Hugo Chavez

Hugo Chavez is Dead.


More to come on this, but Venezuelan strongman, friend of Castro, hater of the U.S. and, worst of all, oppressor of his own people, is dead.

Reason on Chavez.

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  1. He’s the kind of human being for which I actually wish there was a hell, so I’d know he was suffering.

    1. My faith is always a comfort.

    2. Chavez dead? Rotten capitalist propaganda! Teh Venezuelan socialized medicine, the envy of the world, will of course keep him alive for another 75 years!

      1. He’s getting better!

  2. Rot in pieces, asshole.

    1. What 2-bit, tin-pot dictator will Joseph Kennedy be able bootlick now?

      Think of the Kennedys, won’t you?!

      1. I think that’s RFK, Jr. that was such a devotee.

        1. Joe-Joe’s Citizen Energy company got lots of kickbacks from Hugo.


          1. I stand corrected! It’s hard to keep straight which Kennedy is doing what vile thing at any particular moment.

        2. RFK Jr. is the nasty “environmentalist” who doesn’t seem to give a shit about those of us up in the Catskills.

  3. Sean Penn & Danny Glover shed tears.

    1. I heard Harry Belafonte is inconsolable.

      1. Daylight came and he finally went home.

      2. 😀

  4. Fill in the blank.

    Sean is to Chavez, as _______ is to Kim Jong Un

    1. Dennis Rodman?

    2. Madeleine Albright

    3. a wet fart?

      1. MP already said Dennis Rodman.

    4. Ri Sol-Ju?

    5. Bi Bim Kook Soo?

  5. I haven’t been this happy about a person’s death since…well…ever.

    This guy was a scumbag, and deserved the long and slow painful death he received.

    1. I was a little happier about Kim Jong Il. As awful as Chavez was, I don’t think he compared.

      1. It wasn’t through lack of effort.

        1. True, Kim Jong Il had a pretty good head start starving half of his country in concentration camps.

      2. That’s a fair retort, though Kim was really only continuing what he father had built.

        Chavez was attempting to follow in Kim Il Sung’s footsteps.

        1. And the father had a lot of help from Stalin and Mao.

        2. In my life time, I’d say Pol Pot, but his death was anticlimatical given he lived comfortably until he croaked.

      3. I was a little happier about Kim Jong Il. As awful as Chavez was, I don’t think he compared.

        The Korean dictator deaths aren’t as satisfying, since you know someone just as evil and clueless will take his place.

        With Chavez gone, there is hope for improvement in misgovernance.

      4. Agree with Proprietist. I thought it was a vile trick of fate (or perhaps a balancing of the cosmos?) that Hitchens & Kim Jong Il died the same week.

  6. Abe Vigoda will live forever.


      Abe Vigoda is alive

      Page loaded Tuesday March 5 2013 2:46:03 PM PT

      1. So is Paul Williams.

      2. From Wikipedia:

        “Vigoda has been the subject of many running gags pertaining to the mistaken reports of his death. In 1997, Vigoda appeared in the film Good Burger as the character Otis, a restaurant’s French fry man. Several jokes were made about his advanced age, including Otis saying “I should’ve died years ago.” A Late Night with David Letterman skit showed Letterman trying to summon Vigoda’s ghost, but Vigoda walked in and declared, “I’m not dead yet, you pinhead!”

  7. So who wants to start a dead pool on when and if they start finding mass graves?

    1. Hmm, who will be looking for mass graves?

  8. But the question is, can we still buy oil from that country?

    1. The real question is – now that Venezuela has become a thugocracy, will it descend into civil war?

      1. Good point. Socialist thugocracies tend to fall apart once the charismatic leader is gone.

        If he’d had any class and real concern for his country, he wouldn’t have run for reelection two months ago. But then if he’d had class and concern for his country, he wouldn’t have been Hugo Chavez.

      2. I think your question was answered when the VP held a press conference earlier today accusing the United States of giving Chavez cancer. There will be no civil war and the “peoples’ revolution” will continue apace.

        1. Not that easy. He played bootlickers off of another. Some got shitcanned so others could thrive. Like Papa said, socialist thugocracies are ripe for social division.

  9. WoooHooo!

    Finally some good news.

    Tony to come and blubber all over this thread in 3, 2, 1…

    Well, BooHoo motherfucker, he fought cancer and cancer won.

    1. I love it when lefty pols like Layton and Chavez die of cancer. Such irony.

      1. Yes because Layton was a real Canadian dictator huh?

        1. NDP = New Dictators Party

      2. Do you love it as much as you love to see brown people at weddings halfway around the world get blown to bits?

        1. Jesus Christ get some help for your obsession with me and Dunhpy. I’d hate to see your child grow to hate you for being a boring insufferable cunt.

      3. Cytotoxic is an unbelievable asshole.

        1. Ah, newcomers sure catch on fast. If you think this is bad Irish, you should have been here when he said we should have nuked Afghanistan.

          1. In Cytotoxic’s defense, I think he’s walked back from that position. He was apparently afraid that it would have caused too much pleasure for him and he would have literally came so hard he would have had an aneurysm.

            No, he prefers to see the deaths of Pakistani children at the hands of our (now-decorated!) drone pilots with regularity.

            1. Uh nope still wish we had nuked Torah Bora in 2001 because I’m not a blubbery dishonest asshole like you.

    2. He’d have probably been fine if he’d have been treated in the US, given our cancer survival rates. Instead he went to Cuba.

  10. He couldn’t take Mumia with him? Oh well… I hope the people of Venezuela get a replacement that is more respectful of the people.

    1. Hopefully the cops that worked for him are hung for just doing their jobs.

      1. Hey, lots of people just do their jobs and don’t get huge penises, I don’t see why those thugs should be any different!

