rule of Bootlicker Club?

          Write about your whiny “snowflake” experiences in “The Potrero View”.

    2. You are now a man my son.

    3. Episiarch| 3.12.13 @ 12:38PM |#
      “How do these thumbsucker douchebags not get laughed out of their job?”

      He owns the rag.

    4. How do they think exposing themselves as gigantic pussies is a good thing to do?

      Um, it’s San Francisco. Not exactly known as a bastion of masculine manliness (power bottoms don’t count).

      1. (power bottoms don’t count).

        What about power tops?

        1. Forget it Jake, it’s San Francis- *OW!* Motherfucker! I can’t even turn around and walk away in this fucking town without somebody sticking something in my ass! That’s it, I’m moving to Detroit!

      2. “Um, it’s San Francisco”

        Yeah, exactly. This is me not being shocked that this guy is a gigantic pussy. I bet my going on 4 year old granddaughter would laugh that shit off.

      3. On the East Coast, we believe that pretty much everyone in California is this guy.


        1. Midwest dittos that

        2. As does the south.

        3. As does Idaho.

          1. As does the rest of California.

        4. Any time I’m out of state the news reports coming out of CA make it seem like a much weirder place than it is.

          We just chalk the hate up to jealousy and move on with our day.

    5. But you expose yourself as a huge pussy on a regular basis!

      1. But not over zombies! If I’m going to be a huge pussy, I’m going to do it over something that makes sense, like skydiving or entering Warty’s apartment!

        1. Or bugs crawling inside me while I sleep or something and then laying eggs that hatch a colony of bugs, all living inside my body. My biggest fear!

          1. Don’t forget spiders. They like to do that too.

        2. Dude, if it made sense you wouldn’t be a pussy. We all know what it REALLY is: your crippling fear of mime/clown hybrids. As evil as they are, they don’t warrant fear so much as disgust.

    6. I don’t understand any of this.

      How can you not understand this?

      CONTROL. And he’s a giant pussy.

    7. “I became more fearful, distrustful, and morose”

      How does reading a newspaper not do the same thing? What’s his emotional reaction to rape, murder and genocide? Giggling? ASre stories about child abuse cause for a tickle party? I mean fuck this asshole (not literally, he might enjoy it, nttawwt)

      1. Photo of the guy!…..weenie.htm

  3. Zombies got into his brain! But don’t they always?

    No, usually it’s the other way around.

  4. If you’re going to oppose free speech based on the Walking Dead comic, it should be because TWD is poorly paced, the characters are undeveloped, and the dialogue is hilariously shallow.

    1. Stop projecting, Hugh.


        1. “Hugh Akston, Zombie Entree”

          1. Zombie Entree.

            Good nom du comment.

    2. Are you seriously arguing that TWD is puerile and under-dramatized, authored by writers lacking any sense of structure, character and the Aristotelian unities?

      I haven’t seen it, so I have no opinion.

      1. I haven’t seen the show, but the comic is a huge disappointment.

        1. I’m just going to wait for the movie.

    3. So not worth reading?

      1. It has some problems baked in–and more have cropped up since it is way past its expiration date–but it’s not as bad as Hugh is making it out to be.

        1. That’s exactly what you said about that weird rash on my knees.

          1. Just use the prescription cream, you big baby.


  5. In a piece broadcast over KQED as well as published in his paper, Moss argues that the gory images of the undead actually changed the way he was thinking!

    Top Men!!!1!!!1

  6. “The comic book scared me. Boo-hoo.”

    How do you show your face in public after admitting something like that?

    1. Are we even sure that he does show his face? He might be hideously deformed, you insensitive prick.

      1. His mother told him that scary comics weren’t good before bedtime. And that his face could freeze that way.

    2. Reading Zombie Comics Leads To Grave COnsequences.

      1. Thinks about it for a moment…

        *begins slow clapping*

        1. Nobody is up for puns it seems.

          1. We’re up for puns. We just prefer funny puns.

            1. Jerk store.

    3. Someone should mail him a big stack of Casper comics. With a note:

      Here you go, sweetheart. Now you just stay at this end of the pool for a while, OK?

      1. Only a sick mind wants to read about the ghost of Richie Rich.

        1. So much makes sense now.

          1. Wow. Shit.

              1. No way. Totally different. The ghost has ears.

              2. You realize that means that Richie Rich is Jesus, Casper is the Holy Ghost, but who is God?

                1. The fact that this sub-thread has lasted 20 minutes without anyone mentioning Wesley Willis’ magnum opus, “Casper the Friendly Homosexual Ghost”, disappoints me greatly.

