Bitcoin's Busy Year


On Wednesday, BitPay, the world's leading Bitcoin payment processor, introduced a new WordPress tool integrating its services with Fulfillment by Amazon which stores, packs, ships and provides customer service to those using the Amazon marketplace, is available to merchants who do not sell their products through Amazon but who still want to provide the same quality services.  Less than a week ago Mt. Gox — the world's leading Bitcoin exchange—announced their exclusive partner in the US and Canada. Just a few days earlier the first Bitcoin ATM, was unveiled. 

It's been a busy two weeks for the cryptocurrency and its loyal followers, especially here in the United States. The first Bitcoin ATM graced the world on Feb. 23, thanks to Zach Harvey and Matt Whitlock of Lammasu Bitcoin Advisors in New Hampshire. 

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Mt. Gox, based in Japan, joined forces with Coinlab — the world's first US-venture backed Bitcoin company — to cater to their customer base in the US and Canada.

The idea that WordPress users can accept Bitcoin might not sound new, and that's because it isn't. WooCommerce, the predecessor to BitPay WooCommerce, was released in November of last year. Now the partnership between BitPay, based in Atlanta Ga., and Amazon allows for merchants using WordPress to accept Bitcoin with ease while providing their customers with all of the benefits Fulfillment by Amazon has to offer.

BitPay has made accepting Bitcoin easier, verifying transactions, converting Bitcoin into the merchants desired currency and offering direct deposit for those payments. Adding the benefits of a Fulfillment by Amazon allows merchants to store their products in Fulfillment centers, where Amazon packages and ships the items and provides customer service in place of the individual seller.

Bitcoin has only been around since 2009 and since then it has been haunted by a shady past involving online gambling and illicit drug purchases.

But how exactly does that differ from the way any other currency is used?