        1. All cops have huge penises. You can tell by the way they push people around and wear cool sunglasses and whip out their guns at every opportunity and beat the shit out of people for disrespecting them.

          1. yawn. troll-o-meter:.01

            Most cops do their job with honor and the incidence of excessive force is a small minority.


            1. Or if they’re like your pals profiled in today’s Seattle times, they just turn the dogs loose on ’em and let the canines do the dirtywork.

              1. Are you trying to say that Seattle cops are dog fuckers?

              2. But I thought Seattle-area cops are paragons of virtue that always respect individual rights without fail. At least that’s what I’ve been told ad nauseum.

            2. You really do have a tolerance for abuse. I’m amazed that you stick around. O_o

      2. Hung = Good

        Hanged = Bad

        1. That’s not axiomatic. There must be exceptions, but I’ll be damned if I can think of any.

          1. Your prison roommate?

        2. Learn something new every day. Thanks.

        1. And they was right!

          1. It’s twuu it’s twuu

  11. These always come in three. I got Betty White and Jim Lovell in my pool.

    1. Saw Jim Lovell the other day at his son’s restaurant. You may be waiting awhile on that one.

  12. For some reason, possibly out of masochism, I clicked on the main Reddit thread about this.

    I really should not have done that.

    1. Was joe there?

    2. Just clicked on a reddit thread and there are serious conversations going on there about how the CIA probably have him cancer.

      1. Well… weren’t there a couple of other South American leaders diagnosed with cancer around the same time? I mean, I’m not saying it was the CIA, but it seems like quite the coincidence.

  13. Anybody here read Confessions of an Economic Hit Man?

  14. In related news, Commissar Obozo has declared a national time of mourning for the death of Chavez the Benevolent, and has decreed that all American flags be flown half-mast and upside down. The suspension of civil liberties and the growth of the police state must continue, in the name of Chavez the Martyr!

  15. Chavez dead, Jon Stewart on temporary hiatus.

    Overall, not a bad day.

    1. Coincidence? I don’t think so!

      1. Thar Stewart is a crafty soul in his sneak attack for world domination.

    2. Stewart on hiatus? Why? Tell us more!

      1. It’s only a brief break so he can direct a movie, but at least it means a summer without hearing Affluent College Lefties parroting his BS ad nauseum.…..central01/

        1. What makes him think he can direct a movie, exactly?

        2. That’s just a cover. Obviously Jon Stewart is a CIA hitman who just pretends to be a liberal TV show host as part of an elaborate cover. He had to take a “hiatus” to make sure Chavez died on schedule. The CIA has been hiding its hitmen in plain sight as various Hollywood celebs for years. Sean Penn is the one who first gave Chavez cancer. He just posed as a socialist boot licker to get close to him. /tin foil hat wearer

          1. Obviously Jon Stewart is a CIA hitman who just pretends to be a liberal TV show host

            The big open secret about the CIA, they are all a bunch of flaming liberals in that organization.

          2. I think you’ve got a self published novel there. Or at least a slash fic series.

  16. Will there be an order to fly flags at half mast in the US, like there was for the Hero of Chappaquiddick?

    1. I used to be a cop in Martha’s Vineyard. I knew a lot of Edgartown cops but never could get a copy of the Ted Kennedy incident report. I would have LOVED to read that classic.

      “when i returned, Maryjo and the cah were gone”

        1. Cool. Spanx. Damn craptastic penmanship, but very cool nonetheless

        2. Is that written in arabic?

  17. Spanish speaking nations seem to have the misfortune to be led by dictators or US puppets, but Chavez was unique he walked a fine line between love and hate.

    1. South America gets what it deserves, good and hard.

      1. Eh. Peru has Hernando de Soto, and may even deserve him these days. And don’t forget Chile.

      2. Uruguay. Ranked as “free” by Freedom House, has a reasonably strong free-market economy. (Unfortunately, they recently implemented an income tax, which is unfortunate.)

        Notice that you pretty much never hear about Uruguay in the news, which has to do with the Sad Truth Of South American News: the less you hear about a country, the better off it is.

  18. Ding Dong, the witch is dead
    The wicked witch is dead!

    Which old witch?
    The wicked witch!

    1. That was my reaction too.

  19. And there was much rejoicing.

    I guess he could have been worse; so far as I’ve heard, there weren’t concentration camps and mass killings. But I can’t help but think that it would have come to that, as his “progress” towards socialism moved further and further along.

  20. I got 5 pounds of fiery thai/habanero marinated sirloin starting to dehydrate.

    I think this is going to be my official Hugo Chavez Memorial Jerky Batch, for all the asses this shit’s gonna burn.

    1. I think this is going to be my official Hugo Chavez Memorial Jerky Batch, for all the asses this shit’s gonna burn.

      And now you can get real Hugo Chavez for the batch. That’s timing!

      1. I ain’t processing that fat fuck. He’s probably so filled with dangerous commie-cancer drugs that you’d lose your hair just taking a whiff of the corpse.

        1. Well that’s hardly authentic.


  21. The only downside to this is that Chavez died before Warty got to him.

    1. Uh, how do you think he got the cancer in the first place?

      1. Wait, Warty is carcinogenic?

        1. Duh.

        2. What do you think happens when you splice Tasmanian Devil DNA with human DNA?

          And a monkey with 4 asses.

    2. Silly Hugh, Warty does his best work in orpse desecration.

      1. I can think of a few orpses I’d like to desecrate.

  22. No way man, dude cant be dead. Tell me it aint so?

    1. Sorry Zinx! It’s true man….sorry! I knew you were close!

  23. Can’t wait to listen to NPR on my drive home!

  24. Here’s my all-time favorite Hugo Chavez quote:

    “Hey, Obama has just nationalized nothing more and nothing less than General Motors. Comrade Obama! Fidel, careful or we are going to end up to his right.”…..GX20090603

    1. Huge differences between Obama and Chavez, of course…

      One of them hated the American way of life; was willing to use the government to nationalize industries on behalf of the labor movement; introduced programs ostensibly for the poor that may yet bankrupt the government; and maintained his position of power by way of class warfare.