                  You all suck Casper cock.

                  1. I’m sorry, buy Casper coming out of the closet was like Ellen coming out of the closet. Anti-Climatic.

                    1. JB, you miss the point:

                      Casper was fucked in the ass by fifty Muslims.
                      He was fucked twenty-five times on top.
                      He was also fucked thirty-seven times bent over a wheelbarrow
                      And eleven more times at the bank.
                      He was fucked at night in the ass.
                      His ass was a bit ruptured.

                      He was born for getting ass-rammed!
                      Casper, Casper, Casper, Casper, Casper, Casper
                      Casper the homosexual friendly ghost!

                      Casper got fucked in the ass brutally
                      And the fifty Muslims’ semen was pissed on his tonsils.
                      He was up to his eyeballs in Muslim jism.
                      He was so full of cum, he had to shit.
                      This guy really took a shit, pushed away the Muslim jism
                      And took his own foreskin
                      And started fucking himself in his ass brutally.

                      Casper, Casper, Casper, Casper, Casper, Casper
                      Casper the homosexual friendly ghost!

                      Casper was taken to a hospital by an ambulance. At the hospital, he told the doctor to say “asshole licker”.
                      After the doctor said “asshole licker”.
                      He got on top of Casper and started fucking him in his ass brutally.
                      So far, Casper was diagnosed with holy freakaholic And became loose for super duper maneuvers!

                      Has such a poignant reflection on America’s post-9/11 loss of innocence ever been rivaled in poetry or prose?

                    2. So basically he described a Tuesday for Warty?

                2. but who is God?

                  Scrooge McDuck, who came unto Richie’s mother in a pigeon outfit.

                  1. I would have thought Daddy Warbucks.

              3. “Again I tell you, it is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than for someone who is rich to enter the kingdom of God.”

                1. I’ve never understood that one. Once you die, you’re not rich anymore, are you?

                  1. I’ve never understood that one. Once you die, you’re not rich anymore, are you?

                    It’s saying that no one could become rich while remaining a righteous man.

              4. You’re a monster.

              5. Next, you’ll be telling us that Wendy the Good Witch was his cross-dressing period.

                1. Wendy lived in a haunted forest. Casper haunted it. Duh.

                  1. Well, I always thought it was odd that Richie won all the drag races.

              6. I saw an interesting exhibit on reappropriation that had different Disney cartoons side by side. There’s an entire scene from Winnie the Pooh that is identical to one from The Jungle Book down to the kid holding a twig and throwing rocks off of a cliff. It was bizarre to watch side by side.

              7. I remember noticing that as a kid. I just figured old-fashioned cartoonists were lazy. Exhibit B: Archie.

                The worst Caspers were the Wendy ones. If Steven J. Moss is looking for something to really give him nightmares he need look no further than her stupid footie pajamas.

                1. The worst Caspers were the Wendy one

                  YOU TAKE THAT BACK.

                  1. Just because you can trace the roots of your onesie fetish back to Wendy the Good Little Witch is no reason to deny the shittiness of those comics.

                    1. You laugh now, but when the apocalypse comes, I’ll be sitting in my fortress, warm and toasty, in my Forever Lazy.

                    2. Here you go JW


                    3. If your onesie gives you cameltoe, I think it is safe to say ur doin it rong.

                    4. Cameltoe is always welcome

                    5. SHE’S MINE!

      2. I think Archie comics might be more his speed, although they might be too sophisticated for him. I hear there’s even two parallel universes now, and Archie’s married to Betty in one and Veronica in the other. And of course he has an unfulfilled homosexual attachment to Jughead in both

        1. Don’t we all?

          1. Jughead’s crown/hat is a major turn-off. Sic semper tyrannis, yo.

            1. He’s the dictator of your heart, NutraSweet! Submit to his love authority!

            2. I never understood what physics-defying material it was made of. Felt would be floppier, no? Unless the felt was fortified with, what? Aqua-Net? Semen?

              1. There’s something about Jughead.

              2. Wikipedia states that Jughead’s hat is a man’s fedora cut into shape, and lined with cork to keep its shape.

            3. Dumbass. The crown was part of his ‘shocker’ move.

        2. Actually, after the Crisis, there are now 52 alternate Riverdales.

    4. It’s even worse, since he’s using the scary scary comic book as an excuse to limit speech. And he works at a newspaper. It’s a ludicrous level of self-unawareness. I would not be surprised if he finally figured out, after 50 years, that he was gay.

