Colorado Wants to Collect DNA For People Convicted of Misdemeanors

Oh brave new world?


A state representative took his own DNA sample at a news conference Tuesday announcing a proposal that would require people convicted of misdemeanors to submit samples for a database.

"DNA is a tool that works and expanding will make this a safer place for all Coloradoans," said Rep. Dan Pabon.

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  1. Rep. Dan Baboon bringing “Coloradoans” sic a safer locked-down society. Yay!

  2. Now that big government bureaucrats have discovered all they have to do to have absolute unrestrained and unopposed control over the sheeple is to let them get stoned chances are good marijuana legalization will be the new rage across all the states.

    As of lately, Coloradans have been surrendering their liberties in huge chunks, and not so much as a peep in protest from them.


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