      And the other one was the president of Venezuela.

      1. Much like “The Aristocrats” I knew the punchline to the joke already, but the key was in the delivery. Well done.

        1. : )

  25. So Castro and Mugabe next, I’ll drink to that.

    1. If Mugabe dies, I’ll win my round of Dead Dictator Bingo.

      1. Assad for the steal!

  26. Let the garment rending on MSNBC begin!

    I can only hope that it was a painful and prolonged death.

  27. Venezuelan strongman, friend of Castro, hater of the U.S. and, worst of all, oppressor of his own people…

    But enugh about Sean Penn! Tell us what happened to Chavez!

  28. Good riddance, you piece of shit.

    1. +1

      +++Will agree with again!!!1+++

  29. I don’t why ya’ll are so happy. The motherfucker was just put out of his misery. His suffering was the good part.

  30. Condolences joe.

  31. I have watched people take their last breaths after long and painful bouts with cancer. I’m not sure I’d wish that on anyone.

    It would have been more appropriate if he had died at the hands of a coup d’etat. As it is, his tyrannical regime remains in place with only a new strongman at the reins.

    Good riddance to bad garbage, all the same.

    1. Some people deserve that suffering, db. Chavez deserved it in spades.

      1. Sure, he deserved to suffer, but the suffering he deserved was the humiliation of being forced from power and repudiation of his revolutionary socialist ideas. Anyone can die of cancer, and that death is never related to that person’s moral failings.

        1. I fear that’s a far more perfect world than any I will ever inhabit.

  32. I shall not utter one word in disrespect for someone who has just become a Good Commie.

  33. Good. I frequently work in an oncology unit, so I can tell you from experience that cancer is a miserable and painful way to die. For once I am briefly glad of that fact.

  34. For years I viewed Ch?vez as a litmus test for leftists who only cared about politics as a team sport and those that had some actual principles. His role in that regard has already been more or less entirely superseded by Obama.

  35. Seeing some leftists say it’s alright because “Chavez brought a bad name to socialism” and now he can’t be a boogeyman to real “emancipation” efforts anymore.

    1. I’d say that every socialist leader brings a bad name to socialism…they’re pretty much batting 1.000 in that regard.

      1. We can count this one as falling into the category of “so bad even fellow travelers can’t agree on circling the wagons in support”.

      2. They tend to play up the ones who get immediately overthrown, before they actually have a chance to screw things up.

        Every socialist leader who stays in power more than 5 years definitely becomes an obvious tyrant even to the left.

        1. *Looks up from latest “disposition matrix”*

          Sorry, what was that?

        2. Allende would have never gone down the path of the rest of them. He was a true democratic socialist!

  36. We can only hope it was the slow painful death he so richly deserved.

  37. And we can also hope that it came in some small part because of the incompetence of Cuban socialized medicine.

    1. Like he had a brain tumor, but the Cubans were treating him for colon cancer?

      1. That would work. It is not the death at the end of a rope he oh so deserved. But I will take what I can get.

        1. Agreed, the Ceausescu treatment would have been quite appropriate.

      2. Easy mistake to make, really.

  38. Drink!!!

  39. I’ll never forget his fights against Oscar De La Hoya in ’96 and ’98. What a warrior!

    1. While the De La Hoya/Chavez fights were solid, they don’t even compare to the greatest round of all time.


    And the Dem praise for leader gigante begins.

    1. HE GAVE THEM FREE MEDICAL CARE, JOHN…Which was so good that he had to go die in Cuba.

  41. Goodbye forever shtitstain

  42. Behold, this line from the LAT’s obituary –

    “Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez, the charismatic socialist whose Bolivarian Revolution reduced poverty and galvanized anti-American sentiment across Latin America but left his nation deeply polarized and ever more dependent on oil dollars, died Tuesday in Caracas after a nearly two-year battle with cancer. He was 58.”

    He reduced poverty in his country, folks. His only crime was that he made his country dependent on oil dollars.

    He nationalized the oil business to fund welfare and healthcare for the poor, and redistributed land among them using government force. And he was reelected with 55% of the vote! Are you paying attention, white and out of touch GOP?

    F-you, libertarians, you’re not “charismatic” at all, you non-socialists. Be gone, like the morning dew on a petal of a rose.

    1. Somehow I have my extreme doubts as to whether or not poverty was actually reduced. Probably written by somebody who decades ago uncritically swallowed every proclaimed Soviet statistic.

      1. There’s been minimal change in per capita GDP for decades in Venezuela and they have 30% inflation. That is not exactly evidence of prosperity.

        1. Chavez reversed a trend towards greater prosperity and a rising standard of living in spite of the oil wealth.

      2. Probably because like most covetists, they think poverty means something about income inequality, rather than quality of life. If he made sure everyone had less shit, he reduced poverty in their eyes.

    2. He destroyed oil production in the country. And he gave away oil and billions of dollars to Cuba. Money that the people of Venezuela rightfully owned.

      Imagine if Obama nationalized the American oil company and set a bunch of the proceeds to North Korea. That is basically what Chavez did.

      1. We do tax oil pretty heavily, and send a bunch of the proceeds to dubious militants in Syria and Egypt.

    3. Warm, hammy, salty tears. Please don’t stop flowing. I hear Castro has a bad cough. Keep flowing.

    4. I’m calling it. Poe’s Law.

  43. A D-NY Congressman eulogizing a murderous dictator? I’m shocked, shocked.

  44. Venezuela could have taken Chile’s course, but instead fell in with this incompetent fool.

    1. Wow. Just looked up Chile’s GDP. Between 2001 and 2011, adjusting for inflation, GDP rose 6.3% annually for a total rise of 84%.