    5. Moss is a perfect example of there being more horse’s asses than there are horses…

  7. Bring back the Comics Code!
    If you don’t want us to regulate speech, then regulate yourselves!

  8. I was rousted from bed around three this morning by a child screaming about monsters in the closet. I can forgive her though. She’s only three. How old is the author of this tripe?

    1. Mid 50s going on 3…

    2. …well? Was there actually a monster or not? You need to finish the story man!

      1. The cats were chasing each other around the house.

        1. Thank God, I thought STEVE SMITH had wandered into your house! Or Warty.

          1. Well, the house is periodically invaded by swarms of ladybugs. So many you have to vacuum them off the ceiling.

            1. We get a lot of ladybugs too, but not a swarm. They tend to hang around the colorful fake flowers set up in the dining room and elsewhere.

      2. Is this the one where your at work and you realize you’re not wearing pants?

        1. I had a dream the other night that a moogle was trying to convince Angemon that he wasn’t trapped inside a circular force field and he should try to escape. Someone had captured poor Angemon and kept him trapped inside a force field for so long that he didn’t believe it was still there.

          Weird dreams are weird.

          1. *didn’t believe it wasn’t there.

          2. I had a dream the other night that my wife and I were at the driving range. We were casually chatting and worked through all the clubs in our bags. The wife was hitting very nicely, but I kept hooking it. We were at the range for about two hours.

            Nothing weird, or crazy happened in the dream. It was just us at the driving range. I loved it.

            1. No one fell into a sinkhole?


            2. The fact that your wife was hitting very nicely while you were slicing is probably indicative of a subconcious suspicion that your wife is hitting something else very nicely (if you get my drift) combined with your unrealized homosexual tendencies (you couldn’t keep it straight). It’s all right there, plain as day.

              1. Well thank you, Dr. Freud!

                1. No problem. That’ll be $5000. Hope your insurance covers psychotherapy.

                  1. Just send the bill to Obama, he’ll take care of it.

          3. I had a dream last night about trying to convince a fat monkey roaming around on a grocery market scooter to piss inside a balloon. I wanted to use it to throw at someone but I forget who that person may have been.

            1. Next time skip the news before bedtime.

              1. That’s not a bad idea.

            2. I told my sister-in-law about one of my nightmares and she she has nightmares about it. Mememares!

              1. I told my wife about one after she shoved me awake for having a fidget fit. We settled back down and as I was dozing off about ten minutes later I heard her say, ‘I’m not going to be able to go back to sleep.’

                The one above was one of my more normal dreams. Usually my dreams are pretentious attempts to out do Philip K. Dick. I have no respect for the guy running things up in there.

        2. Is this the one where your at work and you realize you’re not wearing pants?

          You mean people just dream about that?

  9. Perhaps it is not too late for his mother to wrap him in swaddling clothes, take him out to the stone ridge deep in the woods and let him die out in the elements like we use to do to the weak in better eras gone by.

    1. I thought we put them in burlap sacks and threw them in the river…or is that unwanted puppies and kittens, I can never tell them apart.

      1. Back in the good old days you could just sacrifice any kids you didn’t want to the angry gods.

        1. It’s really a shame we let the worship of Moloch-Ba’al fall out of fashion.

          1. I was talking about Jehovah!

            1. Jehovah didn’t eat nearly as many children as Moloch. I think we covered this in another thread. He sent she-bears to maul 42 youths (retribution not sacrifice), the first born of the Egyptians (also a vengeance thing), he almost ate Isaac, or ate Isaac and spat him back out depending on who’s doing the interpretation, and Jephthah’s daughter. Other than that he seems to have not found child flesh particularly tasty.

              1. Sure, you only know what he was doing in relation to the popular characters. Admit you don’t know what he was doing during his down time when nobody was writing about him. I’ll bet he had a steady diet of babies.

                1. Why wouldn’t he just announce it, everyone knows the flesh of the innocent is the most delicious flesh. It would’ve made him more relatable, like that Moloch fellow. Who’s going to respect an omnipotent god that doesn’t feast on children at least occasionally?

                  1. He was trying to show his softer side. When he couldn’t take it anymore, he sent Jesus to Earth to suffer for mankind and be the soft, compassionate one. He then dropped out of the spotlight and kept eating babies while Jesus ran interference for him.

                    1. I was wondering where he’d gone. I suppose that explains the Children’s Crusade.

          2. “we let the worship of Moloch-Ba’al fall out of fashion.”

            Who’s we?

