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Public Puts Hillary Clinton Far Ahead of 2016 Contenders


The latest Reason-Rupe poll asked Americans what one person they would most like to see run for president in 2016. Without being given a list to choose from, Hillary Clinton was the most frequented name given at 22 percent. It is unclear from this data alone whether this result stems from Americans who want her to run and win and those who want her to run, and well, lose.

Hillary's 22 percent is far higher than the second highest vote-getter, Senator Marco Rubio (R-FL) who garnered a little more than three percent of open-ended responses. New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie also came in a close 3rd also at three percent. Other names that hit the radar include Vice President Joe Biden, and former Texas Congressman Ron Paul with two percent respectively. Nevertheless, still more than half of Americans couldn't name any one American they wanted to run for president in 2016.

Republicans were most likely to say Marco Rubio (9 percent), Chris Christie (7 percent), and Hillary Clinton (6 percent) were their preferred 2016 presidential candidates. Independents mentioned Hillary Clinton (20 percent), Ron Paul (4 percent), and Marco Rubio (3 percent). Thirty-eight percent of Democrats mentioned Hillary Clinton, and 4 percent selected Joe Biden.

Tea partiers' top pick was Marco Rubio at 11 percent, but then Hillary Clinton garnered 9 percent, and Chris Christie and Ron Paul both tied at 5 percent.

It remains unclear whether Hillary Clinton made the Republicans and tea partiers' list out of genuine like for her as a candidate, or whether these respondents view her as a weak candidate and easier to beat.

Women were also more likely to mention Hillary (26 percent) than men (18 percent).

Americans who made the "Other" list include Paul Ryan, Bill Clinton, John Kerry, Gov. Bobby Jindal, Ted Nugent, Trump, Dr. Benjamin Carson, Senator Rand Paul, Jon Huntsman, Stephen Colbert, Michelle Obama, and Mayor Cory Booker.

It is a long way off from the next presidential election, but it won't be long until the overt campaign begins in full force.

Nationwide telephone poll conducted February 21-25 2013 interviewed 1002 adults on both mobile (502) and landline (500) phones, with a margin of error +/- 3.8%. Columns may not add up to 100% due to rounding. Full poll results found hereFull methodology can be found here

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  1. Chris Christie needs to work on increasing that 1% Democrat support if he expects to get the Party’s nomination.

  2. Really? Rand Paul is in the ‘other’ category behind his 77 year old dad? It’s just one poll but that just doesn’t look right.

    1. I agree. Right now at this early stage he is my first choice.

      1. You read Reason. You should be used to being part of the ignored, weirdo minority.

  3. The election is four years out. What difference at this point does it make?

    1. You think Team Biden or Team Cuomo would use that against her in an ugly primary fight?

      And more importantly is Hilary someone Obama would endorse? Assuming, of course, that by 2015 he’s not suffering from Bush levels of political toxicity.

      1. I think it should be used against her, but the fact that a past and future presidential hopeful being brought to tears by questioning didn’t seem to dent her electability makes me wonder. Besides, there is no shortage of things that should be able to be used against the Clintons.

        1. Her response to someone bringing that up would be, “That happened four years ago. What difference at this point does that make?”

          1. People would laugh appreciatively and she would be repeatedly lauded for her wit.

        2. Most people didn’t see that. Most people don’t pay enough attention to realize there were even hearings where she was questioned.

          1. She was right, though. Not in the way she intended, of course, but she was right.

            Considering the level of criminality and unconstitutional behavior of our government at this point, what the hell does Benghazi matter? It’s just another drop in the sea of suck that is our political reality.

    2. The election is four years out. What difference at this point does it make?

      Well, it was pretty obvious in 2008 that Obama was going to be president in 2012. So…

      1. That’s very true. I’ll never forget NPR breathlessly fawning over this super awesome new senator from Illinois. I had a sinking feeling then that he would be our next president.

  4. I want Dwayne Elizondo Mountain Dew Herbert Camacho. Unlike every politician who thinks he is the smartest man in the world, Dwayne has this guy, Not Sure, who actually is the smartest man in the world. And Dwayne will listen to his faggy talk.