      1. Classic liberal economics is a myth. Other than Western Europe, the United States, Japan, Switzerland, Chile, Canada, Singapore, South Korea, Taiwan and Hong Kong, what has capitalism ever accomplished?

        1. Well, it has failed to overcome the mass indoctrination of idiots into neoliberal policies, so there’s that…

    2. Oh, like the USA has any room to talk.

  45. Good news! I will tapdance on the grave of any dead dictator. The future of Venezuela may be uncertain but I’m hopeful things will be better without Hugo scumsucking Chavez.

  46. Couldn’t have happened to a more deserving shithead.

    Here’s hoping Sean Penn becomes despondent and commits suicide from the grief.

  47. Funny how the same people who are convince the evil Boosh invaded Iraq to steal its oil are totally okay with Chavez nationalizing the Venezuelan oil industry and giving the money to Cuba.

    1. I’ve noticed a heavy crossover between people who believe that 9/11 was a Bush/Cheney false flag operation to manufacture a war for oil and people who are totally incapable of holding Obama responsible for anything, including policies and people that are entirely executive branch jurisdiction.

      1. And don’t forget Bush was stupid but somehow managed to pull off the murder of 2800 Americans and get away with it. Meanwhile the genius Obama has absolutely no control over anything that happens under his watch.

      2. That’s because moronic braindead partisans routinely ascribe both evil genius-ness and gross stupidity to their enemies at the same time, and both innocent incompetence and skilled brilliance to their own TEAM members at the same time.

        How they do it is beyond me, but they do.

      3. Really? These days that’s mainly espoused by the Alex Joneses of the world, and I promise you he hates Obama as much as he hated Bush.

        1. Seems common enough from the people I know and the parts of the Internet I frequent. I seem to have this habit of being around groups of people who assume that everyone around them have identical political opinions so they feel safe to vent.

          1. I remember shortly after 9-11 going out drinking with two coworkers. One was a republican, of the military Keynesian disposition, the other was a left socialist. The first guy has a theory that Yasser Arafat was behind 9-11 to which I had a good laugh, and told him that Arafat was a nobody, for all the money in his Swiss accounts he barely owned a pot to piss in in terms of politics. The lefty turned the discussion around to Palestinian-Israelis conflict, I guess he assumed that by my previous response I would be sympathetic, but I told him to stuff it. I didn’t give a shit about the Middle East, and he risked boring me to death going any further with it.

            He shook his head and said, ‘I don’t get you libertarians at all.’

    2. Cuz’ he didn’t invade someone else, he liberated his own people’s resources which they’re owed by virtue of being not as rich. Duh!

      1. He may have invaded Colombia.

  48. …”ending the socialist leader’s 14-year rule”…
    It certainly wasn’t ‘governing’.
    Anyhow, the world would be a far better place if he had died at age 5 or so. Good riddance.

  49. “If he’d had any class and real concern for his country, he wouldn’t have run for reelection two months ago.”

    Hey, leave FDR out of this!

  50. Good. Fuck that piece of shit.

  51. Saw this defense of his seizing control of media companies:

    After they spent years calling on people to assassinate him.

    Imagine Fox News asking people to assassinate Obama, what do you think the government would do?

    1. The people saying that would close Fox News right now if they could. Their only problem with obma is that he is not enough like Chavez.

  52. That asshole pretty much destroyed press freedom. The fact that the American media were in love with him tells you all you need to know about their feelings towards the 1st Amendment.

    1. I have it on good authority that he was democratically elected, unlike Bush.

      1. Who was it that assured us that this was the case? It was some really, really short person, wasn’t it?

        1. That might explain the obsession with chimp-involved cartoons.

    2. Again with this “free speech” nonsense. When you allow people to speak freely without restriction inside of complex systems of oppression, the collective of their speech inevitably will reflect those same systems of oppression. As such, part of breaking down those systems is by creating inclusive speech and participatory dialogue, where marginalize people feel welcome to speak not just their minds, but their experiences. This cannot happen in environments where dominant groups are able to either monopolize the space or say things that prevent marginalize people(s) from speaking.

      I really wish people would think critically as opposed to aspiring to un(der)defined, liberal platitudes. Getting a failing or near-failing grade here should be worn as a badge of honour.

      1. Wow, the fascists are out tonight.

        1. I think this was sarcasm…

          1. I thought so too but how can you be sure? They all sound exactly like that.

            1. Poe’s law in action.


        1. That post was so stupid, you have to laugh or it will give you cancer.

          1. “Complex systems of oppression”…like his mom.

            1. He failed to satisfy his mom during coitus. Still gets that badge of honor though.

      3. Progressive idiot: ‘There is an ill defined system of oppression I haven’t bothered to prove exists. Therefore, we need a legal, statutory system of oppression in which police attack people who say things the government doesn’t like! Progressive idiot out!’

        1. If you were thinking critically, you would understand that nothing says freedom like the Army shutting down opposition television stations.

          1. Freedom is Slavery!

      4. This is a real quote from a real Canadian named Arun something or other who did some kind of anti-free-speech thing that was all over the morning links a while back. Where’d he go to school, Carleton or something? Yeah, totally Carleton.

        1. This is a better link.

          1. So the example of Arun Smith ? the “seventh year” human-rights major at Carleton University who tore down a free-speech bulletin board this week because he didn’t like what his fellow students had to say about abortion and gay marriage ? is less surprising than sad.

            Beautiful. Seventh year human rights major.

            1. “Look, Lane. I’ve been going to this high school for seven and a half years. I’m no dummy.”

