California Starts Free Cellphone Program with Help from Federal Money

For those making less than $15,000 a year


Impoverished Californians, including those who are homeless, soon will be able to get free cellphones and service thanks to the recent expansion of a statewide program.

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  1. That’s juat a Rethuglican teabagger myth. My liberal friends tell me so.

  2. “We are very excited by this,” Dufty said. “It will help people move forward. It will empower them, and we in San Francisco are going to be a model city for this program.”

    Of course it’ll do nothing of the sort; most of the phones will turn into beer, wine or weed before the first month is past.
    Dufty is a worthless POS who has never held a job in his life. He’s ‘director of homeless’ or some such bullbleep since he was termed out of supervisor and they had to find some way to keep him from looking for a job.
    His earlier proposal had to do with distributing dogs from the SPCA to the homeless, because, well, he was never quite clear about that. But he had some catchy acronym all worked out. “Mutts for Bums” didn’t make the cut.

  3. Countdown until Democratic presidential candidates cite the number of Americans suffering from “phone insecurity”, and demand a single-payer solution in order to ensure the fundamental human right to Communications Access?

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