            1. Society as a whole. So few left to keep the fires lit in the high places.

        2. Leave them on the bleached white stones,
          The Lord of the Hunt will claim his on.

  10. Thank goodness for Moss’ FoS rights, otherwise I’d have little to contemptuously mock today.

  11. I must admit to watching TWD. Mostly because my wife loves it. Then again she thinks Burial Ground is the best movie ever. Who cares as long as you get laid after it’s over, right?

    1. She fancies your little stiffy?

      1. Zombies turn her on. What can I say?

        1. NECROMANTIC!

        2. What can I say?

          Thank you, God?

  12. Obama Calls For Equal Rights For Corpse Men.

    1. Denying two corpses the right to marry eachother is the same as when we used to deny mixed-marriages between animated corpses and the living.

    2. Fun fact: democrats are indeed at the forefront of civil rights, as they’ve been allowing the dead to vote in their districts for decades now.

      1. Three out of four preemies grow up to become democrats.

        If that was true, how many pro-lifers would suddenly lose their objection to even infanticide?

  13. This zombie craze in popular culture will end abruptly, just as soon as some high school goth kid admits to killing his friend and tasting his flesh out of curiosity or some obsession with TWD.

    1. Or maybe a cop will be convicted for planning to kidnap women for the purpose of killing and eating them.

      Oh, wait……..4363.story

      1. Considering that he didn’t actually kidnap or eat anyone, or even attempt to do so, it sounds like he was convicted of a thought crime, and the only real law he broke was the misuse of a law enforcement database.

        And since he wasn’t an impressionable young teenager, I don’t foresee this leading to the anti-zombie hysteria.

    2. Bath salts.

      1. “Shoot’em in the face!”

        1. Are we hunting with Dick Cheney again?

  14. I feel othered.

  15. Let us stipulate for a moment that what you watch or read affects you.

    So what?

    The people who write and create content that affects you in the greatest ways, or affects the greatest number of people, win. They get the society they want, and you don’t.

    Forget the other stupidities in his piece. That’s the huge unspoken one: that the people who are less persuasive (by their own admission!) should get to use the barrel of a gun to stop the speech of the people who are more persuasive.

    You don’t get to decide if it’s a bad thing if people are (for example) obsessed with thinness. I’ll put out my pro-thin images, and you put out your pro-fat images, and whoever wins, the other guy can fucking go pound sand.

    1. Miss America and Miss Hawaii put on a few pounds after the contest.…..-Maui.html

      1. They should have picked out some new bikinis. Other than that, I think they’re still hot.

        1. Your taste in women is suspect.


            1. I find it difficult to believe we are the same age.

              1. “I would like to pretend-bang these women I will never meet!”

                “Well, I myself would rather pretend-bang these women I will never meet!”

                “Pistols at dawn, sir!”

                1. You should totally write a sociology monograph Dagny.

                2. Can I pretend-bang you sometime, Dagny?


            2. “Could you make me look old? And maybe, like, a little dead?”

              “Sure thing, Ms. Hewitt!”

    2. You don’t get to decide if it’s a bad thing if people are (for example) obsessed with thinness. I’ll put out my pro-thin images, and you put out your pro-fat images, and whoever wins, the other guy can fucking go pound sand.

      And this is why you should never use Tumblr or Pinterest, which have decided that “thinspo” “promotes self-harm,” and that “self-harm” is naturally bad, so no thinspo.

      1. ‘Thinspo’? Is that an example of horrible dialectical usage from a L’il Abner comic?

      2. And this is why you should never use Tumblr or Pinterest, which have decided that “thinspo” “promotes self-harm,” and that “self-harm” is naturally bad, so no thinspo.

        I don’t understand a damn thing you’re saying, woman!

        Can you translate that into Jive?

        1. I’ll try for English. Some women (and men) like to post “motivational” pictures and stories of thin women (models, actresses, etc.), which are supposed to help you want to keep losing weight. They call this “thinspo,” short for “thin-spiration.” But other women (and men) think this is dangerous, because it promotes eating disorders and body dysmorphia or whatever, so they try to get thinspo banned by various social sharing services. And they have succeeded in this with at least two major ones.

          1. So that’s why sarcasmic is forced to post here?

            1. Basically.

          2. Of course, you can post all the pictures of big girls you like, because that doesn’t create any eating disorders whatsoever.

            1. When I have a social network, the rule will be very simple: if you are bigger than me, you have to look sadder. If you are thinner, you have to look happier, or at least cooler.