  5. Tea partiers’ top pick was Marco Rubio at 11 percent, but then Hillary Clinton garnered 9 percent, and Chris Christie and Ron Paul both tied at 5 percent.

    But remember, don’t suggest the Tea Party’s small government rhetoric was at all phony, or that any of the libertarians who fell for it were duped into being useful idiots.

    1. Because a poll that says 9% of ‘Tea Partiers’ are pro-Hillary is totally credible.

      SD is a liberaltarian and in time will become what all liberaltarians become: Shriek.

      1. If I was a liberaltarian, why would I be upset that the Tea Party likes Hillary Clinton better than Ron Paul?

      2. And yes, I find it completely credible that the “get the government out of my Medicare” crowd that backed Gingrich and Santorum now like Clinton.

        1. Sadly, a lot of people think foreign aid makes up 10% of the budget.

          1. Is that the sort of detached sarcasm and REASONing you use to impress the muslim fundamentalist that you meet at Dee Cee cocktail parties?

          2. A lot of people might be wrong about the quantity of foreign aid but they are absolutely right about severely cutting or totally eliminating it. Much of the US military budget is foreign aid so the 10% figure isn’t as far from accurate as a lot of other people think.

            1. Do you really think that the Gingrichites would agree to pulling out our troops on the DMZ, or the ones in Germany, or the ones in Japan, or the ones in Saudi Arabia, or the ones in…?

              That shit is all foreign aid.

            2. Except the derp is recursive. If you drop down another level of detail, you find out that, for example, when they say “cut all foreign aid”, they don’t mean Israel or Iraq or Afghanistan or any of the countries we actual send large amounts of foreign aid to.

        2. I think it’s a stretch to say that the Tea Party is represented by that one sign. I know the left and the media (redundancy alert) worked very hard to make that seem to be true, but I don’t think it is. From actually speaking with older people at Tea Party events, the general feel I got was that some, perhaps even most, were willing to take part in a shared sacrifice. But they were not at all ok with that giant chunk of money being moved from “their” program to Obamacare. Because that’s how Obamacare was funded in large part: taking money that was marked for welfare for old people, and redirecting it towards the Obama coalition, which does include as many old people.

          Of course a lot of them seemed to think that there was this big stack of money in a safe marked “Medicare” that was being moved to the one marked “Obamacare”. When you bring up the fact that that’s not how it works, a lot of them get quiet. My favorite was this crusty old fart who said something like “Well hell. I’m sorry it got so screwed up. But I think I’ll be dead before the bill comes due. So I guess it’s your problem.”

          1. Your’e right about the medicare thing, and it’s also true of social security. People honestly believe that they’ve been paying into some sort of retirement fund for themselves with these programs.

            Nope, you were taxed and now that you’re not working you’re on welfare. That’s as simple as it is. There is no money anywhere.

            To repeat, WE HAVE NO MONEY.

            /stop rant

            Thing is, where was the tea party in 2002 or ’03 or ’87…?

            It kinda pisses me off that us loserdopians have been ringing the spending bell for decades (while being called paranoid and alarmist by all sides) and all of a sudden it’s a big deal because we have a democratic president. Fuck that, it really doesn’t even matter any more. Paying our debt is mathematically impossible at this point and the only question about the future of our republic is when, not if, it will implode.

            /more rant, ramble, etc…

      3. Yes, Hillary is very popular in Appalachia where she pummeled Obama by 15-20 points in states like WV and KY.

        The Tea Party has the same demo as Appalachia.

      4. “Because a poll that says 9% of ‘Tea Partiers’ are pro-Hillary is totally credible.”

        Yeahhh….same poll says that 6% of republicans chose the Hildebeast as well. Very credible.

        1. I can easily believe the latter, anyway. Joe Lieberman, Mikey Bloomberg, Charlie Crist and Nelly Rockefeller were all Republicans.

    2. They’re not necessarily pro-Hillary. Remember all the Obamabots voting for Gingrich in the GOP primaries in open primary states?

      1. Call it a hunch, but I think the whole “our opponents are voting for the worst of our guys in the primary” is one most overhyped, paranoid, and mathematically ridiculous theories of late.

        I’d bet that the influence on the actual primary election would be statistically insignificant, but it’s an issue that raises the cackles of partisans.

