Covered at Reason 24/7: Obama Administration Making Case for Least Transparent in History


Reason 24/7

The president who promised "the most transparent administration in history" has already presided over more prosecutions of leakers than all his predecessors combined. Now the administration's breaking records in rejecting FOIA requests as well.

From the Associated Press:

The Obama administration answered more requests from the public to see government records under the Freedom of Information Act last year, but more often than it ever has it cited legal exceptions to censor or withhold the material, according to a new analysis by The Associated Press. It frequently cited the need to protect national security and internal deliberations.

Among agencies citing national security exemptions? The Departments of Commerce and Veterans' Affairs.

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  1. Whenever a governmental agency uses words:
    Patriot = “Patriot Act” patriotism is the last thing associated with the act.
    Transparent = Meaning they will be Transparent in their unwillingness to be Transparent.
    Antonym = Synonym

    1. Yeah but by that logic, something called the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act would be basically the worst thing ever.

      1. Another nice theory destroyed by the facts.

    2. Orwell didn’t know he was writing a functional specification for a future American government.

      Well, probably he did.

  2. “Covered at Reason 24/7”

    Moar self-referential posts, pleaz!

  3. Now the liberals over at Slate will tell you this is no big deal. These comments must be read to be believed.…..nt_3603590

    1. It doesn’t matter, John. They’ve gone all in. It literally does not matter what he does now. They’ve committed and that’s the end of it. To admit otherwise is to admit they are retarded partisan fools who got swindled by an obvious con man, which they will never do.

      1. You are right. We are basically at the mercy of Obama right now. There is nothing he could do that would cause them to question their loyalty. In fact, the worse he gets, the more loyal they will become because it will just make it that much harder for them to admit they were wrong about him.

        1. At least he has shed a few of his marginal supporters. His approval ratings are down ~10% or so, depending on where you measure from and who you listen to. Granted it’s not enough to make a difference, but it does inspire a small amount of hope.

          1. Of the 51% who voted for him about 40 of that 51 percent are just gone. They are the people that Episiarch is talking about. The other 11% are low information, go along and get along voters who voted for Obama because the media told them it was the cool thing to do. He will clearly shed a good portion of that 11%. But he will never lose the 40%.

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