      5. That was such a perfect example of doublethink that I can’t really believe the author is serious.


      6. Can’t tell if this is parody or the genuine article. If parody, good job. If real, I hope you get a brain tumor and die just like your hero.

      7. Obviously you’ve never lived in the freedom granted by Latin-American strongmen.

      8. Is that sarcasm? I couldn’t follow the statist double-talk so I can’t tell.

  53. Chris Dornan, Hugo Chavez, and Pope Benedict walk into a bar and…

    1. Benedict isn’t dead….unless I missed something in the last 5 minutes.


    This column wishes Col. Chavez a speedy recovery. He is a big pain to Washington, a mixed-up socialist, and a blowhard, but he’s also colorful, big-hearted and amusing in a world full of dull leaders

    1. Rockwell is just an embarrassing boil on the ass of Libertopia.

    2. Holy shit. I didn’t realize it was that bad.

      1. Sure he did awful things, but really he’s just being colorful.

        Fucking a, excuse me while I wipe the vomit off my shirt.

        1. Hitler was not a perfect Fuehrer, to be sure.

          But he was an inspiring public speaker, and he was an absolute genius at branding!

          1. (And a big pain to Washington, too!)

          2. Not many people know it, but the Fuhrer was a terrific dancer.

            … Hobbit

          3. And he loved little children, too.

    3. Oh, Jesus Christ.

      1. Margolis also supports China’s occupation of Tibet because unlike the US in Afghanistan and Iraq the Chinese are Top. Men.

    4. Boy, talk about a situation where “the enemy of my enemy is my friend” definitely shouldn’t apply.

    5. Fuck that apologist for dictators. I don’t wish anyone ill, but I’d save my prayers for the people routinely oppressed by the dictatorships of Venezuela and Cuba well before well-wishing either of those murderers and the thugs who keep them in power.

    6. That’s right up there with Rothbard cheering Kruschev. Sometimes, guys, the enemy of your enemy isn’t your friend, just an even bigger scumbag.

    1. And I thought I was jumping the gun when I posted this:…..nt_3588982

  55. Plagued by high inflation, food shortages, power outages, and mounting debt, Venezuela has become one of the most economically dysfunctional nations in the Western Hemisphere. It has also become one of the most murderous. According to the independent Venezuelan Observatory of Violence (OVV), the country suffered no fewer than 21,692 homicides in 2012, up from 19,336 in 2011. Its national murder rate (73 per 100,000) is among the highest anywhere in the world, and easily the highest in South America. The homicide rate in Caracas is much, much steeper ? the OVV has estimated that it was 200 per 100,000 in 2011 ? making Venezuela’s capital arguably the most dangerous city on earth.…..venezuela/

      1. They just didn’t go far enough sloopy.

    1. Sounds almost as bad as Chicago.

  56. I also remember Scott Horton’s radio show on giving full reign to a Maoist apologist. Guy actually said that India would have been better off if it had Mao to “liberate” it from its colonial past.

    1. What a bunch of shits. That sort of bullshit right there is why lots of people vehemently hate Ron Paul, who (right or wrong) was strongly associated with that brand of libertarian foreign policy. Give me a thousand neo-cons over a Maoist apologist any day.

      1. also includes Gareth Porter who back in the 1970s was denying the Khmer Rouge atrocities. Rather hypocritical of him to attack US support of the Khmer Rouge.

        1. I’m really glad to see people are catching on to really being

      2. I’ve never heard Ron Paul say anything like this. Not getting involved in a clusterfuck to avoid further clusterfucking the situation is light years of difference from endorsing the clusterfuck.


    Rest In Peace President Chavez, thank you for your example of what a President of a nation can do if he really wants to help the people of the nation. Thank you for fighting the oil companies and nationalizing the oil of Venezuela so that those profits could be used to lift the people of your nation up. Thank you for donating heating oil to this country in our time of need, heating oil for the poor in one of the richest nations in the world will always stick in my mind every time I think of you. Thank you for standing up to Bush, something many were either afraid to do, or just didn’t have the political will to do…Thank you Mr. President for all you did as President of Venezuela that was good for the people of Venezuela and the people of the world. May those who are left to mourn you celebrate you while doing so, may they come to realize how hard you fought to try to change this hemisphere. My condolences to all of them, supporters and detractors, family and friends. Vaya Con Dios Sr. Presidente.


    1. Then there’s this:

      my enduring memory of chavez was of his immediate offer of aid to u.s. victims of katrina ( i being one of them ) while bushy was busy playing air guitar in san diego. i recall chavez’s words of praise for the american people was as grandiose as his vilifying statements concerning american leadership… which prolly had something to do with the cia-assisted coup against him in 1992.

      Which garners the proper response:

      Not his establishment of a military dictatorship?

      There is still one sane man at HuffPo, screaming in the wilderness.

      1. “which prolly had something to do with the cia-assisted coup against him in 1992.”

        1992 was the year Chavez was leading HIS coup. What a stupid, misinformed, utterly typical HuffPo shitstain.

  58. “You Wouldn’t Want to be…

    A Dissident in Hugo Chavez’s Venezuela”

  59. Of course his supporters are already saying the U.S. Government killed him. If Chavez slipped on a bananna peel we’d be accused of masterminding it.

    1. “If Chavez slipped on a bananna peel we’d be accused of masterminding it.”

      Problem is the CIA’s banana-peel technology isn’t up to date.

      1. Damn you, sequester!

        1. To hear fearless leader tell it, yep!

    1. Manages to patronize Latin America, distort history, and praise bloodthirsty dictators all in one article. Yep, definitely Raimondo.

  60. I spent years in college learning Chemical Engineering. The rest of you assholes can do it in three days in Las Vegas.

    1. Where did you go to school?

      1. Penn State.

        1. So you know how to make roofies?

          Sorry, sorry, sorry.