        1. In the early states it’s possible that the effect would be only a delegate or two, but when you get to the WTA states later on, that phenomenon can have a huge effect if it swings the vote.

        2. I know my entire family voted Santorum in the open primary in IL (they’re all Dems).

          1. Thing is, I’ve only heard anecdotal reports and news reports without credible numbers of this happening.

            Dude, most people are too lazy to vote for the guy they like, let alone someone they hate.

            For me, it’s one of those (non)issues that whenever is brought up, I know I’m about to receive a blue/red spittle-flecked manifesto on the virtues of the speaker’s (spitter’s) party. See: birtherism, trutherism…

            Don’t be that guy.

          2. I hope you remind them of that every time they bitch about how dysfunctional our political system is.

            1. I think someone’s lying there. No whole family votes for Santorum unless their last name is Santorum (or Savage).

              1. The whole family didn’t vote for Santorum; I voted for Ron Paul in PA.

                Anyway, I was hundreds of miles away the day of the primary so I can’t be 100% independently sure that they actually voted at all. This is what I was told when I visited over the summer. Some of them are die-hard leftists so I can certainly see them doing it (my sis has a statue of Obama at the front door). One of my brothers is somewhat receptive to Paulism but still leans left.

                1. my sis has a statue of Obama at the front door

                  If he’s holding a little lantern, your sister might be more A3P material than liberal democrat.


                  Reminds me of a guy I knew in high school. His mom was yelling at him to stay home while his friends were waiting in the car. His response was to grab the virgin mary statue in the yard and thrust Our Lady of Guadalupe’s face into his crotch yelling, “She ain’t no virgin anymore!”

                  You should do something similar at your sis’s house.

  6. I’m disappointed but not surprised at how many people are willing to settle for that sniveling, lying, power-grubbing incompetent just because she’s the woman with the most name recognition.


    1. Knowing that Democrats despised the Iraq War Hillary never expressed regret for her vote for the AUMF. Fuck her. No remorse at all.

      1. Knowing that Democrats despised the Iraq War

        Whoa, nice revisionism there shrike. Right down the memory hole for the inconvenient facts, huh?

        1. The Democrats who vote in primaries despised the Iraq War. That is pretty safe turf.

          1. I think you may need to repeat that a few more times before you really believe it. You don’t have the conviction of a true believer, yet.

            Besides, it doesn’t matter what the feeling was at the time of the primary, it matters when the war was actually executed. Anyone can look at a boondoggle and disagree with it after the fact.

            In conclusion, you suck. Be crazy again, you boring fuck.

              1. I do own a loom, so you’re spelling and contraction are WRONG!

          2. The Democrats who vote in primaries despised the Iraq War. That is pretty safe turf.

            No they didn’t, they despised Bush, but you can’t use that as a campaign point. So you have to pick some major policy issue. The war was easy to grab. Like Clinton fixed homelessness, Obama fixed our foreign interventions, continuous troop deployments and restored our civil liberties.

  7. Americans who made the “Other” list include Paul Ryan, Bill Clinton, John Kerry, Gov. Bobby Jindal, Ted Nugent, Trump, Dr. Benjamin Carson, Senator Rand Paul, Jon Huntsman, Stephen Colbert, Michelle Obama, and Mayor Cory Booker.

    Glad to see people take the Reason/Rupe Polls so seriously.

    1. I want to know how many people don’t know Bill is barred from another term. Or even scarier, how many know that and just don’t care?

      1. I’d vote for Zombie Calvin Coolidge.

        1. Pretty sure he could have run for reelection legally, but chose not to. Which, I would argue, makes him the Ned Stark.

  8. Of course, the person I want to see run most of all is Andrew Napolitano, because he would kick the shit out of any standard-issue Ruling Party douchebag in a debate.


    1. Would they actually ask him any questions?

    2. Not if the debate is moderated by a sniveling lefttard who is actively working to help the Democrat candidate, including stating that Napolitano is wrong about a fact when he is actually correct (as Candy Crowley did to Romney re: Benghazi).

  9. Americans who made the “Other” list include Paul Ryan, Bill Clinton, John Kerry, Gov. Bobby Jindal, Ted Nugent, Trump, Dr. Benjamin Carson, Senator Rand Paul, Jon Huntsman, Stephen Colbert, Michelle Obama, and Mayor Cory Booker.