            2. Give me a sister, I can’t resist her
              Red beans and rice didn’t miss her
              Some knucklehead tried to dis
              ‘Cause his girls are on my list
              He had game but he chose to hit ’em
              And I pull up quick to get wit ’em
              So ladies, if the butt is round,
              And you want a triple X throw down,
              Dial 1-900-MULATTO
              And kick them nasty thoughts
              Baby got back!

              1. A little showy, HM. The way to Nikki’s heart is giving Dagney a little attention.

                1. HM knows I can back that up.

                  1. After the shooting-range gif, we all know that, nicole.

                    1. After the shooting-range gif,

                      I missed that one. Link?

                2. The way to Nikki’s heart is giving Dagney a little attention.

                  And to think, all this time the Pick-Up Artist community was correct!

                  1. It kills me to admit it, but yes. Note, the extra letter I dropped into Dagny’s name. That shows I’m cool and aloof, and not obsessive and clingy at all.

                    1. SPELLING NEG!

          3. People really have the free time to bitch about shit like that, and not just bitch about it, but keep doing it until that bitching becomes the basis of policy. Where do you get one of those jobs? DMV?

            1. Jezebel

        2. “Can you translate that into Jive?”


    3. I write horror. If what I write doesn’t affect the reader at all, I failed. I think that’s generally the standard for success in art as a whole, isn’t it? Affecting someone?

    4. Choice? Outside the uterine wall?

      Surely, sir, you jest.

  16. Bitch boy.

  17. I don’t watch any ‘entertainment’ about ‘things that eat people.’

    This is probably why I don’t like Debates in Parliament.

  18. Even little kids understand that if something on TV scares you, you turn it off.

    1. This is no little kid we’re talking about… it’s a journalist.

      1. You have to slide a little further down the intellectual scale from ‘little kid’ to reach ‘journalist’.

        Somewhere around ‘jellyfish’ is about right.

  19. “…with a heightened sense of paranoia that mimicked what might happen after too many hits of the wrong kind of marijuana.”

    Leave it to San Fran liberal fascists to advocate new laws to curb speech, while openly breaking existing laws against drugs.

    “You shouldn’t be able to tell me what I can smoke or put in my body, but I am perfectly ok with telling you what you’re allowed to watch on tv.”

    1. He lost me at “the wrong kind of marijuana”.

  20. Aren’t the Reason writers concerned that they’re going to get sued by the Onion for copy/pasting stories? Seems like they’ve been doing that a lot lately.

  21. Every progressive is one disagreement away from eschewing civil liberties.

  22. Everything you read, eat, say do or think changes your brain chemistry. How do people think that is an argument for or against anything?

    1. In progresso-tard land it’s “proof” – TEH SCIENCE IS SETTLED!!!! – that the government needs to regulate everything we read, eat, say, do, or think. For the children, and apparently for pants wetting pussies like Steven Moss.

  23. Another thing. Why the fuck is everyone still so into zombies? They really aren’t that cool or interesting. I can enjoy a good zombie movie from time to time, but this is really getting out of hand. I’ve actually seen zombie themed shot gun shells and crossbows recently.

    1. I guess the Zombie Apocalypse is a metaphor for the fear that people have of the future?

      1. Mostly what I see is a bunch of silly people in their 20s who refuse to grow up.

    2. Because Twilight ruined vampires for a generation, at least.

      1. ^ this

        It’s hard to make zombies glamorous so they remain a decent antagonist.

        But I’m a sparkling zombie with fairy dust and I never eat humans! Love me!

  24. At least this is a true accurate representation of how he got to “free speech might not be so good”.

    This is of course how many other people reach the same conclusion, they project their internal fears to others (or transfer their fears they have about specific individuals and generalizing to everyone).

    The only difference between this article against free speech and most of the other ones is most people hide their true thoughts in pseudo logic, which some others find persuasive (usually because it agrees with their already preconceived notions about their fears… but I digress).

    The idea being if anti-free speech articles were more often written like this, with the truth in it, maybe more people would ignore them.

    Since so many simply seek out views to reinforce theirs though, they would likely ignore the irrational logic of this piece and use it for further evidence anyway…

    Short version: still better the truth “I don’t trust myself and therefore don’t trust others” than pseudo science/logic which is may gain more wide spread acceptance and become more difficult to refute.

  25. I completely agree that what you view can affect you mentally and emotionally. That said, STOP VIEWING IT. Personally, I don’t watch scary movies at night. I try not to listen to music with negative messages. It’s not the government’s problem. It’s mine.

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