Missing Soviet War Veteran Found in Afghanistan

Has been peacefully living with Afghans for more than 30 years


A Soviet soldier who went missing in Afghanistan nearly 33 years ago has been found living with Afghans in the western province of Herat.

The soldier is semi-nomadic, has the adopted Afghan name Sheikh Abdullah and practises herbal medicine, Russia's RIA news agency reports.

An ethnic Uzbek, he was found by ex-Soviet veterans of the war.

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  1. This was mostly my na?ve cultural ignorance at work, but many years ago I was utterly astounded to meet a man in Afghanistan who was clearly of Eastern European descent, white as the wind-driven snow, and didn’t speak a word of anything that wasn’t Pashto.

    Then I remembered: Ah, right. The Soviets. They left behind more than just land mines!

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