    How do we know that Michelle Obama is an American?

    1. Because she’s *married* to one, duh!

    2. Bill Clinton?

      Let the stupid begin!

  10. I would gladly offer myself up as a candidate for president in 2016, but – but what? – could I smoke a joint in the Oval Office without pissing off The 1st Lady?

    1. I think you have to bring your own First Lady, they aren’t issued to you. Michelle could easily be convinced to stay on for another term if need be.

  11. Well how about that: the Face of Major League Baseball, our national pastime, is…Canadian.

    1. ha-ha

      1. Speaking of, Pens play Canadiens tomorrow. I’d argue that it’s the sort of mid-season must win sort of game for the pens. The sort of game that can define the rest of the season, if you believe in such malarkey.

        1. They sure better improve on last nights debacle.
          “you could put a tarp over where all the goals were scored”

          1. I’m sure I’ve asked you this before, but who do you follow?

            I need to know who to watch so that I can bring their horrible losses to your attention.

            1. I’m also a Penguins fan, I just happen to be living in Jets land.
              Gonna take more than 2 crappy seasons to regain my loyalty.

              1. I thought I remembered you being a Pens’ fan, but wasn’t sure.

                Looks like Malkin might be getting better. Fuck man, we can’t do without him. If crosby’s the machinery, malkin’s the soul.

    2. *puts gun in mouth*

      goodbye cruel world…

      1. The first documented evidence of a base ball game in Canada comes from a letter published in Sporting Life magazine in 1886, a letter by Dr. Adam E. Ford of Denver, Colorado, formerly of St. Marys, Ontario and Beachville, Ontario, about a game 48 years earlier in Beachville on June 4, 1838 ? Militia Muster Day. Many Canadians, including the staff of the Canadian Baseball Hall of Fame and Museum in St. Marys, Ontario, claim that this was the first documented game of modern baseball, although there appears to be no evidence that the rules used in this game were codified and adopted in other regions.…..th_century

        1. This is the last thing that I get to read. Jesus.

          I think I’ll stick around a bit, if I don’t get bored to death first.

        2. Whatever, you guys summer sport is lacrosse.

          1. We play it the Iroquois way, winners scalp the losers.

            1. The Mesoamericans called, they think lacrosse is a sport for wimps.

    3. I suppose it’s fair since the runner-up, Matt Kemp of the Dodgers, is supported by a fan base largely composed of people who aren’t Americans themselves.

  12. This is kind of a strange poll question, because most people’s knowledge of political candidates four years before an election is very limited, AND it’s unclear how to interpret the responses, as the article notes; are TPers saying they want Hillary to run and win or to run and lose?

    1. what difference does it make? People’s knowledge of political candidates four minutes before an election is very limited

      1. You misquoted. It’s “What difference, at this point, does it make?”

  13. Seriously? 2016 Pres race?


    1. the 22A will well be repealed by then.

      1. How do you repeal a great Smith & Wesson pistol?

        1. I have one and I wouldn’t call it great. More like a good deal for the price.

          1. So what’s better? A 22/45? Don’t make me laugh.

            1. The Brownings and Rugers are probably more accurate (not that it matters with my pistol skills) although they are harder to take apart. Hammerli’s are far better.

  14. I am glad that Martin O’Malley, Governor-MD, is not on the list. With luck he’ll term limit out and we’ll never hear of the asshole again.

    1. Sounds like the name of a pub. He should open one.

  15. OT: Fark thread on libertarians.

    RexTalionis 2013-03-01 11:29:16 AM

    Libertarians are Republicans who are embarrassed to call themselves Republicans.

    cubic_spleen 2013-03-01 11:53:50 AM

    What Libertarians/GOP (like there’s a difference in this country) really want is to live in Somalia, except without all the black people.

    GoldSpider 2013-03-01 12:05:42 PM

    Libertarians would be more trustworthy if they advocated for protection against monopolies.

    On second thought, maybe this is on topic. These guys would probably vote for Hilldog.

    1. Wait until we have a GOP president, they’ll be all over our nutz (and the republicans will be making similar comments).