  61. sincerely hope that the American and Canadian governments respect the wishes of the people of Venezuela and do not take this as an opportunity to try to bring down the government and install a regime that is friendlier to the interest of the American Empire and Big Oil.

    Chavez may have been a bit of a demagogue, but he was also a democrat, and his government was elected freely and fairly to represent the interests of the people of Venezuela.

    Sadly, I have little hope that there will not be outside interference. Already, there are indications of American diplomats working with opposition forces, and only a few weeks back, John Baird was planning to meet with opposition forces in Venezuela before Chavez’s return shamed him out of it (or he was told he was unwelcome).

    1. Sure he was freely elected, if you count stealing the elections and imprisoning his opponents and taking over the media as “freely elected”

      Please remember that Venezuela is endowed with enormous petroleum reserves and once had a decent-sized middle class. But the madness of Bolivarian socialism has wrecked the state-run oil company and prompted a huge middle-class exodus, especially among Venezuelan Jews. (A year ago, Matthew Fishbane of Tablet magazine reported that “nearly half of Venezuela’s Jewish community has fled from the social and economic chaos that [Ch?vez] has unleashed and from the uncomfortable feeling that they were being specifically targeted by the regime.”) Venezuelans of all stripes began scrambling for the exits following Ch?vez’s reelection victory on October 7: According to Bloomberg News, “Traffic to, a Venezuelan website that provides information to people looking to emigrate, tripled to 180,000 visits the day after Ch?vez won by a 11-percentage-point margin.”

      Plagued by high inflation, food shortages, power outages, and mounting debt, Venezuela has become one of the most economically dysfunctional nations in the Western Hemisphere.

      1. A significant number of Venezuelan petroleum geologists an engineers are now in Alberta.

        For the most part they seem to prefer Canada to Venezuela.

        1. Venezuela can’t even produce its OPEC quota.

          My understanding is that, by their OPEC quota, they COULD produce more–they just can’t. …because of mismanagement and because they address political concerns instead of the concerns of petroleum geologists and engineers.

          Can you imagine working under such a mismanaged system, when you could make $120,000 U.S. a year or so working in the U.S. or Canada instead?

          It might be a pain getting your wife to move to Canada from Venezuela. And from what I’ve seen, Venezuelan wives might be worth it–even if you have to work for Chavez. But other than that? Yeah, I’d totally move to Canada if I were a Venezuelan petroleum engineer.

          1. “Venezuelan wives might be worth it”
            This guy ( ) thought so, until she gave him some back-chat.
            He is a lefty ignoramus,

            1. John Wayne Bobbit once thought that they were worth it, but probably not anymore.

          2. If you were a petroleum geologist or engineer and worked at PDVSA, and signed the petition to recall Chavez, as 1.5 million voters did, you automatically lost your job. And blacklisted from other employment.

            So yes, lots of engineers and geologists moved to Canada by necessity.

    2. Who is this? It can’t be a real person.

      Bonus points for the ‘elected freely and fairly part.’ If you’re elected by 55% of the people, and use that 55% to assault the other 45%, it’s totally okay!

      1. Tony agrees with this. And he says that anyone who disagrees is just an ideologue.

    3. ‘Chavez may have been a bit of a demagogue, but he was also a democrat, and his government was elected freely and fairly to steal from some Venezuelans and hand the pelf to others.’


    4. Chavez was a rank thief, not a demagogue — and he acted in the interests of himself and his cronies at the expense of the producers in Venezuela. Nothing in the CIA playbook would be even half as ruinous as the course that Chavez chartered for his country.

    5. “Meeting with opposition forces”

      How is that bad in what is supposed to be a democracy?

      Remember when Israeli leaders met with American opposition forces like Rand Paul. Things really got bloody.

      1. This man cared for the poor and distributed the wealth of his country to where it was needed the most.

        Easy to see why America hated him.

        1. People were worse off after Chavez than before. He destroyed opposition news channels. 30% inflation. One of the highest murder rates in the world. Collapsing oil production. Gave funding and aid to Colombian terrorists.

          Easy to see how socialist idiots love him.

        2. Guy Laguy| 3.5.13 @ 8:16PM |#
          “This man cared for the poor and distributed the wealth of his country to where it was needed the most.”

          OK, this isn’t sarc. It is just blatant stupidity.

          1. Be nice to the man with the weeping hole in his skull, Sevo.

  62. Area man unsure….

    1. Cancer Topples Chavez In Bloodless Coup

  63. Despite my name, I’m actually in exports. One of the countries we export to is Venezuela. Any oil rich country that requires currency controls is seriously fucked up. While I doubt that his successors will liberalize the trade environment and make my job easier, I’m glad the s.o.b. is gone. Rest in Hell asshole.

  64. I am raising a glass in celebration.

    1. No, the reason to celebrate the Ch?vez victory is something very near and dear to the hearts of non-interventionists: It sets up a huge “stop” sign to US foreign policy designs on Central and South America. It reduces the space for US interventionism in the region.

    1. After its failed coups and other efforts against Chavez, did the US give him cancer? Chavez thinks so, and given the burning US hatred for the anti-empire prez of Venezuela, one can hardly rule it out. After all, the US never hesitates to assassinate those who do not obey. But open assassinations can yield blowback. And the US does maintain a network of labs, at Ft. Detrick, MD, and other places, to produce a vast variety of diseases and toxins to use as weapons. Oh, and while Chavez is a socialist, that hardly bothers the semi-socialist US. He may, instead, have given Uncle CIA the raspberry one too many times.

      1. Love how Lew is so non-interventionist but was totally okay with Chavez making war on Columbia by supporting the FARC.

