The Sequester of Doom! Now as Mockable Comedy Fodder


Aside from the assumed cluelessness of President Obama about budgets, finance and anything involving money, my favorite bit from this Saturday Night Live opener involves the "inner-city public school teacher … who worked in one of Philadelphia's worst school districts." She confronts her upcoming sequester-of-doom layoff with the words, "this is the greatest day of my entire life."

Oh, if only real government employees were getting to enjoy such a "greatest day" because of the sequester-of-doom's modest decrease in the rate of increase in federal spending. Lots and lots of them. Instead, federal spending will rise from a meager $3.538 trillion in fiscal 2012 to $3.553 trillion in fiscal 2013. How will the nation survive if NASA is beaten to Mars by private enterprise?

And, if we're so dependent on the policy preferences and spending choices of a few hundred of this nation's less-impressive specimens in Washington, D.C., isn't it time to consider kicking the habit?