      Been at this awhile (long enough, okay?) and it happens with every changing of the guard.

      1. Yup. I’ve been floating around here since before the last changing of the guard, and I know of what you speak.

        1. Yeah, there was no real right-wing liberty movement until about 4 years ago.

          Shit, I’d argue that when you get down to brass tacks (my pet lion, toe the blue likes to say brass tax) there still isn’t one. I mean, they’re all about the 2nd amendment (which is good), but when it comes to real budgetary reform and the drug war they’re still markedly anti-liberty.

          I can’t tell you how many times that pro-2nd, supposedly liberty-oriented dudes have brought up busting up meth labs as a good thing that the government does, in the last few years.

          1. Yawn. Equivalency FTL.

            The Republican Liberty Caucus (RLC) is a political action organization dedicated to promoting the ideals of individual liberty, limited government and free market economics within the Republican Party in the United States.[1] It is part of the libertarian wing of the Republican Party.[2] It also operates a political action committee, the RLC-USA PAC.[3]
            The organization was founded in 1991 and has chapters in many states.[4] In 2011, the organization hosted its National Convention in Arlington, Virginia.[5]

            Even during the darkest days of the Bush administration the pulse of the heart of liberty was still beating inside the GOP. There hasn’t been a Dem liberty heartbeat at any point in this millenium.

            And compared to BO, Bush was practically Ron Paul.

            1. “Even during the darkest days of the Bush administration the pulse of the heart of liberty was still beating inside the GOP.”

              Plenty of RLC members have been not much better than the rest of the party. And his point about the majority of the GOP is still correct.

              “And compared to BO, Bush was practically Ron Paul.”

              As bad as BO has been, and he has been worse than Bush IMO, that’s just a bit of a stretch

              1. Yeah, compared to Obama, Bush is still Bush. Ron Paul is in another galaxy compared to those two.

      2. You have that right. TEAM BERULED only know us as spoilers, and will never respect us for our principles.

  16. Maybe they just really hate diplomats?

  17. So, Clinton/Biden 2016?

    1. as if Emperor Obama will allow a puny election to sweep him from power.

      1. I hadn’t really thought of Michelle running, that fits their desire to not have to move out too. I can’t even imagine how awful that would be.

        1. I just had a douche-chill run through my shoulders at that thought.

  18. I’m sorry but if Random Retarded Asshole would have been one of the choices it would have won.

    1. Joe Biden only got 2%.

  19. Sadly enough, she could actually be President 4 years from now and I don’t need this poll to tell me that.

  20. It remains unclear whether Hillary Clinton made the Republicans and tea partiers’ list out of genuine like for her as a candidate, or whether these respondents view her as a weak candidate and easier to beat.

    Easier to beat than whom? Conventional wisdom can be wrong, as it was about her first candidacy for the presidency, but not a single person on earth thinks Hillary isn’t a formidable 2016 candidate. Stop inserting editorial nonsense into your poll.

  21. I was chatting with Democrats/liberals on another site a few months ago, and they TOTALLY confident that Hillary will win in 2016 if nominated. Or at least they were doing a great job of acting confident.

    1. Depends on whether the Voter ID laws have taken effect yet. If not, she’s a shoe-in.

  22. Hillary will 68 or 69 in 2016. She was looking rather the broken down old bag during the Benghazi thing. Maybe an act to avoid blame for that fiasco, but that image might stick.

    I’m not sure she will have necessary health and energy for a Presidential election.

    1. It pretty much has to be a woman or a Hispanic. One trap that the Dem identity politics have led them into is that they can’t nominate another white male to succeed BO.

      1. Too bad for them that all the black Democrats in Congress are batshit crazy. Corey Booker might be President in 8 years by default.

  23. If the same Democratic candidates win the Iowa caucuses and the New Hampshire primary, then everyone will know who the next president will be a full year before the inaugural.

    I doubt after the success of Nate Silver and the other quants, that the media will be able to pretend that the Republican candidate has any chance of winning in 2016.

  24. “President Obama won’t be running in the next presidential ellection in 2016.”

    …or WILL he?

    1. He may not run for president in 2016. He might just suspend/cancel elections. WHO KNOWS?

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