        1. Unlike the US, Chavez is a Top. Man. so any wars he does is defensive and genuinely for the people.

    2. Stop it. Please stop it. I can’t take any more Lew.

      1. Lew’d, with your host Ashton Kutcher.

      2. I had no idea that Rockwell actually thought that the US poisoned Chavez when I implied it on another thread. Nice to see how he is reacting like I expected.

        1. I want to go check and see what Raimondo says, but I’m afraid to.

          1. Shouldn’t have done that.

            Chavez burst into public view in 1992 as a paratroop commander leading a military rebellion that brought tanks to the presidential palace. When the coup collapsed, Chavez was allowed to make a televised statement in which he declared that his movement had failed “for now.” The speech, and those two defiant words, launched his career, searing his image into the memory of Venezuelans.

            Why don’t you just fucking marry him, Raimondo?

            1. Look again, heh. That’s just an Associated Press feed link.

              1. …No. Nononononononn0n990n9n9n9n9nnn9nn99.

                I am broken forever.

        2. Lews’ is where I first heard about the giving Jack Ruby cancer thing.

          1. Even OLIVER FUCKING STONE had the sense to realize how fucking stupid this paranoid fantasy is, and subsequently removed it from his matserpiece of bullshit. Think about that for a minute.


            1. I’m not advocating it. But I will cop to believing Oswald was a CIA stooge.

              1. I have no idea who did it. So much cya going on they all look suspicious.

  65. Interesting how the really stupid liberal trolls have showed up. It is almost like they have marching orders to go out and celebrate brother leader or something.

    1. I think they think he proved something awesome about socialism or something?

      And everyone who doesn’t realize democratic socialism is great is uneducated or something.

    2. This is why we can’t trust leftist on gun control. They aren’t reasonable people. They are not looking for those quite deserving of scare quotes ‘common sense solutions’. They fantasize about being Hugo Chavez. That hard on in their pants is intended for you, once you are bent over.

      Never, never disarm. And never obey their laws.

      1. This should be on a plaque.

  66. Has no one noted yet, or have I missed it, that March 5 was also the date of Stalin’s death?

    1. Yup. (At least) two Dear Leaders popped off on the same day. I think Stalin went easier, although he was an incomparably more evil man than Ch?vez.

      1. “I think Stalin went easier”

        Nope. He had a stroke, either in his bedroom or while on the can, and his staff were too frightened of him to check on him. They finally found him, lying in a puddle of his own urine, and put him into bed, where he agonized with a hemoraghing brain for four days before finally dying, receiving no real medical treatment as a direct result of his own policies and the fact that everyone around him hated and feared him.

      2. They found him in his study and thought he merely in a coma. No one wanted to disturb him less they woke him from it. My old Russian history professor relished telling the story of the death of Stalin and the aftermath.

        1. And that sadist Beria got to plead for his life.

      3. We should make March 5th the annual “Pop a cap in a ruthless dictator day.”

        Spin the wheel and see who dies.

    2. It’s only the 5th? Dammit Chavez, you couldn’t have waited 10 more days? It would have been a nice birthday present.

  67. He was a hardcore socialist that poured tons of Venezuela’s oil income into helping out the poor in his country.

    He nationalized a lot of western-owned oil business in Venezula so he’s a hated enemy of the US.

    He was also a bit of a blow hard and had a really hard time taking any advice from his ministers in government, which lead him to make some fairly irrational decisions.\

    People in Venezula (that didn’t used to own oil companies) absolutely love him.

    Western countries hate him because he’s a filthy socialist who kicked out all the foreign companies that were taking his country’s oil.

    I agree with this. He did some great things for the poor and his intentions were good but he was a little too stubborn. Good leader overall.

    Thank you very much for the answer. He sounds like a great guy. RIP.

    1. Like all powerful men he grew too power-hungry and that’s despicable.

      Unlike other powerful men, some of his power was used to help his country’s poorest and neediest. I’m surprised by all the hate and suspect some of it is ill-informed.

      That country has a LOT of oil that has not been heavily extracted. Will they open up to more outside investment? Who knows?

      But in an odd way, Chavez may have made the people of Venezuela even more wealthy by “mismanaging” the country. The longer the oil stays in the ground, the more valuable it becomes.

      RIP Chavez. Your social policies are ass, but I thank you for trying to free Venezuela, and subsequently South America from capitalistic oil binds.

      1. The longer the oil stays in the ground, the more valuable it becomes.

        I don’t know where to begin.

    2. Yea we deal with many wealthy Venezuelans at work and they all hate Chavez because of all the restrictions he’s put on their money. They act like poor victims from some evil dictator controlled place.

      For Washington’s power brokers in charge of South America, Hugo Chavez’s death is like Christmas come early.

      They can finally exploit all that oil, as the next leader will definitely be more amenable American influences.

      RIP Chavez, you tried to keep your country free of Western interests. You definitely had your flaws, and Western history will not remember you fondly, but you had your moments too.

      Sad, but figured this day would come. Right wingers/tory’s will of course find ways to demonize him as a dictator but that isn’t surprising. Latin America’s increased focus on social welfare and grassroots democracy doesn’t sit well with state capitalists.

      1. This just in……..leftist firebrand ass fucks the proletariat to the tune of 2 Billion….benji cool with it because all the proper platitudes uttered during Chavez regime.


      2. But, hey, we are Joseph fucking McCarthy if we call them out on their socialism.

    3. Foreign oil companies would exploit labor/resources within the country to increase prices. The entire point of socialist revolutions was to get away from that. Nationalization is to benefit everyone instead of the few.

      1. Nah something something Castro one party state and like they’re both hispanic so they must be related. And Chavez isn’t super capitalist doesn’t let poor people starve to death so something about that being bad for like middle class, shortages in supermarkets, COMMUNIST DICTATORSHIP, don’t believe the hype. Socialism has failed everywhere it always will we MUST de-regulate, inequality is good it’s better than KILLING ENEMIES OF THE STATE rabble rabble.

