Ed Krayewski on the Wilkow Majority on Sirius/XM on Drones and Soda Bans

1:40pm on SiriusXM Patriot 125


I'll be on Andrew Wilkow's show on SiriusXM radio Patriot 125 at about 1:40pm to talk about topics including the White House's drone program and New York City's ban on large beverages (going into effect tomorrow).  Tune in if you've got Sirius.

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  1. So does he plan to advocate drone strikes against purveyors of large beverages?

    1. Be careful – I’m here to tell you that NewYawkers get alllll butthurt when you diss on their town.

      Today, upon noting the imminent invocation of the 16 Ounce Solution. “Well I live here and if a soda ban makes you not visit then…” Jesus Christ, bitch! I said your city’s a statist fuckhole – not that the soda ban’s what’s keeping me out! 🙂

      Some people – but mostly (non-native, naturalized) New Yawkers. Sensitive…

      1. Thanks for turning what was once the greatest city in the world into a fucking statist hell hole run by that deranged pervert you elected mayor. We appreciate you pissing on what should be one of the crown jewels of both America and the world.

      2. “the 16 Ounce Solution”

        New underground, anti-authority band!

  2. Cool! I listen to that on occasion – I’ll tune in!

    1. I said the soda ban wasn’t a loss for libertarianism because it could well be struck down by a court. Sounds like it just has been.

  3. http://newsok.com/womans-trial…..le/3764734

    There is nothing sexy like crazy sexy. Damn.

    1. She’s pretty hooteriffic.

      angerously thin windows – windows aren’t generally meant to act as GUARDRAILS, honey…

      Crazy indeed!

      1. http://www.tulsaworld.com/news…..TLIN594710

        Look at her here. She is smoking. If it were possible to accidentally run through high rise windows, I would think it would happen more often. I think she might be going down for this one.

        1. “I think she might be going down for this one.”

          [Insert prison sex joke here]

  4. I like POTUS 124 better.

  5. I’ll be on Andrew Wilkow’s

    His parents missed a real opportunity when they didn’t name him “Roger”.

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