        1. Goddammit, will everyone stop this? Between Rockwell, Raimondo, Arun Smith, Guy Lawhatthefuckever and HuffPo, I’m going to have an aneurysm.

          Chavez is trying to kill me from beyond the grave.

          1. A flawed man with some fantastic ideas. Maduro might be much better for the country. Hopefully they will continue his work, but stop the needless populism and rhetoric.

            1. benji,
              Are you pasting this for derision, or are you a fan-boy?

              1. Pasting from somewhere, I argued with the guy who said nationalization always works for everyone rather than the few.

                The crimes of the Aral Sea draining or PEMEX aren’t “true nationalization of necessities” but forced mismanagement to keep up with capitalist nations or something.

  68. Short summary of most of the above copied comments: “I think that Ch?vez had good intentions, and intentions are magical and mean everything whereas results mean nothing.”

    1. Hey, if you want omelettes to feed the people you gotta break a few eggs.

      1. Also, it would have worked but was undermined by the counterrevolutionaries, reactionaries, rich oil executives, wreckers, Kulaks, parents, foreign capitalist forces, the CIA, butchers, the media, etc.

        1. You don’t get it, Benji. Socialism would work tremendously if ‘reality’ stopped getting in the way.

          The only solution is to deny reality, until it goes away.

        2. benji| 3.5.13 @ 7:38PM |#
          “Also, it would have worked but was undermined by the counterrevolutionaries, reactionaries, rich oil executives, wreckers, Kulaks, parents, foreign capitalist forces, the CIA, butchers, the media, etc.”

          Sarc or stupidity? The answer to my question upthread is not really intelligible.

          1. Sarc. The quotes he was pasting are, I believe, from HuffPo based on a few I recognized from when I was checking there. He was just pasting them without comment since…well, I don’t think a comment would have done those justice.

            1. I’ll accept that; I sure couldn’t get a handle on it.

              1. Sorry if my post earlier wasn’t clear. I meant that I argued with the one feller who said nationalization always benefits everyone. I mentioned the Aral Sea and PEMEX as examples of some bad nationalization work and it got the normal handwave of how that wasn’t real communism/wrong people in charge/etc.

                All quotes.

                Just examples of how if you give people “healthcare” and say you’re fighting for the poor that the useful idiots will excuse anything and support you.

                1. Got it.

    2. You don’t have that quite right. Stated intentions are magical, and actions and results, no matter how diametrically opposed to the stated intentions, mean nothing.

      1. I think they assume Chavez’s results were good–because his intentions were good.

        It’s the same thing with their perceptions of Obama. They think Obama is trying to balance the budget. They think Obama’s intentions are good–so his performance must also be good–and anybody that won’t admit that is just denying the reality of his intentions.

        It’s the same way with Chavez for them. If he meant well, then he must have done good. And if what he did was against what free market capitalists want–then his performance must have been fantastic. His performance must show that free market capitalists are wrong–because they are wrong.

        That’s how they think. That’s who they are.

    3. Short summary of most of the above copied comments: “I think that Ch?vez had good intentions, and intentions are magical and mean everything whereas results mean nothing.” Chavez once called Bush a donkey, which makes him infallible.


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    1. Careful with that site, spambot. Episiarch is the king of the cheap red bottom around here, and he doesn’t take kindly to competition.

  70. In some ways I feel sadness, what future the people of Venezuela will have? The future of the oil barons will be always be secure. And we won’t see much change in gas prices in the US. What will Wall Street allow?

    1. These have to be fake. Who is sock puppetting?

      1. Real or fake, I needed some nice evening chuckles.

      2. If it’s fake, it’s a remarkably good fake for what young lefties are writing elsewhere.

        1. The future of the oil barons will be always be secure.

          Plus he’s got many typos. People on H&R fake trolling tend to have pretty good grammar, whereas progressives rarely know how to spell. That’s a point in the ‘he’s serious’ column.

          1. Did you just call John a progressive? :-O

    2. Actually, I don’t see how the death of one man can deny the people of Venezuela a future.

      I mean, the people of Venezuela are still the people of Venezuela with or without Chavez. You understand that difference, right?

      The people of Venezuela and Hugo Chavez are two different things?

      The people of Venezuela didn’t die. Chavez died.

      If the people of Venezuela become free to choose for themselves (instead of being forced by Chavez to do whatever against their will), then now they’ll have whatever future they choose for themselves. …instead of whatever future Chavez chooses for them.

  71. Shrieking Idiot and Chony Krugnuts have probably cried their way through three hankies apiece by now.

  72. 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 and 😀

  73. Dude, cancer scares me. Homeland security needs a new mission. I’ve got a better use for the trillions blown to molest little kids at airports.

  74. I’d like to thank Gladstone for his heroic effort in wading through LRC and anti’war’.com to demonstrate the filth that lies therein. I’m increasingly convinced-or hopeful-that Rockwell is a master troll.

    1. Tell me more about this filth.

  75. Hallelujah! The moral and intellectual levels of the world just increased measurably.

  76. Once again, I find myself wishing there actually was a Hell so that I’d know his eternal suffering had begun.

    Unfortunately, I have no data to support that wish, so I’ll just have to satisfy myself with the knowledge that at least we can now have some peace from him!

  77. There already a Downfall movie parody clip about Chavez’s passing.

  78. I am sort of disappointed that he’s dead. Now I will not longer be amused by the spectacle of morons complaining about the serious threat that Chavez poses to all that is good in the world. Honestly, I’d be a lot happier if Putin died.

    Oh wait. Venezuela’s got a lot of oil so I should care? Nope, still don’t.

    (Full disclosure, I loathe Putin.)

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